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    Warclans breakdown

    Ah and easy thing to mishear, thanks!
  2. I transcribed everything as best as I could from the GMG review. It took forever Warclans Armies of the WAAAGH! Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities If your army is Ironjawz you can give them the Ironsunz, Choppaz or Bloodtoofs All IJ get this keyword Eager for a fight+1 to charge for IJ units Mad as Hell, in any phase if any W or MW are put on an IJ unit from over 9” away the IJ unit gets a d6 move *interesting in that you can move in any direction Smashin’ and Bashin’: In the combat phase after a frien
  3. I've got my Admiral's Hat back on again, time to do a practical test on all the reading and theorycrafting I've done the past week.
  4. I don't know who Michael Schenk is, but Rick Priestly is one of the founders of GW and was one of the higher ups. The quote doesn't say they were W&N S7, but that they were based on them. Perhaps it's my lack of knowledge on Michael Schenk that leads me to err on the side of Rick Priestly (yep, fandom bias, fine). I was very skeptical of GW brushes too, I have the old red and black handled ones. I did buy a couple of the new ones, and they are a lot higher quality than the old ones, especially if you take care of them and use The Masters Brush Cleaner. I'd still choose Series 7 over t
  5. Hey all GW brushes are rebranded Winsor-Newtons. So you should feel ok if Winsor-Newton use the catch and release policy.
  6. Don't forget you can use a CP to reroll the charge, too.
  7. So I've been Mr. Positive this whole time...but I think the new FAQ is telling. Telling me KO are fun to paint and convert off and on, and to think about a new tournament army.
  8. Oops! Luckily I didn't use it much.
  9. If you take Skryre Allegiance, Skryre Battalion and the Gautfyre Skorch it's absolutely amazing. I took 5 Warpfire Throwers and 3 Stormfiends with Warpfire Throwers and it just kills whatever needs to be killed. The Gautfyre Skorch allows you to deploy outside of 3" of any enemy, or WITHIN 3" but each unit takes d6 Mortal Wound. So you will be in range, and have an easy charge afterwards. Don't forget to double your damage when you roll a 6 for Mortal Wounds on the Warpfire Throwers in Skyre Allegiance by using a Warpstone Spark. When my friend wants to play a competetive list, this is the one
  10. I have some for Skaven from a barely legible pic, I verfied via reddit hoping someone could read better than I Skaven: Eshin Verminlord Deceiver 300p Skryre Doomwheel 120p Stormfiends 290p Warpgrinder 80p Skryre Battalion 80p Engine Coven 70p pestilens:fournace 180p catapult 160p
  11. That rule is a holdover from the Verminous Clawpack, oddly enough.
  12. Haha that would be cool and fluffy...but I'd rather do flat damage from a competetive viewpoint
  13. In The Iron Dragon, the Endrinmaster could 'power up' shots. That would be a cool ability to add. Say 'instead of randomizing, this ships main weapon does it's full damage' so instead of d3 it would be 3.
  14. With new points: Skryre Battallion Gautfyre Gaspchoke Archwarlock Verminlord Warpseer Warlock Warlcock Packmaster Stormfiends x6 (Warpfire) Stormfiends (Grinderfists) Acolytes x5 Acolytes x5 Warpgrinder Team Warpfire Team Poison Wind Mortar Definitely going to work on trying Thanquol and Boneripper out too, I've had that latest model since it came out!
  15. I've been playing Clan Skryre a lot in the past year or so...a 24 model list mostly. As you can imagine, this can go badly sometimes in objective based missions. with the new Summoning rules in AoS2 there is a fix for this: Warpseer Verminlord. His command ability allows you to summon 3d6 Giant Rats per Command Point used per his Command Ability. Here are the bodies needed to claim objectives. So now you have Mortal Wounds (Spells, Warpfire Throwers), Mobility (inherent 6" move plus Gautfyre), resiliency (Stormfiends) and board control (Giant Rats).
  16. We did record...but I decided to play my fully painted and based Skaven Clan Skryre.
  17. Yup I’m testing out competitive Nurgle this Wednesday.
  18. Yeah I must have read that FAQ when it came out then immediately discarded it's value. I was too salty about rolling D3's instead of getting straight 3's on damage
  19. Now it's a contender. To build an all comers competetive list before, you had to be ready for anything. This is a good artifact if you were building strictly vs Tzeentch (I am generalizing a bit here). For instance, I'd rather do something that would work throughout the game to keep my Admiral alive so I'd take Masterwrought Armor which gave me back a higher value for my one artifact choice. In what our meta is looking like, magic is going to be turned up to 11 so choices that were lackluster before (Barak-Nar, Aethersight Loupe) go up exponentially in value.
  20. For something I always thought was meh? Yup, forgot about it. /shrug
  21. 4 unbinds ain't bad! I do like the extra dice...but I guess the +1 helps.
  22. So I'm taking a look at Barak-Nar. All heroes can unbind, all get +1 to unbind. Navigators can unbind 2, give one an Aethersight Loupe and roll 3 dice...add in that once per game they can unbind an additional spell...can hurt. We'll have to see the meta, but suck on that Magic Phase.
  23. Dez

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    That's how I started too, and it accidentally turned into a full fledged army
  24. This thread needs some Kharadron Kleenex. We don’t know Allegiance abilities or Warscroll changes yet. We have some very smart people here that will figure things out. Trust Aethermatics, not superstition.
  25. Mhornar everyone, go read Mhornar again.
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