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  1. If GW posted a rumour engine that was just straight up a space marine boltgun with a winged skull insignia on it, how long do you reckon it would take for someone to be like "OK, kind of stretching the steampunk thing to its limits, but digging this new Kharadron Overlords model they're teasing! "
  2. Yeah the bouncing cannonball mechanic/rock lobba blast template/giant falling over template were all very fun iirc
  3. Stupidity Goblin shamans' heads being able to explode from too much waaaagh Destiny dice (WHQ and AOS; the aforementioned Warcry system feels like a twist on that too)
  4. Where is the High Elf Blood Bowl team? This "Elven Union" is all well and good but if you want me to get back into playing your fantasy death football game I need elves with a team-wide armour value of 8, and that's the bottom line
  5. Hammerhal's been gone since 2018 as far as I know. I bought my copy then because it was disappearing from all the webstores.
  6. What Warhammer is isn't immutable, and if a corporation that wants to make money sees that a large chunk of the people seemingly aren't interested in its product and responds by shrugging its shoulders and saying "I guess our core business is irrevocably unappealing to more than half of the population, so it goes", making no effort to interrogate why or do anything about it, it isn't functioning very effectively it matters for other reasons too but gonna take a punt that that's probably the way GW is looking at it, as nice as their pro-BLM statement was to read
  7. Anecdotally in my local scene I see slightly more POC and women playing D&D, WFRP and other tabletop rpgs than I do tabletop GW miniatures games. I wonder if the blanker slate you get when you can create almost any character you can think of without being tied to an existing miniatures range partly accounts for the relative diversification of pen and paper player bases, whereas GW has lagged behind due to the large production lead-in and the large amount of established ranges that weren't really made with that stuff in mind. Also the barrier to entry is lower so you can pick and choose who you play with a bit more and dodge creeps/racists/gatekeepers more easily
  8. If people say they "only hire the best people for the job" but they hire a disproportionately small number of women/non-white people from their populace, then they aren't hiring the best people for the job, they're just hiring the best men/white people for the job. Pointing out existing e.g racial inequalities doesn't artificially force race into the conversation, it acknowledges the racial issue that is plainly already there People similarly say "my hiring processes are based on merit alone, but black people aren't interested in applying in my company/industry!", and although this often turns out to be basically untrue anyway, it also is presented as if its evidence that there isn't a problem, when in fact if accepted on the face of it it is very clearly evidence there is a big problem
  9. Nappy wearing dwarfs who burn magical gold into their own skin because they believe it to be the fragments of their shattered god: Yes. Good Elves who refashion themselves into the peak of mental acuity and martial perfection by using crystals to drain out their negative emotions, while using a particular class of magic user to torpedo the leftover bad emotion slurry at their enemies: great. Go on. Keep em comin Trans people: no
  10. Probably just a cool guy who invented a nice helpful spell back in the day. As wizards go, his legacy is doing a bit better than ol' Mr Xereus
  11. It's 82.50 at Dark Sphere. FWIW I think it's transpired that there are no warscroll cards included, and their mention in the It's In The Box promo video was an error? I've been tempted but am mostly in the camp of not really needing something where the limited edition book and dice are inflating the price of it
  12. I wonder if Tyrion will eventually turn up with something like The Embers of Imrik, a suit of dragon prince armour filled with white hot flame
  13. There are already politics in Warhammer and there always have been. Some of them suck, and some people like the OP have exercised their right as consumers to give feedback on a statement GW recently felt compelled to make, in this case pushing them to clarify what actual action will result from it. "Keep your politics out of my hobby" is as much of a political statement as the ones made in OP's letter. There will always be reactionary elements in fandom like Star Wars and Warhammer, and people aren't obliged to refrain from pushing for more representation just to avoid "creating rifts" with those kinds of people, who will frankly always find something to be outraged about anyway
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