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Community Answers

  1. Type it up here and i'm sure one of us can share it for you.
  2. Sorry if I missed it, but has anyone talked about the cards from the Champions game? There seems to be quite a few named champions in there that are not in AoS.
  3. I always had high hopes for Villitch. I never thought he'd be the source of complaints. ?
  4. What about secret CP bidding? The player that REALLY wants to go first will have to gamble off 2 or even 3 CP. You could even do the same for priority with ties going to previous person with first turn.
  5. Oh - one question to those who played - how did it go with realm spells?
  6. Seems like GW tried to change too much too quickly while also juggling the insane release speed of 40K. They need to slow down and focus a bit more.
  7. I intend to make pallisade work. Throw out a must dispel high cast value endless and let them spend their dispels on that, which allows the "bad" spells to survive more.
  8. Your mom, a PhD, had time to read a massive book in under one day and was able to fully form an opinion on it? Riiiight.
  9. This model is ripe for a conversion to a lord/sorcerer on manticore. I could never buy the manticore, because it was just so oddly flay, but this thing is marvelous (aside from the overly accentuated lip).
  10. They already solved it for you - just use the non-summoning horror ability that causes mortal wounds.
  11. Not yet - these are from the learn to play videos. Relics and endless spell points are in the wild.
  12. Thermalrider cloak - +4 move and fly...daddy like.
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