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  1. Guys a question about celestant prima. If I decide to set up him is riserve, and i pop him in the 1 turn I got +2 attacks. If I decide to pop him in the second turn, i got +4 attacks? Thx
  2. Thx! I wanna try on tts this list with englighted plus bakewind and another game with skyfires! Maybe after I swap shaman for magister!! 😀
  3. @Gwendar i forgot about magister, how can I put magister in? What i can remove in your list to find a place for him? Maybe great bray shaman? Thx a lot!
  4. Tizianolol

    Pile in

    Ah ok , so at the end i can decide to dont move during piling in but if im in weapon range i have to fight. Is that correct?:)
  5. Speaking about host duplicious, if I summon a spawn into an opponent unit, that spawn became an host duplicious unit? So enemy unit cannon retreat?
  6. As alweys i love your lists so mutch, expecially the second one! -Do you think they gonna change belakor warscroll?:) - what about add balewind vortex for herald of tz ( 40pts) if I decide to play englighted? Thx so mutch!!:)
  7. Tizianolol

    Pile in

    Guys if I have a unit within 3 of the enemy unit, in combat face, i have to pile in? Or I can decide to not pile in? Thx a lot!!:)
  8. Maybe you can play 2x10 stoneguard 1x5 and uograde spirit of the wind to named hero that cost 300:)
  9. That is exacly what i wanna test on tts! I hope we got new models soon!!!!
  10. Guys stardrake and fulmimator shootimg need targets to be visible? Thx all!
  11. Guys about our auras and nurgle mark , our general aura gives -1 to hit vs shoot and 6s to wound 1 additional damage, other nurgle heroes only 6s to wound additional damage right?
  12. i found only plaguetouch competitive tbh. can u post your despoiler and knight list ?^^
  13. he told me he copyed the list , its similar to a tourny list played month ago. anyway do you think we need 40 marauder to be competitve? i play StD too, im looking for a competive plaguetouch battalion to play !
  14. Guys yestorday i played against a guy on tts . That was his list Belakor Ch lord kardarak Sorc lord Sorc lord Chaos lord Demon prince nurgle 20 marauders 10 knights 5 ch warriors 9 untamed beast Warshrine Plaguetouch Tot 2000 I found that list pretty powerful, he put kardarak hero in cover with warshrine buff its 1+ rerollable saves with artifact that decrease rend by 1 . All of that on nurgle battalion. Is this legal ?:) he letterally cant die:(
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