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  1. This sounds like a blast for a friendly game. Gonna bring it up with my regular gaming buddy. Should be especially fun because neither of us would usually take Purple Sun but we both base our armies in Shyish often.
  2. All of the Sacrosanct units have the anvil and lightning bolt symbol in addition to the hammer symbol - the only reason the shields look different on those two units is because the Hammers unit pictured is a Sequitor, rather than a Liberator.
  3. Vakarian


    Yea new board looks like a single board for the game and not translatable to Underworlds. Like the easy-to-build models sneaking in (I'll have another painted warband with less effort!). Weird that GW seems to think another version of Underworlds, but not-quite-Underworlds, is a good release. Glad the warbands should port over (a second Haunts warbands is cool, even if Stormcast hardly need a fourth, and I say that as a Stormcast player).
  4. Vakarian


    Looks like a new Underworlds announcement: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/15/15th-feb-new-models-games-and-funko-pop-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-3/ Stormcast and Nighthaunt getting new warbands, Sequitors and Banshees apparently. The starter set says it's aimed at new players - apparently some differences from standard Underworlds, wonder what they will be?
  5. 6th Ed best Ed!! I started in 2000 with Empire (I think not long after their new army book came out at the time?). Some of my uncles and cousins were already long time players and got me into the hobby. Stuck with Empire through the end of 7th and stopped playing for a while due to school and work when 8th came out. Never made the move to AoS at the switch because I loved old WHFB so much and it wasn't the same. My old gaming buddy/long-time nemesis finally coaxed me back in by buying Soul Wars and convincing me to pick up Stormcast. After being deadset against AoS at first I found the new fluff and 2.0 rules are great, the game is a blast, and it is good to have a solid GW game back in my rotation. Churning out a Hammers of Sigmar force now (what can I say, I'm basic!).
  6. As someone who comments on multiple gaming forums, this is far and away the most supportive and polite example. There have been some disagreements between myself and other posters, for example, and we had some good conversation. My opinion on Liberators has been tempered a bit thanks to this thread! Given that Stormcast seem to be sitting at around a 50% winrate at the events you mention from what other posters who know the tournament scene are saying, this supports the idea that current Stormcast units are not OP and seem to be within the general AoS 2.0 power curve.
  7. @Black Blade thanks! This is a good topic to explore. I think there's a happy medium where Sequitors and Liberators are both appealing for different reasons. I don't think that medium is the current status of the faction, but I don't think it would take much to get to it, especially after @Nos's thoughts on the Liberators. I don't think Sequitors are OP, as they seem to represent the AoS 2.0 standard. I think Liberators could use a more defining trait for their role as the anvil of Stormcast lists, where Sequitors are true jack-of-all-trades. A points drop to 80 for 5 Liberators feels lazy to me. Something to help focus their role as a solid, immovable core would be better, but I don't think I know the game well enough yet to offer suggestions as to what that should be. As a new player, Stormcast seem to be in a decent but not overwhelming place. I win about 50% of my games in my group (4 of us who started together recently, one plays Nighthaunt, another Beasts or Gitz, all monstrous creatures all the time, and the last Darkling Covens). Evocators and Sequitors are scary but my opponents have tools to deal with them, especially if I overextend them. Edited to add: all 4 of us are longtime gamers and old WHFB players. We're learning that AoS is different (in a very fun and good way) but we're not new to the hobby.
  8. @Nos that was a great analysis, thank you! As someone who's still learning this game, finding usefulness for units I haven't used yet is part of the joy of diving deeper into the faction. That said, I'd still like to see something that emphasized Liberators' role as an anvil a bit better on their scroll.
  9. I really want to see a character profile for Gardus from the Hallowed Knights and for Balthus from Anvils of the Heldenhammer. That said, as a new player, I agree Stormcast don't need much. One more warmachine to go with the traditional Chambers would make sense. Maybe a few of the older units could use tweaks. But I'd like some breathing room to build and paint what I do have before feeling any rush to buy newer, shinier Stormcast.
  10. That's also true. Mathhammer can give you functional information in a vacuum but it's not a tell-all.
  11. That's a good point, too. Why do so many people feel Liberators are still underwhelming in that role though? My guess is Sequitors still do it better - full rerolls instead of reroll 1's. The points drop for Liberators might help reinforce their purpose as a shield rather than a hammer unit. Maybe some other tweaks could be made. I don't think Liberators are bad - just that Sequitors can usually do their role better while also hitting harder. Would be nice to have more distinction between the two units.
  12. The problem with "mathhammer" is that it only gives you a comparison point. It can't say a unit is "perfect." What's the standard? If Liberators are your standard, then Sequitors are OP. If Sequitors/Wyches/Grimghast/etc. are your standard, then Liberators are subpar. GW gets to choose and set that standard. I'm willing to give them some trust after the most recent changes to AoS (I wouldn't have touched first edition with a ten foot pole). Nerfing Sequitors, Evocators, and Ballistae in a vacuum only hurts Stormcast, it doesn't help the game. If GW decides to do a general nerf of all the more capable units, then all is well and good. That doesn't seem likely, though - AoS is built on a more dynamic and deadly baseline that WHFB was. Your stuff will die. So will your opponent's. That's fine - so long as the new baseline reflects it. If the new baseline really is meant to be more deadly, then Liberators need a fix, not Sequitors.
  13. I love the Castigator models but they feel very underwhelming as a unit, and 3 is a very weird base unit size. It seems like they're missing just one small thing to make them viable - right now, I don't see why I'd take 6 Castigators over 5 (battleline) Judicators, though I don't really use either. It would be awesome, like some other posters have said, if a Lord Celestant on Dracoth or Stardrake made Draconian Guard units battleline. That would be an awesome thematic army to build.
  14. Great post and much appreciated by me as a new player. I started with Sacrosanct Chamber because a buddy bought Soul Wars and convinced me to play after we both left post-WHFB. I find the Stormcast very fun and thematic but don't really understand the "broken" comments (at least when the new units are not being played to full min/max). Yes, a big unit of Sequitor is scary, but to run at full effectiveness they require a lot of support. You need a Lord Arcanum, probably a Knight Incantor for another buff spell, a Lord Castellant, and Evocators. And there's plenty that can handle even a big unit of Sequitors or Evocators if they're not played well - Fellwater Troggoths, for example, have given me fits. Dankhold do too - one wiped out a 5-man Evocator unit in a single combat phase in a 1250 pt game I played against an all-troll Gitz list last weekend. That Gitz list messed my day up, badly. I'll agree that Sequitors and Evocators are objectively better than Liberators and Paladin units, but that's an internal balance issue. I haven't felt like I've been steamrolling opponents in games, especially against the newer battletomes like Gitz and Haunts. Most of my games have left both my opponent and me feeling like we had a chance and the game came down more to play and decisions than the lists we brought, which is a big compliment to AoS coming from an old WHFB player like me. TL/DR: new Stormcast seem to fit it well with other new releases like the OP said. Old Stormcast seem a little underwhelming in comparison.
  15. Thanks guys, everyone's answers really helped. It sounds like I'll put GHB 2018 on the list of books to pick up because of the extras, but I won't rush to grab it as I already have the SCE battletome.
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