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  1. I've built another 40 poleaxes (70 now in total) to deal with Flesh Eaters and Skaven so I'll have to see the full arsenal in the new tome but they still seem miles ahead of broadaxes IMO, and they actually didn't lose their Hair Save.
  2. What better time to get back onto TGA than now I'm over the Bad Moon about my army getting an update. Mixed feelings, trying to take it all in stride and most importantly wait until I get my book to read and know the scrolls, options, etc. in context. Going to easily cross the 300 games solo Fyreslayers mark by Midwest Meltdown (USA) in July I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks. Apologies, just now got back onto this forum so I haven't gone back through all the post since I last was active like a year ago. When the Fyreslayers group on Facebook crossed 1,000 members we made dice. Yesterday with the release it crossed 2,000 members (something I could never have imagined when I started it 3 years ago with only myself and 2 other members) and we're discussing what item to create to celebrate--maybe a 9" ruler or something, so if you have ideas I'm open to hearing them. Anyway...the biggest change I'm focusing on and need to wrap my brain around is a move from a hoard army (cuz, y'know, we only have 3 non-hero units) to now seems pointed for an elite army. Less models will be an adjustment, though I am also starting Stormcasts so that's an elite army with less than 100 models on the table). Excited to hear your thoughts about what we know so far. I've already seen some interesting lists on the Facebook group. I plan on trying all the lodges and item/trait combos for a month or so try see what suits my play style and unholy bad Kennynomics dice rolling curse.
  3. Already committed to playing Slaanesh at this Adepticon GT, so hopefully the Wednesday preview shows Slaanesh and that comfort will make it easier to swallow trying to play using this army and my unholy dice rolls (Kennynomics). I am however trying a couple lists out. My narrative continuing from Midwest Meltdown is "Just Married" so the Groom (KoS) and Bridezilla (Chaos Gargant) need to remain the cake toppers for the wedding cake display board. I'm unsure if I can get any chariots done in time. Need magic but have trouble with KoS and likely need an endless spell or 2. As my rolls are so bad (those who have seen them know this is no hyperbole) I tend to do better being passive, rather than trying to deal damage, so units of Hellstriders (cool models!) sit and provide debuffs while I run around the board and Sigvald competes with Bridezilla (a la Gimli & Legolas tradition). Yes, I love my narrative gaming. So Here's where I'm at and looking for some help. Pulled the trigger and FW Exalted greater KoS arrived today. Bridezilla allying is a must for theme of army and Sigvald is the "Best Man" so they're in, but I feel I need more magic. I could use FW KoS and KoS but that's pricy. I also have baller Avatar of Shah 8" tall KoS , Mierce and Creature Caster alternative KoS models (and some crappy GW ones if I somehow need to be on the stream--an event that would be painful or hilarious to all watching 🤣 so maybe ally in a Chaos sorcerer? I want 1-2 Infernal Enrapturess and LOVE new Fiend models and at units of 4+ they seem to wrk for my style of play (and luck). So you can see the points getting eaten up fast. 5 Seekers to start--can always summon more later--are a good threat of 30-bazillion inches of move to threaten or take an objective. Anyway, apologies for the rambling, haven't actually asked the community for advice yet with Slaanesh. I'm used to my Fyreslayers. So any thoughts, examples of lists that performed well, etc. are welcome. I'm not expecting to win anything, just want to use the models I like and can paint in time, and don't want to get absolutely trounced every game. Thanks! -Kenny
  4. Due to Kennynomics (missing all dice rolls ****** statistics) I used Ghyrstrike cuz I’ll miss those 3+s ?‍♂️?
  5. I can't for the life of me find a use for Fiends, but when we get new models for them and hopefully new rules or roles in the army, then I'm ready and waiting with wallet quivering in fear.
  6. Hey, I remember Forums! Recording Warhammer Weekly last night and found out about the lovely news of goats with "dark looks." Shared my hopes with the hosts on the show but I can't wait to make my Warherd easier to play and with an event prize gift card I picked up yet another Bloodfeast Gorgers allies box (now cleaned out that FLGS). Me thinks a third Cygor will join the Herd and I really needed that Bullgor kit with command sprue to finish up the force. I'm not hyper competitive but here's what I played last 2 games as I forgot the endless spells the first time (thus had 2 CP starting) but last game was very successful and used: Allegiance: ChaosLeadersGreat Bray Shaman (100)- AlliesDoombull (120)- General- Great Axe- Trait: Lord of WarDoombull (120)- Pair of AxesBattlelineUnits6 x Bullgors (320)- Pairs of Axes3 x Bullgors (160)- Axes & Bullshields6 x Bullgors (320)- Great AxesBehemothsJabberslythe (140)- AlliesCygor (180)Cygor (180)Ghorgon (200)Endless SpellsChronomantic Cogs (60)Aethervoid Pendulum (40)Total: 1940 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 240 / 400Wounds: 133
  7. It’s a phenomenal deal ! I had to eat crow, er, magma crow when it came out cause I never thought they’d do a deal that good! 50% off!
  8. I’m still since dat 1 hoping for a cavalry unit, something akin to demi-droths or younger Magmabombs.??
  9. Hey, this is the list I've been using with extraordinary success, except all vulkites have double axes so I hit things. Running this since handbook 2017 on official capacity and it's done...amazing! Good luck, may you smash some skulls!
  10. they are interchangeable with seated and standing. I like the son for aura but my fav list has dad on Magmabomb for 12+6" large base command ability with no battleshock and need him as general to get my 30 hearthguard berzerkers with poleaxes as battleline and use Lords of Lodge. Just my 2 cents. oddly enough, that list is undefeated still. Even with my horrid dice rolling
  11. Yeah I’m buying terrain for the March 17 Malign Portents plus Coalescence event megabattle I’m running so this should be perfect!
  12. Yeah, the second I saw this it screamed Tau at me.
  13. So for rumor engine I’m going AoS terrain, MP likely .
  14. First thought was tzaangors horn but those models are all out...for now. Muhahaha!
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