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  1. Wow, are they all 100% Contrast? Great work! 🙂
  2. Turquoise and warm gold instead of navy and pale gold? I do think this range will pop far more when a brighter colour is used alongside all the bone.
  3. Love the glowing rat-eyes! And that graph up above is really interesting, thanks for sharing!
  4. Love that orc, the pale skin and red warpaint looks amazing!
  5. Just noticed this while browsing! 😮 Quite the success story, this thread. 🙂
  6. Nice work, the glow on the bases really makes them come to life!
  7. Looks like she fits the saddle perfectly, nice work! Are you gonna add wings or stick with the Abyssal model fairly closely?
  8. How about sheets of cork board? If you can get ‘em thin enough. They seem to lie fairly flat from what I remember...
  9. That’s a great haul for your first year. Well done!
  10. It’s amazing how the difference a few well-chosen heads can make! 🙂
  11. Black could be cool. Also the ridges look like the kind of surface Contrast might work really well on?
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