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  1. I haven't received one yet. It's a shame, as you can probably tell by my username, I'm sad. But it's not something I haven't considered; honestly I'd rather it end now than be drawn along thinking those new models will come out some day. I have my Trolls, which is good enough. Question is, do I sell my Fimir collection or let them gather dust til the day they're considered a rarity?
  2. Trolls require less synergy than IJ but require excellent positioning. You'll need good game mechanic knowledge to really make trolls shine. Pinning targets and good use of Itchy Nuisance is also a big deal; Dankholds are good pinners while Rockguts ought to be your main fighters. That means a Dankhold on the corner of a target while the other trolls hit them head on; this reduces the enemy's ability to fight back as they are dragged from multiple angles. If you are good with your positioning, then trolls can be annoyingly persistent and grindy juggernauts, in comparison to the speedy juggernauts that are Ironjaws.
  3. I think this is a slave of some kind judging by the shackles. This may be filling the niche the Fimir had in chaos, that being cyclopean brutes. Fimir have evolved in a new direction, so a replacement to fill the gap they had seems likely, and offers an interesting design space. I like this more than say just chaos trolls. I imagine this will be a one off model, but I really hope it's useful.
  4. Well the good news is that he will be usable in AoS, as all Warcry is. I'm expecting 8/9 wounds, 4+ save. Some kind of punching melee attack, and when within 3" of a terrain feature, he can throw a boulder/ tree. If it's something like the rockgut trolls then it'll be useful. I'm hoping it's like 18" 3+ 3+ -2 3 damage as then it'll have utility. 100-120 points.
  5. I would say that the old lore of Fimir has been entirely retconned so their questionable reproductive methods are no longer canon. This also did distance them from Chaos, yeah.
  6. So this big chungus was just teased for Warcry, and it's clear based on its name and appearance, that the Fomoroid Crusher is based on the Fomorians of Irish myth; specifically, Balor of the Evil Eye. This may tie into Fimir, although the only similarity is name origin and single eye. I hope this is a relative of the Fimir in one way or another. It appears to be a 60mm base, so he's just a little smaller than a Dankhold Troggoth. Post your speculations below.
  7. Brutes are 140 points, so I think it's technically an improvement to them even if they lost some base stats.
  8. Unlikely, although AoS could do with some more brand new rules as so far it's just been a variant of +1 save or a dpr or if you're spicy, charge at 18" when it comes to unit/ faction special rules. It was becoming monotonous with how linear some ruling could be, since I knew how it worked from the books previous.
  9. Also, don't call people power fans because they have a different opinion and view point to you. That's no way to win an argument and dropping the mic sure does nothing for your position on it.
  10. Drakkfoot, in my opinion, was a great move by GW, because they saw the prevalence of and near total reliance on damage prevention saves, almost to the point where units were being checked off as bad if they didn't have one. The chances of you going up against Drakkfoot in a tournament while you're running 90 witch elves and Gotrek is going to be slim, at least after the smoke has settled. We're seeing less and less Gristlegore as it is. The reason why this rule is so important, is not because of what it does, but what it threatens to do. If you're flipping the table over a single rule and calling it the end to some armies, you need to either reassess the situation, or adapt to your enemy; the thing generals are supposed to do. This is not even mentioning the fact that Bonesplittas are a very low rend army atm, and I doubt they will gain some if any in the new book. If anything, GW got themselves into a hole with all these save after saves, and this was a natural answer with the most streamlined of processes, as it changes relatively little while threatening a lot, and said threat is very rarely going to genuinely manifest. If it makes top tier armies pause for thought and reassess their dominance, how can it be a bad thing? And if it all goes wrong, why shouldn't Bonesplittas be king for a bit? The game changes all the time with every new book, so why is adapting to them so much different? We all complained about how nuts Warp lightning cannons were, until they weren't. In conclusion, if we can deal with Daughters, Skaven and FeC, we can deal with this too. It's just a matter of good generalship on the field, and if you can't fight your way around this rule, then that's your problem, not the game's. There are far more rules and armies that smother any hope of victory from other armies, just by being superior to them. Also, I really do not like Orruks in AoS so I'm no fan of them.
  11. If we're being honest though, this Bonesplitta rule is actually incredibly important as a mediator of the game, particularly in tournaments, because it gives armies like death and daughters of khaine pause for thought. We'll see more cautious army builds I'm sure, and hopefully this might reduce the focus on damage prevention saves that many favor. At least it will make Fyreslayers and Daughters players play more conservatively and shake up the list building when in a tournament.
  12. Gotrek was good for five minutes before Bonesplittas show up
  13. As in proportional to itself? Because there's really nothing to compare it to to decide how it should look. I'd argue many tyranids have a similar problem if that's the case. I reckon it'll look more cohesive irl, since the cart on its back takes up a lot of space. I'd say it has the proportions of a flightless bird, and it works for me.
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