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  1. Haven't pledged anything the last few months, was more work then I thought to get married? But now I have vacation and no big social shenanigans planned for the rest of the summer so it's time to slap some paint on some models! This months pledge is a bit fluid since the goal will be to paint up what I need for a tournament at the end of July, but I can't decide on a list until I get the new GHB this weekend. Ready built and primed is 10 Vanguard-Hunters, 3 Palladors and 3 Raptors with Hurricane Xbows so any of them will probably get painted. Stretch goal will be a Stormcast Wizard of some description if I can get ahold of any in time. And perhaps some Endless Spells... Anyhoo... Painting will be done! Good luck everyone!
  2. Anyone interested in speculating on what Stormhosts we will be able to choose from? Same as those big battalions or any others? How many will there be? How many temples/enclaves/skyports/ are in the other books? Will they come with the same bonuses that the battalions got or will it change? Will we get a tool to generate our own Stormhost? And most importantly, will the paint on your modells have to match official sources to be able to use the rules?
  3. Snoe

    Warcon 2018

    Jag har en dubbelsidig matta som jag kan ta med, terrängen är det lite sisådär med, mycket som är halvfärdigt. /Oskar Dahlström
  4. A bit of a bummer that the Sacrosant don't seem to mesh completely with old SCE. Evocators spell only affecting Liberators could be a sign that it will be more stuff that has keyword barriers. Like command abillitys that only affect Sacrosant units and so on. Sacrosant Chamber seems to be more of a new and separate army then Vanguard Chamber was. Hope I'm wrong though!
  5. With new Stormcast Wizards incoming, what are your thoughts on a Stormcast Spell Lore? Will it be focused on buffing/debuffing/damage or something else? Will we get one at all?
  6. I just bought the Start Collecting Pestilence box but I'm not gonna do a Pestilence army. I'm more interested in a mixed Skaven Force so it will be built as Screaming Bell and Warplightning Cannon, because I like the look of those more and the bell is so iconic for Skaven. But as many of you have discussed it's not that great in-game. Have anyone used it and how in that case? On the wish-listing topic and Screaming Bell, how about a cumulative/ramping-up mechanic like DoK and ID have but more unpredictable? In each of your heroephases you roll a dice and keep track of the total sum, compare it to a chart and see what you get. If you roll five 6:s during a game the army will be in such a frenzy that High Tide will look like ripple in a pond! But if you roll five 1:s you have clearly been sabotaged by your rivals and the underlings are barely doing what they are told. And a few different stages in-between to make every roll possibly mean something, will you reach the next threshold this turn or the next? "Just need to roll a 4+ to get the chargebonus!"
  7. Snoe

    Gothcon 2018

    Logistic fråga, vet vi vart någonstans vi spelar i år? Förra året var vi i ett Chalmers-hus som var riktigt najs ju. Har vi samma plats i år eller nån annanstans då vi är fler spelare? När öppnar ni så att man kan komma dit och börja ställa upp?
  8. A few days late and technically a few bases left to do but my February pledge is in. 22 Reavers and a Slaughterpriest for my friends tournament list. Will be nice to paint some Stormcast for myself next?
  9. Good point, I think the command abillity for LCoD is a bit meh but the Packhunter trait and running a unit of 4 Fulminators along with him is what interests me really. The command abillity of the LC on the other is tasty in conjunction with a unit of retributors and Blacktalon to get their procs going. The delivery system is, as we all know, the issue there. The idea about my Consummate Commander setup is to create two big threats that my opponent will have to deal with, does he/she focus on the ranged threat that jumps around the board edges or the combat threat that is barreling down towards their lines in the middle? More playtesting is, as always, needed ?
  10. Conserning the LCoD Vs Aquilor debate. Any thoughts on using both and Consummate Commander? You get to eat the cake and still have it? Another thing I'm thinking about is to go either Lord Celestant and Blacktalon OR LCoD for heroes to accompany the Aquilor and his 6 Longstrike buddies... Same points, but if I go with the small heroes they come with palladins and dracoth with dracoths and packhunter trait. Thoughts?
  11. Oh I'm not helping him out, he pays me in models for my own army! 1 Slaughterpriest and 20 Reavers for a new Ordinator sounds fair right? A Deamon Prince and 5 Wrathmongers for a unit of Vanguard-Palladors it was last time?
  12. Really onboard with alot of the suggestions here and I would perticularly like upgrade kits for the different stormhosts. And terrain wise I would really like to see what one of the Stormkeeps look like! We have the Dreadfort for chaos, now that Order have a definitive presence in the realms their fortifications would fit right in! If I think outside the box, something like bespoke objective markers for the different matched play scenarios could be cool. A falling comet for Starstrike, a bunch of realmstone caches and corresponding burned ones for Scorched Earth. A communication device or command post for Knife to the Heart. Two magical fountains for Duality of Death. They could be generic or styled towards the grand alliances. I know these can be made by every player but we are not all kit-bashing-maestros or conversion-efficionados and time is always against us so something ready made would appeal to alot of us.
  13. My new pledge will be a long-term one. I have a tournament at Easter and I'm painting both for myself and a friend. So priority is finishing his last 20 Bloodreavers and a Slaughterpriest and hope to Sigmar Almighty that he doesn't change his list again? After that it's on to whatever I decide to bring to the tournament. It will at least be 6 Longstrikes that I have built and primed and maybe 2 Fulminators. I also would like to take Blacktalon but I have to playtest her some more before I slap some paint on. Good luck everyone else! Always greate to see the results at the end of the month!?
  14. Got some work done on my own army as well this month. The palladors have been done except for the base so that got fixed and the Aetherwings was fairly simple to get done, base coat and a few drybrushes. Next up is more Khorne for a friend's army. 20 bloody Reavers...
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