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  1. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    It's actually this label of Exiles and Highborn that has me more skeptical, as these are the keywords used from the old compendium warscrolls. It smells like a wishlisting using a natural outworking of logic and prior warscroll information.
  2. Thomas Lyons

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    The problem is that, as per the FAQ below, that list is illegal as those liberators don't count as battleline.
  3. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    It is not in there.
  4. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    Agreed, that said, I think that is how you fix Dispossessed. By the lore, they're dwarves that have been rejected from their holds, hence the name. I think you keep the core faction and keywords, but allow them to include any other Duardin keyworded unit (so FS, KO, Iron Weld) in the army as not an ally, although they gain the dispossessed abilities (i.e. grudges for past sins against them, resolute, etc.). So those other allegiances (KO and FS) maintain their distinct character, while recognizing that even Fyreslayers can be dispossessed of their holds and find common cause in grudge-settling with their kin.
  5. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    I wasn't but a friend was. He said they alluded to the fact that Sylvaneth do have a book coming. Let me reiterate the rumor for a couple pages back. We are getting a whole slew of Battletomes this year, much like 40k got last year. Don't be surprised if this is a 10-12+ battle tome year. We will likely have multiple weeks of 2 battletomes released without significant fan-fare, like the FeC/Skaven dual release next week.
  6. Thomas Lyons

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    My concern is that you are making the armies people have collected unplayable since they my not have enough of what is needed to field the force. Or, you're making some forces like Everchosen completely unplayable. It seems you are raising the barrier to entry for players getting into the game since they may find that whatever force they've assemble is unplayable in your comp. I'm against anything that marginalizes folks within the community. This comp won't keep players with this attitude from playing, that is my point. It just moves the goalpost for them. They'll still be selfish in any comp you create. An opportunity I understand, but "practice" I do not. Practice for what? If it for larger national and international events, then it seems you are setting them up with false expectations for how they'll perform in that environment.
  7. Thomas Lyons

