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  1. If yr jonesing for Tzeentch, Louise Sugden has been doing some tremendously deranged work on an old school pink horror https://www.instagram.com/p/COIrR0GnV2W/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. I like how that Sylvaneth model has a kind of slow, unnerving sense of motion, reminds me of the Moonlight Butterfly from Dark Souls a bit The colour scheme does look a bit like it's wearing cabbage but that's a nitpick
  3. I mean, at least it wasn't an army of dang bug men
  4. The other thing that bugs me with that model is how little of his face you can see, I don't suppose there's much you could do to easily repose the arms Also, can anyone with Bladelords advise on whether they'd be easy to add full length capes to instead of the back banners? I have this idea of putting Wildwood Ranger hooded heads and cloaks to them to play into that old Swordmasters idea of them being inquisitors and assassins as well as scholars, but I don't know if it'd be too awkward with them already having the flowing cloth round the waist
  5. Finally joined the team as of wave 2. This guy is fun to paint. Still lots of tidying up to do but have locked the scheme in.
  6. Always wonder why Legolas didn't turn around and be like "uh, we just call them eyes"
  7. Enjoying the transfer-style speculation about Kragnos He'll join Kurnothi, he's been a fan of them since he was a kid! None of the Chaos lot can afford his wages under FFP with how bloated their squads are, and he's not going to sign for Death if they can't currently offer him regular inter-realm warfare
  8. Your translation is pretty much verbatim from the English rules. Small hostiles always end their move in an adjacent square to a hero. If there is a square that contains another small hostile already adjacent to a hero, they must move in to share that square with the small hostile rather than move into any empty square or attack any other hero. In the example picture on p29 you can see that Darrock is already surrounded on all sides by squares full of two zombies (which count as small) so the bat swarm can not attack him even though he is closest. It also can't attack Glaurio, who has no
  9. I wouldn't have that much of a problem with stand and shoot coming back but they should make it so that shooting while in combat is either impossible or comes at -1 to hit and/or can only be done in lieu of fighting with melee weapons in the combat phase
  10. Damn the Cursed City situation really degenerated during the outage huh
  11. Undoubtedly. Poor Belakor. Whoever wrote the Lumineth rules should be put on trial in the Hague
  12. In this summary of his playtime so far, he said the difficulty scales depending on your level, and later on because larger mobs of enemies spawn, they take longer to kill which means night falls. He contrasted this with BSF (which I haven't played) where he felt it starts out brutal because you're underequipped and ends up trivially easy because you have everything you need and nothing can touch you You are apparently gated from fighting the very highest level guys in CC by level, which he was worried would lead to repetitive grind, and had suggested some house rules to reduce that around
  13. and now they HAVE pulled one back! Looks like it was Duvalle who got the crucial touch It'll be little more than a consolation at this late stage of the game, but finally something to cheer about for the traveling undead supporters on what has been a day to forget
  14. I'd be interested to see your results. Dunno if you've seen it, but if you need more inspiration I really like this Instagram user's WHQ recreations (using a mix of new and very old models) https://www.instagram.com/srbartminis I'll probably try to recreate his Elf Ranger conversion (done with recent-ish High Elf Shadow Warrior/Dragon Mage bits) at some point. I think there is a mix of bat sizes in Cursed City where every 1 swarm in 3 has a dire bat in it or something like that
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