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  1. To be clear, I'm not suggesting that the paint judging at NOVA was fair. There was indeed some uneven paint judging and lessons were learned. I am certainly of the mindset that there be a list of minimum check boxes and if those boxes are checked, then full paint scores are awarded. Honestly, we probably ought to also limit how we deploy professional painters when evaluating armies painted to minimal tabletop standards. People who serve on GW's miniature painting teams are probably best deployed (and it is the best use of their time) judging for Best Painted/Appearance, rather than making sure a checklist is filled out. There probably needs to be better communication on expectations amongst the judges as well. This problem will be addressed next year, as noted in Chuck's blog today. My pushback is that just because there was miscommunication amongst the painting judges at one event doesn't suggest the entire system is defunct. I know not everyone agrees with the "big names" in the U.S. I know there is a contingent of folks who would prefer pure battle scores, no secondary objectives, standardized experiences, etc. And to them I say, "Awesome! Go do that!" If folks want events like these, then host them! I want the AOS community to grow and will certainly support any attempt to do so. That said, those probably aren't events that I would want to go to for a variety of reasons. Event packs communicate a vision of what the community is and what the desired community experience will be, and I ultimately have concerns around the type of community created that lowers the standard of painting, removes checks and balances for bad actors and bad game experiences, and simplifies gameplay to such a degree that match-ups can be fully evaluated/predicted before any army hits the table because of predefined scenario scoring. This is not the kind of gaming community I want to personally participate in but that doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. For those that want something different than the current U.S. scene, I would encourage them to start new events. People will vote with their feet and like-minded folks will inevitably migrate to the types of events they enjoy. To be precise, ACON uses a Best Overall system for its top three, then acknowledges the Best General in each grand alliance who are not in the top 3. The higher honor in that system is the Best Overall, which is the composite score, rather than the Best General of each grand alliance. I'm sure this is what you meant but wanted to make sure we were precise with language. Indeed, and I would certainly acknowledge that the NE seems a little bit more diverse on the subject than out West. Thanks for the update on the current status in the NE!
  2. I was not at NOVA and I have chosen not participate in ITC like a majority of the midwest. And I really don't see how you are claiming I'm forcing my agenda on anyone. I am simply being descriptive of the current AOS environment in the United States. And for the record: Crossroads GT: Best Overall with combined scoring; "This event has a significant painting and sportsmanship component to the overall score."; no Best General as far as I can tell. Last Rites: Best Overall with combined scoring and Best General with just battle points (which includes missions, kill points, and secondary objectives). Michigan GT: Best Overall with combined scoring; Best General in each alliance. Octocon GT: Best General; no Best Overall from what I can tell. The Crucible: Unclear what awards; no pack available. Dragon Fall: Best Overall with combined scoring; Best General in each alliance. ClawCon: Unclear what awards; no pack available. Socal Open: Best General (wins, points scored, and/or strength of schedule), as well as Best General in each alliance, and "Renaissance Man", which is Battle + Paint (but not sports), which is very similar to the Best Overall at other events. Holy Havoc: Best Overall with combined scoring Renegade Open: Unclear what awards; no pack available. King of the Mountain GT: Unclear what awards; no pack available. Not included but just recently having happened was WargamesCon which has Best Overall with combined scoring and Best General with just battle points (which includes secret missions, not just scenario). Its worth noting that the Best Overall was technically beat by the #2 person in battle points at this event a couple weeks ago as well, but sportsmanship and/or painting pushed Michael Vagenos to the top (a lesser version of what happened at Nova, but still a similar occurrence). So, of the 11 events you named, 4 events didn't have publicly advertised packs/rewards. Of the remaining 7 events, 5 events do a Best Overall with combined scoring (with another with a lesser combined version in Renaissance Man), 2 events with a Best General as the highest honor (and another event that acknowledges Best General as a secondary honor), and 3 events do Best General in each alliance as a secondary award. This limited sample size follows my claims. Most events seem to be doing Best Overall with combined scores as the highest award. A couple are doing Best General. Beyond my prior statements, let me go one step farther and suggest that there seems to be some regional DNA at work, maybe as a carryover from WFB. I've noticed that most of the pushback against combined scores Best Overall and the preference for Best-General-as-highest-honor mentality seem to come from folks out West and in the Northeast. This also seems to be where the highest concentration of ITC support tends to be as well. I'm not sure what to make of this observation but there seems to be some correspondence there.
  3. Correct, there was no best generalship at ACON. Both of these events do scoring this way, as does Midwest Meltdown (which is on track to have 100 people at it next year). Waaghpaca, which will have 80 this next year, does do a Best General (highest battle points), but they the more prestigious award is Best Overall (which is a 25/25/25/25 split between battle, sports, painting, and being present at all the games). All of this to say, there are more than just 3 large events in the U.S., and most of them have a Best Overall and many do not have Best General.
  4. Correct, hence why I said "most". Please survey the rest of the major events in the united states. You will find that "most" is indeed correct.
  5. I disagree and the claim that "everyone does it" is patently false. I know a number of top tier players that put the work, paint their own armies and perform regularly on top tables. Most of the major events (in the U.S. at least) have a significant portion of the "Best overall" score be divided between Painting and Sportsmanship (20-40%). That is, "Best Overall" really means best overall, not just who won the most battles. The choice to have "Best Overall" at an event communicates what the type of community that the TOs and event organizers want to foster. If you don't like those types of events, I would recommend attending events that don't have this type of scoring (although this is admittedly difficult for regional and national level events in the U.S., given that the TO event organizer pack recommends this type of scoring structure). If you can't find an event that scores events how you want to do so, I'd encourage you to build the kind of event that you would want to play in. People will vote with their feet.
  6. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    The Grudgebound War Throng grants a universal reroll 1s to hit for all units in the battalion, which is better than the Grudge ability in every way, as it only grants conditional reroll 1s to hit.
  7. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    Moonstone is him/herself a reliable source. They provided us the DoK details (double morathi model, etc) followed by Cthulu elves (Deepkin). Moonstone has demonstrated sources from within the studio - I would trust him/her.
  8. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Look no further than the Bloodsecrator, who at 140 points projects an 18" bubble where every unit within 18" gets +1 attack AND battleshock immunity.
  9. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Fully agreed. If this change was made, this unit would evaporate off of the table overnight.
  10. Thomas Lyons

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    I've been enjoying the show! I plugged it for our viewers on Warhammer Weekly last night - Keep up the good work!
  11. Thomas Lyons

    Daughters of Khaine Witches and Sisters

    To be clear, I was talking about having separate blocks of 30 equipped with shields and dual daggers. I normally run three blocks of 30, so I normally run two units of shields and one of dual blades. I didn't mean to imply you can mix them within the same unit, as you are not able to with how they are currently worded.
  12. Thomas Lyons

    Daughters of Khaine Witches and Sisters

    I'm a fan of the shields, especially when running Hagg Nar, since you your units will survive longer (from the ward save), which gives them a longer opportunity to the kick back mortals. Every point of save is important in a world with no +1 save Mystic shield. On the contrary, at least on WE, attacks are plentiful. Ironically, the way the ability are worded, you get to role to kick back mortals even if their rend negates your armor. That said, I won't run only shields but a mix of shields and no shields on my 30 blocks.
  13. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    He is almost on a 3+ save, which none of those other options you listed are.
  14. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    SCE Endless Spell.