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  1. Either. I do not believe KO have new battleline.
  2. I don't know anything for certain on this, but it doesn't look like we've been given any additional battleline.
  3. Nope. I generally report what I know. Sorry I don't have more for all the other armies.
  4. And, to be clear, the points don’t reflect the forthcoming GHB.
  5. People who know people who know people. I haven't directly seen anything. I likewise asked about Nighthaunt but they had no info for me (other than genric "points decreases").
  6. Yep. Their points are going down almost across the board in the new GHB, including 40 point drops for the larger vessels, Khemist down 20, Skywardens back down 20, Thunderers down 10, as well as other similar tweaks. They should be very playable moving foward. More significantly, I had previously said they were coming this Spring with Sylvaneth - I clearly got my wires crossed on which duardin were being refreshed this Spring (given the Fyreslayer tome). KO book is 6-9 months I would guess. Other significant news includes the three new command generic command abilities include reroll 1s to hit, reroll 1s to wound, and reroll 1s to save. Sounds like we'll all be capped at only 1 additional command point (purchasable for 50 points in matched play). Dok took a hit, but it wasn't tragic (Hags at 90, etc.). Interestingly, alot more points adjustments by 10s instead of 20s (eels up 10, etc). That's all I have right now.
  7. Honestly no idea how the pieces fit together. If they are aligned with Nagash, it wouldn't surprise me (this is speculation) if they bundle it as Nulahmia, under Nefrata's control. If they did this, the aesthetic is already present and she would have the lore of Death constructs given her past. This doesn't seem like a far reach. Alternatively, they could do something completely new with either Katophranes, or historical TK.
  8. Yeah, KO hasn't happened and its probably because they hate me.
  9. I wouldn't make the jump that it is "more skeletons". I don't know exactly what but we'll probably see them lean into the constructs pretty heavily.
  10. Before the new year, possibly as early as October.
  11. I'm not sure how true it is, but I've heard that Vulkites are getting a rework from the ground up, losing their after-save, but picking up two wounds per model. Rumors suggest only the Hearthguard keep their aftersave. I guess we'll see.
  12. To be clear, I do not have insider knowledge. I do not know what they are going to do. That said, I have provided them feedback on what I think they should do, and it does include some of those ideas.
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