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  1. I'm not sure how true it is, but I've heard that Vulkites are getting a rework from the ground up, losing their after-save, but picking up two wounds per model. Rumors suggest only the Hearthguard keep their aftersave. I guess we'll see.
  2. To be clear, I do not have insider knowledge. I do not know what they are going to do. That said, I have provided them feedback on what I think they should do, and it does include some of those ideas.
  3. If everything stayed the same...sure. Want another prediction that will likely come true? Our Khemist buff is going to either go to a command ability, be wholly within x" of the khemist (most likely) or even become a different kind of buff (like reroll wounds). Would that kill KO too? Sure...if everything else stayed the same. We literally have no idea what is coming down the pipeline. Imagine a world where embarking counts as garrisoning, where you can shoot 20 Company guns from within a Ironclad, which itself could have its armor save drop to 3+ base and be immune to rend, or whatever and you could melee from the ship with your skypikes. Imagine a world where we have an armywide buff called "Sharpshooter" or "Deadeye" or whatever, that lets us ignore Lookout Sir!, or hell, what if it simply let us ignore all penalties to hit while shooting ranged attacks? What if we got new warscroll versions of all our boats that included baked in heroes on the ships (this would be an easy alternate build for the boats, they would treat the ships as mounts), that would let us give us the ability to equip those heroes with items and claim points in Arcane places of power? Or imagine a world where Thunderers dropped to 80 points for 5 and became battleline, Gunhaulers dropped to 100 points and became battleline, and Skywardens and/or Endrinriggers could become battleline with certain heroes as generals? What if we got new battalions that let us include Dispossessed and/or Fyreslayers in our force without counting as allies, or we gained the ability to embark units from those factions on our ships? What if Navigators or Endrinmasters gained a set of mechanical drones that functioned like Khorne's new judgments and could buff allies and attack or debuff enemies? What if all of the Skyports were upgraded to be as enticing and competitive as Zilfin? What if we simply got a couple more kits like aether-powered Grundstock assault troops to give us some melee punch or generic admirals like Brokk that can be customized? The aethersphere is literally the limit with what could be. Want to hear some more good news? Rumors suggest we'll have a new book in our hands within the next 8 weeks and, if the last 4 books released this year are any sign, then the new book will be on the cutting edge of the meta and be competitive in every sense of the term. There is absolutely no reason for doom and gloom right now.
  4. Yes, we will be brought in line with Stormfiends and Thunderers. You will be able to have one of each special weapon with the update.
  5. You're too kind @Chikout. We love doing the show and getting to share our enthusiasm for the game with others. I'm glad that you enjoy the content we produce 😃
  6. Correct. Vince and I will do a live after-preview Warhammer Weekly where discuss all of the reveals. I anticipate we'll see a video on with some more info on Forbidden Power, probably with some shots of the new Endless Spells or any other models it comes with, as well a book cover shots for KO and Sylvaneth (alongside their new Shadespire models). For Warcry, I wonder if they might not have a bunch of demotables set up like they did with Shadespire a couple years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they reveal 2 more of the Warbands as well. Oh, and we'll probably see our first real glimpse at Sisters of Battle models.
  7. No, I anticipate it is endless spells. maybe some optional spell lores and/or allegiances, and more magical items (possibly ones you can/must straight purchase with points). It will probably come in a stand alone box and be associated with a narrative campaign push.
  8. Maybe. But it makes sense of the branding choices. I think you'll find similar design in the aesthetics of competing skirmish games in the market.
  9. So, looking through the images again, I think there is a good case to be made for the fact that we will have multiple Grand Alliances, maybe even at launch, or soon after. So, take a look at this image: As has been observed elsewhere, note that the center symbol is not a faction symbol. Observe: The last piece of this is the starter box. Check out the lower left hand corner. My proposal is that the symbol (which looks roughly like the 8 pointed chaos star) represents the Chaos grand alliance warbands in Warcry, and this is what is being previewed. Based on branding, let me go one step further and suggest that the garish red banner on the box also marks or is associated with the Grand Alliance Chaos branding. Check out the first image again and notice that the red is used as the backdrop for the symbol here. My called shot is that we will likely get other starter sets for other grand alliances that will have different associated symbols and colors. If I were to take a guess, I would say that we'll see blue (Order), black or purple (Death), and green or yellow (Destruction). I recognize this is grasping for straws, but it seems to make sense of the data we have. Edit: It is worth observing that Shadespire has similar color associated branding, with blue for Order, red for Chaos, purple for Death and green for Destruction.
  10. I heard this from a stockist about a month ago and was told to expect constrained availability on new releases. This seems to be exactly what I heard about.
  11. Correct. This is a newly implemented cap on new releases. It would explain why new stuff seems to be completely sold out everywhere.
  12. I've heard GW is artificially restricting 3rd party shots and online sites to an artificial cap of like 30ish products for all new releases, even very large websites and distributors. That may explain the market pressure we're seeing.
  13. I've heard GW is artificially restricting 3rd party shots and online sites to an artificial cap of like 30ish products for all new releases, even very large websites and distributors. That may explain the market pressure we're seeing.
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