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  1. Guys i dont find that models on tabletop simulator, what unit i can use with same size to covert? Thx all for helps!!:)
  2. The only problem is with troglo you got only +1 from kroak to cast. The +1 from troglo count if i use him as oracle?
  3. So if rumors are correct , we can try to analyze toroglodont skink oracle compared to classic korak astrolith balewind vortex combo. Kroak , astrolith , balewind is 500 points You got 22" range from kroak spell that can cast 3 times, and +12" for stellar tempest, but you have yo cast balewind ( not so hard with +1 astrolith and +1 kroak himself) Troglo oracle and kroak is 540 points I can cast easy kroak 3 time spell second turn, i dont need balewind so i cast from kroak 100% but i got only +1 bonus from kroak. Is oracle worth now? What do you think?
  4. Ok thx! Its not so easy be wholly within 12 if i got many terradonts, maybe the best option is put 6 of them, not more!
  5. guys terradon chief command ability buff terradonts wholly within 12". Warscrall says when terradont riders use their ability, so basically i have to stay 12" far from unit that riders pass across right? Its not 12" at start lv mov phase right?
  6. Guys, a question about Old blood on carno,in a situation where im far from other units, do you think worth use his command ability to buff ONLY him? Or i have to try to put him in range of my Saurus units to buff them too?im curious!:)
  7. Thx a lot! People in this forum are amazing!!
  8. @Kramer how can i save the table? I mean, i know how to save objects but how can i save all the table? After i put into buildings! Thx a lot!:)
  9. guys anyone know how to play with a friend with tabletop simulator? I cant find the way..
  10. Do you think guys i have to choose a stormhost for a competitive list?
  11. Guys if i place my vanguard longstrike as riserve with scions ability, when i pop the unit, can i have my longshot ability?
  12. guys in gh2019 summomed units are free. It means if a summed unit dies , it doesnt cound any points gained for my opponent when we are checking at the end of the game who is the winner? ( if no one got a major victory) thx all!
  13. guys but when you summon a new unit for free( for example slaanesh depravity points) if you are going for a minor victory, opponent gain points for this unit? Like if he kill a 300 points summoned unit, it counts at the end of the battle too see who player killed more enemy points?thx!
  14. guys a spell that say : that unit cant move until next hero lhase means you cant charge and you cant pile in too? Thx as alweys!!:) ( the spell is:" wispers of chaos" from slaves to darkness lore)
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