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  1. Looks good, might be worth thinking about painting the wheel rims metal to fit in with the mortar carriage? While there aren’t sculpted metal strips there I can see them putting a thin metal band all the way round that wouldn’t jut out too much.
  2. Wow at first I thought they were photos, not photoshopped - nice! 🙂 Personally I like the one in the centre because for me the face stands out most. I think the other two also work a little better than the green. But all are decent options in their own way, and really the right choice is the one you’ll be happiest with yourself. Opinions like mine should only be bothered with to the extent that they’re useful to you!
  3. Highly original colour scheme! A full army done like this would look really striking. 👍 One thing that does occur to me, just to offer some constructive thoughts, is that the dark green on the faces means they don’t stand out as focal points. Have you experimented with any other colours for those, even something like a cold white maybe which wouldn’t add another strong tone to the mix?
  4. Looks great! Love the light brown flesh tone as well, might try something similar on my old metal Great Taurus... if I ever get back to it!
  5. Great idea! One thing that strikes me is that the position of the front hooves look a little like they’re bracing themselves on air, is there any scope to shift the taurus back a little so that they’re against the top of the wall, at least partly? Might not be an issue in real life mind!
  6. Fantastic work! Each warband is really cohesive and distinctive!
  7. Great work! Good old Heroquest. 🙂 Flagstone bases are great too!
  8. Off to a great start! Personally I like the black/blue blade, that feels like a more watery colour scheme, especially as a cold shade to contrast with the other more fiery tones (and the colder skin tone helps with that too). Also the purple-glowing base, which is the most interesting and under-watery of the three for me, goes well with it. All IMO of course! 🙂
  9. That’s a great looking alternative Varghulf build!
  10. Just watch out with your stripping agent that you don’t mix water in as well - e.g. pure Dettol bath and the paint comes off nicely (with some scrubbing), Dettol + water = horrible sticky goo that both stays on the mini and gunks up your toothbrush. Definitely worth watching a youtube vid for that one before jumping in.
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