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  1. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Personally I am taking a couple of weeks off from reading too much on this site / facebook and just enjoying what I am reading from GW, and will judge the full details in a couple of months when EVERYTHING (points, warscroll changes, rules changes etc) is out and there has been a chance to actually get an overall feel for how it is working for me and my gaming group
  2. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    If they didn't have an annual opportunity to re-balance points and scenarios I would be more worried If they didn't have the capacity and willingness to update Warscrolls as they go I would be more worried On the more broad point of will they stuff up game balance... Nobody is perfect, but at the moment GW have more feedback mechanisms and scope to respond in a timely manner than they ever have before and are willing to respond.
  3. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Just to quickly pick up on this point (and not taking a shot silentdeathz just that you happened to post) - do we all honestly believe that some of these issues are so difficult to pick up on that GW will have done nothing to mitigate the worst examples? (note that in a game with as many moving parts as AoS there will be things that slip through but that happens)
  4. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    To be fair mate you do seem to be going out of your way to make a case that is absolutely the most extreme example. In your example you are saying that potentially over the course of the next 3 years one army receives 3 separate changes and that at not point does Games Workshop makes these new Warscrolls available through the App, or on their website (n.b. outdated warscrolls have so far been updated on their website), or you don't just photo copy the old ones? Crikey. Also, if warscrolls don't get updated then what is the alternative? The game cannot change if you never change the moving parts of it. Sometimes this will mean certain armies benefit or suffer in different proportions, and different units similarly. The changes will happen, some units will benefit more than others, some will suffer more than others, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent this short of stopping releasing new models, doing new rules or ever releasing anything ever again. Instead the approach should be in line with Games Workshop are doing: reviewing current warscrolls and updating where necessary, and a regular points rebalance mechanism in the GHB. So Longstrikes are not viable? Reduce their points and update their warscroll so they are able to ignore the Look Out, Sir rule - boom they are a good sniper unit. Problem I have with a lot of what I am reading is that some of the reactions have more than a hint of hysteria. GW tell us something will change, and suddenly people know that this will make units completely unplayable, whole armies have been nerfed into oblivion, dogs and cats living together, the whole thing. But, we don't know points, we don't know warscroll changes, we don't know if there will be new battalions, so we have no real scope to make long term calls. For me, what I am getting is the following: Games Workshop are aware of what is causing some people to not buy in. If you look around at other sites, my observation is the following issues stop people: The double turn (probably number 1 on most peoples lists), ability to shoot characters quite easily, units able to shoot in and out of combat with no penalty or risk (in general the potency of shooting is probably number 2 as it is not really possible to play well and mitigate) The changes we have seen are very minor nudges to affect these things: double turn stays but is less likely to happen, shooting is being nerfed a bit on a couple of different levels. The core of the game however is clearly not changing
  5. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    why would you take a vampire lord and a Wight king? because command abilities probably won't stack (ref. the aether khemist restriction) so 2 of one can't buff the same unit so two similar but different provides overlapping buffs. because the Wight king is 20 points less and has a 3+ save. because in legion of nagash the Wight king is buffed by both lord of nagashizzar and the ossific diadem. because a Wight king is needed for the death march battalion which is really good. because the Wight king and vampire lords are awesome models. I really like the new command point rule. simple and intuitive with additional depth. specific advantages I can see: encouraged to take hero allies as they can boost their troops despite not being the general. Some characters that are currently not useful become a lot better - for example a cave shaman now is a really rounded support character as you can use him to add mobility without having to have him as your general. a range of heroes with command abilities becomes a source of flexibility rather than being reduced to the one good choice and the deadweight. a bit of a boost to msu armies as currently you are best off focusing your one command ability on one murder horde but with potentially multiple command abilities you could support multiple units more easily. finally if you do not link command points to battalions what do you link them to? at least with battalions there is a points cost attached so a lever of control over access to them. note that in my opinion 90% of battalions are garbage in matched play so any bonus is welcome
  6. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Interesting little tweak to the priority roll, and if you go first your opponent will be on the back foot around playing for the double turn. That is, do they play to take advantage of a potential double turn and run bad odds of being exposed on your turn, or do they hold back and potentially be forced to take a double turn that they cannot capitilize on and face a potentially devastating later double turn? Also, interested to see what interactions persistent effects will have. In terms of the Everchosen / Slaves to Darkness faction preview: great for new players or as an introduction for people unfamiliar. Otherwise not a great deal of meat there for current players. Interested to see the rest of this weeks previews though which will cover off interesting things like command points
  7. mhsellwood

    The Rumour Thread

    I really do hope so. I like bare chested barbarians as much as the next guy who has watched Conan The Barbarian endlessly, but I think some properly armoured soldiers would be great. Also, what I like about those guys look is that they look high fantasy, entirely in keeping with the foe they face, but also broad enough that with a few changes you could really make them your own. I.e. put on a Skitarii helmet, Khardron backpack and you have a Chamon army; give them mad flagellant heads and fur and you have a Ghur or Ghyran army; stick skulls all over them and you have a Shyish army.
  8. mhsellwood

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Just to reiterate the allies point, in Spear of Shadows there is a temporary alliance between a Khorne Deathbringer and a Tzeentch sorceror and his allies. If you want a wizard as an ally but you want to maintain a theme, why not come up with a little bit of narrative background to fit them into your army?
  9. mhsellwood

