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  1. Stylus

    Shadespire - Ironjawz Trailer

    For a giddy moment, I thought they might be Brutes, but I was fooled by the dynamic posing against the Bloodreaver. Very cool models though - will definitely find a place in my Ironjaw army.
  2. Stylus

    The Rumour Thread

    'Beasts of Chaos' - does that mean Brayherd and Warherd are being brought back together?
  3. Stylus

    The Rumour Thread

    Cost notwithstanding, I'd bet on the Magmadroth being part of the Fyreslayer Start Collecting box. If you look at the existing boxes available, well over half have some large centrepiece model that really sells it. If it were restricted to just the other Fyreslayer packs, then 16 or so infantry models would look pretty weak sauce.
  4. Stylus


    Thanks! Yeah, a Death Guard with bone armour would look cool (although I've not made the jump to 40K yet).
  5. Stylus

    Hi, I've probably done this wrong.

    Damn, maybe *I've* probably done this wrong too...
  6. Whatever he lacks in actual tabletop effectiveness, Good Ol' Slambo makes up for in nostalgia... It's a great little model, and nice and quick to paint. I went with bone-coloured armour, partly so he wouldn't be associated with any one single patron god, but also because it would really show up the blood spatter. Slambo!
  7. Stylus

    Hi, I've probably done this wrong.

    You could either start a new thread in the Painting & Modelling forum, or start a blog (using the "+Create" dropdown in the top menu). The latter is easy enough and it would be my recommendation. Here is mine:
  8. Stylus

    Hi, I've probably done this wrong.

    Welcome aboard - I used to be a longtime forum lurker before taking the plunge and TGA is one of the best I've experienced. Great choice with Ironjawz. I've had nothing but fun building, painting and playing them. It's a great way of updating greenskins to Age of Sigmar.
  9. Stylus

    The Rumour Thread

    Do we know if Vandus and Khul will have new sculpts, or repacks of their Starter Box models?
  10. Stylus

    Recommended Ironjawz weapon loadouts?

    This may be a cop-out, but I just gave them whatever weapons I liked the look of - even the 'weaker' options look great on the model (like the Boss Choppa with the severed head in the other hand) As a recommendation, I'd go with Brute Choppas/Pig-Iron Choppas for the Brutes/Gore-Gruntas respectively, because more attacks is better than extra reach (and you'll never have that many models in combat). I really like the Boss Klaw+Brute Smasha for the Brute Boss - it doesn't always work, but when it does, it can be devastating. For the Ardboyz, again I went with a mix, but that seems to work - Big Choppas to take on the tougher stuff, Paired weapons to get a lot of dice rolling, and a couple of shields for those 6+ saves (with two wounds apiece, I found myself using it more that I thought). I think Ironjawz are a great army to get started with - lots of fun, but nothing too complicated, and you can get up to 2000pts with just 40-50 models.
  11. I love this idea - these pages look great! At a glance, I've spotted one hero missing from the Tzeentch Arcanites: The Curseling (I only noticed because I'm currently painting one).
  12. Stylus

    Post your rarest models!

    I don't have anything very rare or exclusive, but having started collecting over 20 years ago, I've got a bit of old lead in the collection: Skarloc the Scout, from the Regiment of Renown set. Sheikh Yadosh, a Dogs of War moneylender Bronzino's Galloper Guns, also a Dogs of War unit And my very first Fantasy miniatures: Imperial Dwarves (colour scheme shamelessly copied from Wayne England)
  13. I love Ironjawz - the Brutes especially were my favourite to build and paint, so you're in for a treat. One thing that helped me: I don't usually paint with sub-assemblies, but I left off the Brutes' chestplates until I had painted the skin beneath (where possible - sometimes the Brute was holding a weapon across his chest and was less hassle to glue it on and work around it). Without the chestplate, it made it a lot easier to get at the face and paint the bare flesh of the chest (which is still kind of visible when the chestplate goes on). (I had mine on the table just last night against a Disciples of Tzeentch force. The Brutes were definitely MVP - romping through a Mutalith Vortex Beast, Pink Horrors, Kairic Acolytes, Marauder Horsemen and Ogroid Thaumaturge. The Mutalith took 13 wounds in a single round - they do like to Duff Up da Big Thing!) Good luck!
  14. Last weekend, I took a selection of my chaos forces for a round-robin tournament of games. Here's an overview, the links go to the full reports. Half the players were new to Age of Sigmar, so to keep it fun, the 1000pt lists were written as deliberately soft (although tell that to the guy who brought the Mourngul!), and we skipped Allegiance traits and extra abilities/items. I took a selection of what I fancied: Tzaangor for punch, Chaos Warriors for securing objectives, Gor to overwhelm objectives, and a Chimera to spit out mortal wounds. Ogroid Thaumaturge - General Beastlord - Man-render Great Axe 20 x Gors - Two Gor-Blades 10 x Tzaangors - Pair of Savage Blades (4), Savage Greatblade (3), Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield (3) 10 x Chaos Warriors - Hand Weapon & Shield - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch Behemoths Chimera Game 1: Take And Hold vs Nurgle Rotbringers http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woffboot-xi-disciples-of-tzeentch-vs.html In the first battle, I take on Tzeentch's arch-enemy, Nurgle: Bolad Rotspawned, two units of Putrid Blightkings and a Chaos Lord on Manticore who just loves chomping on big monsters like the Chimera. Game 2: Blood And Glory vs Stormcast Eternals http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woffboot-xi-disciples-of-tzeentch-vs_25.html Half the points in this army were spend on Dracoth cavalry - Fulminators and Concussors (the models used were Dragon Ogres - there was a lightning theme going on) and they tended to bulldoze through anything they hit. I had to play this one for the objectives, because I wasn't optimistic about a straight fight. Game 3: Escalation vs Ironjawz http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woffboot-xi-disciples-of-tzeentch-vs_26.html I'm playing my own Ironjawz army in this one - I'd just finished painting one and I loaned it out for the weekend (it did pretty well - maybe I picked the wrong army). Ironjawz seem to do well in Escalation since their battleline units, which come on first, are a lot better than mine. Game 4: Border War vs Stormcast Eternals http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woffboot-xi-disciples-of-tzeentch-vs_27.html More Stormcast! This army was essentially the Starter Box one (so at least there was only one Dracoth to face. I had the advantage of massively outnumbering the golden guys, so I could flood all of the objectives. Game 5: Gifts From The Heavens vs Nighthaunt http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woffboot-xi-disciples-of-tzeentch-vs_28.html Yikes. An entire army of Nighthaunt, let by the 'orrible Mourngul. In model terms, they are only a third the side of my army, so if I can just knock off a couple, I should make it difficult for them to hold objectives (although I have no idea how to stop that damn Mourngul)... All in all, a fun weekend. Some wins, some loses, and a good run-out for my troops. The Ogroid impressed me particularly, and I'd love to try a 20-strong Tzaangor unit.
  15. Stylus

    16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    I love these dice! I loaned my Ironjawz army (with dice, of course) to a friend for a weekend tournament. He won 3 of 5 games, so considering he's never played the army (or even AoS!) before, I think Gorkamorka was smiling on him. To answer your question: I wouldn't need any more Orruk dice, but if you did something similar for faction-specific Chaos or Order, I definitely would.