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  1. I remember those chaos armies.. and I still haven't forgiven them for 3rd! The demon weapons which contained a demon....amongstall the other nasties chaos could field.. Mind you dwarf runes were key to shaping our armies..master runes of death, three runes of fury For an extra 3 attacks... those where the days..
  2. Looks cool- I always loved character building - helped shaped the theme of the army and plus its a great excuse to kit bash your own hero..
  3. You could be right but Skaven don't have fine hands and wear gloves and the shape is too elegant for Skaven, looks more like a Dark Eldar or Shadow Aelves design to me. If its 40k could be corsairs? They said its further away so probably not that Warcry war band [I hope we see more of the WarCry stuff soon]. Might be a solo character ..
  4. New Rumour pic- https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/30/the-rumour-engine-june-30th-2020/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=WHRumorEngine30June20&utm_content=WHRumorEngine30June20 Looks elf/eldar of the darker varieties.. the fabric tied through the hole in the blade - might be more of that Warcry war band?
  5. Yeah thats what I find so appealing about them - elements to add to armies/projects to personalise them which isn't always what you get form the more unit based kits for the main games.
  6. I'm really interested to see what Warcry war bands come out- I'd love a KO/dwarf one [maybe a dwarf ranger one referencing Bugman's rangers?].I'd love a Kurnothi one but I doubt they would use Warcry to bring new models out for that until the visit them as a faction/sylvaneth extension. Also though I think, regardless of the faction, they could be very collectable as you aren't committing to building up a small force and there should be variety across the set. It will be interesting see how GW approaches adding new waves/models to existing factions. Although I'm not convinced they will yet, thyecould continue to evolve factions with older factions fading into the background, possible before being revisited again much later.. who knows, but that was the original plan for AoS allegedly and there is no sense that that may have changed.
  7. The Lumineth box looks more like a special bundle than a discount bundle - if everything was released and you where into that faction you'd spend that - 2 boxes of troops at £30, a character at £15 and a book at £25= £100 plus all the dice etc. Its not a bargain but its good if you like the faction and are gaming with them as you're basically spending the extra £10 on dice and counters. Plus you are getting them a bit early. I wouldn't give up hope- Sons are a book and a big single kit pretty much - pretty easy to slot into the schedule compared to other factions so you never know..
  8. I was thinking about this- one of the primary purposes of AOS is it allows GW to explore different "tropes" of classic armies- all ghost armies, all slayer armies.. all tree spirit armies for example. This means elf collectors suddenly have multiple choices of [small ]armies to collect, dwarf players can have slayers, steampunk dwarfs or dispossessed and probably "high dwarfs" next... But with their return to the old world they create another outlet for army types- they can have classic wood elves, norse dwarfs, classic dwarfs, Bretonnia etc while still offering fire dwarfs, tree spirit armies.. so maybe see of these army types will just appear in the Old World setting. For AoS I can see them continuing to expand with new armies and then slowly folding older armies together as they go - I reckon Kurnothi will have their own book and then be folded in with Sylvaneth at a later point. Having said that the benefit of AoS is there is so much they can add to factions rather than redoing models they can bring out brand new models to add to existing factions. The problem they faced with old WFB and 40k is the limited return on replacement models. I think thats changed now as they have moved the sculpting on so much and left ranges largely dormant that they can now return to them with refresh with higher quietly kits and probably a fish approach as seen with the Necron release and Sisters of Battle.
  9. Yes its one of things I've grown to love about AoS- bringing me armies I had no idea I would love- Steam-punk dwarf sky-pirates- absolutely! A Narnian army of half elves- wonderful! The original beast masters had hawks, wild cats, hounds, boars and bears so they could add those. Large bear-type creatures would be excellent, and obviously giant eagles are possibility. They could have packs of these running with the faun/centaur elves. Really interested to see what the range build up like and what the heroes look like. Obviously Kurnoth/shard of Kurnoth would e the centrepiece. Anyway I doubt they would release two aelf factions in the same year so they would be a way off yet unless they appear in Warcry or Quest.
  10. Me too- thats what I'm worried about as well! But Whitefang on here seems to have a sense of things [maybe I'm giving him too much credit!:D] and he's fairly positive they will get a book etc.. and Atia on War of Sigmar mentioned a Centaur army coming when they were initially released.. Hope they really push the wild nature of them, I didn't like it when Wood Elves became green elves rather than the Fae- the Wild Hunt models seem to have recaptured that feel. Its probably down to restricted access to the studio and reduced staffing - the photos seem pretty minimal relative to the normal product listing so imagine they will get back to as soon as they can. Photos sell models after all.
  11. I don't remember anyone on Warseer mentioning the Beastmasters -but it was a while ago! I agree with you- the Kurnothi definitely have elements from Jes' early wood elves - I loved the beast masters, and there is definitely something of the wardancers in them as well. I remember Harry on Warseer knowing about AoS well before it hit- he knew about Stormcast and I remember a really strange sprue pic appearing which everyone thought was Squats/Demiurg -Harry just said "even stranger"- looking back it was a Kharadon sprue. So I wouldn't be surprised if someone saw Beastmasters back then which might only be surfacing now. Pretty sure Primaris where mentioned well before they appeared- their rumours got mixed up with the Heresy marines. I think the Owl is more Kurnothi than Sylvaneth as the Spites and critters of AOS Sylvaneth have been insectoid generally. The Kurthothi seem to be the Fauna aspect of life.. Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out!
  12. One thing I'm really pleased to see them take form AoS in 40k is how they approach ranges- the Necron release looks similar in quality to the AOS armies in terms of the character of the faction as well the quality of the sculpts. AoS releases have to build the entire feel of a faction from scratch and in my opinion, they do this incredibly well with the clam pack characters and little touches on bases right up to the centrepiece models. The necron update looks to have all these elements- I'm hoping they take this approach as they refresh all the factions [especially Nids!]. I know they have 2 Psychic Awakening books to get out yet but they have a month to drop them before 9th- seems easy and sets up some of the factions for the new edition. They will be wanting to get 9th out on time- its probably sitting in the warehouses right now and has been for a while. They Ardmore likely to move the Lumineth/WarCry etc around a bit. The disruption to production probably is more going to be felt 3-6 months down the line.. Really looking forward to what AoS has coming down the line with these hints of Warcry/Underworlds or Quest.. all looking very interesting..
  13. Yeah I think they will push out the Psychic Awakening books quickly - its mostly rules and fluff content with few models suits easy enough. The whole series has been building towards 9th and I reckon they have a lot to release off the back of it with the new factory becoming operational, all the things we expected with Psychic Awakening in terms of range refreshes for some of the factions are probably all planned out. Thats the 40k side of things, they need to get the Lumineth and Sons out before they can touch anything else for AoS and we have no idea what's coming beyond them. I'd say the Lumineth box set will be out pretty sharpish, Sons might fit in around 40k at the end of July.
  14. Looks slightly strange/other. I'm hoping Kurnothi but he looks slightly aquatic [I think its the eyes and ear tufts]. Could be exodite.. or maybe its a Mentor Legion Primaris Lieutenant.... 😝
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