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  1. Yeah, it's a bit of a different thing to TK if Tyrone and Chuckles are still established characters in the setting who are clearly implied to have forces of their own mustering in Hysh. As opposed to the very minor Easter eggs about Settra, and Bretonnians being implied to have become the deranged cannibal race. Its still a pretty big leap of faith though with nothing new announced and so much HE stuff going though I don't remember, what happened to the Night Goblin fanatics and other old goblin models that got superseded by the Gloomspite release? There could theoretically be an updated Light Elf release that includes new sculpts like reimagined high fantasy Spireguard etc alongside whatever this new stuff is somewhere down the line, but I don't remember there being a corresponding bonfire of Moonclan stuff causing ruffled feathers at the end of 2018, I feel like it was quite a quick changeover? - A guy who spent the last 6 months painting 10 Spireguard, and folks they don't even look great
  2. I know there are likely to be new chaotic beasts added sooner or later, but is there any reason why you couldn't sub in thematically appropriate fighters from the existing warbands as random twist deck monsters instead of/in addition to using the ones from the starter box ? E.g having a particular area be infested with chainrasps/savage orcs/squigs that attack everyone. Or for the "Apex Predator" twist card where you add one 30-wound variant of a monster, you could add an ogre/troll/chaos spawn and use the rest of the Ogor Breacher statline for it Idk I just I like the idea of a mighty chaos warband finally brought low by the rogue squig herd that chased it across the bloodwind spoil for eight days and nights
  3. Did you have to drill them to do this or did the magnets fit without?
  4. The beast elves look pretty stupid. The fish elves also of course look extremely stupid. My prediction would be that whatever the light elves end up being will also look stupid, but the shadow elves will look sort of cool.
  5. Interested that the unmade are last in the poll standings. I have an unsubstantiated hunch that they're a lot of people's second favourite one I really like the Dark Souls-y "eugh who would come up with that?" vibe of the leader
  6. Adding another vote for an expansion down the line that introduces more of a role for shooting and magic, along with a more detailed table for injuries, and skills that really let you specialise fighters (and get occasional lucky level-up rolls leading to unusual character builds like in Blood Bowl) I just really like the idea of some ****** specialist deadeye sniper racking up loads of kills over a campaign, and then one day getting grappling hooked off a high ledge and everyone else rejoicing that he lost an eye and no longer has any depth perception That said I am sympathetic to the idea that all that '90s d66 table stuff does result in campaigns running out of steam, and maybe it works better as some optional hardcore rules, or in the hopefully inevitable Cyanide video game adaptation in five years (I don't actually remember if the Blood Bowl league I ran as a kid ever actually finished, but I remember one of my catchers rolling two double 6 level ups in a row, and no-one believing me or the guy I beat that it really happened. I guess you'll get a bit of that with the new campaign-with-whoever-you-want mechanic)
  7. Is there any scope to house rule the deployment options so that warbands start out further away with more of a tactical first turn before everyone's bogged down in melee? Or would that ruin the card based battleplan setup?
  8. Is shooting actually a thing in this game? Obviously there's no dedicated shooting phase but will the missile-armed Stormcast and Idoneth models just have weapon options with higher range that they use in the combat phase? I wonder how effectively it will fit in if so, obviously it's a melee combat focused game but I'd like there to be a role for sneaky snipers given all the cool terrain options available I also kind of want to explore a proxied Deepkin warband using Wildwood Rangers, Glade Guard and hawk riders (if I can find any) instead of Namarti and eels. Have em be really grizzled, battle-scarred elf guerillas like the Scoia'tel in the Witcher
  9. Ugh man GW really took the L on this one huh
  10. Looks really good, though Mengel is obv really experienced at life-hacky high standard batch painting and other people will take longer than two hours to figure out the technique. Definitely a positive overall to have a quick and efficient option. Wonder how long it'll take for people to figure out a bunch of wacky unintended bonus uses for them Was wondering what it would be like to use these over an airbrushed zenithal prime but I guess you might struggle to get enough coverage over the darker shades.
  11. Unless I'm forgetting something, the last AOS Quest article was the slightly undercooked rules for including a few of the Nighthaunt miniatures as exotic adversaries from June 2018 (As much as I'd like to see a well supported new WHQ with themed expansions)
  12. "If you'd like us to wear any particular sexy outfit for your session with us, please notify us in advance" "Two thin coats should be fine"
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