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  1. I wondered whether we could see a new DOS witch hunter warband for WUW: Beastgrave. Would the Excelsior Warpriest be suitable for re release individually, or is it on some horrible mixed sprue?
  2. Are 32mm a new standard for the CGC? I checked the Designers Commentary 2018, which suggested 25mm, where can i find current standards? Anyway, I guess i should focus on getting more battleline CG built before i worry too much about CGC. I guess that, in the fullness of time, i will run underpowered units in order to get my Serfs.
  3. Following the new FEC battletome, what is the maximum points that can be built from the start collecting box? Alternatively, is there a more effective build, perhaps with less points? Ive never seen FEC on the table so im starting with zero background knowledge. Thanks
  4. Tbh, my painting skills are pretty poor. So, these look promising. A while back, I experimented on Nurgle daemons with washes over Corax, but wasnt very happy with the results and it seemed to take ages layering the washes. Later, with the release of Soul Wars I was more impressed with results from Hexwraith Flame and Nighthaunt Gloom with a little dry brushing for highlights. These paints felt much more beginner friendly. If Contrast turns out to be the next iteration of these paints, i’d snap them up. I dont expect them to be perfect, and but something more user-friendly would be nice. Also, i guess the style of painting the promote will be better suited to some models than others. Nevertheless, it’ll be fun to experiment. I might pickup SC FEC to take some of the new range for a spin!
  5. Go on then, don’t leave us in suspense ~~ What’s 2 and 3?
  6. This makes sense. I had wondered how many AoS factions would get around the lack of wargear options in a single unit box (relative to Kill Team). The solution could be Necromunda style gang boxes. Is this how Mordheim was released? id love a couple of small, mixed faction, G alliance align warbands. Like the big free city boxes, but cheaper. Worst option in my mind would be expensive boxes with easy to build monopose units and compulsory terrain. Ive bought terrain and units for exclusively kill team, but im not interested in the kill team units with terrain boxes. Looking forward to this release ^^
  7. Arent we talking about three different teams for a Gloomspite scale release? My understanding from the Stormcast podcasts was that terrain, spells, and dice are made by a seperate team. Then there are the rules writers and finally the miniatures team. Based on the LoN and BoC releases. It seems GW is trying to increase the frequency of releases when miniatures arent an option. Books and Terrain teams can obviously produce content more quickly. I would agree that the FEC terrain and spells arent quite as cool as those from Gloomspite, but FEC have never really appealed to me. The Gnawholes and Skaven dice, however, look awesome.
  8. With all the talk of a kill team-esc skirmish mk II, i just had a thought. What about a KT-Rogue Trader style skirmish expansion for ship to ship combat? Im imagining a double sided board or perhaps warhammer quest style floor templates for Kharadron airships, Azyr Galleons, and DE Corsairs. Imagine the excitment of boxed set containing mini battletomes for Cog fort automaton vs Grot Sky pirates!!!!!!
  9. What a great way to introduce the hobby! I like the plan you have thought out Did your gf choose the daughters of Khaine as her starter faction? I might steal your idea to introduce some friends to the game and let them choose a Underworlds team to start with. Could be an awesome way to spend a day. Build, spray and slap on a few colors together before starting the campaign.
  10. I understand your point here. A significant difference is that AOS is still world-building, whereas the 40k universe is established. GW are still establishing the factions that reside in the mortal realms. These are new factions, or new spins on old factions. Sure, legacy models are present, but these are either placeholders, Karl Franz adorned Free Guild, or minor factions that will fade into insignificance in future, various aleves. This process will take years. BoC is a positive as it establishes that there will be a role for this faction as time goes on. It may be a while until a second wave strikes, but they arent going anywhere. LoN factions too. However, if GW have no intention of developing minority factions from the old world should they create a soup battletome? Isnt it a step backwards in terms of mortal realms world building? It could be argued that it is unethical to encourage sales with a new book. It would also encourage more complaints later as to why the soup factions are then ignored. I assume thats this is the purpose of the legends project. It provides rules for play, for free, with the understanding that the factions are now inactive and will not be updated.
  11. Thats a fair point. I guess that in order to test yourself, you have to seek new blood. Its great to see that AOS is popular enough to be the largest group in some areas. However, id hate to be the last guy who genuinely likes AOS when your group move on to their next system in years to come. Agreed! Im a rubbish painter. But i do feel a strange satisfaction when my ugly little fellas hit the table. The “pains” of getting everything assembled and based aren’t insignificant, but it makes me appreciate each model individually.
  12. I’ve played GW games on and off for nearly twenty years. However, ive never strayed beyond being a casual bedroom gamer with a limited range of opponents. As such, everything i do is a variation of narrative play, even when we use points. We do this to keep things fresh. Im in the hobby because i love the citadel models, the gw lore, and the social aspect of gw gaming. I have occasionally looked at other games systems, but ive never left the GW fold. Meanwhile, Ive read posts in tga suggesting that AOS or 40k isnt particularly well balanced for the competitive scene. So, im curious. @Dead Scribe, if you aren’t interested in the models or the lore, in your experience what draws competition focused players such as yourself to AOS as opposed to systems such as warmahordes etc? i hope this question doesnt have a negative tone. Ive enjoyed reading a lot of your contributions regarding competitive play. You seem to have a very different perspective from casual players such as myself.
  13. I think there may be two points here: power creep; and reseting for a new edition. First, power creep. GW may have a bit of a problem with SC chambers each being self contained mini factions that contain units with little to distinguish them in play style and models. Libs/Seq, Jud/Cast. Beyond the fancy new robes, why would i bother with castigators? “Well, Cast are better against NH, Jud are better agaist Chaos” I hear you say. Were it not for buffs against specific opponents, there is little to separate them or justify a new kind of archer, imho. So, perhaps, power creep occurs as GW gives SC a little something extra to justify replacing your AOS1 SC. Second, resetting. this is the first battletomb of a new edition. AOS2 has introduced things like new summoning that can have a significant impact on points values etc. Some units in older battletombs will get stronger/weaker, cheaper/more expensive as changes are made to balance different factions. This could appear like power creep/nerfing in the short term, i guess. However, I believe that these resets will seem less effectual after a few more battletombs are reset.
  14. Yeah. I couldnt see the second column in Korean on my iphone using chrome. Theres nothing to this rumor. My bad! ?
  15. No you are correct. There is something weird with the copying / pasting and formating on my Iphone. The original post on the FLGS website doesnt appear to say anything about availability. Also, i cant see it here in tga. However, if i paste my quote back into another iphone app i can see a second column in Korean. TLDR: i jumped the gun. These products will be online only with the exception if those replaced by AOS 2. For example, Thunder and Blood.
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