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  1. Looks like she fits the saddle perfectly, nice work! Are you gonna add wings or stick with the Abyssal model fairly closely?
  2. How about sheets of cork board? If you can get ‘em thin enough. They seem to lie fairly flat from what I remember...
  3. It’s amazing how the difference a few well-chosen heads can make! 🙂
  4. Black could be cool. Also the ridges look like the kind of surface Contrast might work really well on?
  5. Looks great so far, how about splashing that red blood colour along the spines? The technical paint one!
  6. Wow, they look great! Very realistic and moody and yet still the bold colours Stormcast would use. I don’t think the purple looks too bad, but just to suggest something in keeping with the overall theme how about a dark, almost-black midnight blue?
  7. Congrats on the wins. Army looks great in action!
  8. Love the silhouette in the Fane!
  9. I find I lose motivation when I have too much to do in front of me, maybe it’s the same for you if you prefer character models? In your shoes I’d put the 10 boyz, 3 Gruntaz and 5 Ard Boyz away so that I only had to look at the chariot and 5 Brutez. Much more manageable. And then only when they’re done would I even think about the next batch. Whether you get through them in the month or not doesn’t matter as long as you have some forward momentum. Just a suggestion but hopefully it helps!
  10. I managed this last year with Deepkin, (27 models - without really spamming eels, “only” 6 of each!) and it’s a great feeling to knock out a fully-painted army this way. As long as there’s a variety of different models and units to move around you don’t notice the low model count at all. Love how AoS facilities this. Congratulations! 🏆
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