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  1. Tommy

    Bitz Box Blue Scribes

    Yup, great work!
  2. Tommy

    Rhivan's Elves & Undead

    Just watch out with your stripping agent that you don’t mix water in as well - e.g. pure Dettol bath and the paint comes off nicely (with some scrubbing), Dettol + water = horrible sticky goo that both stays on the mini and gunks up your toothbrush. Definitely worth watching a youtube vid for that one before jumping in.
  3. Tommy

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Love that Nagash base, great work! 😃
  4. Nice work! Deadlines are the best. 😄
  5. Tommy

    Idoneth Deepkin, Mor'phann Enclave

    Yeah if you look at cool armies online they almost always have the base rims painted in the same single flat colour, which really helps to unify them as an army. Keep up the good work!
  6. Tommy

    Idoneth Deepkin, Mor'phann Enclave

    Looking good! I think painting the base rims would go a long way towards making them look fully finished, so if you weren’t planning to do so that would be my only real suggestion! Love the patterns on the eel/shark skins in particular. 🙂
  7. Tommy

    [LCOD] Centaur conversion

    You could just have a second Stormcast riding on his back! 😉 Or to hopefully be a little more constructive, perhaps you could drape some green stuff robes over where the saddle etc. was to hide the legs’ removal...? Or some similar equivalent that’s still easier than sculpting Dracoth detail. Gryph charger centaurs would be just as cool though!
  8. Tommy

    Turragor's Progress

    Nice work!
  9. Tommy

    The Deep Vault

    Great soulsnare alternative, instantly recognisable!
  10. Tommy

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Less time? Well done you! Always good to take stock of where things are at overall. For me for January if I put any paint onto anything, preferably Tzeentch, I’ll be happy - expecting a busy couple of weeks and also out of the habit after taking the last few months off. 🙂
  11. Tommy

    Nurgle Army Painting Diary

    😳 How on earth do you get them done so quickly and so crisply?!
  12. Tommy

    5k of chaos log

    Ambitious! Best of luck! 🙂
  13. Tommy

    Help with Cygor

    I don’t have the kit myself but it looks like you might need to spin/twist the upper arm 90 degrees, so that the straps etc. on the lower arm are “facing” the straps on the upper arm (i.e. with the inner elbow angle directly in between them)... maybe?
  14. Off to a great start! There’s gonna be some amazing Gloomspite armies during the next few months I expect - the models are just so characterful!
  15. Love the tribal paint; they look like three dangerous fellows!