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  1. "If you'd like us to wear any particular sexy outfit for your session with us, please notify us in advance" "Two thin coats should be fine"
  2. The mysterious eldritch energies contained within will ripple and whirl, gradually forming a haunting image of what you could have won
  3. Chamon all like gold-rush era California, only instead of grizzled prospectors shooting you with a blunderbuss to protect their seam you've got Kairic Acolytes summoning pink horrors on you
  4. In Shadows Over Hammerhal the party acquires gold and uses it to buy stuff in Cinderfall. They said it happens. No takebacks. Retroactive continuity is not a thing.
  5. I like this. You could make it a dual kit where there's an alt version where they look as regal and Bretonnian as they imagine themselves to be
  6. Lmao this stuff rules Imagine not buying that squig herd even if just for the one that's eating a goblin
  7. Was really glad to see how well the launch seemed to go, there was a really good atmosphere. The pizza and beer were good and the beer wasnt crazy expensive even if it hadn't been 2 for 1. Hopefully as things get in swing people will use the the ample gaming table space to bring their own armies to play, as it seemed quite focused on people shoppin and playing the other non-GW board games - sure word will spread that such a big space is available I just played the excellent family-killing card game Gloom in the corner because I don't actually strictly know how to play AOS yet. Will certainly let friends know it's there. 👍
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