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  1. I’m really looking at the wording to retreat out in hero phase and set up to get into the combat I want in normal movement. It doesn’t say anything really. Just move in hero phase. That’s really why I’m looking for clarification. Appreciate any help.
  2. Hey guys, can y’all learn me on using the Royal Mordant hero phase move to get out of combat? Does it count as a retreat? Can I still move in movement phase? Super confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. What’s going on guys. Been a while! Back in the saddle with my Gutbusters and went hard all weekend. Had two 1k point narrative events and had a 2k match play game against Brass Stampede this morning. Go over my results from the events and my battle report for the 2k game. Link below. Also got a treat in the way of photos from the game that my friend decided to do. Hope y’all enjoy.
  4. Remember there are two player turns in one battle round. So when you charge it’s your turn, and subsequently it ends when that turn is over. Just some rules clarification to make life easier.
  5. Appreciate your feedback bud. We are in a tough spot for sure. All we can do is squeeze out every drop and hope for some luck. Easiest cauldrons to make are from the Ironblaster set. I used the scraplauncher bit to make the cauldron. Can also use the little kettle from the Stonehorn. Both the Ironblaster and Scraplauncher are awful. Think of them as chariots with a random missile weapon that can’t hit a barn door. I wouldn’t add one in a list unless it was 80pts. Lol.
  6. Got a couple games in last two days. Rematch against the Nurgle list with its new and improved Skaven warscrolls. Also got a match in against Daughters. Using the same pack for upcoming tournament. Only change in list is back to Shackles instead of Swords. Both losses. Got stomped by Nurgle in Better Part of Valor. He was into my deployment turn 1 and there was no digging out of it. Lost to DoK in Focal Points on turn 4 when my army fell apart and he max scored to seal it. Was doing about as good as I could have when it all went down the toilet. Lol. Anyhow, got a few pics to share and video.
  7. @Walrustaco I use Gutsman, and regular Maneater models(2 Empire and 1 Rolling Pin). I also have a Tyrant but he is kitted with dual weapons. All of them fit great on 50mm bases and stand out on their own.
  8. Got another game in using the same pack from last game. Played a nasty high speed Nurgle list. This time I changed it up and went with Realm of Fire so I could pick up Stoke Rage and Inferno Blades for my wizards. Made a compromise with the artifact and it was sadly noticeable. Not hitting on 2’s is the damn devil. Got a few pics in. Won 17-16 end of turn 5. Also will put the video report in the comments. There is a pic in there with one of my Tyrants fully buffed with Cauldron and spells and did 16 damage to 5 Blightkings. Not the most damage but that’s off a 3+ save Great Weapon dude. Hope y’all enjoy the pics and vid.
  9. General and another got 2” movement, one got 3+ save, and always the one gets +1 wound. I really like have so many Tyrants. They are a pest.
  10. Pulled the Ogors out tonight to try and regain some dignity from the last beating. Border War in the Realm of Life. Won the game 22-18 end of turn 5. Ran a modified multiple Tyrant list with more command points. Took lots of pics. Will have the video discussion in the comments. Hope y’all enjoy.
  11. Hey all. Got a game in against the new Gloomspite book last Friday. Played Focal Points in the Realm of Metal. The Realm didn’t matter too much as I got spanked pretty hard by turn 3. Did a short video on the fight. Will be my last Gutbuster post for a while as I’m taking a break from the army and starting something different for 2019. Wanted to say thank you to everyone in the community for supporting me while I talk about the Guts.
  12. Hello all! We are six episodes in on our Texas based podcast. Hope y’all give it a listen! https://www.buzzsprout.com/216854/931385
  13. Hey fellas, got a quick question for y’all. How do yalls Castelants and Relictors pray twice a turn? I can’t find the rules that allow this. Just looking for some rules clarification. Appreciate any help.
  14. Hey all. Had a game yesterday against Cleansing Phalanx SCE. It was a pretty terrible match up. Played Escalation in the Realm of Hysh. Video goes everything. Sorry I didn’t get more pictures. It was mainly me getting my butt kicked all over the table.
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