    The Rumour Thread

    Looks really cool (puts 40K hat on for a mo) up the front is clearly poxwalkers but... mechanised, same with the nurglings, and the grotesques up the back ring with a combination of both nurgle, slaanesh, khorne and technology. The unusual imperial models, perhaps inquisition... but not clearly as such (hope those lasgun equipped models get a larger release). Is this a 40K expansion like Masque of Death or is this a board game like Silver Tower? Very interesting. From an AoS point of view, I can see some very easy conversions - all the Choas stuff basically looks like it could be put straight in with no work necessary bar maybe some conversion work to reduce the mechanical aspect. The imperial stuff will be harder as there are quite a few guns et al, but a few weapon swaps, some shields and voila you have a nice AoS28 collection. For Age of Sigmar, I have the following predictions for Warhammer Fest: Decent reveal on a new magic supplement, the next step of the Malign Portents storyline some more concrete reveals on the Soul War box set - maybe just a 30 second or so tiny thing, but enough to start the engines Very small reveal on the next army (I reckon Soul War will be Malignants/Nighthaunts vs Stomcast and Freeguild, so the one after that) - I feel that Slaanesh is the go here
  10. mhsellwood

    The Rumour Thread

    Thanks for the rumours. I am no rumour monger, but Slaanesh is being heavily rumoured, and given that Fulgrim is being talked about a lot for 40K I can see GW seeing this as a chance to get twice the bang for their buck with an updated range that both expands and builds on 40K and AoS. Interesting that you mention Moonclan as well as I saw on Twitter a post from Wayne Kemp (who does a lot of playtesting for GW) about his new project - a Troll Hag converted to be in a Moonclan army... In terms of Ironjawz have you got any hints about what fleshing out might mean?
  11. mhsellwood

    Warhammer Legends

    I have read the new battletome and find it really interesting. First, I was assuming that the Legends release would have rules for the specific models made available for order, i.e. the Manflayers, the dreadlords etc. but that was it, so essentially a sop to allow you to actually use the models that you have purchased. Instead GW have completely re-done the compendium rules - and by this I mean every single warscroll has been re-done, and even ones that have been subsequently re-worked (Witch Aelves) have a unique version in the Legends book. In many ways they have released a new edition army book for free. Second, the entries are in terms of clarity and layout the next step up from the current scrolls. The weapon options you have for your characters are really clearly laid out, what is an attack from a mount versus the character is explicit (for example look at the Dreadlord entry - you may have one of 3 weapon layouts, and you may have a repeater crossbow. The mount attacks are in a seperate block. Very clear to read and understand), there is a change in how War Machines work (much closer to the old 8th Edition approach of crew as tokens rather than independent units), some flavour loss by making certain weapon options consistent across units - compare the various Dark Elf Spears, Dark Elf Hand Weapons, Dark Elf Great Weapons. Third, the army as a whole is a lot harder hitting. Executioners have rend -2 and 2 damage (!!!!), Cold Ones get rend on the charge, chariots all do more impact damage, hydras and Kharibdyss both get much more damaging (also shout out for the improvement in the Kharibdyss's feast of bones - goes from 6+ on wounds caused by one attack, to all wounds inflicted heal a wound). Shooting is hard to call, as the reaper is both better (no crew sniping now) but also worse (less than half the damage output) and repeater crossbowmen have gone from a +1 to hit at 20 models to re-roll 1s at 20, so bit of an up and down. Where there is some overlap between Legends and current warscrolls I wonder whether there will be a move to harmonise the two? I doubt it, but an interesting thought.
  12. mhsellwood

    Sunk Cost Fallacy

    I would point out that Fyreslayers are actually a really competitive army at 2,000 points - the recent Brew City Brawl had a Fyreslayers army take 3rd, at Adepticon they came 2nd, most tournaments they are in they place well. Winning with Fyreslayers is not in the least bit an issue. They are however a relatively mono build army - units of 30 vulkites with slingshields and picks, battlesmiths and runesmiters on foot for characters, maybe a Runeson on Magmadroth as a general, 30 hearthguard or auric hearthguard. Absolutely rock solid toughness, good damage output, some movement shenanigans. But not a massive amount of variation in the list, and between different players lists. At 1,000 points they are able to compete with a list something like the following: Runeson on Magmadroth Runesmiter 2 x 30 Vulkites with sling shields and picks Go for the Fyreslayer allegiance from the GHB 2017 and watch as people table flip when they try to kill their way through your unit of Vulkites with a 4+ re-rollable, followed by a 4+ ignore and you then attack back with 2 attacks each, re-rolling wounds, at -2 rend. Of course they are not a cheap army, but that is not a secret thing. If you are concerned that you might get an army that cannot win then you do not need to worry as Fyreslayers are absolutely a top tier army.
  13. mhsellwood

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I have read the book, very impressed and excited. Would like 2 things cleared up by FAQ though. First, the Icon Bearer issue - as others have said if it is not clarified one way or the other... well I can see no reason I would not field units with every model as an Icon Bearer. Second, is the intention that the Leviadon has 3 shots? Rules as written and previous FAQs tell us that we use exactly what is on the scroll - i.e. 3 shots. However this seems wrong - it would mean that having two ranged weapons on the Leviadon is exactly the same as having one (as per the Allopex), so it would be good if this was clearly ruled one way or the other to avoid doubt.
  14. mhsellwood

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    yep - only difference is if you have access to buffs that enhance attacks or damage - if you have +1 attack, the damage stat is more important, if you have +1 damage, the attack stat is more important. At this point then, agreed the net is straight up a worse choice. Down the track? support pieces can make a big difference to this assessment.
  15. mhsellwood

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    The Allopexes bite is at -2 rend. The net launcher gets an 18" range and is 1 attack 3+/3+/-/3 damage.