    Restrictions for a small Tournament

    To be clear, you aren't fixing the competitive environment, you are are moving the goalposts. Even with your restrictions, I could easily come up with a list that would spike any other army at that event that your comp missed. That is, you haven't fixed anything; you've simply changed what builds are king in the new world you've created. The competitive meta is incredibly diverse right now, as attested by the CanCon results. I think it is foolish or ignorant to suggest that the meta is currently "unbalanced." The entire comp smacks of holdover biases from prior editions of warhammer and has no foundation in the current reality of the game. That said, it is your event and you make the rules. If your people are ok playing by them, then more power to you. They just need to understand that your events are not reflective of the larger national and international event scenes.
  8. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    I've always held that KO can perform in the hands of a competent player with the right matchups. I think that's what happened here. But the stats don't lie. Here are the most recent numbers, and this has been tallied since the start of AOS 2.0. KO represents 1.6% of the current meta representation over the last 6 months, the same amount of players currently playing Beastclaw Raiders as an allegiance in the meta and less than any other army that has been released since that book was released, and even those immediately before it. It currently has a 38.6% win ratio, meaning that they'll win 2 games in each event on average. Of the 43 allegiances showing up at events, KO ranks as 37th on their win ratio. So, KO only wins more matches (on average) than 6 other armies in the entire game. Those six armies include Beastclaw Raiders (38%), Spiderfang (33.3%), Brayherds (32%), Slaves to Darkness (30%), Darkling Coven (30%), and Everchosen (16.7%). Ironically, of those six, Spiderfang and Brayherds have already been updated and so their stats will only increase, and Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness are queued up to be updated as well (as previously noted) and will likely no longer sit at the bottom. Let that sink in. That means KO will only beat out 2 other armies in the entire game for win ratios. Hope those numbers help put skin on my claims.
  9. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    Indeed. This is a real rumor. We've heard it multiple times and I'm claiming that I've now heard it from multiple sources. This will be a big battletome year, akin to 40k's codex output last year. We'll see updates for virtually all of the 1e books this year. With the release of the final two Shadespire Nightvault warbands for this season, KO and Sylvaneth, we'll see updated battletomes drop around the same time for those armies. Current whispers suggest late Spring (April/May). As a corollary, this shouldn't be surprising as GW has seemingly broadcast their release schedule in the interwoven releases of Battleforce boxes (2017 and 2018), Shadespire Warbands (Season 1 and 2) and Malign Portents Harbingers. I don't think it is any surprise there there is an interdependent relationship amongst these product lines. Moving beyond these rumors and using this observation, its reasonable to suggest that, beyond updating these prior books, we'll see releases for Slaanesh and Slaves to Darkness (that will likely include Darkoath and even Everchosen). We'll have at least one more big "out of left field, new army", but it is anyone's guess what this is. LLV/Honest Wargamer's statistics don't lie. KO doesn't have representation at events. Even the KO list that did well finished 10th or 11th since it lost its final game. I was one of the primary KO players last season, a moderator in the KO FB group, and am still active in the KO whatsapp chat. Let me assure you that there isn't alot of KO presence at events, and when the those few do show up, most aren't winning a majority of their games. That's what made the performance at Cancon so remarkable. And while there was no direct recording of the session I mentioned from Nova 2017, here is the conversation being reported by us on Warhammer weekly, a couple days after it took place.
  10. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    Pete Foley, the head of big box games (so all of warhammer) acknowledged in the talk back session at Nova in Fall of 2017. There was a big oops regarding it on multiple different levels. It was also the last battletome out of the development pipeline before they had the full playtester process in place. The consequence was the design of a battletome that failed to meet their expectations and now there is a flagship army within their product line that has virutally no representation in the public eye. Let me reiterate that I've heard from multiple sources that a rewrite is coming.
  11. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    You can believe what you want. You'll see both Sylvaneth and KO late this spring. Mark my words.
  12. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    They have publicly went on record to acknowledge they botched the book. The wrong file went to print, which resulted in a majority of the warscrolls needing damage value and range corrections. One of the handful of their scrolls has been completely rewritten. The near universal sentiment of anyone who is informed, including a number of insiders I've talked to, is that the book needs a redesign from the ground up. It is a one dimensional army that generates a un-fun play experience. I believe we'll see a new battletome for KO by the end of April, or June at the latest.
  13. Indeed - both Holy Wars and Holy Havoc use a mixed format like this and have for the last couple years. For Holy Havoc, it is a team tournament where each player brings 1.5k of points and they field 1k in each game (for 2k combined). Holy Wars is a singles event where each player bring 3k and fields 2k in any given battle. Part of your scoring involves using at least 500 of your sideboard in a majority of your games. This format has seemed to work well for these events and it is my absolute favorite format. Another format is how Nashcon requires players to bring 2 separate lists and one has to be chosen for each scenario with only knowing the scenario and what two lists the opponent might play. Both lists have to be played at least once in this 5 game event. This is another format that I enjoy as well 🙂
  14. Thomas Lyons

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    It wouldn't surprise me if we saw a Dispossessed battletome or combined Duardin battletome show up this year. There is a case to be made that the allegiances we've seen show up in the GHB are for those factions that GW is testing allegiance rules for before a potential forthcoming release or battletome renewal. GW has explicitly done that in 40k with faction rules in yearly Chapter Approved, it wouldn't surprise me if we are seeing something similar here (especially with the perpetual rumors of updated AOS 1.0 battletomes as well as the newly announced Carrion Empire box, where we know both factions have had their allegiance rules in prior GHBs and yet they've hinted more models/updates are coming for those factions). It stands to reason we might see something similar, especially with the presence of Dispossessed and Fyreslayer allegiance rules in the prior GHBs. The current state of KO, a flagship model line, would only further point towards the need for an update.
  15. Thomas Lyons

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm getting conflicting reports on releases now. Sounds like some of the preorder will be on the 5th, but not everything :-./