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  1. Yeah, one thing I thought the old warscroll did better is that both abilities were triggered on the Wound Roll of 6. Having one on the hit and the other on the wound seems to be making it unnecessarily longer to roll them.
  2. "Quant à ceux qui dans nos rangs ont troqué leur âmes Ils seront les premiers sous le fil de nos lames." "And about those in our ranks who've bartered their souls They'll be the first ones under the edge of our blades."
  3. Oh wow, I thought it was the only one called epitome. I hadn't realised Slaanesh could ally with nurgle. . . EDIT : P.S. Yeah my bad, I should really be playing more than I am at the moment haha !
  4. Hey, thanks for that! In list 8. What's the epitome?
  5. Well, one of the reasons I love the chariot is just how much you can do with it. If you were to buy two start collecting for examples you could have list such as (Burning chariot is made battleline by Tzeentch Allegiance and Herald on Burning Chariot as general).
  6. My opinion with starting is that you should focus on getting good opponents who will have the same approach as you (at least for your first games). The game can be incredibly deep but you don't have to use everything to enjoy it. I also recommend not to use any rules beyond Warscroll and Core rules for the beginning, to integrate turn sequence movement and basic abilities. Then move on to Allegiance abilities, Command Traits, Artefacts at a later stage (and they will change the game quite a lot). For more specifics I'll recommend to check the Beast of Chaos thread which is quite extensive. Another tip, is to always bear in mind what your battle lines will be and what role you want your army to play.
  7. Just had an idea. Didn't caught up with whole thread so might have been suggested. What about allying Gutrot and 5 blightkings to force the opponent to watch their back ?
  8. Keep it up, it looks amazing ! I would never have thought of converting it this way. Inspiring post !
  9. You will always pick the casualties in your units except if an ability (Stardrake, Gargants) lets you specifically pick a model and slay it. One thing to bear in mind when moving your units around, is where you will remove casualties to keep the buffs (net, standard bearer, musician etc.) and not break the unit cohesion.
  10. Hum... I don't know how helpful it will be to you. But even though I haven't finished mine I thought if was amazing how dry brushing got you far with it. If you have a blue spray (the fang for example) I would recommend spraying it with that and gradually building your white/lighter blue/green colours. If you don't various shades and nighthaunt gloom, mixed with lahmian medium to vary the effects, followed by drybrush should do the trick. Hope it helps !
  11. It's on ! Sent the reservation for two people
  12. Sounds good ! Thanks for your reply, looking forward to it !
  13. I am really hyped for that. Not local to Cambridge but will gladly organise a weekend if we managed to get the ticket. Do the Grand Alliance or the Coalition matter for the doubles?
  14. Whatever he said. However, getting battlelines (in you case, 5*X Chaos Warriors, 20*X Marauders, 5*X Blood Warriors etc. ) and main hero (general) sorted are always a good idea if you want to play following matched play rules.
  15. Please keep us informed, I am really interested in doing something of the sort, and at the moment we're planning on using Firestorm to do it !
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