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  1. Handmaiden was released in Warhammer Battle V8 with the High Elf army book. Everything that was out at that time can be released for Old World without any need for a single new miniature kit. And I'm pretty sure that's what they will do.
  2. Honestly, I feel like Old World dwarves won't show up in June and will be pushed to july / august. Too many things to come in that month.
  3. At the start, it was ok. It definitely felt like a game made for the competitive part of the community in comparison to 2nd, even with Path to Glory (Open Play was dying in 2nd, it was totally killed in 3rd). With their Seasons of War that were released way too fast between their cycles, it became more and more complicated to keep up to the point of the end of edition where it was becoming ludicrous for a new player. In my club, only hardcore tournament players remained playing 3rd at the end. There were no casual player left. It really depends which part of the community you're talking about. 3rd was definitely more popular with the tournament players, they really loved having constant balance, metagames talked about officially and new rules / scenario / battle tactics / gameplay gimmicks. Maybe a bit overfed, some felt burnt out in my club as a result. For narrative and casual players, it became less and less popular with time from what I have seen. There were too many changes to the rules, too much hassle to keep up...and most importantly, GW was always pushing matched play way more predominantly in their official articles online / in the White Dwarf. No wonder it's considered the dominant way to play : you can't help but hear constantly about it everywhere, be in on youtube or in fan websites. It's matched play this, metagame that, analysis of the last point update and so on. In my club, it's very simple : the AoS players are all competitive tournament players, and they play it the hard way. They kept growing as time passed on, but always on that side of the gaming spectrum. Hmmm...Definitely experienced. 3rd was basically 2nd but with tighter rule writing and new gameplay gimmicks - there was no battletome reset, the 2nd were kept until they get their new 3rd book. There were new players coming, no problem about that, but AoS was done with its "new game status" and was getting in a more polished state. A lot of 2nd players were staying with 3rd : they had time to master the core concepts that were kept and were thirsting for more. The fact the competitive scene was considerably developped is a consequence of that, IMHO. It's a small thing, but I liked the rules in Path to Glory about building your own fortress and doing quests. In core concept, I thought that heroic actions / monstruous rampages were interesting at the start. I really disliked battle tactics / strategies, especially the generic ones. I felt they were stealing the light from scenario victory conditions, by adding way too many small things to win points outside of the focus of the battleplan. It was one more step to break battle immersion, IMHO. Again, depends which part of the community you're asking that. For the competitive / gameplay focused players, I think yes eventually (at my club, our 3rd veteran tournament players aren't all really happy at the idea to drop all their knowledge of 3rd and have to start from scratch, some will definitely leave the game). I believe on the long term it will help making the game new and bring new players without them having the hassle to keep up to all the small little rules added over the years. For casual players, I'd say maybe yes but I feel only at the beginning. I feel like GW will soon feed us with way too many rule supplements that will become a hassle to keep up like in 3rd (I mean, come on, the general handbook is in the launch box...at this point, make it a part of the core rulebook !). Spearhead may be a way for these kinds of players to stay IF GW doesn't change too much, too often their rules - but I hardly trust them on that particular matter with their core games. It also really depends on how GW will show Spearhead mode : will they at least talk more about it in White Dwarfs / Warhammer Community articles than what they did so far with 40k Patrols ? I sure hope so. For narrative players...I'm sadly pessimistic. The way 4th has been presented felt horrible for narrative immersion from my point of view, included game accessories. There's no real story to be told about controlling 5 circles of stones printed on your game mat that not even gods would place them that way for a meaningful, real strategic interest. At least in 1st, we had realmgates to fight for. Sure, the new Path of Glory will allow you to create your own character and making him evolve with the fights, but...it's not especially encouraging you to tell a story. You can simply build your character from a competitive point of view only and it will still work. Presentation. It was definitely more thought out in comparison to 2nd (and obviously 1st), and I really loved how their battletomes were made - still nicely balanced with background, hobby and rules. I sure hope 4th keep that for the future ones to come. What could it have done better ? Not focusing that hard on the competitive aspect of the game in how they advertised it and how they made new supplements for it, but that's only my personnal point of view.
  4. Old miniatures are constantly sold out without needing to invest into new sculpts and new molds. I think it's not a mistake at all from their point of view. Besides, we already know what happens when they retool old kits with the time the entire Dark Elf army was made with new kits in 8th edition of Warhammer Battle...it didn't sell that well, because all old Dark Elf players already had everything. They didn't feel the need to buy the new models for the same units at a much more expensive price. Because let's face, if they released new kits, they would be sold way more expensive. See the difference with bretonnian knights on foot and their older kits. I don't think it would make that many more sales in the end. Old World is a very specific game that is definitely not new player friendly...like at the time of Warhammer Battle.
