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  1. I really like playing 1250 points. It always feels like a more frenetic game, and each combat is intense for fear of losing a part of your smallish army. But it's still big enough to have a decent variety of unit types. Plus, the games are a bit shorter and the movement phase isn't deadly long for horde armies.
  2. I think it's cool, that's exactly what the Anvils of the Heldenhammer are supposed to be right? Epic heroes from ages long since past that didn't have a say in whether they got made into Stormcast or not.
  3. Looks awesome, definitely going to go deep into it and hopefully give it a run!
  4. You said it much more eloquently than I could have. This is my thinking exactly.
  5. As a KO player myself I have to lean toward the interpretation that you have to be within 3" to shoot. Doesn't make much sense sure, but alot of stuff in our book doesn't make much sense.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions on an Anvilguard list that contains Darkling Covens and Stormcast units. A balance between the two would be ideal. My friend and I are going to be playing a game with me as Nurgle and him as Anvilguard. I have all the Stormcast units to supply him and he has the Darkling Covens and we're looking for a cool match up between the two. I was thinking about fast mobile units and footmen to surround the Nurgle forces and force them to run/die with the Anvilguard Alliegence ability? Any advice would be great!
  7. I love this battleplan. It has unique scoring mechanisms and forces you not to "clump". It requires versatility in your army and I love that. Really the only battleplan I dislike is Places of Arcane Power because I play KO with no battalions and Khorne.
  8. Well, I know it's not how most people play, but I really enjoy talking about the game, strategy and tactics while I'm playing. I'll clearly spell out my intentions, my buffs/debuffs, good ideas for my opponent and anything I can think of. I like discussing everything as the game goes on. If I think of a good strategy for my opponent to exploit my positioning, I'll definitely share it. If my opponent makes a move I can easily exploit, well I'll share that too. "Oh, watch out man, if you leave that guy there my Liberators are going to lightning in and swarm him and kill him!" "I'm definitely going to shoot my Light Skyhooks at him, see if you keep him close for Look Out Sir..." "Hey man, your Hexwraiths could totally come out of the underworld here and snag that objective no problem!" I just find that talking about the game makes both players better and sharpens the strategic mind. I dont really care about winning or losing a game, I just want it to be fun and close, and hopefully more than 2 battlerounds!
  9. I play Blades of Khorne, Kharadron, Ironjawz, and Slaves to Darkness all with little to no magic. I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but some things I've found useful in my games against LoN, Nighthaunt, Nurgle, Darkling Covens, and Beasts of Chaos are : Blades of Khorne : Slaughterpriests, Mighty Lord of Khorne, The Brazen Rune, Portal of Skulls with Gore Pilgrims, Warshrines, and the Auto-unbind from the Bloodtithe table. I usually run MSU so Death has a hard time debuffing everything, even with Nagash, Olynder, and Arkhan, and sometimes I get lucky unbinds or save my autos for when I know I need that buff/debuf gone. I usually put the Brazen Rune on my Bloodsecrator to protect him from being sniped. Portal of Skulls is a double edged sword sometimes; they could fail after rerolling the success or get a higher result, but sometimes it comes in handy and helps to make a spell fail. The Warshrine is great for having that 6+ mortal wound save and I don't leave home without it. The most difficult things are Endless Spells, since we can't get rid of them but that's where the auto unbinds or Bloodtithe movement comes in handy. Honorable mentions to Skullcrushers for being able to shrug off spells on a 4+. Kharadron: The most useful thing for spells with Kharadron is the Ammendment Trust Aethermatics, Not Superstition. Since it allows every hero to unbind and Navigators to unbind twice you can usually unbind 4-5 spells. Definitely helpful against casters with limited +'s to cast. Also, the Runelord from Dispossessed as an ally is awesome, especially when coupled with spell-resistant Ironbreakers. Or allying in a Khight Incantor for a critical auto unbind. Again, Endless Spells are tough to deal with so hopefully you can roll high on the Unbind or have the Runelord close by for that critical cast. Kharadron do have fairly high movement at times with their ships so it might be possible to avoid them. Ironjawz: Sometimes I bring a Weirdnob with lots of Ardboyz and some allied Savage orruks for a nice + to cast and unbind and the Cogs so I can rush up the field a d attack ASAP. But Ironjawz are mostly pretty fast, especially if you get lucky hero phase rolls and take the Ironfist battalion, or use Gore Gruntas and the Gorefist. Not as tactical as the other armies, just smash! Seems appropriate. Slaves to Darkness: Sometimes I will bring Tzeentch Daemons Princes, Chaos Sorcerer Lords, and Sayl but mostly I stick to melee heroes. So again, the Warshrine is pretty awesome for them. Having units of Warriors with Shields and Knights to try to soak up mortal wounds near the Warshrine takes tricky positioning sometimes but is highly useful. Really, anything with a shield is awesome for casters. Plus, as Slaves to Darkness, you can always ally in some stuff if you need more protection. Harbinger of Decay for your Nurgle units, Bloodsecrator to make enemies reroll casting, or a Changling or Cursling to disrupt enemy spells. Going forward, I think that as @Gotrek says, adding dispelling to units that can unbind would be and easy way to help out casterless armies.
