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  1. Not actually game play related but Nighthaunt related at least: what cases are you all using for your armies? Anyone try the GW cases with these guys without breaking all the little bits? Obviously custom foam is always an option but it gets pricey
  2. Anyone have any experience with the Nighthaunt spells or are the just strictly worse than the ones listed here?
  3. Well Titanicus should be from Forge World so who knows as far as the release goes, but it probably won't be in place of a GW prime release
  4. So...anyone have any news of when the final Nighthaunt release will be? Next week? Edit: Also perhaps it would be worth another thread to discuss how Warcraft and Blizzard in general relates to AoS?
  5. Just want to point out that if you buy it in the AoS app the GHB 2018 is only $14.99. Bit less flexible though as you have to view it on your phone/tablet instead though.
  6. Ok so thanks for helping me clarify! Basically if I want Nagash in anything less than a 4000 pt game the main force needs to be LoN. I can use the units from Soul Wars that specifically have the Legion keyword added, and who knows if more Nighthaunt units will get it, and then will have to ally in the rest. Definitely helps me figure out what I want to do for my league!
  7. Is giving those units a legion keyword something from the LoN book?
  8. Hey everyone, So we're starting a new league at my FLGS and I decided I'm going to go with Nighthaunt. I am however a little confused on how they interact with Legions of Nagash and building up an army. From what I have pieced together from reviews if I do a grant host of Nagash I should be able to add in any death units correct? Would this make it possible to, for example, build an army list that includes Nagash but also includes the new Nighthaunt stuff like Lady Olynder and such? Hopefully this is an easy question to answer and my ignorance is due to not actually owning the LoN book. Anyways thanks in advance for any help!
  9. I don't really see how Greek Cthulu Sea Aelves fits in with our current example of Mistweaver Saih, hopefully we get the other faction of Shadow Aelves sooner rather than later though so we can find out. Getting rid of the TKs still makes no sense to me. They could have easily existed in AoS and had a lot of plastic kits. That was during the "Dark Times" of GW so who knows what they were thinking.
  10. Well let's see counting my 40k stuff and the order asked: Too many, all of them, absolutely abysmal, dollars for me and maybe I should realize by this point that the default answer on forums like this is always "go for it and damn the consequences and backlog!" instead of "be responsible and hold off"
  11. Argh these guys are seriously tempting me. I have never played a Dwarven character in any rpg or video game, I generally am not a huge fan of Dwarves in fantasy settings, and the Dwarves in WHFB never really did it for me. Despite all that I can' stop thinking about these stupid models, I thought making myself wait past the initial release would do it since my "new model syndrome" would have worn off by then but if anything it has gotten worse. Am I a fool for thinking about starting this army?
  12. Also he turned all emo when his first golden age ended
  13. Well this battalion hasn't changed much, the only difference (and it's actually a pretty big one) is that you can take any paladins instead of just retributors. imo it has always been a strong battalion but it has just been overshadowed but other ways of getting your SC to teleport right into the enemy's face up until now.
  14. I'm not seeing them. I'm talking about the bonuses you get if the chamber contains the maximum number of battalions thing. For example the Tempest Lords gain the Lightning Strike and Celestial Nimbus abilities listed on page 116. Maybe I'm just blind and I keep missing them
  15. So do we know what the special additional chamber bonuses on page 115 are yet?
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