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  1. SeanMaguire1991

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Yeah still waiting for the 2+ invulnerable Grey Knights and Ogryns to get Nerfed.
  2. SeanMaguire1991

    Fluff Problems

    I'm talking about 8th Edition 40k which is very easy to pick up
  3. SeanMaguire1991

    Fluff Problems

    I'm sorry I was referring to 8th Edition 40k not 8th Edition Fantasy.
  4. SeanMaguire1991

    Fluff Problems

    As did Fantasy. I'm sorry but no. 8th Edition is plenty easy to pick up and play and yes it would be a lot of work but that's my point a complete overhaul for 2nd edition would be welcome and would make the system better as the 8th ed rules would be altered when necessary to accommodate the more melee and positioning focussed gameplay of AoS. most of the existing abilities can easily transferred with little to no changes. People who complain about their battletomes being invalidated? Welcome to wargaming this happens all the time. Having a strength and toughness stat means can interact with each other and gives a wider range of unit diversity with weapons that provide buffs to specific factors to deal with certain threats. Keeping it simple for simplicity's sake is just bad game design in my opinion and given that AoS was rushed out the door by the old Ceo I think we can agree that taking notes from 8th Ed will bring more good than bad.
  5. SeanMaguire1991

    Fluff Problems

    I don't buy this as the 8th Ed rules on strength vs toughness are easy to remember. It would also be better for monsters who die a little to easy for my liking
  6. SeanMaguire1991

    Fluff Problems

    God I hope we get it by 2020 because then the game will be 5 years old. Given how widely inconsistent the Battletomes are I hope we see something akin to 8th ed 40k with Index/Grand Alliance books to cover the entire range. But that's because I yearn for a return of the traditional statline or at least the 8th ed 40k one in AoS.
  7. SeanMaguire1991

    What battletomes are next for elves?

    I think we'll be waiting a while for the next race after the Deepkin. I'd kinda like to see some expansions for earlier releases like the fyreslayers. But I suspect we'll need to wait til Age of Sigmar 2nd edition for that. PS I Want a new Seraphon Battletome to give us the power that we rightfully deserve
  8. SeanMaguire1991

    Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    I'd argue low wound heroes DO need some form of protection because too many weapons can snipe your valuable heroes. This gives too much advantage to certain armies (Cough PlagueClaw cough). I'd argue for a form of "Look Out Sir" where hits are redirected to a friendly unit if it's within 3' of the targeted hero. Monsters obviously wouldn't gain this protection. Shooting into/out of combat irks me and always will. You can't tell me that you can load a bow, crossbow, Handgun, Cannon, Helblaster while some mad man is trying to hack your face off (unless this game operates on classic Resident Evil logic). Your shooting unit gets engaged then you've done something wrong and should be punished. Granted certain units should be exempt from this like Arkanauts, Corsairs and Kairic Acolytes due to the more wieldy nature of their projectiles.
  9. SeanMaguire1991

    Will you use Malign portents?

    I just wanna see how they hold up in Matched play
  10. SeanMaguire1991

    Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    That's what 8th edition 40k does almost all distinguishing rules for a unit are printed on its Datasheet
  11. SeanMaguire1991

    Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    I believe they'll finish going through the major factions and then they'll start work on 2nd Edition. They might go full 40k 8th Edition kind of release and produce 4 Grand Alliance books akin to the indexes
  12. SeanMaguire1991

    Malign Portents

    Mortarch of Shadows was Vlad Krell was Despair
  13. SeanMaguire1991

    Malign Portents

    If its death related then I want to hope that someone in GW is a fan of The Legacy of Kain.
  14. SeanMaguire1991

    New Aelves

    Who cares if Warlocks are in the Daughters army. Lets let the lore explain itself before jumping to conclusions
  15. SeanMaguire1991

    LVO 2018 summary

    The Maggotkin book in my opinion is the best of the battle tomes so far because made improvements on out of date warscrolls and everything felt better for it. I hope this is a sign of more tightly constructed works in future.