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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, Me and my brothers bought some old units a couple years back and finaly about to bring them to battle. But, as brothers winning and loosing is everything so we need balance acording to rules. I cant find anywhere the points/per modell for the dwarf warriors and quarellers also the Empire master enginer/gunmaster? Sry for being newb, thanks on beforehand.
  2. Ok so in the skaven book and pestalins book it says that a congregation of filth is only 160 points although yet a unit of plague monks with 4p units is 240 points? I know I'm missing something basic if anyone can clear this up it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi all, after I got some neat options from you on the topic of frustration and how to deal with it, I would love to discuss another topic: What point sizes do you enjoy the most? What restrictions (min Battlelines and so on) do you use? What do you like/dislike about certain game sizes? This poll is not restricted in any way, I would simply love to see some numbers. And even better: To read your opinion why you like some game sizes or not. So feel free to comment and give the others some in depth view! It doen´t even have to be your own games, maybe you noticed that you like big/small battlereports the most. Thanks for contributing! Charleston
  4. Recently I became the proud owner of a Stardrake and have been lovingly assembling and painting it. I'm not finished but decided to take her out for a test drive in a few matches. In my experiences that day I learned a lot about the Stardrake, it's capabilities and it's rules design. My first match was against some Sylvaneth led by Alariele herself. I found myself looking from her and back to my Stardrake and then back to her again in utter disappointment. It is my understanding she is not considered optimal yet she seem to me more than worth her points. At 600 consider her abilities. Very strong attack profile, a 16" fly move, 16 wounds, heals everything d3 and herself 2 d3 each round. Casts 3 spells. a free unit worth between 200 and 300 points. This is only improved upon by Sylvaneths incredibly cheap and effective battalion options. The Drake on the other hand... 40 points cheaper. Bad attack profile. 12" fly. 16 wounds. Additional damage output is locked behind highly conditional requirements like the Jaws and Tail abilities, these are near useless abilities that auto fail against heroes/monsters and likely to fail against elites. The ability that acts as it's shooting attack is alright if a little under powered on the thunderhead option. The arcane lineage ability is a nice addition that is lore friendly and useful, no complaints. A bad command ability. It's best attribute is obviously its 3+ rerollable save that reflects MW onto surrounding enemies. The only real value the Drake represents is an unkillable footprint provided you pour resources into it like crutch of a command trait Staunch Defender, throw a lantern on him and make sure you dont charge to keep your buff. Thats not worth 560 point if you ask me. The model is only viable as the Lord Celestant version because of its shield and then its just barely so if you exploit it. The biggest issue for me is the design is from the old system of Sigmar where being elite meant you had rend at all and units were not designed with abilities that made them death machines. It used to be elite units simply inflicted slightly more kills on average than Battleline to trigger battleshock more effectively (see: The Everchosen). Things have changed and the Stardrake has not caught up which is a shame because it's a beautiful and characterful model that only ever limped along as a crutch itself. The Mawcrusha is another example of something I think that is at least more fairly costed at 440 when you look at its abilities and damage capabilities. My point in bringing up these behemoths like the Everqueen and the Mawcrusha is not just that they are relatively effective for their cost but that they also perform in a way that feels representative of the units narrative profile. My Freeguild general on griffon is a better fighter with a better command ability than the Stardrake and he is only 260 points, I think the Stardrake should have better, more reliable damage output to justify it's cost. I do not think a points reduction is the answer alone as it still doesnt have the right feel on the tabletop with its current rules. I should not feel disappointed every-time I play this beautiful centerpiece model.
