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  1. Love the sketches, pity your cat knocked your nice cup of tea all over them! 😋 Serious question, do you have a particular approach you like to use when painting/sealing the exposed foam borders on the foamcore scenery bases? I think I’d build a lot more scenery pieces if I had a good solution for this...
  2. Wow, congratulations on a spectacular and unique colour scheme!
  3. Congratulations on getting finished in time!! 🏆
  4. Beautiful work, love the base and the shield!
  5. Best of luck with the tight timeline! I speed-painted (by my standards) a 2K Deepkin list in three weeks a few summers ago, so I can appreciate how much work it is. I found it super-exhausting and there are things I’d do differently if I was trying again, but I had myself an army at the end of it! 🙂
  6. Love how Teclis is a focal point that’s quite distinct from Celennar, I think they blend together too much in the official GW scheme. 🙂
  7. I like the Ossiarch shoulder pads - it’s a nice touch!
  8. Troll king with all the trappings makes for a fun image! Not sure about bits for crowns, but as a related suggestion could the stone club be converted into some kind of makeshift kingly sceptre perhaps?
  9. Exciting! 😊 I’ve been considering adding the new chaos warriors and knights from Start Collecting: Slaves to Darkness to my (really quite small) arcanites army so it’ll have a bit of melee punch... any plans in that regard?
  10. The magmacrocs turned out great! 🙂 Stolen from beneath the Fyreslayers’ noses perhaps?! 😁
  11. That is some exceptional looking cloth! Lovely shade of blue to boot! 😊
  12. Love the colours, brighter and more vivid than typical AoS - reminds me of a video game! 🙂
  13. Cool idea, gives me a tomb kings death mask kind of vibe so maybe there’s something could be done with that in terms of the overall concept?
  14. I do love me some vibrant dinosaurs. 🙂 Best of luck and keep us posted!
  15. So gladiatorial! Beautiful work!
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