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  1. Had my first game with the Cabal last night which resulted in a win. I really liked the Shrike Talon's speed and hitting power, and generally the good damage output. Not too much to take away from it though as I was fortunate enough to have my deployment right where the objective arrived so kept control without too much hassle. One question that came up was around the Shrike Talon's Swooping Attack. The bonus move is obvious, but the bonus attack if ending a move 3" or more vertically lower is worded in such a way that it seems to be that you can take the bonus attack when you want.
  2. Haven't watched the GMG battle report but people elsewhere are saying that they got a fair number of the rules wrong. In this case, if they said the platform is not 3" high they are wrong - if you have access to the IMGUR scan on the page titled GENERAL RULES you will see a picture of a platform and it described as 3" high, so enough to activate the jump attack. Additionally you do not necessarily take impact damage. You take impact damage if you fall. Falling happens when you end a move action not on the battleground, not on a platform, and not climbing, and if climbing at the end of an
  3. Love the aesthetic, so picking these dudes up as soon as they are available. From a stats point of view, obviously we don't have anything yet but I am expecting high move, decent attack and pretty rubbish toughness given the lack of armour. Interestingly a couple of models have spears, and the Unmade preview today would suggest these are range 2 weapons, so could be ideally suited to locking down enemy models, and supporting other models. With their abilities they feel more like an army that will overwhelm after a turn or 2 of positioning. The Leader ability is a really strong aura b
  4. I am finishing up some stuff that has been hanging around for a while - thinks like basing on 10 Dryads, finishing up a couple of Underworlds warbands, minor things like that. Also converting up and painting a Flesh Eater Court warband. First 5 models: Getting the core box, couple of card packs, and will pick up at least the Corvus Cabal, maybe the Splintered Fang as well...
  5. Also useful if you play just the base game but in a campaign as there is a lesser artefact of power that gives a +1 toughness bonus. So plenty of models that in a campaign could get to toughness 5. Personally not too fussed that in a straight out of the box battle some of the abilities are more or less useful than others given the scope of what is coming is obvious. In terms of the rules, and whether I like them. My first brief read through left me feeling a little flat to be honest. The core mechanics are solid, easy to understand and read well, but my first reaction was basically 'wher
  6. For this entry we will consider the concept of most likely result, and standard distribution. Most likely result is important when thinking about the difference between a theoretical result and an experiential result. As an example: a single attack that is 4+ / 4+ versus a model with no save has a mean (often simply described as average) outcome of .25 wounds. Needless to say you will never roll .25 wounds. Instead what is the most likely result? Clearly 0 wounds as 3 out of 4 times the result is 0 wounds. How do we though work this out on a rough basis sufficient to give us useful
  7. Pretty much my situation. Counting up all my pennies, pulling forwards hobby budget, focussed gift suggestions (along the lines of give me gift vouchers ta). Going to be painful but also really good. Only thing that could be worse for me is if the Sylvaneth battletome is up for preorder on the 13th of July...
  8. Thanks for the comment, and agreed with your point about it being a great start point. Something I intend to get to is how to basically work out a units offensive output and defensive output per point, to allow some basic comparisons. Important thing to keep in mind for AoS is as you touched on how much important the availability of buffs and debuffs is to how well an army works in total.
  9. Fundamentally to calculate a probability you need to work out how many possible outcomes there are, how many outcomes represent a desired result, and then doing a fraction based on this. Quick note on jargon: Numerator means the top number on a fraction - therefore with 2/6 the numerator is 2. Denominator is the bottom number on a fraction - therefore with 2/6 the denominator is 6. For a simple example of calculating probabilities: You roll a 6 sided dice, and you want to roll a 4, 5, or 6. There are 6 possible outcomes and 3 outcomes represent what we want. The likelihood is therefo
  10. Compendium specifically means warscrolls that are only available in the compendium's Games Workshop released at the same time as Age of Sigmar was released. At this point that mainly means Brettonians and Tomb Kings but there are some other models that are compendium only - for example for Dispossessed the old Anvil of Doom model was in the initial set of compendium rules but have never subsequently been reprinted. There are plenty of units / warscrolls that are only in the respective Grand Alliance books but are not compendium armies. For example Order Draconis (who are a really good arm
  11. The intent of this blog is to do some really basic discussion on probability, and how that can inform thinking about your games, and a bit of thinking about how we can model outcomes. First then, what this blog is. I will aim to keep this relatively straightforwards in terms of what I am describing, and I will aim to not use excessive amounts of jargon or technical terms. Although I intend to focus on Age of Sigmar most of the logic is applicable to any dice rolling game and I would like to do some looking at Underworlds as well. What this blog is not. Full disclosure I am not a math
  12. half of season 1, all but one from season 2. Thinking of going back and picking up a couple more from season 1. Love playing Underworlds.
  13. A fair point Still-young. I would however refer you to the design of the iconography on the Barad-Dur miniatures from Games Workshop. Picture below: Note the shield design - although clearly an eye, it is the Eye of Sauron, and the stylised flames around it are related to the description of the Eye as a "flame of red" in the Lord of the Rings book. Hence my reference to the stylised flames - they are the iconography around the eye.
  14. I reckon Shyish on the far left - some king of cannibal death cult, maybe an aspect of defying Nagash by taking the dead inside yourself? Then Aqshy to the right of that - stylised flames so maybe some kind of flame cult?
  15. Good point re. Soul Wars. Had forgotten they had hands on for that.
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