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  1. Do you have any info regarding 1k MP games? Anything on Beasts of Chaos changes would be also appreciated
  2. This Fall: Warhammer Quest StormVaults! Heard it here first
  3. Hope we are not returning to era of: "Enlightened/Skyfires everywhere" At first glance it looks like it might have negative impact on matched play. Curious about the details, right now this is very clouded view we are having on this topic.
  4. Or they left point for the price hike of Kurnoth Hunters. Some say they have 3 shots now instead of 2. This ain't that visible or readable on the scroll shown in Looncurse reveal article.
  5. Probably without run and charge, so he can't keep up, with 6" range wholy within ability bolstering mounted Varanguard. Just joking, but hope for some cool looking model. CSM already received a lot of cool models quite recently so it probably ain't something for them, unless there are Emperor's Children on the way.
  6. Wonder how would community team respond if this picture would be posted on their Facebook... Just kidding, but it would be so Slaaneshi 😈
  7. Any info on beasts of chaos artifacts and abilities?
  8. Allied Beasts of Chaos. This makes.me interested more in this battletome. After total disappointment, which was Blade of Khorne battletome, which showed no love to gors and their friends this will be nice change. Bring it on!
  9. Wonder if we will see Dechala back. She got a short story in Mortal Realms, would be so lovely to see new version of first Snake Lady of Chaos, after all Morathi is just a poor design by Slaanesh 😛
  10. Isn't it already on the base of new Slaanesh terrain?
  11. New rumor Engine is clearly Genie in a bottle. Heard it here first
  12. I do not expect anything particular, what they will show, they will show. I do hope it will be more than single miniature and logo of something, like when they showed warqueen and 2nd edition logo. This sucked big times. Also not a fan of videos showing nothing like the one for Forbidden Power, could easily live without such productions, more was revealed in one sentence written above the video than in itself. Few more hours and we will see which allegiance's players wallets will cry the most
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/11/breaking-news-from-gama/ Update is here. Blackstone fortress only so far...
  14. Anyone know what time the seminar or reveal will get held or shown?
  15. You tease and know more than average Joe, impatience grows
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