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  1. I've played three games now, and we've moved up to 750 points. Infernal Enrapturess has made her points back every game, and the Fiends are solid and great character hunters. Hellstriders were welcome as buffers, but their combat worthiness is questionable, so they'll be built with whips and ran as everyone else is already running them. Daemonettes are excellent, and have forced units with 10 Bravery to auto fail their Battleshock. Seekers are okay, summoned some to keep my left flank from collapsing, which enabled me to win the game. Finally, the LoSoDM shares the Hellstrider's mediocrity, but did an adequate job of murdering a mounted Knight of Shrouds and generating depravity in the last game; I think two mounted Heralds would be just as good, if not better, even with Hellish Swiftness. Speaking of, I really need a KoS, but the Infernal Enrapturess will do for vanguard games; I still need 40 more Daemonettes.
  2. Has anyone considered assembling Sisters of Slaughter with Witch Aelf heads?
  3. I made the trip to my local game store this weekend to pick up my wife's Daughters of Khaine battleforce, and my Wrath and Rapture box. Pleasantly, the Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount I ordered was also waiting. Once I got home I promptly opened the Lord kit and started prepping it for assembly, blithely ignoring Wrath and Rapture until I had reached the point where the Lord required conversion elements I did not have on hand. Oh Thanharath, someday your raiding band of daemonic pirates will ply the seas and coasts, someday. I finally committed to a basing scheme for my mortals and daemons, the pirate themed mortals will all be based in the wood plank theme, while the wholly daemonic models will use the alien invasion bases. This will allow my daemonic host to straddle AOS and 40K without looking like they should be in one game or the other. I expect the Emperor's Children codex to drop sooner or later, and that's something I'm very interested in. Back to Wrath and Rapture, the Fiends and Infernal Enrapturess impress, and with the reinforcements from the box I'll be able to start playing 500+ point games this week. It's been a few years since I last played any unit oriented tabletop and I'm anxious to see my "ladies" cavort across the battlefield.
  4. PT now reflects current acquired models, and new wants.
  5. Back on topic: I just paid for my box! I want to get a second one eventually, but I might just go through resellers for more fiends.
  6. Looks like I need to get two boxes eventually, and grab an extra icon for my Daemonettes to replace the one I used for my Chaos Sorcerer.
  7. Nope, you have to go to the Keeper of Secrets for daemonic spellcasting.
  8. Would they make the Herald of Slaanesh a wizard in a box against an anti-wizard Hero? The Infernal Enrapturess looks and sounds fairly wizardy to me.
  9. Phase 1 is basically finished now, with the addition of two Heralds (one mounted) from the bits I had and moving the unfinished mortals into their own phase much farther into the future (due to a mistake in my order with my local store). Also added a future Sorcerer project, since I'm all about wizards.
  10. In US, Iooking for the Nighthaunt portion of the box. Willing to split a new purchase 60 (book)/40.
  11. My nephew recently caught Warhammer fever, and he's interested in Nighthaunts. I picked up the paint set with the glaivewraiths (yay drummer!), but that's it so far. I've set a benchmark of 500 points, and would like to get him what he needs to play for Christmas. What would you recommend?
  12. I wonder how the new Infernal Enrapturess will compare to the Chaos Sorcerer Lord. I suppose we'll know soon, they're bound to have a feature on her in the coming weeks.
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