  5. After participating in my local escalation league I've noticed a trend in AoS when it comes to units that were released during different periods. Just for some background, I sold all my 40k models and dove into Fantasy right at the Endtimes. Those of you who know your history will recall that it did not take very long for the Endtimes to transition to AoS. I played for maybe the first two months but just kind of gave up after the only opponent I could get locally was a guy who played 40k demons and that became very stale quite fast. Fast forward to AoS 2.0 and I'm back in the saddle diving into the Sacrosanct chamber and playing against all these colorful armies like IDK and Nighthaunt etc. I'm having a blast but in my more competitive games I'm seeing a trend that almost everyone else notices, the new stuff is just better most of the time. However not being cynical I have some thoughts as to why this is the case that don't involve intentional marketing practices. (I'm examining this from a Stormcast perspective because that's what I really know but I want to hear others input on where else this might be the case like Blades of Khorne, Ironjawz etc because I am certainly not making the argument this all applies to Stormcast only). The obvious units left behind by the conditions in which they were developed [first run AoS] are Liberators, Judicators (w/x-bows), Paladins of all stripes, Desolators, Celestant-Prime, and Prosecutors. Some of this could be attributed to the under-costed nature of the new releases which is not too extreme in my opinion; Sequitors and Evocators going up 20 points each would feel right to me but also their rules and profiles lead to this disparity. Sequitors have more than twice the grand weapons, a better special rule and their base weapons have a better profile across the board. Thematically and from a game-play perspective there is just too much daylight between the two units. Looking at Evocators, they are better than every paladin option, better than every dracothian guard option pushing out almost all other elite options. Again partly due to cost but also due to rules. Evocators don't have much in the way of defense and this is where I think they could be competed with along with a points bump. The other elites should fall about 20 and Evo's rise about 20 (I actually think Dracolines should fall 40 but thats for another chat). In addition though Paladins should have the 5" movement have better attack profiles and get a defensive buff. I think Evo's are a good unit, if undercosted but I dont believe in punishing a strong unit just for being strong. When Paladins were developed they were put into a game without points and with a very casual bent. All Paladins have reliquaries on their backs which would be an excellent excuse to give them a save after the save or something to that effect making them more durable than Evo's, then upping their attack profiles by 1 would put them on Evo's damage output level. The Celestant Prime is not a bad unit necessarily, he finds himself allied into a lot of lists but he offers very little to his home faction. His biggest issue is being a special character with 8 wounds and a 3+ flat save. I don't have to tell you that seems incredibly fragile on a 360 point unit that is supposed to be trading blows in combat. He needs more but I'm not even sure how to adjust him. First run AoS has a very bad binary problem. Protectors, and the Stardrake I think highlight this issue the most. Protectors were taken because shooting used to be such a problem in the old edition but their monster hunting design makes them very binary in combat and easily avoidable. The Stardrake is an awesome model that still see's a lot of play but it's presence on the game board is disappointing to me. He is an unkillable mountain, probably too unkillable for my tastes. His combat output is clearly dated however. A lot of his damage is locked behind conditional checks. He's not very effective at fighting other monsters which is something you would like him to be able to do as well as engage hordes. Right now though if he fights some elite cavalry? Probably kiss those tail and bite attacks goodbye, won't pass the checks. Even worse when fighting a Mawcrusha. Those claw attacks? They are bad, at best they are equal to a Dracolines claws. That doesn't make sense to me and he would not be designed this way if he were released today, the only reason he sticks around is his tankable nature which keeps him limping into lists. He should probably make Dracothian guard battleline as well. My bottom line is the first run AoS releases were largely developed without matched play/ points in mind leading to intentional binary unit design where the binary/ specific nature of the unit WAS THE BALANCE in a system without points and this should be remedied. Thank you for litening to my TED talk, please share your thoughts on this topic, I'm expecting to hear about Blood Warriors and Goregruntas below.
  6. I had some time to go over the Stormcast today and taking into account my last ten games I've come to some conclusions about what I believe could be done to balance and sensibly adjust the internal workings of the faction. This is not exhaustive. I haven't even gotten into our battalions; which in my opinion are almost all unplayable in any kind of competitive environment save one or two. This is also intended to spark conversation so please, contradict me! I hope this post takes off and we get a good bit of discussion in here, thank you in advance for your time considering the following... -Liberators remain at 100pts but cap at 20 for 360. Sequitors go to 140-160pts capping at 440. -Paladins fall, using Retributors as a baseline to 180-200pts and Evocators rise to 220-240pts. (Personally I'd like to see a buff to paladins to reflect their abilities as described by the lore.) -Judicators stay constant and Castigators become battleline in the same manner as Sequitors. (Reasom here being the stormcast have maybe 6ish shooting options and Judicators are taken 95% of the time due to being the only ranged focused battleline option.) -Dracothian Guard remain the same as do Evocators on Dracolines. I have heard arguments to the contrary and that is why I list it here. -Prosecutors fall to 80 points. -Gryph hounds to 100 points. -Lord Exorcist to 100 points. -Change wording on all special characters from "Hammers of Sigmar" to "Unit with the same Stormhost Keyword" so that no one is locked from having a special character because they play/paint a different host as in the old days.
