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  1. Totally agree with you @Overread. I think it's easy in a podcast or Youtube event coverage to say "Go for Objectives" but not everybody can visualise that. I think it would be cool to have a 'masterclass' type video where a turn of a game is talked about by the players so we get an idea of what they were doing. Problem is, I imagine that this is a fair bit of work as well as difficult to watch as some viewers may get bored depending on how much detail it goes into. I think the key thing about getting better, is to play more games and try to play against the best players you can. Are you beating everybody at your local club? Try another club as well or arranging games further afield.
  2. Just a curious thought I've just had, but White Dwarf has changed it's release date to be halfway through a month with the next issue coming out on 21st June (for non subscribers). I wonder what could be up for Pre-Order on 22nd June that is scheduled for a summer release?
  3. Yes. We will be seeing the preview of things next Friday (31st) but the expo runs all weekend. I'm not going this year but it's a nice day out if you can get to it. It is very board game focused, so if that's not your thing you might not enjoy it as much. I got to meet Ian Livingstone last year which was amazing! and I suspect it will go up for Pre-order around 22nd June as White Dwarf comes out on 21st (new schedule). I think this is so they can have a Warcry spread in the magazine
  4. For people who do not know who Jack is - He's one of the best players ever and constantly does well at events (and I think he was the first player to get the magic 400 score in the rankings). I know this is tongue in cheek but just to turn it into a interesting discussion... I think the reason he is such a good player is because he constantly plays. Somehow he is able to get regular games quite often (even being married and having children) and I think this is the secret. If you look at any of the players that do well in an event, most of them get chance to play a lot of games. Yes some luck is involved but I think having the experience to recognise situation, assess the risk and deal with it helps massively. I also suspect Jack is actually the Chuck Norris of the Warhammer Scene and occasionally looses because the world is not ready for him to operate at 100%
  5. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Friendly poke, can we wander back to the path of rumours please?
  6. It's a good game if you like competitive games, as it's very focused upon scoring Glory points and how you can tweak your deck to do that. My only complaint about it, is that to be really competitive you need to buy everything to get the cards (think CCG like Magic). I think it's a great game, especially as it's something you can play in a short period of time and people new to miniature games can pick it up fairly quickly. As for your questions about getting into AOS, everything that has been mentioned above But just to start playing you just need some models and the free rules (from website or Azyr app) and build from there. I would probably see if anybody plays near you and see if you can get a game in with them.
  7. This is what I would like to see it as. Makes sense when if you think the setting is Chaos warbands going to the Allpoints in a semi pilgrimage/call for power from the Gods/Archaon.
  8. On another forum. This is for Age of Sigmar discussion and an escape or allow people to enjoy their hobby. Lots of things can and do directly effect the game and Games Workshop. This is not the forum to discuss them.
  9. +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Very annoyed that I have had to hide some posts around global politics. This is not the forum to discuss such things. Keep it to Age of Sigmar
  10. As @Overread has mentioned, we don't really know what it is yet. When we get some more details, the Mods and Ben will have a chat and see what we can do
  11. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Cease! Desist! No More! Please can we leave the points discuss out of this. If you feel a need to discuss it, please start a new topic but please keep it constructive +++ Mod Hat Off +++
  12. +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Just want to say can we have less talk about balance. If you want to discuss this, make another thread but please keep it constructive as nobody wants to see a rant about points. +++ MOD HAT OFF +++ Personally, we have see some amazing reveals at Warhammer Fest, but I think we still have some cool stuff to come with the UK Games Expo in a few weeks. Hopefully we will see some more of Warcry but I think we will see a new army reveal for AOS
  13. Possibly. English is one of those horrible languages which can be very vague. I would say that is most of the new models shown in the video EDIT Just realised I’ve done the same! I think there are no more models to show 😉
  14. Personally, I would say as early as you can. I think the seminar tickets will get snapped up quickly, but personally I would go to the other ones than the previews as you get to ask questions about how they design the game 😉
  15. Just to steer this away from wyldwoods, GW have updated the Warhammer Community site with a new story for the upcoming Forbidden Power Release and may mention one of the spells.... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/10/tales-of-forbidden-power-sacristygw-homepage-post-1/ Anyway, not long now until the Warhammer Fest reveals....
