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  1. Give me dismounted varanguard and whatever passes for barbarians in those chaos forsaken realms.
  2. Ok, a matriarchal led faction? We have the Goddess, the Underworlds faction is led by a Sorceress and now probably another female hero. Super curious about this.
  3. Oh a sylvaneth Hero! Fingers crossed for bow revenants!
  4. I see a lot of jimmies are rustled, and worse of it, its people complaining about others disappointment. What an uncanny reaction to have. Terribly sorry that my disappointment with the product of a company does not fit in with your echo chamber of praise.
  5. You are welcome. I don't think repeating what others have said already a dozen times is insightful or useful for readers nor do I think that your StD bandaid solution actually adresses any of the woes brought by people that were expecting a mortal cultist unit for an army that has been in the backburner for so long.
  6. Yeah just gonna forget this for a while. Nah not spending a dime on chaos warriors.
  7. I want to believe that the FB team is bluffing, but it seems to be a daemon release only. Yeah the artwork hyped me up a lot. Was a bit of a gut punch.
  8. Yeah I'll be doing the same. Just to add from what I read on FB it seems that Slanesh mortals might have been saved for Warcry release. Think overread has a point on his post above.
  9. Like i said on my edit, Warcry? It's an opportunity to release Infantry boxes for all factions.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Now our hope is warcry for Slanesh mortals apparently. If the kits are moddable that could give us proper mortal infantry to use.
  11. This went from a +300£ buy to 0 real fast. What's the point of adding this image, with a lot of humans around, and it's just a daemon release? Talk about empty hype.
  12. Then it's a no buy. A shame really. Super disappointed
  13. Noice, but still not mortals shown...
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