  5. Are they, though ? They're more about producing new units than retooling old ones : bretonnian knights on foot (not present before), tomb king character on bone dragon (not present before), royal pegasus bretonnian characters (it was regular pegasus before ), special characters that weren't seen previously...Ungrim is a younger version, he doesn't have his cloak so he's technically "new", there was no generic dwarf king on shieldbearers before : it was always a metal miniature of an old named character before, and it was 2 dwarves carrying him, not 3. GW knows than simply retooling old kits doesn't mean people already having them actually buy them (they already have the unit). It's much more safer to make whole new units. Of course, sculpting new resin characters never hurt, I don't really count that as "retooled new kits". To me, it's still "impossible". At least for the 1st phase that is about producing all the old kits for all core armies. Valrak was already wrong in the past (more than once, and sometimes very horribly so), he still has his fans and you see Cyrus here saying he has a "very good track record" (of course if you focus only on what he got right, you can say that - remember, when you make guesses, eventually you will be right for some). Valrack isn't stupid either, and that's why he's always intentionnally vague in his videos when he makes guesses. He knows his followers enjoying his content will remember what sticks rather than what fell. I'm not one of his fans so I have no problem calling on him being a fake rumormonger. His content is there for hyped entertainment and the occasionnal drama farming on GW (like with price increases / remove of existing miniatures), not true information that he keeps taking from other sources elsewhere.
  6. Everything that's already shown in the army pictures of the Old World rulebook won't be replaced, sorry to say. There won't be new HE archers / spearmen / silverhelms, but there will be the loved plastic miniatures from Island of Blood old box. The Empire has a lot of metal miniatures left. It just depends on how much you want to go in the past. And since it's the Old World...it can be pretty old. Just tell that to the Dragon Company ! If it's not the war wagon (but my lil finger told me so ), it will be the FW Marienburg landship (still not new though ! ).
  7. It won't be a new one. But expect a couple new special characters in the arcane journal.
  8. My lil finger tells me it will be metal and will be the mythical old war wagon miniature.
  9. That's the point of making vague statements in a youtube video : people can always interpret it the way they want it (people watching Valrak want these to be actual "official rumors" to be hyped about, and Valrak knows that people will watch his video hoping about that), and the youtuber can't be caught telling false rumors. He can always hide behind its vagueness.
  10. Well we had a concrete example with that game played by wrestlers on video (...I must say I found it a bit cringe, but mostly because of how it was presented, not for the game itself) and we saw the game materials coming with it too. I'm not surprised people may have different reactions. It also depends from what you expected from this game mode. Before the preview, it was still vague so everyone can have different expectations. With the preview, most doubts are dissipated and we can have a firmer feeling. To me, before it always sounded like an "easy entry" to the game but that's pretty much all I could expect. After, it turned a bit too "gamey" in my eyes so far. I don't know if you see what I mean here.
  11. Given he's the one saying it would be Empire after dwarves before and now it's "Chaos and High Elves"... And anyway, technically he will be always true with that kind of statement. I mean, Chaos and High Elves will obviously come any time after Dwarves without any time stamp, and it's clear Dwarves can't come out after Chaos and High Elves because GW didn't preview any of the last 2 already.
  12. Of course they are. They were hired not just to playtest the game, but also sell it. That's why they're talking about it. And I'm pretty chilled already, like I said I'm not into that crowd. But I guess making some observations from just the number of miniatures and the fact they're both Stormcast can't count in your eyes.
  13. Looking at just the 2 Stormcast Eternal Spearhead examples, even if they indeed play differently rulewise (with apparently Yndrasta not available from the start)...I still struggle to see how players will actually find that "balanced" in comparison to what happened in 40k Patrol. Well, I'm part of the crowd who says "balance is rubbish in a wargame", but I already see the arguments of the competitive crowd coming to say Spearhead isn't a serious game mode and "full experience AoS" is better.
  14. It probably is about telling people Thrones of Decay is still here. TW rumors at the moment are more about the other games / licenses CA is allegedly working on.
  15. So far, Spearhead really looks and feels like a game on its own. But the thing is, maybe it's not what people expect from it. I think Mcthew really nailed it : it's boardgame fun, not wargame fun. And I believe that's the thing : it doesn't feel like a wargame but it feels like another boardgame (that is really expensive). There is no immersion : there are only gameplay gimmicks. And GW miniatures. Ash from Guerilla Miniature Games talked a bit about Spearhead with Jay and Chris from Lord of Games in this video below, and they were saying that its success will also depend on how GW will talk about it in future articles (Warhammer Community or White Dwarf). They did the comparison with 40k Patrol barely being talked about in these medias, and so people enjoying it feel like no one is caring about it - thus feeling like this way of playing isn't supported / valid and moving on "the real game with real rules" : core 40k. Same with competitive scene / balance meta being completely dominant online and other ways of playing / building lists are totally categorized in the "minority". That's why I feel like AoS isn't made for me anymore : it's completely shifted to the tournament scene and doesn't really care anymore about building an incentive narrative. Everything, included the scenario and its victory conditions, feel like "video game level" objectives / gameplay for gameplay's sake.
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