  7. Where I can find the number of points for playing the Forge World models in balanced AOS games?
  8. First of all thank you for reading this!! So I picked up some units back before GHB17 and just started to assemble them now I have: 2 x 2 Mournfang Pack (320) 1 x 3 Icefall Yhetees (120) Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Total: 900/1000 This was my original list before the point changes. After GHB17 this leaves me with 100 spare points. This change along with the nerf to Stonehorn (Stone Skeleton being applied after each individual wound) Makes me think I need some changes. ONE important thing is that I have not assembled my Frostlord on Stonehorn. With the pieces I have I can assemble either a Frostlord or Huskard on either Stonehorn or Thundertusk. I was thinking maybe assembling a Huskard and adding in another Mournfang which would total 980 points. Two main questions: 1. What do you guys think is stronger with the new changes Stonehorn or Thundertusk??? 2. What other destruction/ogre units would be a good addition to fill up my extra points here? Thank you so much guys I really appreciate anything you can do for me
  9. In one of the first monthly White Dwarf magazines released in 2016, there was a warscroll with rules for Grombrindal, the White Dwarf. I am curious if GH17 has points for him and other one-off characters (slambo etc) that received a warscroll on the side over the year. Would love for these things to be added to the app as well even if no points are provided. From the technical perspective it's not resource-heavy. Also, has anyone actually played with Grombrindal? How does he feel on the table? Buffs everything, slays heroes and monsters?
  10. Hey guys my first time list building and buying models. I really like the empire and free people but I would like to know what's competitive before I go out there buying whatever I feel like. Here's the current list I was thinking about running with. I am currently just looking to build a 1k list to get into the game but that may be a subject to change. Order: Heroes: Freeguild General (100) Battleline: 30 Handgunners (300) 10 Guards (80) Units: 10 Guards (80) 5 Pistoliers (140) Artillery: Cannon (180) Battalion: State Troop Detachment (120) 1000/1000 points The basic Idea: so it's my first list so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but my basic Idea was to use my battalion and general bonuses in order to buff my handgunners to be total beasts. The cannon is there in case the enemy is trying to out range me staying away from the handgunners. The pistoliers are only there for the battalion but the mobility is probably very useful. Alright so a few questions I have: 1. I was thinking of getting a Hurricanum would this unit be useful for a 1000pt army or not? 2. Is my battalion really that much of a bonus for me or would it be best to replace it with 2 Witch Hunters, maybe a warrior priest? 3. People say guards are a nice defense for a frontline but how about using Demigryph Knights? Thank you very much guys I am really looking forward to some feedback
  11. Hey fellas, So I've got my book, played a few games of Skirmish, and came back home and immediately bashed some stuff into a spreadsheet. There's obviously been rumours that the points in Skirmish are actually based on the new GHB points, so it's interesting to see what insights we might be able to glean from the Skirmish book. For my comparison, I got the current points of a unit, divided by number of models, divided it by 5, and then rounded it to compare the renown to what's in the book. I won't reveal the renown, just whether or not the renown in the book is cheaper or more expensive than the current calculation. Note: Some of the changes may be due to rounding. As an example, White Lions cost 180 points currently. Using the formula, equates to 3.6 or rounded, 4 renown. GW may have just decided to round it down in this instance, instead of up, to end up at their renown of 3. Order White Lion Chariots - Cheaper White Lions - Cheaper Phoenix Guard - Cheaper Swordmasters - Cheaper Dark Riders - Cheaper Sisters of the Watch - Cheaper Black Guard - Cheaper Executioners - Cheaper Witch Aelves - Cheaper Demigryph Knights - Cheaper Freeguild Outriders/Pistoliers - Cheaper Fyreslayers - Equal to GHB2 trial points Terradon Riders - Cheaper Saurus Oldblood - More Expensive Skink Starpriest - Cheaper Saurus Knights - Cheaper Prosectuors with Stormcall Javelins - More Expensive Retributors - Cheaper Branchwych - Cheaper Kurnoth Hunters - More Expensive Spite-Revenants - Cheaper Tree-Revenants - Cheaper Endrinmaster - Cheaper Chaos Chaos Knights - Cheaper Chaos Spawn - Cheaper Flamers of Tzeentch - Cheaper Screamers of Tzeentch - Cheaper Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer - More Expensive Mighty Skullcrushers - Cheaper Skullreapers - More expensive Khorgoraths - Cheaper Warpfire Thrower - More Expensive Gaunt Summoner - More Expensive Great Bray Shaman - Cheaper Varanguard - Cheaper Destruction Felwater Troggoths - Cheaper Orruk Gore-Gruntas - Cheaper Grot Scraplauncher - Cheaper Ironblaster - Cheaper Ironguts - Cheaper Leadbelchers - Cheaper Savage Big Boss - More Expensive Mournfang Pack - Cheaper Death Necromancer - Cheaper Crypt Horrors - More Expensive Abhorrant Ghoul King - More Expensive And that's it. There could be stuff I've missed (or had incorrect points in my spreadsheet, I originally built it when GHB1 came out).
