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  1. Exactly what I was thinking - it has vibes of the 3rd edition WFB box set .. Have you met Grom? The AoS version would be excellent - I loved those wolf riders [and this is a dwarf collector!]. They also could have Troll allies. I really hope their opposition isn't Stormcast - Cities would be more interesting [or Stormcast with CoS as allies] also Alarielle seems to be rising in the BR narrative.. Hopefully another preview is announced today so we maybe get some more peeks this week and I think we are due another BR story this week [they are every fortnight?]. I'm busting to know who Kragnos is, what Belakor is up to and how the BR narrative is developing..
  2. It could be that there are logistical issues getting all the components reproduced as its not just models, there's all the cardboard elements etc.. Blackstone is still available so I don't see why they wouldn't work to produce more stock of Cursed City, unless Cursed City is waaayy more popular than Blackstone.
  3. Thats a forest dragon and he's surrounded by Aelf centaurs and Satyrs, ..😇 [I wish]
  4. Life VS Destruction starter set? Alarielle/Kurnothi [Kragnos] vs Gordrakk's lads??? Just thinking out Loud as Alarielle seems to becoming more prominent in the BR series.. That said the new CoS and Gravelords stuff looks amazing... I think its win-win either way.. [
  5. Yeah thats what I'm thinking the schedule looks like- especially as they seem to suddenly be rushing them out. Those witch hunters are fantastic -delighted for the CoS players, but just as a collector I'd love to get these to just to paint. The variants are cool too- he has 4 builds - single pistol, double pistol and pistol and sword, sword and torch, nice. The quality of these sculpts and the heroes from Cursed City are amazing- if they expanded that into a full release for CoS in 3rd Ed it would make a hell of a starter set...I really hope they do rather than Stormcast [nothing against Stormcast more just for the additional variety it would offer].
  6. Maybe Malerion? He's been very quiet - perhaps Teclis throwing his weight around might provoke him to action?
  7. I think Darksphere might have done an expression of interest email thing - they did it with the Sisters box so their mailing list gets first go at it. I managed to get one off GW, I know they are coming back in stock but it takes me an age to paint anything and I wanted to get these all painted up so I can maybe get my mate to play after lockdown.
  8. Honestly as long as they arrive in some form I'll be happy. I'm interested in how Kragnos plays out- with Alarielle holding Kurnoth's spear perhaps Kragnos takes his mantle and Kurnoth stays absent. Or perhaps he's something different altogether, perhaps even faction less.
  9. I read the first of the Orion books and he is incredibly savage. I think Kurnothi could well be coming as a thing themselves- they might be able to ally with Sylvaneth but possibly be stand alone factions, in fairy tales the Fae always had separate courts for the King and Queen and they were rivals. Plus..
  10. Yeah thats what I'm thinking .. didn't she plant a seed of him from the Old Stag? Plus Orion was always reborn at the start of spring. Or perhaps he will stay dead and Kragnos will rise in his place. I could see Gordrakk getting elevated to an avatar of Gorkamorka or as it incarnate. Not sure if Gorkamorka would manifest- isn't he huge ? But Destruction could definitely use a centrepiece/central character so I wonder how they will do this. I reckon they could take part of Excelsius leaving the city in a state of part ruin/occupation. I could see them staying - the beauty of Cities of Sigmar is it provides the opportunity not only to explore design of new human forces but different types of Aelves and Duardin while still having the separate factions. Theres loads of flexibility there if the designers want to develop different ideas without them becoming a full faction. So they could take Kurnothi one direction [maybe the more Fae aspect, and take the wanders in another - the more noble wood elves from 8th. They don't have to choose between they can do both, keeping them distinctly different.
  11. Actually I think its more like rigging than nets so either a ship, a war machine or a howdah.. Idoneth possibly, maybe destruction but it looks quite well made?
  12. Did they ever mention wether there was a solo play mode for this? Looking forward to it- even just as a collection of models it looks amazing!
  13. Alarielle thinks he'll be back sooner and won't be happy skeleton - probably with a fresh set of books and the latest version of Arkhan. His plans are merely delayed plus his minions are still at large causing havoc.
  14. Rumour was Orks in the summer I think- this year was due to be AoS centric.
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