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  1. Not sure if you've noticed but you've misspelled destruction in that code snippet you posted.
  2. I've used mine a couple of times, mangler squigs are a must, they're deadly, normal squigs die in droves and with really low bravery their numbers drop rapidly so I'd say field in units of 20 or more (I've got 15 so far). Not tried squig Hoppers out yet. Moonclan grotz are suprisingly good, I field a unit of 30 with spears inc 9 netters full command w both banners and fanatics of course. I've fielded a second unit of 20 with bows and fanatics but I'm not convinced they're worth it. The mooNolan batallion is worth using as well as 6s to hit grant your gobbos extra attacks. But you get less squigs overall. My force so far is: Warboss Shaman Shaman 30 Moonclan Grots w spears 20 Moonclan Grots w bows 15 squigs 10 herders 2 Mangler squigs 6 fanatics Comes in around 1200 points I believe.
  3. Damn didn't see this, first event looked good so I was planning on coming along to your second event. Did this get promoted via Facebook at all? There are 3 big AoS communities with a lot of UK based players.
  4. Yeah theres a couple of odd bits in the seeds of war stuff where I was like "What?!! when did that happen". I suspect they've just buggered up the release schedule a little trying to fit in a lot before the beginning of summer and perhaps the All-Gates books wasn't ready ( I wish they'd be better in their wording, you have all-gates, all-point, eight-points plus the name of the city etc all to describe this central gate system. I also wish we'd get some better names, all-gates, nu-lahmia are all fairly ****** poor names at evoking a cool world) I'd guessed that there would be a 4th relamgates war book pre summer and then the 5th book should finish off the campaign once all the results are seen and will likely turn up in Q4
  5. Awesome tool, will have a play about with it.
  6. Oh younglings, how I miss the days of D1000 tables from the realms of chaos books, yes your level 5 chaos champion has come to the battle with multicoloured skin, a noxious smell and 3 heads, and yes his second in command was a level 20 Minotaur lord and they lead a might hoard of 5 skaven clanrats. The wonderful days when it wasn't all about being the best or beating your opponent in any way you could. I'm really looking forward to playing through path to glory with all it's random table goodness. (though it is more that a little watered down for my taste)
  7. Think we'll be aiming at 1000-1500 points on the table, I've almost 10k of Chaos from a number of factions but to me I'd rather have a larger collection I can draw on depending on the scenario we're playing and swap units in or out depending on need and what I fancy for that day. This kind of game also plays out pretty well in an hour or so, on a good evening we can just about get 2 games in. This makes campaigns quite swift moving and you can easily play out 4-5 games over a weekend even with the kids about. I also like the tactical choice smaller games make you consider, I can no longer just bring everything I need to the table, I get a tactical challenge, do I try and cover all bases, do I theme up and go for a fast army, or a slower hard hitting force where I risk being outflanked? I know quite a lot of gamers that purchase an army and that's it. It doesn't change, they just play the same damn army everytime. Playing that kind of game really bores me I want a fresh challenge when ever I get a game, not just to play your cookie cutter army each time.
  8. A guy locally uses the insenset rage bloodthirster, he's OK most of the time and he usually buffs him with 2 bloodstokers, but when those 6s to wound come up the guy is a monster dealing out horrific numbers of mortal wounds. He decimated my goblins army last game and was right in the thick of it all game.
  9. Gharak

    How to play Stormfiends

    I'm likely to run 2 squads when I pick them up. Both with 1 model with warp grinders (in case I don't use the skyre formation) and the 1 unit with 2 rating guns and the other with 2 Warpfire throwers (most useful in the formation when you can pop up any where in range dole out a lot of mortal wounds and then charge in)
  10. There is only one thing you need with moon clan and that's squigs, more specifically mangler squigs, I'm planning on a minimum of 4 in the future as they just destroy things. If you desperately wanted something else I'd look at trolls or giants. They're both rela timely tough and pretty fast.
  11. Gharak


    I've been moving towards more elite troops with my Khorne, I really don't like the squishyness of troops such as Bloodreavers. The core will be something along the lines of: Blood Secrator x2 20 Blood Warriors 6 Skullcrushers 5 Skull Reapers From there add characters, I've some daemon allies if I want, plenty of characters (enough for the gorechosen batallion) or I can branch out and add Chaos Duerdin for some shootiness (converted Irondrakes) my chaos Ogur Stonehorn for sheer staying power or Everchosen and add some Varanguard and/or Archaon.
  12. I really don't think these are new aelves. They're sylvaneth, forest spirits, one of the books mentions that dryads can shapeshift, they're not permanently in a tree like form. Personally I don't expect that any of the old world aelf races will be refreshed, what you are going to get is totally new factions with little resemblance to the old world factions.
  13. I use a similar list 10 blightkings 3 plague drones Chimera Morbidex twiceborn Sorcerer lord w Mark of Nurgle Brayshaman (to resummon the chimera or morbidex) 3 Bile trolls I've a load of plaguebearers, nurglings, 2 Daemonprinces, some chaos warriors and knights which I can swap in depending on opponent. Stormcast are hard work, I've never been alphastriked so far but a single wounded stardrake demolished my blightkings in 1 round last game, took me by suprise as they're rarely wiped out. I find I do suffer against high armour armies due to lack of rend, blightkings are great and kick out a lot of dice but with no rend they can bounce.
  14. Looks like you're going to see 3 "aelf" factions in AoS, the old world elves from azyr will simply die a death over time, I doubt they'll get updated. Now you will have the mistweavers style faction, tenebrael style faction and a sylvaneth half tree faction.
  15. Gharak

    Chaos Undivided :D

    Chimera are great fun, not the most powerful monster but that D6 mortal wound flame breath attack is one of the best about. It always shocks my opponent, they can dole out a huge amount of damage but do suffer from average stats, this makes them a bit hit and miss, some games they eat everything in sight. Others they are totally ineffective. All being said I'm still planning on a second one. Chaos warriors are destinctly average, I've only seen them be the stars in one game at it was very situational (they took a charge from 3 dragons, made all their mortal wound saves and with cover and mystic shield they lasted 3 rounds of combat, and it was only 10 of them) If you're facing shooty armies I'd go chariots and knights for slaves to darkness plus some monsters (chimera and giants) partly to draw fire and both can be decent damage dealers. You can always stick a Brayshaman in your ranks to resummon them later if they die.
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