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  1. Btw, my minis will stay on 20mm and 25x50mm bases, but ill try TOW too some day. Just with some trays.
  2. The Bodies are from the Idoneth Reavers, the heads are from the Glade Guard sprue (the old Wood Elf Archer) which will come back because of TOW and the Quivers are from the Melusai Blood Stalkers.
  3. thank you very much. Revived and older centaur, which was originally painted in another colortheme.
  4. Has been quite some time. And i finished some models again! A Wild Hunter Champ: Archer: And finally a Wardancer: What do you think?
  5. So and the finished Wild Hunter. The blood is a bit too bright but all around iam quite pleased.
  6. And continued by a bunch of Elves My new Druid a Sentinel BladeDancer one with nmm one with tmm And wip WildHunter and another Dancer What do you think?
  7. And it will continue! sry for the break, but my life got a little bit spicey and i had little time due to my little one. So ill catch up with some finished models and some wips. Here a goblin Unitfiller And a Orc Unitfiller
  8. Here is my Treefather, nearly finished, a wizard and some Dancers. I rly like the outcome
  9. i use a technique of priming with two colors. It appears to be grey but it is actually a black base coat which should cover all the models surface and then a white coat from where your light is going to come from. In my case zenithal, from above. This coat shouldnt be covering and you have to be careful not to be to far away from your mini. If you are the paint will dry in the air and the mini surface will be rough. I use GW white and black, imo the best cans out there. Go with the airbrush if you have one.
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