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  1. One thing I also noticed from the Cathay trailer- there where a few chaos forces I didn't recognise - the winged beastial creatures [furies?] and the beastial creatures with glowing claws [didn't look like daemonettes]. The "credible rumour drop" mentioned new Deamons coming- could these be a sneak peek at new undivided deamons? I'm not up on Chaos forces so just wondering..
  2. Yeah it looks like TOW will be amazing! Especially if they apply this design approach to the older armies and factions..
  3. Wow Grand Cathay looks awesome! Love the bat winged air cav and the balloons [always thinking of those KO crossovers!!].
  4. Could be .. it did strike me as aelf but the arguments for Warcry are possible too, I think there was an icon on the last Warcry map that had blood drop in it so possible.. Edit: so there are a number of symbols on the Catacombs map- Crossed pole arms with a blood drop [Soulblight?], Anvil and Hammer with iron halo [Chaos dwarfs], Skaven Symbol, Skull and blades [looks very Kruelboyz], a Chain, A scorpion, possibly on a web, A Statue with a crown in a chaos star, a Spiral in a star/halo and a great axe on a shield. Hopefully we'll get a sense of what they are doing with Warcry soon -possibly a new series of war bands?
  5. Yeah Thats exactly what I thought - plus the vent from the backpack. Looks like the middle one is Black Templar. Not sure on the left one- maybe another Sister from the Killteam set [rumoured to be a new squad type..]. Those leaks are looking pretty strong. Interested to see what comes for Warcry- wasn't there a map for the last release? I remember it having an icon of an Anvil and Chain - I hoped for Dwarfs - it could be Chaos Dwarfs ? Wonder what else we will see- hope there are some good hints if not full reveals of what is coming. No offence to their fans but I'd love to see something else than Stormcast and Kruelboyz.. [order dwarfs/Kurnothi/Nids/Squats would be perfect, if unlikely].
  6. I'm really keen to see how GW redesign them-they've done some cracking new dwarf sculpts recently - the KO range, love the Fyreslayer Underworlds set, Gotrek, Bugmansson and Dagnai are all fantastic. So the prospect of new AOS duardin and squats is pretty exciting. I'm even intrigued as to how cool they could make the Chaos Dwarfs as well ..
  7. Ah mate come on- yes this is the rumour thread but there is a hell of a lot of speculation and wish listing going on [all part of the fun -I do it myself]. What you heard sounds interesting. I was looking at the unsolved rumour engines and there is the scarred horse leg and was wondering in StD might get an update- multi pose kits to go with the start collecting that was released [last year?]. So your dragon fits with that and I think Warcom hinted at more dragons appearing in the realms as well. Cheers for sharing [if you hear anything Dwarf related I'd be thrilled ... 😉]
  8. Yeah its pretty amazing looking forward as a dwarf fan- particularly looking forward to Squats [the moment I saw KO I knew that GW could make awesome Squat models] as well as new Grungni Duardin NO!! Don't you dare take them away from me! Plus there is room for all!! [But seriously rumours wise squats seem to be coming and not massively in the distance]. At last! The true order has been returned!
  9. YES!! They are coming!!! [plus KO crossovers... the joy!!!!]
  10. The Shaman is a very nice model so a variant would be good. I wonder if it might have something to do with beasts though as that grot has a trap?
  11. Looks good- hope they reveal hints of the expected war bands soon.. fingers crossed for some new Grungni dwarfs... Probably get some sort of CoS/Dawnbringer set? The new style stormcast will be a safe bet- what else do you guys think? Ogres? Sylvaneth/Kurnothi maybe with the wood elf vibe? Some sort of Skaven clan - a moulder one with rat ogre,wolf rats and giant rats would be cool and I could see Eshin up to no good too. what do you guys think might be coming?
  12. Someone on Dakka pointed out that there were changes for the Necrons between Indomitus and their Codex so it could be a rule change.
  13. Yeah after seeing the Kharadron [and buying them!] the idea of Squats is way more appealing- hoping they will do a similar job with them. I'd be happy with a Killteam, delighted with more.. and think of the kit bashing potential ...between both squats and KO!
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