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  1. What colour did you paint the blue-ish grey earth under the patches of snow, if you don’t mind me asking? It looks quite close to something I‘ve been thinking of trying myself. Love the encircling ghosts, they fit in perfectly! 🙂
  2. This warhammer tv tutorial might also be worth a look:
  3. You could add some Slaanesh cavalry (seekers, hellstriders, chariots) in alongside the Slaves to Darkness cavalry as well, if you wanted.
  4. Finally got these Sequitors done, really happy with the colours 😊
  5. I’ve had lots of frosting over the years (before I even knew what it was), it’s an awful feeling. 😕 If you prefer Citadel/don’t have an airbrush there are Citadel brush-on varnishes too - Stormshield (matt) and Ardcoat (gloss), there’s a short GW video about using them on YouTube. I’m just beginning to look at them myself, it’s pretty humid here in Ireland so spraying’s often risky. Since I’m a slow painter anyway I reckon the extra varnish time won’t add up to much! 😅
  6. I far prefer the pastel ones in the first pic. Not sure about strap/rein colours, but for the bases too much green might oversaturate the whole effect... so it might also be worth considering a more muted brown/grey bare earth approach, perhaps with some grass tufts?
  7. Is that just space wolves grey over grey seer? Looks great! Only thing to consider is whether the bumpy skin helps give it definition in a way that you won’t get on the smoother aelf skin.
  8. Second one for me anyway. Both look good though!
  9. If that’s a fanatic clinging on underneath that’s inspired! 😄
  10. Actually you just reminded me of the Isharann Tidecaster as well, who has a similar neckcloth, interestingly. It’s cool that her eyes are closed, but there’s an overall flatness to her expression, or something. I don’t know if you’ve come across David Soper’s work (Golden Demon winner, does workshops too) but he got great results using strong shading like you did here - https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/22881 (Me? I just did a head swap! 😄)
  11. I’ve often found Alarielle’s face to be a tiny bit waxy or wooden in some way I can’t quite put my finger on, but your paint job has brought her completely to life. Amazing work! 🙂
  12. Working my way through base coating the Dreadfane sequitors, very flat-looking still, but quite happy with the colours so far 🙂
  13. Great to see classic minis showing up in AoS! 🙂
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