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  1. Can I stuck bonus to save ? I cant stuck only debuffs right?
  2. Gnarloot list is so good! How you get 2 command trait and how u got 2 generals?:)
  3. I think in this list you can chose 1 artifact for arch rev and 1 spell more for each wizard because of warlord battalion!
  4. Guys if I wanna play tournaments what books you suggest me to buy?
  5. Thats exacly what I tested on tts! Thats why i asked that question. If I put 3 hunters 1"away from bug single wood , i m 4 " far from the wood i should block Los to a unit in front of the wood!!! 😀
  6. The faq i fought is about LoS . I think 1 model only of woods shoud be able to block LoS, at moment i agree with u, we got cover but not block of LoS with a single model
  7. Mmm maybe they faq that? I honestly think new changes to our ww was amazing for us. Now with monsters that can destroy our forest and methamorphosis spell from today riveal from GW that make an hero a monster its very bad for our playstlyle. I hope they buff again wildwood or clarify some rules!
  8. Ye did it, but its not the same feeling 😀
  9. Guys with new rules , one model of our wildwood with a unit of 3 KH with bows within 1" can block line of sight?
  10. My dream was they add belladamma , radukar and other missing models on tts, so I finally can test them !!😭😭
  11. Guys normal battalions dont give us +1 ca and +1 artidact choice anymore?
  12. Anyone know if they put radukar and belladamma on tts?
  13. At this point i think its official, BK can chstge after riders of ruin. They said " they can make a normal move eaven if enemy within 3" then charge .."
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