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How to become a daemon prince? - cult of Slaanesh in Hysh (update: Dark elf lord)


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Fantastic work!  Really enjoy seeing all of your progress.  I was wondering if you remember what the painting scheme or colors you used on the attached guys claws.  I'd really like to use it on the Pincer demon I got from creature caster :D  I've been looking for painting scheme for him for a while and thought it wouldnt hurt to ask. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.26.14 PM.png

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@Gothicwaltz thank you! It's humblingto hear my work inspires others:)

@mcfishstick thanks for leaving such a kind comment!

@Cambot1231 thanks! I love the pincer daemon model, especially the head. It has been a while since I painted this guy. But I think it is kislev flesh blended with purple (I use xereus purple and screamer pink) and black on the tips. It is a lot of blending. But I don't think I can remember the exact proces. Good look on the pincer daemon!

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  • elfhead changed the title to How to become a daemon prince? - cult of Slaanesh in Hysh (update: Slaangor)
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I got so many positive reactions to the Slaangor (both on TGA and mostly instagram) that I decided to make a complete unit of 6 Slaangor. I was originally just planning on doing a single Slaangor, but when someone suggested to make an entire unit I couldn't resist.

It has been a lot of fun building these guys and working a lot with green stuff. They are now pretty much done and ready for painting. Hopefully Iĺl get round tot painting them, or at least some of them, during my christmas holiday.

Let me know what you think of them!



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Over the past holiday I finished the Slaangors! It was so much fun to work on them. Somehow tha first one I made is still my favorite. I'd love to hear what you think of them. 

Picture time:


HQrwOdnl.jpg lybAVOJl.jpg  LIqXYlfl.jpg J0hwYBil.jpg 5xfDLF0l.jpg sQug9V4l.jpg boXxmzfl.jpg J8z3Y7vl.jpg YZGBpORl.jpg

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Wow! I got so much positive reactions to these Slaangors, it's insane... On Instagram they got almost 900 likes when I usually get around 200-300 likes and also a lot of reactions. I'm so thrilled people like these guys as they really were a joy to work on. 

@VBS thank you so much, allthough that might be a little bit too much credit. There are some really cool threads on here! I feel like this part of the site doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

@Lavieth @Kronos @kaaras @Tzaangor Management @KnaveOfScribes @Gorthor21thank you all so much for the kind words and support, just leaving a reply really helps to keep the creative juices flowing. You compliments really mean a lot, especially since some of you have your own awesome Plog.

@Mila il Bello, like @Arael said they are based on the abberants. these are from a boxed set but GW realesed more of them I think. the one on the left had to give up his claws though, to make the Slaangor possibe... poor Slaaneshi mutant...


So now I got to figure out what is next... This would be a good moment fot GW to release that new Keeper of secrets. hopefully it has a bull-head just like the oldskool one.

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I don’t think I’ll get the fiends. Allthough like that they stayed close to the original design I don’t really like the models. Their esthetic is too close to the plastic steeds of slaanesh, which I hate. 

I did however get the infernal entapturess from a bits site. I don’t like her head and those big claw feet, but that can be fixed😊

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Nice work! I'm just starting out with NMM, so this is great to see. Also, love the profile pic. Been a Slaanesh fan ever since that N'Kari Vs Aenarion artwork in the old rulebook, and if the eventual KOS kit looks similar I'll be over the moon. 

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This week I'm on holiday, so I could take some pictures of the stuff I've been working on the last couple of weeks. After finishing the Slaangor I had some models lying around who could represent the inhabitants of the city my army hails from. The influence of Slaanesh can be felt throughout every layer of society in this city, although not every citizen might be aware of it. An outsider could visit the city and enjoy it's riches, the art that is everywhere and all kinds of other ways to experience pleasure and still be oblivious to the fact the city is ruled over by Thalion, a daemon prince of Slaanesh. that is until they reach the upper levels and see what the court of Thalion really looks like...








I imagine the infernal enrapturess could play some beautiful music to please Thalion.

As always I'd love it f you leave a reply,


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I like how you turned 40k models into AOS with such subtle conversion.  The first guy is probably my favorite of the lot simply because of the cigarette holder and how well it flows with the rest of the model.  

Are you planning on doing more ‘civilized’ models like these?  Like a city guard perhaps.

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Nice conversions and pretty nice paintjob.

But i would recommend to blackline your minis, separating the different painted areas from each other. It doesnt have to be black color, you can go with a dark brown if its skin or a dark green when its green cloth and so on. Also i would get in some extra time with the skin appling some shades of colors between the colors you use and you will see an good progress in very little time.




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  • elfhead changed the title to How to become a daemon prince? - cult of Slaanesh in Hysh (update: Dark elf lord)

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