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  1. Well I remember reading that High Elves were a big seller in WFB [like one of the biggest sellers], so they could be following that and building a faction that expands over time, temples rather than the Stormcast Chambers. This is from ages ago when Warseer was still going but I think Harry mentioned it and he was very well informed. I think it looks too pure animal for a demon- its some kind of creature or ' were, it seems large for a normal sized animal though. The basing could be from Warcry catacombs or maybe a new Quest game? So maybe not indicative of the faction but the setting.. in fact I'd bet its for catacombs..
  2. Could be fox/feline.. I'd love Kurnothi, but maybe more gyrinx for 40k?
  3. Others have offered plenty- the internet can show up a lot of hyperbole, folks can be more abrupt online than they would in real life and I guess that attitude can spill into real life. On the opponents hating on your army - people can have bad experiences against a certain army - nothing you can do about their past experience but you can ensure that when they play you, they have a better experience. I think by being a considerate, generous opponent and showing that you play the army out of love of the faction rather than pure competitiveness you can, if not win them round, give them a good playing experience. Winning I great but a great game doesn't reply on winning, I'd rather have a fun game were my opponent enjoys it as much as I do than win with them sweating and cursing. So that could be an approach to any players who get wound up at your army- play with warmth and humour, play relaxed [trying to win obviously] and that might allow them to relax and enjoy the game too [giving you a better experience]. With the loud, big guy thats threatening your models but saying he is joking- maybe just say to him you appreciate he is joking but it can be a bit much- if he could emphasise the humour but during the game you'd appreciate it. Also give him the benefit of the doubt and try an condition yourself to think he's just joking [wether he is or not]- laugh along with him [not at him] and you'll probably have a better experence. I learned this through getting my ass kicked repeatedly by my mates army and whenever I went too hard at hm he'd get wound up so I realised I'd have a better time if we both enjoyed the game, I relaxed a bit more, still lost but we both had a good time. On the forum experience - TGA is pretty cool, I also find if you get more into the hobby discussions it gets even better.. nice bunch here.
  4. Love that! Great to see the Kharadron in the wider setting- the floating tower in the background is so cool!
  5. I still don't think thats a hand holding something- the handle would be too far back in a grip, it should be further forward.
  6. The paint marks on the handle looks like wood grain? Its quite small judging by the pain marks. Maybe a zombie set like the ones in the corpse cart?
  7. Those are excellent, I was wondering how well they could do female orcs/orruks -these type of sculpts with added axes/choppas and armour would be ace- the pointing one would make a cool leader model. I really think why there hasn't been as much female representation is probably for some factions it hasn't been asked ="what would females in these societies do? How would they appear on the battlefield ?". Returning to dwarfs -females not appearing on the battlefield is not an intrinsic feature of dwarf culture, its been mentioned possibly in passing in the lore but not to the extent that its part of the defining feature of the race. Even if it was the benefit of AoS is that it is a progressing story so things can change. Dwarf culture could see the rise of the Cult of Valaya which female dwarfs take to the battlefield to protect their holds/home/honour/profit. Again I'm all for it, I think GW are well capable of doing a good job of it - it needs to be done well, but if done well I think it deepens factions individually and the setting as a whole.
  8. In terms of female dwarfs - I don't think there has ever been an explicit mentioning of why they wouldn't be warriors, they are supposed to be as tough, stubborn and resilient as the males. They just haven't really been talked about until recently- bar Valaya and Queen Helga from the grudge of Drong. they have been introduced into Kharadron fiction and art which is excellent and I could see them being added to other dwarf factions -maybe as distinctive cults/formations. Model wise I think in th past they have been tricky to do well, but I think they have really got dwarf proportions perfect now with the recent sculpts, so adding subtly female forms is much easier [now they have waists and knees!]. I think we will see more of them as they continue to expand AoS, GW seems much more keen to add female models recently and I think when they revisit some of the ranges we will see more.
  9. I always like having female models within a faction- I really like the added variation and interest [and I'm a bloke]. I've always wanted female dwarf models, I like having female leaders and heroes alongside the male ones as well as in units. It just improves the visual diversity within a faction and gives the sense of a fuller society and I like that sense of depth in a faction. I was so happy to see female Kharadron represented in the artworks and the fluff in the recent Kharadron book and a few novellas- hoping they are added on model form too when ever we get some new sculpts [thought it was a shame the new endrinmaster wasn't female]. The art looks really good with different helmet designs for the females so I'm hopeful they can be done well.
  10. Yeah they said that around the Kharadron release as well -that that was it for now. Encouraging. Hopefully we'll see second waves for armies soon with these new books/new edition.
  11. Squats.. whisper it... 😁 Yeah thats one the charms of the AOS universe - there is smooch scope for diversity and Warcry and Underworlds gives them the chance to try things out. Doubtless if they are well received and are seen as something that can be developed further they will be. Possibly why some factions haven't been revisited yet is that the design studio hasn't got a fully developed vision for what to do next for them. It is actually what happened to squats- they couldn't get a strong vision of where to take them. Plus we really haven't seen them revisit any of the factions bar Slaves to Darkness, they'll probably want to revisit ranges in a manner which allows them to evolve rather than get stuck on fixed factions.
  12. I thinking something dwarf-y/duardin... proportion of the hand and the engineered quality of the metal.. something for Warcry/Killteam.. 🤞
  13. Yeah we don't really know what's on the way beyond that Morathi box army wise. Plus I'm really keen to see what's coming for Warcry and Underworlds beyond the new starters. Hoping for something Dwarf that I can buy into. I'm really surprised they haven't done much with Skaven - my arch nemesis...
  14. They are shown in 10s in the promo photo so thats probably the number in the box unfortunately. I take it they are an elite army not horde...😬 Telcis looks to be pretty big centre piece model you'd only buy one of so I can kind of get that.
  15. Yeah I noticed between the first Kharadron book and the second they have started to add in more lore and descriptions- the setting generally is getting deeper and more established and this will only improve as they go forward. A fox spirit could be very cool.. I could be tempted in the future.. will we get fox elites too I wonder.. might fit in with my Kurnothi war band I'm building..
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