  16. The Bastion Gaming Club facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TheBastionGamingClub location: Viables craft centre, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4BJ “The Bastion is a fun, social group of gamers that meets every week at the viables craft centre in Basingstoke. We play a variety of games including AOS, 40k and Lotr and most specialist games. Club nights are every Wednesday 6pm-10pm at the viables craft centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the first night is free for new members. We also run occasional full afternoon gaming sessions on Sundays. If you would like to know more, get in touch on our Facebook page, or message @Azamar on TGA”
  17. Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TheBastionGamingClub Location: Viables craft centre, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4BJ “The Bastion is a fun, social group of gamers that meets every week at the viables craft centre in Basingstoke. We play a variety of games including AOS, 40k and Lotr and most specialist games. Club nights are every Wednesday 6pm-10pm at the viables craft centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the first night is free for new members. We also run occasional full afternoon gaming sessions on Sundays. If you would like to know more, get in touch on our Facebook page, or message @Azamar on TGA”
  18. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Firstly, apologises about the delay with setting up an Hedonites topic but real life gets in the way. To keep things really simple, I think we should move any new conversations for the Battletome to the new topic and I shall lock this one here (it will get a bit confusing and messy merging topics). Thanks
  19. Welcome to The Mitzy and Jimbo Show. Launched at AdeptiCon 2018 hosts Mitzy and Jimbo bring fans a regular slice of Warhammer Age of Sigmar content. We’ll be chatting about this great hobby along with covering events, sharing hobby techniques and generally rambling on about all things AOS. Link to Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-mitzy-and-jimbo-show/id1460421611 Link to Spotify Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/3qe1LiFxkvHkin5U9xQru7 Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuHrezbpRmDeQzzNoejndKg/ [Posted, Locked and Pinned on behalf of @Mitzy ]
  20. Personally, I think this will be a great addition to the game but I think that's because I'm thinking of it as a 'Dogs of War' book rather than an open ended free for all that some people are thinking about. I think we will see more unique units which will have very specific requirements about who can hire them. I think the limit is your imagination! So for example, Fyreslayers are already know to fight for anybody if they have Ur-Gold, but you could have a unit of Skeletons lead by a powerful wright with it's own self will, who refuses to fight for any Death faction as it's family were killed by the forces of Nagash. It's a cool way to bring cool models to the game. Has me wondering what will happen with the Warcry models.... Anyway, probably see more this weekend from the Warhammer Fest reveals
  21. I don't want to derail this anymore about this but please read and https://www.tga.community/site-rules/ Also just to quote off the site rules as well The role of the moderators is to try and ensure that everybody has fun and try and steer things away from some topics which can be very negative. If this is something you don't like the idea of, that's fine but this might not be the forum for you. Ben's vision was to create a fun place for people to discuss Warhammer and have fun. If you want to discuss and pull apart how GW price things, there are other forums out there that can do that service for you, but these can be very toxic discussions which is not what we want on TGA
  22. I quite agree it can be a valid point of discussion but I've been around discussion boards/forums for quite a few years and it never ends well. Also getting grey of the hair now (whilst I still have some!), it's a discussion which we as a consumer only see parts of and make assumptions of others. This is why it doesn't end well. If people, don't like the price, it won't sell as well as the other sets. Besides, we don't know how much it will be Anyway, less of this discussion about costs. What do people think about the choice of models in the set? I think it's a good selection as it gives something interesting to paint for both sides and the themes of the forces come across nicely. It also makes it different for the Sylvaneth forces from the Start Collecting set.
  23. Because they can spiral out of control and generally be very negative. One of the key things we want for TGA is for this not to be a negative place to visit for your hobby needs. I think most people can make a judgement on the value of the box to themselves, so personally isn't really anything that needs to be discussed. If it was poor value for money, people wouldn't buy it. As for the set, I think it looks great. I think it's a nice collection of models and as somebody mentioned above, each of the Grand Alliances have been in a box set now. I would suggest, if I was to improve it, I would like to see some terrain with it but I think it's a good set if you collect either of those armies. Plus point is that we will be seeing a Slyvaneth battletome soon as well
  24. I don't think I would have an issue with it to be honest. GW have been trying to shift away from the 'old' points of view with many of the races and I think that audiences are more open to such things if it makes the story good. I think just introducing those types of characters for the sake of it, isn't a good idea though.
  25. As always, you sir are a star!
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