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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but a good combo for wizards with Wings of Fire is the Balewind Vortex; not because of its bonuses, but because of the line of sight it grants with its height. Wings of Fire has infinite range provided you can see your target, so Balewind will help keep line of sight being an issue. Also means you can stay on the board edge and avoid dispelling.
  2. I haven't received one yet. It's a shame, as you can probably tell by my username, I'm sad. But it's not something I haven't considered; honestly I'd rather it end now than be drawn along thinking those new models will come out some day. I have my Trolls, which is good enough. Question is, do I sell my Fimir collection or let them gather dust til the day they're considered a rarity?
  3. Trolls require less synergy than IJ but require excellent positioning. You'll need good game mechanic knowledge to really make trolls shine. Pinning targets and good use of Itchy Nuisance is also a big deal; Dankholds are good pinners while Rockguts ought to be your main fighters. That means a Dankhold on the corner of a target while the other trolls hit them head on; this reduces the enemy's ability to fight back as they are dragged from multiple angles. If you are good with your positioning, then trolls can be annoyingly persistent and grindy juggernauts, in comparison to the speedy juggernauts that are Ironjaws.
  4. I think this is a slave of some kind judging by the shackles. This may be filling the niche the Fimir had in chaos, that being cyclopean brutes. Fimir have evolved in a new direction, so a replacement to fill the gap they had seems likely, and offers an interesting design space. I like this more than say just chaos trolls. I imagine this will be a one off model, but I really hope it's useful.
  5. Well the good news is that he will be usable in AoS, as all Warcry is. I'm expecting 8/9 wounds, 4+ save. Some kind of punching melee attack, and when within 3" of a terrain feature, he can throw a boulder/ tree. If it's something like the rockgut trolls then it'll be useful. I'm hoping it's like 18" 3+ 3+ -2 3 damage as then it'll have utility. 100-120 points.
  6. I would say that the old lore of Fimir has been entirely retconned so their questionable reproductive methods are no longer canon. This also did distance them from Chaos, yeah.
  7. So this big chungus was just teased for Warcry, and it's clear based on its name and appearance, that the Fomoroid Crusher is based on the Fomorians of Irish myth; specifically, Balor of the Evil Eye. This may tie into Fimir, although the only similarity is name origin and single eye. I hope this is a relative of the Fimir in one way or another. It appears to be a 60mm base, so he's just a little smaller than a Dankhold Troggoth. Post your speculations below.
  8. That's true. I hope the strongest builds come from taking a city and building as intended, and not the cherry picking or 'my executioners are now greatswords because better rules' approach. This is mostly enforced by keyword locked buffs which is fortunate. I can't really see other faction units being useful in my Freeguild, aside from those like Collegiate that were always there.
  9. Something I've noticed is that, while the lines between factions are blurred, I think there's a clear representation of all the old factions in each city. Hammerhal for example clearly is suited to Freeguild, specifically fielding lots of infantry, the Demigryph highlights/ battalion, and that the traits and items look to favor the Griffon general. Living City is clearly about Wanderers, even though, like all cities you can take anything you want. Greywater is all about dwarfs and their guns. Phoenicieum... I don't need to explain that one. Anvilgard, anything dark elf. Hallowheart and Tempests Eye are a little more blurred, but to me it's clear that the cities really are representing each faction, even though the stamp of 'take anything' is there. Hell, doesn't Greywater even get a Runesmith prayer? The old faction allegiance abilities are here in a new form one way or another, it's just which city you pick corrosponds to which faction is the star of the show. I think this is a good way of looking at it when some people call it soup, or a cheap filler to stop old army players complaining.
  10. So my Hammerhal Freeguild list works out relatively similar to how I normally played in terms of size. Hammerhal Freeguild General -100 Griffon -320 40 guard with swords 280 30 Greatswords -420 30 Handgunners -300 (ha-ha I knew not caving to crossbows was a good idea) 10 Guard with Halberds -80 6 Demigryphs -360 1 Battle Mage -90 1950 (by my reckoning) So I can't squeeze in my Luminark, and while I still have no MW protection, I think all these buffs Freeguild got will make up for it. This list is basicaly the same as my normal one, minus the Luminark. This list has 110 infantry in it (all of which are in the process of being repainted for Hammerhal((I started this before I knew the rules, check my receipts for dettol)), and still has some beef/speed in Demis and the Gryphon. I'd rather not have ANOTHER command point to start, so maybe I'll get an endless spell. I was fortunate in that the stars aligned for me and my army, and I see how in some ways it didn't for others. This book seems extremely solid, although I have a sneaking suspicion something busted is going to show up out of Phoenicium but i don't know how or why. Greatswords and Demis are the real winners for me, even though they went up a fair bit, they also became incredibly potent. While I could field the Lancer battalion and go extra-Hammerhalian, I feel, while it's decent, it's unnescessary. Also Griffon for the most part was a straight buff, although piercing bloodroar is nerfed. I saw someone saying the foot general isn't worth it anymore, but his command ability is 100 points no matter how you swing it. Also, base infantry will be bravery 7 around him and elites 8 which gives some protection vs Mind Razor and other bravery debuffs. For Hammerhal, the battleshock modifiers Freeguild could take before really aren't a big loss, since with the potential for 13 banners, I'll be raking in those CPs like no one else. I can really see Hammerhal being the army if you want to field a huge amount of infantry, because they themselves are contributing to CP generation. That's an average of like 3 CP a turn banners + normal generation, then there's the retinue +1 on a 4+ then there's other traits etc etc. Personally, I love Banners Held High as it makes the huge infantry force feel cohesive in a way. I am very satisfied with Hammerhal, and it feels (as a Freeguild army) very reasonably balanced with clear strengths that will contend with the top tier armies. Now, do I feel like Living City and Tempest's Eye will be where the meta lies... As I said before, I will have to trade my magic and magic defence for the new rules, but it's worth it to me.
  11. Judging by warscrolls alone and the Hammerhal rules, I am satisfied with the new book. Not even counting what we don't know yet. I imagine points won't be fluctuating by much. I did bait myself into buying another box of demis and converting a guildsmarshal but now i have 9 demis and a fancy preceptor. I'm glad that repainting my freeguild as Hammerhal paid off, because that would have sucked if it hadn't!
  12. It may be a typo, but handgunners went to Bravery 4 while Crossbowmen are Bravery 5. Now technically, they would be more likely to be less experienced/ cheaper troops if using handguns, compared to crossbows and bows, but I doubt this is the case. This is based on the historical context of guns vs bows.
  13. Brutes are 140 points, so I think it's technically an improvement to them even if they lost some base stats.
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