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  1. Just catching up- these recent releases look great- the Warcry monsters are lovely. The new chaos warriors are surprising- mainly because they kept the classic design with just a bit of a refresh in term software posing- they look they will fit in with the old plastics really well. The thing about monopose isI think generally it lets them do better sculpts, multipart/pose kits probably limits the sculpts to allow customisation - it certainly looks that way with the night haunt stuff- the sculpts are quality and they clearly pushed that rather than the ability to customise them. With the old monopose plastics [where is was a single sculpt] I found I could add variety by cutting at wrist joints and twisting weapon poses and head swaps can be done too. Interesting if they start making start collecting single pose sets -especially if they are supported by full kits- it would add to the variety of sculpts in the ranges. They must be doing it to improve accessibility and I also reckon they are easier to produce, but I definitely wouldn't say no to a KO one with new sculpts.
  2. Yeah or alternatively bones discolour - hence the black/green etc.. -I reckon these guys would look epic in other schemes. I like them -they look very different to other undead, very elite and taking the construct idea somewhere else. Be tempted to get a few just to paint- love the floating sorcerer with the black bone.. It seems to me overall to be a very AoS design, which is a good thing- there are already skeleton forces this goes somewhere else. Interested to see what other builds there are..
  3. The model isn't mentioned in that link [unless I missed it]. Interesting Kharadron novella coming- with a female lead character- I'd love a female kharadron character my fleet..
  4. Not a rumour as such but recently on here I mentioned remembering that when AoS first launched it was rumoured that the release model they would be following was ongoing small factions which were slowly phased out and replaced with new factions. [hope that made sense] And obviously they haven't added to any of the faction model ranges other than Stormacast which suggested this could be the case- no new FEC, Fyreslayers or Sylvaneth. BUT on the latest StormCast podcast Wade and Cat [who did the fantastic illustration of a Kharadron outpost with the ships and tentacled cloud beasts] were discussing the value of illustrations which described and implied the cultures/worlds/civilisations the factions operated in and repeatedly mentioned that it would be useful in the future when designers revisited those factions/ranges. So they do seem to intend to revisit and expand the factions they have created, obviously at the moment they are more concentrating on increasing the breadth and variety of factions rather than the faction depths. Just thought I'd mention that and the StormCast podcast is definitely worth a watch..
  5. Looking forward to seeing them! Especially that Devanthar!
  6. Really cool! Love the conversions and the painting is so rich- the earthy tones really work well and that red warpaint stripe just sets it all off. Were is the head from? Not familiar with the elf kits. And what's next?
  7. You might get a new hunter model through BeastGrave - Hastings mentioned an Ogre Hunter as a possible war band [although his list missed BoC and Wanderers turned out to be Kurnothi]. Still possible and what I'd hope GW would use Underworlds fro -to expand ranges.
  8. Problem is if they had discontinued all the non AoS armies 4 years ago there wouldn't have been much variation to play the game with. GW brought out AoS to allow them to bring out new things, the legacy armies were just holding until they started to fill out the ranges, They are at that point of a lot of AoS specific factions and models now. I really think this cull creates space for new dwarf/human/elf kits in the future which will be more AoS themed so I think you'll get a AoS flavoured human faction and kits. I'm saying this as a dwarf collector - I expect another new Dwarf faction in the future around the Hammerer and Iron breaker kits. I'm sure the human forces will get something similar in the future. It sucks now but you never know what they have planned in the future. When AoS first dropped I saw that dwarfs were a legacy faction so I put them away. Then Kharadrons came out and I love them- which I didn't expect at all. They want to bring you new things which touch on previous tropes.. hang in there and see what comes up. The thing I like about AoS now is its quite vibrant in terms of releases.. 40k is basically now Chaos vs Imperium..I think a new AoS human faction could be excellent and the kits they are keeping might be the basis of those future factions.
  9. I remember that too- I wonder if that is the strategy as no factions other than Stormcast are getting any real depth- no new Fyreslayer models, other factions just getting single character model.. instead of new Sylvaneth there are new Kurnothi.. but at this point I suppose we have no idea how they view the factions they created.. I think they will probably keep evolving alongside the fluff.. but I'd like to know I might be getting new Kharadrons in the future, not just new dwarf factions [which I admit I'm looking forward to].
  10. I think the removal of the dwarf units clears the way for the future - the rumour of Grungni now building something new in the realms [according to a snippet from the Fyreslayers book] so another dwarf faction in the future.
  11. Wow that is a big number of kits going.. as a dwarf player I won't miss the thunderers or the warriors - I'm lucky to have older metals. But there are some really nice models going out of production. This was always going to happen though- they can't keep things in stock indefinitely, especially when AoS was all about allowing them to bring in new factions and explore new races. Sad to see a lot of this go but I think they will be replaced by AoS versions- which could be very interesting AoS style Free Peoples etc.. [not just more stormcast]. You can see the wood elves have been developed into the Sylvaneth and now the Kurnothi, I imagine they have plans for the regular humans too so I hope you guys get to see new exciting stuff in the future.
  12. They aren't Mohawks though.. no side shave 😉- they are manes of hair like Jes Goodwin's 2/3rd ed elves/woodelves- check out Glam the Laughing Warrior from Skarlocs Wood Elf Archers Regiment of Renown...😀
  13. Its actually the war dancer champion from Skarlocs Wood Elf archers hair- he has a massive mane of hair too.. which was orange.. Really hope they come out as a faction ...
  14. Yeah the angles of the pictures and possibly the painting don't help a couple of the Kurnothi. The clear shot of the horn blower makes him look like a really good model. They have a bit of the early war dancer vibe done by Jes. I think they might be more aligned with Sylvaneth though as they have those seed pods in their chests..
  15. I really like the Kurnothi - the centaur and the horn blower especially - it looks like a really good set and they would make a pretty cool faction to expand into. The Lizardmen skinks are brilliant!
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