  12. Hey Team, I'm coming back to Warhammer after an extended extended hiatus (like a decade). I'm kind of unfamiliar when it comes to actually playing with the rules but I have a basic understanding that pitched battles are now objective based. I'm keen to start collecting and building this list, but if you think there are any huge caveats in it then I'd love to hear your thoughts before I shell out the cash for these specific models. Ironclad 440 em. 10 Thunderers 200 em. Endrinmaster 140 em. Khemist 100 3 Endrinriggers 120 3 Endrinriggers 120 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 100 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 10 Arkanauts 120 10 Arkanauts 120 5 Thunderers 100 Khemist 100 2000 The basic idea is that the army is split into three blocks. 2 blocks are made up of: 2 x 10 Arkanauts w 3 skypikes each, 5 Thunders w 5 fumigators, 1 Khemist. These are here to take objectives and hopefully hold them. There are enough wounds with the Arkanauts to soak up some damage. The thunderers provide close support and hopefully dissuade my opponent demolishing the Arkanauts. The Khemist buffs the most appropriate weapon. The third block is the Ironclad (w the self healing hull) with embarked: 10 Thunderers (all with Aethercannons (maybe 2 fumigators...i'm still deciding), Khemist (to buff the thunderers), Endrinmaster (with the hull healing artifact) and 2 units of 3 Endrinriggers to support the Ironclad and provide futher healing: Th idea being the thunderers are the shock unit to get dropped off somewhere useful and knock out the big nasties. The ironclad roams around with the endrinriggers/endrinmaster just soaking up damage (it has 5 opportunities to heal each round) and being a general nuisance/transporting units. I quite like the list in theory, but in practice I have no idea how it would handle. I also haven't decided on which sky-port to align to but having double buffs from the Khemists is currently pretty appealing. I think the biggest weakness here is battleshock, so trying to figure out how I can address that. Look forward to your thoughts. Cheers
  13. Hi, have a question on points counting after the matched play game. In some of the scenarios, to decide who gets the minor win you need to count the points to decide here. Question is. If for example you have Warscroll Battalion in your army, your opponent destroys all of its components thrughout the game, do you award him the points for both: units and battalion, or only for units? Regards Malin
  14. Aebal

    Mourngul question

    Hello! I want and like to play matched. Could I use a Mourngul in my army? Is the model official? Is from forgeworld so I'm not sure it's legal in matched play of Age of Sigmar.
  15. Hey everyone, This will be a Home/blog that i will post about my army progress regarding my new 2017 Bonesplitterz and other Destruction allies . I really am trying to painting this army to the best of my abilities, I've never really had a very nice army where you can see the love but after doing my Savage Big Boss i had sitting in my desk for over a year i was in love and couldn't wait to start. So now Painting one model at a time and keeping focused on the one army... i hope First step is having 750 Points ready for July 02/07/2017, As i have entered 'Only the Faithful Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament'. My partner for the event is going with his Khorne Bloodbound, all close combat hack and slash, so i'm thinking some bows might help. Not wanting to smash other armies just have a bit of fun and surprise some people, But i do need help form all of you with knowing how to best play what i have. If i am setting myself up for a huge failure or if you think you can help make my list better please post your suggestions. Currently building for this event Savage Big Boss x 1 Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10 Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10 Savage Big Stabbas 1 Unit of 2 Arachnarok Spider x 1 < unsure if needed Kunnin Rukk My issue with Rules currently is The Arachnarok Spider, Can the Shaman cast 'Gift of the Spider God' on the spider its riding? "Select a Spiderfang unit within 8", Spells such as mystic shield say in the text that you can cast on yourself. "pick the caster, or a friendly unit within 18" I don't believe it can cast on its self at this stage so i might not need the Arachnarok Spider, just thought it would be a nice center piece if it could.
  16. If (hopefully when) the Maw-krusha gets its inevitable points reduction in GHBII, what are fellow Ironjawz players expecting &/or hoping it to get reduced to? What is a Maw-krusha feasibly comparable to? For instance, a Frostlord on Thundertusk is only 420 points (!). Mannfred is 460. Thanquol is 500 points. From 520 points, I'd like to see the Maw get reduced down to the 400-460 spectrum, however as I'm forever the pessimist, I expect it will more likely be 480-500. Thoughts?
