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  1. It's plausible existing rumours mixed in with made up provocative stuff to make /tg manbabies get mad. "Chaos Dwarfs aren't coming because antisemitism even though they've teased them, referenced Hashut loads and put two of them in Warcry warbands" is inane, "High Elves and Wood Elves are being retired from AOS" suggests they have no idea what they're talking about at all
  2. (From one of the server's mods): I just received a batch of juicy rumours from a reliable source. This is not a late April's fools: The bad:
  3. There's a batch of rumours doing the rounds via the WHFB discord (and possibly some other places) including that the Empire Arcane Journal armies are Nuln Gunnery School and Middenheim
  4. Interesting, just the two armies of infamy and two special characters. The weird new shaman has a little bit of troll in him a la Grom. Some more subtle expectation-management language towards the end saying it will take a long time for the 9 core factions to get their stuff released, and the scale of the project has grown (presumably after it shrunk at first during development) and leaving the door open for other stuff to come back in scope Trying to thread the "Kislev and Cathay will come later, but buy other stuff in the meantime and don't get mad at us for saying they're not actually coming until then" needle
  5. I'm probably not going to get to collecting Greenskins for a while, but I really want that new shaman model. It strikes a perfect balance between "he looks ridiculous" and "you'd be too scared to tell him he looks ridiculous".
  6. Disappointed that they used the term "Gubbinz" to describe some of the preorders but did not in fact rerelease Gubbinz the Jester from Lair of the Orc Lord.
  7. "even this guy may cast a shadow" [gestures at confused snotling]
  8. Thanks - It's meant to be more of a sea green overall (doing a lesser-spotted Cothique-themed force to fit in with the expeditionary/seafaring nature of High Elves in the current game's setting), but there's enough (dark sea) blue in the mix that it doesn't feel too outside of High Elf tradition I've really come round on those Island of Blood Swordmasters after painting these, I wasn't really a fan of the "unit champion holding his helmet for no reason" aesthetic, but I've kind of got into the headcanon that's he's just a really vain guy who is doomed to be eventually domed by an unlucky repeater crossbow bolt at Finuval Plain. Hopefully they do re-release IoB as a ton of people will want it, but the mixed sprues might need them to reconsider their current obstinate attitude to the poster-rats for AOS 4e
  9. Daaaamn, I started painting six swordmasters in January and I've only just finished them Gonna be a bit more pragmatic about the paint jobs for the back ranks in general tho Fun with magnets, slightly less fun with fiddly banners
  10. Yeah I rate Battleshock Wargaming. With youtube batreps I'm looking for a combination of sensibly edited to remove boring delays and chatter/good balance of high level view and closeups of nice miniatures and dice rolls/games being played for some measure of fun and entertainment value/presenters not incredibly annoying, and they're up there on those fronts. They also seem to play a good range of stuff and get newer armies to the table pretty frequently
  11. I got ol' Aenur for a £6 off ebay a few years ago, people seem to want £35 for him in our strange current Warhammer economy. I'm going to run him as a Loremaster type character as he looks more like what I imagine one should than the chunky greaves squid-throwing official one
  12. Nearly done with the front rank of my swordmasters, and slowly rescuing some seaguard and assorted Ebayed character models from their inferior 2019 paintjobs [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  13. Thanks! It's Scale75 Surfer Orc Flesh with Vallejo Ivory and dark sea blue mixed in for highlights/shade. SOF goes on so easily, the only thing I'd used it for before was airbrushing some spooky/cursed warcry terrain but I've got my supplies in of it now, it's going to see a lot of use
  14. I'm doing a Cothique High Elf army, basically cos I like the scheme. Time has been tight in terms of getting my swordmasters up to the standard of the test model, but it's enjoyable. I have a loremaster, a dinky little 5th Ed mage, 15 Seaguard, 19 swordmasters, 20 archers, 8 shadow warriors and 5 reavers (if I can ever find the damn sprues for the last two). Gonna try and get good progress on the infantry so I can splurge on characters and phoenix guard when the range is actually on sale at normal prices.
  15. Thanks, this has saved me from Wayland Games back-order purgatory at last
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