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  1. Tonight's painting has mostly consisted of painting bone and teeth! Something these guys are really not short on! Looking forward to gettimg stuck into the armour next.
  2. Making some decent progress on the gruntas! Really looking forward to having them done - there's alot to them! But lovely minis.
  3. After a loooong break mucking around with moonclan and stormcast and a couple of commissions, I'm firmly back into Ironjawz mode! Just completed my first 5 brutes for my 10 man hacka unit! Waaagh!!!
  4. I think probably your best bet is ebay and the trading sections on here and facebook etc. If you commission an army you'll be paying for both the models and the painter's time, paints and work - which if you're after anything decent, will rightly cost a fair whack. 2nd hand on the other hand, won't get you exactly what you want, but the equally you are often paying around retail or less, depending on quality - sometimes people are just clearing out so they can move on to another army. Have a browse, you sometimes get some gems!
  5. Ademo

    Mourngul nerfed again

    Haha, see I actually like the update. He feels inline with the rest of nighthaunt and a price drop to 300. He's far from the glory days of the past ( let's be honest he was broken as heck!) But I think I like what he has to offer for 300points. Might just be me!?
  6. Been slowly putting more paint on these guys, just building the armour up. Taking it nice and slow - it's actually been quite relaxing as I'm in no rush for deadlines etc.
  7. Thanks alot! You're a trooper (or madman) for painting that many! This batch I started lighter up my green scale, so the core/base colour is loren forest. The lips are screamer pink, pink horror and emperors children, each mixed with the base skin tone and a final plain emp children
  8. I've been playing around with a different skin tone - I aim to mix about 3 across the army for variety. Here's a shot of my medium green ardboyz - this will be the most common I think. Still v WIP, only finished bone, skin and faces
  9. Thanks alot! The runtherd head has so much character, I imagine him grumbling away at the younger ardboyz ? As for the skintone: Popped a bit of druchii violet around the lips and eyes too.
  10. Thanks very much! I've now fitted all 3 of them with them - should hopefully look cool when done. Small update - been working more on nailing down the colour scheme.
  11. I've had a fun day building kits! Got my first 5 brutes made up and ready for sprayimg and started my first goregrunta - really pleased to report that mt ork warbije tyreguard idea did indeed work, hurray! Will do some more work to make it blend in a bit more but it should look cool painted up ?
  12. Thanks very much, really pleased with it! Thanks alot! I imagine it will be a pretty slow growing army, got some commissions to do etc but will get as much time with 'da ladz' as possible Yeh that sounds pretty brutal! I'm thinking I'll do a bit more of a general list, using the bits I like the look of mostly.
  13. Bit of a start on tge painting! Had a go at armour chips. Pleased with the effect, may do a bit of light sponging and have a play at scuffs - need to obviously find a balance between setails and overdoing it!
  14. Cheers man! Not sure if it'll work or not but sure I can get something to stick. I Decided to try mixing up the poses of the big choppas in my ardboyz unit as it will be the main weapon of choice. So, like any good greenskin I got hackin'! ? Bit of a chore but once done should add variety.
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