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  1. Ah ok! Anyway seems a strong ability, its not so easy that happen, but opponent is forced sometimes to dont start to attack with units in combat with a stardrake. Thats can be very powerful , im curios what do you think about that guys!
  2. Ok thx a lot, I thought it was a too broken mechanic, like immagine 60 zombies, i kill like 20 of them, I jaws 1 and he broke coherency losing 34 zombies. Seems too strong imo
  3. Guys I have a question about " cavernous jaws" , about stardrake. This ability is used when the model pile in. What happen if ( as exemple) i eat a brute, and they have already attacked, i can brake their coherency. If ( i hope not!) During my normal pile in i kill only 1 brute.. durin shock phase opponent got 3 brutes thet go away? Is this correct? Thx all
  4. guys after so many experiments on tts, thats my list for next tourny in italy!! feel free to comment and ask if u wanna more info about the list , im very happy to share my ideas about this amazing book!IJironsunz.pdf
  5. So I still got mw on 4+ with unleash hell? Or 5+? Thx again!:)
  6. Guys exuse me for repost but I play di tts tournament tomorrow! , can I unleash hell with 4 fulminators? How it works? Thx a lot!:)
  7. Guys a question , can I unleash hell with 4 fulminators? How it works? Thx a lot!:)
  8. Thx a lot, so I dont see the reason to play 6 gruntas , where are benefit from that? I cant have 6 units in a line that give me 6 mw at 2+ in charge sadly
  9. I thought you had to be in coherency at the end of shock phase, so if I break it during the turn I can adjust that with bloodtooth movement ..
  10. Exacly, as i said ypu break coerency with bloodtooth movement if no enemy within 3" , so when you charge with 6 gruntas you have to kill enemy unit . So you dont have enemy within 3" !:)
  11. Guys I dont think the nerf of translocation is s big problem! Remember " redeploy" , if we teleport and move, opponent redeploy. Thats the reason i didnt think it was broken, anyway in London this week end a list with lord celestant on dracoth and dracoline msu list did 5-0.. we are not so bad!!
  12. Its true every single post imo. True bloodtooth is good for 6 gruntas, anyway many unit of them can cover all map! I think they are more versatile! There is anothrr problem, bloodtooth able us to make a pile in when unit fought. So if we dont lose a single grunta , and we fight with a line of 6 grunta to benefit from more damage in charge, we cant pile in back to remain in coherency... the only way to mantein coherency is kill unit we fight, so we can move grunta behind. Idk of u understood, my english is bad!:)
  13. @Scurvydogexacly, its very intetenting in the game, I wanna test on tabletop a grunta list . I think hack is by far better, but I still think 2x 3 grunta are better then 1x6. Coherency is a factor unfortunately:(
  14. Thx its amazing , really and you are not forced to do that. So If u dont need for exemple use all out defence again i can use another command ability! I love that interaction!!:)
  15. Thx @Scurvydog, about redoploy what happen? I use I on a unit within 9" , if another unit is not wothin 9 can I still move the 2nd unit? Thx again!:)
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