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  1. Pledge for July - Ironsoul’s Condemnors: Also just got Lady Harrow’s Mournflight finished off, started them last month though:
  2. You might be right... 😁 Well, it’s likely a couple months off anyway as I’ve some other stuff lined up first, but if I do give the Escher gals a try I’ll be sure to post back here with the results. Cypher Lords could be a great approach actually! 👍
  3. I’ve very similar feelings about the Tzeentch range to you folks, @Ggom and @Lowki - lesser daemon models are a bit meh (except Screamers actually, love those!), Kairic Acolytes are awesome but need some female models, Corvus Cabal seem a perfect fit for Tzeentch, and the Lord of Change is awesome! 🙂 I suspect the Acolytes kit was sculpted just before GW started working to improve female representation in their kits, things have been much better in the last few years. I have 10 males painted and I’m wondering what might be a good base kit for 10 females... Witch Elves are too skimpy so I’m wondering if Escher gangers with regular masked Kairic heads would work. 🤔
  4. It was two or three months ago I pledged to get just an Ogroid Thaumaturge done and didn’t quite make it, but I’ve been plugging away since then and completed both it and a Tzaangor Shaman. First finished models in ages!
  5. Thanks so much for all the details! 🙏
  6. These are gorgeous! 😍 Can I ask what recipe you used?
  7. I won’t be painting a banner myself but fair play for using your models to make make this statement. All these things help to make a difference - no matter how small they might be by themselves they all add up to something bigger.
  8. Great effect on the shield! So do you mostly use washes to let the shading come through?
  9. Personally I think the driver looks cool and unique! 🙂
  10. Wonderful and distinctive colour scheme! 🙂
  11. The highlights look good! For the belts, perhaps you could try edge highlighting them with very thin blue lines... as if they’re reflecting the blueness?
  12. @Macarian Cool idea! I know it’s more expensive than sculpting something yourself (which I can give no advice whatsoever on!! 😁) but there’s a fire-breathing Slaves to Darkness endless spell that might work really well for this... https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Endless-Spells-Slaves-To-Darkness-2019
  13. Love the (mostly) cold palette! How’d you do the blue metal, shade or glaze?
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