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  1. I was thinking new Spiderfang, but I don't know about that. I get the feeling its actually going to be some new type of spiders, like not even a faction but roaming monsters like the chaos chickens and furies. I personally think Red Harvest is a new boxed set similar to catacombs with two factions and then new Chaos-themed spider creatures to act as roaming monsters. The Chaos Dwarfs worship Hashut, Father of Darkness, who is bull-themed. Hence Bull Centaurs and the horn motifs. In the new Orruk Warclans battletome it specifically says they still worship Hashut, so doubt they're going to have anything to do with the spiders. Maybe they could be a new Warcry faction ahead of their tome though, but I honestly expect when they get revealed its going to be a big deal with a teaser and everything, not just a Warcry faction thrown in when they're already hyping up spiders.
  2. Haven't read the whole tome yet, but from reviews looks like numerous more Chaos Dwarf references in the new tome. I was afraid they were gonna retcon Hashut, but the new tome specifically calls them "Hashut-worshipping duardin". We also get a named conflict between the Chaos Duardin and the Orruks called the "War of the Broken Promise" which is why they don't trade with Orruks, but the Hobgrots specifically. Though of course, the hobs are only getting cast-offs from exiles and low-quality blacksmiths, while the Chaos Duardin get the weak and sickly slaves in return, both thinking they're scamming the other. Interesting how they're expanding Chaos Duardin lore through a whole different tome.
  3. A lot of people are newer to the hobby, started with AoS, or just didn't really go around internet message boards and have a life. However, all this Beasts of Chaos discussion about being squatted or rolled into StD or being un-Chaos'd is the same discussion that has been had since basically Beasts of Chaos got split off into their own faction in Fantasy. I remember people posting doom and gloom as far back as in 2005 because they only got Khornegors and Pestigors and were missing a plastic version of one of their core units. Each edition after would always bring back the "Oh Beasts are gone FOR SURE this time." They've just always been neglected, the only Chaos faction treated worse being of course Chaos Dwarfs. I don't believe for a single second that they're A. Being squatted, B. Moving to Destruction or C. Being integrated into StD/dispersed among the Chaos factions. Renaming? Maybe. They did get renamed in 7th Edition as a faction to "Beastmen". But then they got reverted back to Beasts of Chaos afterward. For a good few years they were just "Beastmen" though, so a renaming, maybe but I doubt it. I don't see any sort of lore retcon happening either other than maybe how they were created which has also flip-flopped between editions army books/tomes too if I recall. I think if any big changes though, it'd just be a renaming and refocus on how their army plays. Though I expect army changes anyway as Beasts have had their Ambush rules changed with every single army book basically. Bob over at War of Sigmar said Beasts soon, if he got that from Atia, Beasts are soon simple as. He also said he heard rumblings of a plastic Doombull but wasn't sure if it was for Underworlds or not.
  4. Yes, two reasons actually. One, Grim Dark Live who were on the money about Dominion and the Kruleboyz completely including the name and units weeks in advance, said Chaos Dwarfs were coming sometime soon. The second reason I cannot share because it will actually get someone in trouble, but its something floating around a few groups that all but confirms it. Also there's the Oathbreaker rumors, which I'm sad to say are totally fake. They were in the same batch that said GSG vs BoC boxed set and that the Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons boxed set had ALL new Grey Knights and not just the character.
  5. I actually disagree. I 100% believe those rumors about the new CSM stuff, including the Warpsmith. And you'd think immediately Warpsmith because of the tentacles. However, look at that stone the hammer is made out of. That doesn't match the aesthetics of any CSM weapon. For example, you might say its a Thunder Hammer, but the Chaos Lord from BSF has a well-cut stone hammer. This looks more rough. The existing Warpsmiths don't have crude-looking weapons either. What exactly is that stone? You could say Blackstone, but what Blackstone do we know of that's so roughly hewn? Off the top of my head, the only CSM with crude looking stone weapons (not Blackstone even) like that are Death Guard and Plaguebearers, with their swords. You know what does look similar to that type of stone? Warpstone looks similar when in Skaven weapons. But perhaps not Warpstone, but some other kind of realmstone? Say... the lore in Broken Realms about Archeon mining for Varanite? I think this may be Chaos Dwarfs, leaning more into the "Daemonsmith" aspect of their reimagining using Varanite to forge weapons.
  6. Only somewhat related to AoS, but today's Black Templar preview may be evidence towards the validity of those deleted rumors from Bolter and Chainsword. Related because those rumors also said we'd be getting new Daemons and World Eaters, hopefully Khorne Daemons too. I'd fully expect those to be useable in AoS like other any other Daemon. Also I guess Squats confirmed. At last, time for my sinister plan to use the Squats as Kharadon Overlords in AoS, and then the Kharadon Overlords as Squats in 40K.
  7. Well I went back and looked and the account I was thinking of was deleted. So I can't say for sure other than it had a similar name. However, I can say if we get the Guard codex in Sep and DKoK Death Riders in plastic that will add validity to his other rumors, so not long before we see.
  8. I may be wrong, but if I recall Admiral_SKK is actually Michkael or so I heard. One of the most reliable rumor mongers ever. The rumors about the plastic DKoK recently even before Valrak started from him and he's an old-school one who provided rumors years ago and had info on AoS during End Times before people even knew the world was blowing up. In other words, if he says that's what's happening, then its happening. He also said there's plastic DKoK Death Riders and the Astra Militarum codex in September. So won't have to wait long for confirmation.
  9. There's also that plastic HH boxed set that leaked with photos a few weeks ago including the plastic Spartan and beakie marines. There is definitely precedent for turning FW kits into plastic. The thing is, while I don't have a doubt the Chorfs are coming in plastic, I get the feeling they won't be a straight adaptation of FW Chorfs design into plastic, but have an entirely new design going off how the hobs look. They'll be AoS Chorfs not plastic Azgorh is my opinion. I wonder then if there's hope for unreleased FW kits. Like the Meargh and other Fimir that were shown off at the open years ago and were never released before Fimir got legends.
  10. Funny you say that. That may actually be true this time. There's credible rumors and the banner for Saturday's preview shows a Kreigsman.
  11. No it didn't. Fimir did, but Azgorh hasn't. They're still listed under Chaos. I even played them last month. That said, considering the new Chaos Dwarf rumors, I fully expect them to go Legends this time. Hopefully not and we get one last year so we don't have to wait for a replacement.
  12. Duardin paymasters! Nice! And the grenades are "pilfered". Typical, they steal the grenades. Was wondering why Chorfs would just lend out their equipment to them lol.
  13. No need to apologize! Just clarifying!
  14. I know that, that's why I was asking what the flavor text says . If perhaps it had anymore info on them. Though above it was replied that it just says they steal grenades from "duardin", so I guess nothing really new one way or the other from that text.
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