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  1. All they have really said is "we want you to be able to play with your old models", but it would be odd by that logic to somehow exclude from proxying in newer AOS sculpts that have obvious direct equivalents in warhammer fantasy so it's probably fine. Which non-empire and empire-adjacent factions get any kind of updated rules and when is less clear though I also think the old models statement makes changing the base sizes unlikely as following that up with "but you will need to rebase all of those old models on to a slightly differently sized square bases" would be fairly sociopathic of GW, but we all saw the Radukar's court pricing so who knows lol
  2. There's still time for Karl Franz to blearily stagger into the shower, see Ludwig Schwarzhelm in there and be like "huh, I just had the weirdest dream. The lore was kind of all over the place to be honest"
  3. Yeah I really liked being able to just say the general I have in my head rides x mount and carries a lance not a sword etc, it made it feel so much more like making your own thing, almost a role-playing, storytelling aspect, whereas AOS characters, for all the things that work about that system, feel a bit like selecting a preset character in a fighting game and just having some limited options to tinker with their play style
  4. Are there now indications that this is set in ~2300 rather than what appeared from previously shown maps to be the earlier period of the time of three emperors then? Or would it be likely to have campaigns that jump around timelines with permitted/forbidden combinations of armies based on that, a bit like Middle Earth SBG? I'd quite like an Empire army to be able to have some black powder and a battle wizard tbh
  5. With regard to the guy who burned the Dark Elf army, you would quite simply have to say that he got a reaction. You've got to give him that. He got exactly what he wanted.
  6. Lmao at the response to "is this inexplicably in Epic scale" basically being WHAAAAAT PLANET ARE YOU OOOOOON OF COURSE IT ISN'T
  7. I actually found the MCP stuff really fun to paint during lockdown as a sort of refreshing, no-pressure side project, think the fact that they're slightly bigger scale allowed me personally to be a bit more adventurous in approach and helped me be more confident with painting AOS stuff again after. Also the colour schemes are sort of naturally prescriptive yes, but the fact that you can use any model in the range you want to means you still get to jump around and use a variety of schemes, aesthetics and techniques if you want to. Never actually played the game On topic: I got excited when I saw a blood bowl high elf on the preview image, but it's just a made to order of the weirdly proportioned 90s team (which I'll probably buy who am I kidding)
  8. Yeah I feel you, those Dominion models are all technically good and I get why people are excited about them, but they just sparked absolutely no excitement/desire to spend £100 on the box in me whatsoever (possible small frisson of stabgrot-related excitement notwithstanding). I also do S2D and LRL so maybe there are Warhammer star signs you can use to confidently predict exactly who will like what God maybe they're already doing that at GW
  9. There is an infamous Tolkien quote about his orcs being "flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes: in fact degraded and repulsive versions of the (to Europeans) least lovely Mongol-types" which I guess was the progenitor of Warhammer's own conscious-or-otherwise adoption of that stereotype - interestingly Warhammer's regular non-Hob orcs and goblins pulled away from that kind of thing quite decisively I think?
  10. Ranged units being able to shoot into melee opponents they're engaged with bugs the hell out of me, the idea that they would be able to switch between ranged weapons and hand to hand weapons on the fly while being attacked and actually be able to hit with the ranged weapons without penalty is so immersion breaking. Like "oh no, the archers we charged down are shooting us in their shooting phase! We are powerless to prevent this!" You should have to pick which one (ranged/melee) to use imo, and the ranged weapon should be at a penalty to hit unless it's a pistol or something else designed for close range blasting 😤
  11. My first Nurgle playthrough got prematurely ended because my general and my pusgoyle blightlord glitched into occupying the same hex, so the blightlord was impossible to select for the rest of the battle and everyone else got killed by Nighthaunt
  12. It's kind of like the Dragon Ball Z cartoon where they would spend ten episodes narrating that a guy was about to shoot a fireball or whatever
  13. I mean these previews always have quite a lot of stalling and dead air, for an impatient type like me there's definitely something to be said for just looking at the rumour thread or the WarCom article after the fact and getting all the info in one go Being teased by a corporation is broadly quite a tedious experience imo
  14. Man switch ports are the biggest scam going huh, how do people keep getting away with this
  15. I feel like Slaves to Darkness was a not-great implementation of that kind of thing because everything is kind of silo'd in very narrow, prescriptive groupings of synergies, if there's a big diverse range of units I want to have some reasonable flexibility about combining them. It's a balance though because you don't want it to feel too visually incoherent or like a really cynical, min-maxy combination of wildly disparate units for competitive advantage I think the unfortunate truth about why Fyreslayers in particular feel more soupable than other armies is that they're basically aesthetically (and probably commercially) a swing and a miss
  16. I gotta say this thread has really sold me on the idea of them making a big comeback
  17. Absence making the heart grow fonder/army has a sense of novelty and was also never fully centre stage or hugely present in WFB so the people that liked them have always wanted them to get more stuff/emblematic of WFB's ability to take existing fantasy clichés and put a fun twist on them/funny hats
  18. Thanks. I wasn't looking at the pitched battle profiles. What do the warscroll cards that say "a unit of x has any number of models" (as the ballista does) mean in that case?
  19. @adboyslim I've taken one in the TTS game I'm doing against Seraphon, (had 100 points left which I thought I might as well use on a Calligrave to cast Total Eclipse so I garrisoned him in that), but haven't got very far into the game yet, will report back if anything else interesting happens. When you say re-rolling one for sentinels are you talking about re-rolling the Power of Hysh spell with them or something? The warscroll says only heroes within 12" can use the re-roll ability Unrelated Lumineth noob questions if anyone can help: 1) What are the Vanari/Scinari/Alarith/Hurakan Command Traits and artifacts on p 84-7 of the army book for? Because the Great Nation allegiances replace your general's command traits and artefact with nation-specific ones, is the only way to choose from the generic ones to either forgo choosing a great nation or taking a battalion so you get an extra artefact to give to a different hero? 2) Aside from reducing number of drops, is there ever any benefit to taking multiple starshard ballistas as a single unit intead of just having each one as a separate unit? Seems like having a unit of 2-3 grouped together would just increase potential of damage overspill and reduce the number of times you can use blinding bolts in a battle (I know ballistas are less cost-effective than sentinels anyway, I just like the models and would rather have a variety of stuff to paint) 3) Do Ellania and Ellathor only generate a command point for a general on a 4+ if they are allied into a non-Lumineth order army?
  20. Could a goblin kill a stormcast, the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 13,000 pages of heated debate
  21. Ah that's cool! I wasn't sure if it was one of those things where you can't go over the original unit size
  22. The minimum unit sizes are 10 for skeletons and 20 for zombies, so if you have Cursed City I guess the skeletons are a unit but the zombies aren't much use cos you'd have to buy another box that contains 20 anyway? Unless there's any rule I'm not aware of for putting extra ones on the table that would make having a spare 10 useful
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