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  1. Dont want the SC to be monopose tho. All those warbands and monsters will make a fantastic army.
  2. CHAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!!! They look amazing! I was not expecting this!
  3. Not talking about the lack of BT or not, just his attitude. Rilling up people that are already frustrated and disappointed, is not a great move. The Bird people have a name for it.
  4. "My faction is ok, and I don't care about yours" opinion. Cool thanks for sharing. Bummer I thought we would have some AoS august 3rd. The waiting game continues.
  5. It's a stealth announcement of darkoath I mean it's all there. I want to believe!
  6. Its established by whom? you? Its established until a new release hits. you are in for a rude awakening if you think the Empire look is permanent. I do like the anything and everything is possible but lets keep it the same answer you have. Its so contradictory its funny.
  7. And if you want them too far off, like historical 17th century, they will feel out of place. A mix of themes, making something new, yet familiar would be the best choice. I like great swords, but they do need a bit of Fantasy on them, or else we might just play pike and shot.
  8. Let's agree to disagree. If you have 2 factions from the same place with a completely different look and theme, things will look weird and out of place. Like I said, I gave azyr as an example. People get too rustled.
  9. Like you said, the old. Even if they remained with the same look, crisp new models are needed.
  10. Yeah havent read that one, so this came out of the left field for me. Well the waiting game begins anew.
  11. Can never have nice things. As long we have new skellies.
  12. So are we in agreement its vlad? I need something today.
  13. The good news are, since the old models are now sorted, they can start making some new ones.
  14. Nothing really. Beastgrave trailer is just a teaser, along with the tithe video. Only 1 new miniature shown. I mean...
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