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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, after I got some neat options from you on the topic of frustration and how to deal with it, I would love to discuss another topic: What point sizes do you enjoy the most? What restrictions (min Battlelines and so on) do you use? What do you like/dislike about certain game sizes? This poll is not restricted in any way, I would simply love to see some numbers. And even better: To read your opinion why you like some game sizes or not. So feel free to comment and give the others some in depth view! It doen´t even have to be your own games, maybe you noticed that you like big/small battlereports the most. Thanks for contributing! Charleston
  2. Follow this link for the poll. I thought I would get a poll together to see what the community is currently fielding for their armies. EDIT: Also yell at me if I have forgotten anything!
  3. Are you WAAC, narrative, or straight up just a points hater? Make your mark.
  4. So I thought it'd be interesting to poll two final list candidates for the next event I am going to! I like the idea of both of these lists for different reasons and think they'll each do a bit better against various kinds of lists. They are not super hard or perfectly sculpted but given the models at hand I think they are decent options. Vote for your own favourite choice! And feel free to leave feedback. Suggested tweaks to each list are welcome (for example I am undecided on 5 decimators v 5 more retributors in list 1 and am not sure about the gryph hound in list 1) but I am pretty satisfied with each! Here are the lists: 1. Single Drop Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber List 2. Multi-drop "More Bodies" Thunderhead / Hammerstrike List
  5. Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 - Nominations Introduction Back in June, @Ben ran an episode on the Bad Dice Podcast (episode 135, check it out here) on building a community, where he talked about the importance of building a community. The AoS scene has gone from strength to strength in 2016 and that community is such a vital part of our hobby. I, and the rest of the @TalesOfSigmar Podcast team, have really enjoyed being a part of it over the past 12 months so we wanted to go ahead with a little idea we had recently in an attempt to recognise all those fantastic people out there who do so much for the Age of Sigmar scene. With this in mind, until 23:59 on Christmas Eve you all have the opportunity to nominate someone who you feel has gone above and beyond that of the ordinary hobbyist and deserves some recognition. We have discussed a few starter suggestions which will be included in the following post. Nominations If you want to make a suggestion, reply to this thread in the following format. (If you need guidance on content, check out the nominations below. [Name(s)] [Reason(s) for Nomination] [Details] Voting From 00:01 on 25 Dec 2016 (subject to slight delay by the fact I may be asleep) until 23:59 on 31 Dec a new thread will be opened with a poll and everyone will have one week to vote for their favourite nomination. If we have too many nominations we'll conduct a bit of shortlisting and, after some discussion, put forward a select few through to poll. Following a week of voting the Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 will be awarded to the individual or team with the most votes. That’s right! Team! In the same way that your Command Groups in your units aren’t just formed by Champions, you have Musicians and Standard Bearers of all shapes and sizes to back them up with drums, horns, flags or other assorted totems. Don’t forget that your nominations can reflect the great work of a pairing or group. Summary In conclusion, this is an opportunity to share the Age of Sigmar love amongst those who have worked so hard over the past year to build the foundations of this latest iteration of the game we all know and love. For Sigmar! Dan, Adam and Chalmers - Tales of Sigmar Podcast
  6. So, this came up in a facebook group discussion and I wondered what the wider community thinks. AoS has a keyword based design. Unit types, which have been a staple of Games Workshop rules so far, are absent. Some unit types, like “hero”, “monster” or “warmachine” have been turned into keywords, but “cavalry” and “infantry” are notably absent from that list. One oddity resulting from this is the wonkiness of building garrisoning rules. Right now, players are encouraged to use common sense in what can and can't Garrison a building, but there is no hard rule stopping a unit of knights garrisoning a tower. If there was a “cavalry” keyword, the warscrolls could just have said “monsters”, “behemoths” and “cavalry” can't garrison and a great number of suspension of disbelieve breaking or debatable scenarios would have been precluded. Personally, the more I think about this, the more I'd like to see a “cavalry” keyword. It's not like it would really complicate the game any more than having the "monster" keyword. And adding the keyword to existing warscrolls is a distinct possibility, AoS being based entirely on online “living documents”. This would open up the possibility of abilities specifically targeting/affecting cavalry. And this, in turn, would in my opinion, enrich the game both tactically and in verisimilitude. So, what do you all think? And if you think it should be, might be done, do you want an "infantry" keyword added as well?
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