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  1. Many warcry warbands already worships other aspects of the chaos gods,the eightfold watcher is just another one of them...like the snake of the gladiators or the "crow" of the flying ones.
  2. The belt is a chaotic star though and i doubt Malerion is now a chaos god. Also the eightfold watcher seems similar to the eightfold path of chaos...so i really doubt is an ulgu elvish warband (other than being lame as the last time we already got daughters starting warband).
  3. Skaven just need to return to basics,have some units as battline and for every main clan allegiance or general "type" adds some battlelines(and please makes something for Enshin and Moulder). It's not warp-powered rocket science.... Still it fits not having allies as they are backstabbing hateful little monsters(more than the other chaotic armies). Btw the spiderman seems nice,not ny cup of tea but nice indeed...but now i'm just obsessed on @Whitefang comment and can't stop thinking about Hashut sons.
  4. You're right....still deadwalker as a faction could still get expanded if we go by the lore of their "kingdoms" and nobility(flesh colossi and other undead creation).
  5. Great interested about the deadwalker one, sadly considering what GW said is just "an idea" explored with no aos waves linked to it...(but considering soulblight already got their share it makes senses and i doubt gw will expand other undead like deadwalkers and deathrattles).
  6. Tordorno and Aquilena makes me hopeful for some Tilean conversion kits from imperial base kits(and also for estalian ones considering Ortegeta).
  7. The eshin clan makes sense being Ulgu, but considering the "age of beast narrative" i could also see Moulder's clan reinforcements.
  8. Considering warclans can ally with Gloomspites...does it makes sense to take something from them like the Dankhold or squig Bounderz?
  9. Off-topic: It's less the great maw "as a god" and the thing that she's made of warpstone iirc... Groth, first propeth of the great maw, journeyed with his tribe where she fell and the tribe became deformed living there thanks to the ruin brought by winds full of warpstone. Still the G. Maw itself has some form of power over the Ogres (maybe empowered by their faith like every god in wrhammer universe).
  10. I really hope it's not soulblight(Harkon belongs to the old world i want something different for Aos,while still his returns could be plausible)...but seems interesting and awesome. I'd love Grotbags but seems too refined.
  11. The Eldar rumor is believable because they didn't mention the aspect warriors (assuming jetbikes are a new units and not Shining spears) for once...lol.
  12. At least it will match with the Lumineth....but it would be still lame. @Public Universal DuardinIDK Oathbreakers is not that bad while too "biased form the order Dawi point of view", i like to some extent, Furnace Kings also seems vanilla on the other hand(still good tho). Considering the whole "sorcerer\priests of Hashut controls the society" i'd prefer something more "religious" like "Hashut Ashspeakers" or "Ruingineers of Hashut" ....mirroring also the other chaos gods that contains the god name in the faction.
  13. Seems another mixmatch of previous "4chan and not" rumors... New parts are the Lumineth "update"(please no GW don't do it now but wait),the name for the chaos dwarves (but i remember some theories) and the Ogor new hero. Umbraneth was a fake pic from a warcom article(photoshopped), chaos and Ossiarch updates are more like ideas from what we've seen or waiting(multipart chaos knights\warriors and ossiarch archers like the warband). Also i don't get why everyone's assuming dawnbringer crusades will be a new faction and not "an army composition idea" for cities.
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