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  1. So only small things to do, except making better photos!
  2. Thank you. i tried still water but the result wasn't good, so i just bought an 2 component water an will try it out next week!
  3. Still WIP! The Bases will be with a Water effect on the black soil, but will be attached when the model is finished.
  4. Done! My Cam setup is still crappy and eating little color changes....
  5. Thank you. Here he is, just some small things to do.
  6. No problem, you are welcome and thank you two. Here some Wips of my Demonprince.
  7. Finished, except the little hand on the shield.
  8. Dont be scared, its just color. 😉 but its way better then before! The base of the left ogre is screaming for a redish desert base or a rly cold snowbase. Red for complimentary contrast, the snow one with blue and bluish black for a cold pattern model. Maybe if you give the skin some additional blues in the shadows i would prefer a cold snowy base. 😂
  9. So here some more pics. My still wip Demon Prince and some Sisters of thorn with my Elklord.
  10. I can recommend ponal which is a wood glue. My basing "sand" is normal catsand and just dry earth or dirt. You have to delute the glue with a little bit of water, place it on the base and dip it into the sand. I usually make a pyramid of sand on top of the base and then let it dry for a day. If its not enough just do it again. After you are pleased just take a old drybrush and sweep away sand which is not glued on the base or just sticks a little bit. Basecoat it and it wont fall off and looks nice if you add some stones or something. Just works perfect for me. Looks like this:
  11. Thank you, sir. True, maybe i fund some space attaching one. If not it would be like in middle of the battle and he threw the bow away to go on fighting in close combat. 😁
  12. So and here we go on! So this is my Wood Elf Prince. Just the base isn't finished.
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