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  1. Vakarian

    GHB 2018 vs 2019

    Thanks guys, everyone's answers really helped. It sounds like I'll put GHB 2018 on the list of books to pick up because of the extras, but I won't rush to grab it as I already have the SCE battletome.
  2. Vakarian

    GHB 2018 vs 2019

    Hi all, Long time WHFB player here finally got into AoS with the Soul Wars release and the changes in second edition. Loving the game and the story now. As I'm looking to get my hands on all the rules, I have a quick question - apparently GW now consistently releases a GHB every year (yay, I remember the old General's Compendium from 6ed-best ed of old WHFB btw) and am glad to hear they're doing yearly releases of the rules supplement. That said, is it worth buying the 2018 GHB? When will the 2019 GHB likely be released? I'm playing friendly games at the local shop, using matched play rules, but don't plan on playing in any tournaments, at least for a little while yet (only just starting painting Stormcast). Thanks and glad to be back.