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  1. It's really worth thinking about what you need from a game. The idea of a big narrative campaign is always great to me. In reality, it's hard enough getting games of AoS in. This could be something I play with my brother/non-wargaming friends over a beer.
  2. Skip to 26:20 for the discussion on the core game engine.
  3. In the GMG video above he says the Iron Golems come to 975 points. There is no mention if this grants you any bonus for having less points. Or if points matter outside of use everything you get in a warband box.
  4. Not sure if you saw this one. Placement/movement seemed key for the objectives. And the card changing deployment mixes that up. There will always be an element of get in and hit hard - it's skirmish sized and shorter play time. Edit: For me it is the multiplayer element that helps keep these scale games exciting. Even when I was young three(+) of us would play Necromunda or Mordhelm at once.
  5. Two questions: 1) The fight last ability at the end of the charge phase - this is any charge phase e.g. even if the enemy charges you? 2) The Epitome ability is at the beginning of the combat round (fight last) - does that mean it can also use the standard hero ability (fight last) at the end of the charge phase too?
  6. The colossal squig... when he pops, is the squig herd "free" in matched play?
  7. Popping back in after a long time off to ask... does the Loonboss on Mangler Squigs' command ability affect himself?
  8. That would be a WITSTTCPW* approach to some lighter factions. The recent faction focus was "The Beasts of Chaos" which could be a Battletome solution collecting what was previously loosely linked factions into one strategically united horde. *What is the simplest thing that could possibly work
  9. Core rules wording for reference only (pg 1, Tools of War): You can never re-roll a dice more than once, and re-rolls happen before modifiers to the roll (if any) are applied.
  10. Could be Dark Eldar. Or Duardin Robots Go Fishing Vol IV.
  11. Custom general generator. Table for each four alliances to create your own general for narrative games. Sure, you can make it up. But having a shared baseline really helps buy-in. Put it in PtG or Narrative. Whichever makes it happen.
  12. @HobbyHammer Can you elaborate on what you mean by narrative gaming? For me, narrative gaming is closer to D&D. In AoS, narrative seems to mean a way of setting up the game. Making a scene. A mini-film. And then both playing as standard (i.e. trying best to win). This I see as GW's intent behind narrative. The recent streams also back this up. When AoS first started we were playing with GW's version of narrative. Taking scenarios out of the campaign books, putting models down to set the scene and then having at it. However, looking back we also fell into the immediate pitfall - there is no longer a narrative once the game starts. You're moving mini's and rolling dice. It loses that sense of...adventure, for lack of a better description. It's a sound way of setting up a game but then back to basics. I will say it has had one lasting effect - placement of scenery. When we set up the table we now think more about placement of scenery. A small village with a shrine, protected by order, that happens to fall in the middle of a clash between death and chaos. We set up a mini village and then a forest with ruins on the far side. It looked great. The table had a narrative, even if the ensuring game didn't. Back when I was very young, my next door neighbour had Rogue Trader. They'd play narrative then - a team of space marines arriving on a desolate planet to investigate. Ambushed by warped chaos marines. In some cases he played this out completely on his own. That feels closer to a narrative. As for open play, this is a fantastic introduction to the game. As @Bostian said, everyone puts down their first buys, and off you go. The multiplayer element helps take the edge off disappointment away as your units die. Everyone's more social.
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