  10. Huh, just had to reread the Balewind warscroll as I could have sworn it had to be set up 3" away from Enemy Models and Terrain Features, but I guess not. Seems a little wonky but totally legit, +2 saves when in cover on a Balewind. Not sure what kind of cover the Wizard could get on a tall model like a vortex though.
  11. Obviously I don't know the inside information about the launch of AoS but I would like to share my experience. I collected some Warriors of Chaos in the early 2000's when I was a young teenager with my friends. We had some Dwarves, Dark Elves, High Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Vampire Counts, and my Warriors. We used to just get together and paint until one of us got their hands on the Core Rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy. It was a big meaty thing (much like the current rulebook) but much more full of rules than fluff. It fell to me to discipher the arcane scrawlings in the book and run a few games during a weekend. We all played one game in a weekend and after than single weekend we never played again. Maybe it was because the learning curve was too steep for kids our age or because some of the games were very one sided, I'm not sure. In any case, we all kept our minis in a box in storage and moved on with life. Fast forward to 2015 and suddenly one of my oldest friends from those days is talking to me about a new Warhammer Fantasy called "Age of Sigmar". Him and his brother were going to buy the starter set and play a few games and they asked me if I still had my old minis and if I wanted to play. I was reluctant at first; I didn' like the look of the Stormcast, didn't know any of the lore, and was fearful of learning all the rules. After being assured that there was only 4 pages of rules I eventually agreed. Our very first game of AoS was a 4 person narrative battle where our tiny armies had to chase down a dragon and slay it. Whomever killed the beast would win the game. We had Khorne Bloodbound, Stormcast, Dark Elves, and Slaves to Darkness on the table. It was a very enjoyable game with the victory going to Khorne via the Reality Splitting Axe. We all agreed it was a blast and agreed to play again the next week. The following games were pretty terrible. We had no real sense of how to balance more straightforward games. The second game I ever played was against the Dark Elves lead by Malekith. According to the 4 page rules we could count wounds and address balance that way. Well, it didn't work out very well. Somehow I doubt Malekith is worth the same weight at 8 Chaos Warriors. Anyway, what followed was a few games of devastating losses as we tried to work put how to balance the game. I am still surprised that we managed to work through that dark time, especially after my friend replaced his Dark Elves with Beastclaw Raiders. But we did persevere and our patience was (somewhat) rewarded with the GHB 2016. Games suddenly got much more enjoyable. Then the Battletomes started dropping. I bought the Stormcast one for my friend and ended up painting all of his models for him because he has some nerve damage and can't hold a brush too well. I became fascinated with the Stormcast after that and now have a massive collection. Games started getting more evenly matched after a time, but it wasn't until 2017 where everything came together for us. Since the GHB 2017 the majority of all of our games have been 4th or 5th battleround affairs and I couldn't be happier. For me a fun game is one that runs right down the wire until the end. Of course, this could be a result of practice and becoming familiar enough with the system to make choices in army building that result in closer games, but I do think that the more rigid rules systems help to keep games tight. Since the early days our gaming group has grown and most games are fun, nail-biting battle with rarely a blowout. I will admit that I am lucky to live in an area where everyone seems to go for "rule of cool" rather than whatever will win games. So my long winded opinion is that, for me and my gaming friends, the game has come a long way since those early days and even though the rules are getting a bit bloated they really make for fun games. Sorry about the massive anecdote 😅
  12. If you are looking into Flesh Eater Courts, I would definitely go with that! They have an amazing Start Collecting box, super cool and horrifying units, awesome special abilities and one of the coolest backgrounds/lore in the game. If yoou are willing to invest to get to the 1000 point mark all you really need is 2 Start Collecting boxes and you're set. 2 big monsters, 2 battleline Ghouls, 2 units of Crypt Horrors/Flayers, and even a couple heroes. Highly recommended!
  13. I believe each Gravesite can heal one friendly Summonable unit within range, while Deathly Invocation can heal multiple friendlies, base on the individual warscroll of the specific model using it.
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