  17. Can you "buy" a Realmgate scenery piece with points?
  18. I was wondering on peoples opinion on what is over costed in the generals handbook for death? Why would make it come competitive? i personally think the morghasts are overpriced at 240. and nagash is almost unplayable at his current points. what do you guys think?
  19. Reading through the generals handbook the page where Nagash Fights Archaeon really caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone has played a game that big, and if so how did it go? I pointed out that battle and it's around 780 vs 765 or something like that, I don't remember any more. Looking forward to some cool stories.
  20. Hey All, Can someone point (no pun intended) me to where I can find the point values of the Forge World units? Such as Sayl or a Fimir Warriors? Thanks!!!
  21. No idea if anybody has seen this yet, but here is an interesting article on the Warhammer Community site.... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/02/07/the-generals-handbook-ii-wip-points-sneak-peek/ What I love about this is how GW are listening to players but not doing kneejerk reactions to things. Now if we can all start asking about Duardin
  22. Hey there, Ive been testing an army with Tabletop Simulator for awhile before buying the models. The army was successfull so far, I had three wins out of three matches but they are just pitch battle without any objectives and with the same opponent who plays a melee/witch elf heavy Dark elf army. Some opinions would be great before I buy anything and invest into the army. The list follows as: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead - 900 (General) Count Mannfred - 160 w/ Barbed Nightmare Necromancer - 120 (with an artifact, tried out the mortal wounding one according to the battle turn and it worked pretty well) 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 1 x Corpse Cart - 80 -------------------------- 1980 So the idea was building a huge zombie wall in front, while dealing a quite good damage in the first turns of combat with all the stacking buffs, which allows Nagash to eliminate targets with huge magic phases. Count Mannfred is there to help zombies in combat or hunt down enemy characters. He also allows Nagash to cast Winds of death as well. Necromancer is there to give Nagash his spell and make one unit of zombies pile in and attack twice. As I said, I do not know how this will work in objective games and against other opponents. Some feedback or ideas would be great! Thanks.
  23. I am looking for a good 2000 point list. I am currently building a new skaven army and thinking to go for Verminus. Does anyone know a good competitive list? I would also like to know what to do with the stormfiends I picked up. I was hoping to get 3x warpfire projectors bits since the box doesn't seem to have more than 1 set, but i cannot find anyone that has them for sale. So I was wondering if 3x warpfire is the best option currently? Or is there a better combination? I was planning to buy Sayl and perhaps Archaon soon, what else should I get? My budget is 100$ atm. Mycurrent miniatures: 90 clanrats (80 with spear, 10 handweapons) (30) 29 stormvermin and 1 converted IOB warchief to vermin 5 rat ogres I may convert to stormfiends 2 packmasters 1 arch warlock 3 engineers 1 warplightning cannon 1 doomwheel 1 verminlord deceiver 1 slaughter priest 10 gutter runners (converted from the bloodbowl minis) 30 nightrunners (converted from clanrats) Spinetail 2 assassins Tretch 1 warchief from IOB/SoD 3 warpfire thrower teams 2 poisonwind teams 3 NOS stormfiends
  24. Hello! Does anyone know why units cost the points they do? Like, for example, a unit of "whatevers" costs 100 points. Is there some way that the number 100 points is determined? I seriously want to know if there is some logic behind the system? Anyone heard anything about this subject that can give some insight? I am not complaining about the points costs of any units. I am not saying they are wrong. I am not saying they need to be changed. I am not offering to do things in a better way. I am not satisfied with "they are what they are because smart GW people said so". I am curious, I want to understand the process of thinking that led to the way they currently are. Thanks in advance! Please no trolling, no flame wars, keep it civil, keep it classy folks!
  25. Hello all, I've been a fantasy player for a long time but have not got into AoS yet, however that is all about to change! I spotted this army on twitter the other week (unfortunatley I can't remember whose twitter it was on, so apologies to that person in advance) and kinda realised that I wanted to 100% steal this army idea; Not knowing the AoS rules at all I did some reading as best I could and have a few questions if anyone could help me out... 1. The skullcrushers and chariots are from different army lists right? (Bloodbound and Slaves to Darkness). Can I still use these together in a points based game? 2. If so, can anyone explain what in this army would be the Battleline units, etc. 3. Not that this is of massive importance, would this be any good on the table / what else could be added to make it perform a bit better? Cheers all!
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