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The Rumour Thread

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*Need for massive Beetle model intensifies...*

Yep! I'm getting really stoked for this release now, although I'm supposed to be saving for Star Wars Celebration in July - stupid first world problems! xD

Have we heard anything new about the rumoured summer campaign yet? I'm hoping to have my free guild force ready to go by then.

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If it is a dual kit for Alariell and the bug don't you guys think it will be like others we have seen? One name'd character, Alariell, and one generic hero/leader? Like the mega-boss on Maw-crusha.

What then would the generic one be like? A super-charged branchwraith perhaps?

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I really don't think these are new aelves. They're sylvaneth, forest spirits, one of the books mentions that dryads can shapeshift, they're not permanently in a tree like form.

Personally I don't expect that any of the old world aelf races will be refreshed, what you are going to get is totally new factions with little resemblance to the old world factions. 

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hey guys.

Another picture that appears to be for the new Sylvaneth on War of Sigmar - link is https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/860. Much better quality (to my mind) than the last couple, and I get the following from the picture:

  • Alarielle appears to be the only time we see the beetle, so probably like Archaon or Nagash big beasty that is her mount, not a generic beast (although I would like to be wrong on this)
  • The half aelf / half tree kit is in there so a new infantry kit, which appears to be a dual build with the half beasty / half tree thing
  • A new monstrous tree kin monstrous infantry beasty, who appear to have a couple of weapon options including a bow
  • A four armed thing??? Bottom left. Compared to the skeletons looks to be a monster kind of size, maybe swinging a sword, definitely looking rock hard.

Excitement intensifying... 

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From DakkaDakka with no link/source.

Season with salt as required.

Following is contents of leaked doc from April 24 from GW. 

Flesh-eater courts; repackage vampire counts + discontinuation of Fell Bets, Black Coach, Vadrghulf (decision 27 April; otherwise repackage) 
Silver Tower (?) or alternatively release in late June/July 
Age of Sigmar Elves repackaging (?) + release (?) or 40 000 Daemons supplement 

Deathstorm Brood Lord, bases (decision 17 May; otherwise release on schedule) 
Paint Bundles (MCY?) 
Dark Angels Supplement + chaplain/company master (decision 3 June; MCY) 
Silver Tower standalone (decision 19 June) 
Skaven Discont. Gutter Runners, Night Runners (after Ogre Kingdoms) 

Chaos Space Marines + PCW (decision 19 June; otherwise release on schedule) 
Elves release + Discont. 
Tzeentch kit/Vedros release (?) 
Horus Heresy Nuceria (decision 7 June; otherwise release on schedule) 
Lost patrol supplements (decision 7 June; otherwise release on schedule) 
Hobbit (?)/LOTR Mordor, Fallen Realms re-release (MCY.72) 

Vedros warboss (MCY.73) 
Cities of Death (decision 7 June) 
P/72/ Keeper of Secrets (decision 12 Dec; MCY.93) 
Necrons + Necron Lord on KW (decision July 4) 

Horus Heresy standalone 
Dark Vengeance replac. Orks + Skitarii (?) 
AOS Death (MCY.83)

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8 minutes ago, Gaz Taylor said:

What's interesting about that list of rumoured releases is no mention of the General's Handbook!

Definitely requires plenty of seasoning.

We'll see how it pans out over the next few weeks.

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Keep in mind GW releases tend to be very fluid and they move them around a lot. We have seen plenty of release schedules like this in the past that haven't been accurate on timing, but have been accurate on actual releases. This could have also been written up before they decided to do the general's hand book.

A Dark Angel's release would be seriously out of nowhere so if that actually happens this year I'd say the schedule was legit.

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I really don't want to tread through Warseer but there was some hullabaloo over the weekend about a handbook having points in printed but you have to buy app separately, or something. Likely the usual speculation turn kookoo- bananas but I haven't seen an official statement from GW on this. Have you?

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3 hours ago, SeanMaguire1991 said:

I notice we arn't seeing any Dryads or Treelords in any these leaked artworks

If you look at the far left of the picture you can see an extremely large Treelord shaped figure. I would suggest that the reason we are not seeing Dryads or Treelords is basically because they want to showcase their new releases and encourage excitement around purchase of them, rather than already existing models.

Given that both the Dryads and the Treelords were re packaged with round bases, and the cull of the Order Alliance left them around, and we have plenty of other artwork of them in current books, I don't think they are going anywhere.

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