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  1. I decided to get a shot or three of my Tzeentch army all set out and they look awesome. I have loved painting these guys.
  2. The forest spirit know as the Thorn-Revenant is a caring and nurturing creature that walks among the forest folk mending the wounded and bringing wonderous gardens into life all across Arranoc. She has been a constant presence for as long as any being can remember nurturing soul pod groves and growing new sediments of the city as new dwellings are required. Some believe her a saintly manifestation of Alarielle that came to the city when it was separated from the realm of Ghyran . The truth is she was once a priestess of the Life Goddess who dedicated her life and soul to creating and nurtur
  3. The Oaken King Dramareth is an ancient and mighty sylvaneth warrior who has lead the households of Arranoc in countless wars in his long existence and has garnered a mastery of warfare rivaled by no other in whole of the free city. Never making ties with any Glade until the coming of the Age of Chaos. Stranded on the wandering isle he swore an oath to the Everqueen to preserve the purity of the Wellspring of Renewal in the face of the ravages Chaos. He instructed the humans and Wanderers that were stranded together to work with the sylvaneth to work as cohesive shock force that could mobili
  4. A mood has struck me to make a second post today after fiddling around with my tree people. So I made a battle line shot and decided to make a post where I can post some ideas for future updates to my project in the near future. As a place holder I’ve taken a few photos of the army so far and a few up close for you folks to look over. Any comments or concerns are always welcome In the corporate tree people offices. I love a few of these models in particular the heroes that I have accumulated over the years including a knight incantor, old dark master battlemage guy who doubles as an
  5. After what feels like an entire age of the realms I have finally finished my lord of change minus the basing. I have run out of Raw Sienna so I’m going to have to wait on basing it for now. I really had fun with the dry brushing on this guy and it surprisingly didn’t take as long as I would have thought. Years ago I painted a frostheart Phoenix for a friend and I had flashbacks to that while I was doing the wings. I tried to use as many different colors as I could and I like the balance I achieved between them all. I have it up to table top standard but if anyone has any ideas to make it
  6. They are magical creatures made by the darkling covens for the Order Serpentis since the dragons were hard to repopulate. The Seraphon ones are the traditional Cold Ones. If I remember right the Hydras are also magically created creatures in the same vein.
  7. I have been really on a Hellenistic kick since I saw the new stormcast spearmen and it got me thinking of the Parthenon in Athens. My idea is to combine the rectangular base from shattered temple set and the azyrite townscape or the Warcry terrain around the sides with columns on the base to hold up a removable roof. Perhaps even make it two stories or with a vaulted ceiling to accommodate the statue of sigmar. I was wondering if anyone has seen this before or has done it themselves. I would love to make this piece of terrain and it would inspire me to look at. I haven’t been able to
  8. I really really hope they do a mongol orruk hobgoblin army I would jump right into the deep end for that. I have a feeling the first one for AoS is going to be the rest of the soulblight and perhaps the kragnos model. Feels just like yesterday that Soul Wars came out hahah
  9. It’s been a long time but I finally finished the chaos warriors minus a few that need static grass. I’ve started my knights using contrast colors but at this point I’m gonna need to do a lot of silver. Hopefully these guys don’t take as long as the warriors. I have some 40k stuff I have planned to paint.
  10. Perhaps but not completely. Ossiarchs are composite beings made from numerous souls and bodies worth of bones.
  11. Did a little painting tonight and put base coats on the warriors and the lord. A few more simple things and these chaos warriors will be ready for basing and making my squad a horde.
  12. After what seems like an aeon I have finally finished my Tzaangor Enlightened and Shaman. It didn’t really take more effort than the guys on foot I just felt unmotivated to get them done and had lots of mistakes to clean up. I got a good haul from Christmas with some more chaos warriors and a lord of change which should be really fun to paint. I also started the changling so hopefully that doesn’t take 3 months to finish up.
  13. The game is more of a living document that takes time to get right. As everyone has been saying on the last page just say something and GW might listen. The models haven’t even been released so give it some time and they might change the rules as points in the right direction to balance them out with the other factions.
  14. I wouldn’t count on her actually having any prayers in the vein in stormcasts or DoK but I could definitely see her have a passive ability on the warscroll. Seeing as slaanesh doesn’t have any other priest keyword models it wouldn’t make much sense for there to be a table just for that one retinue model. Perhaps they just call her a priestess but she is really a wizard? I hope they have three different spell lores though much like the Disciples of Tzeentch have for the three different sub factions. Sybarites, Daemons, and generic mortals would make a lot more sense.
  15. 100 page mark! I could see the myrmidesh being on 32mm’s as well as the blissbarb archers. They seem to want to be on bigger bases in how they have parts of them stick off the base.
  16. I don’t see the being any more of a glass cannon than khorne armies are. They still have access to all the slaves to darkness units and are getting painbringers which seem as though they will be equivalent to chaos warriors or blood warriors. I feel like they will have a 5+ save then 5+ save after the save based on the direchasm warscroll for Vasillac and the Lord of Pain. the hedonites won’t be tanking wounds like fyreslayers but they will handle wounds just about like all the other chaos armies.
  17. I want to see Bigteef come barreling into Sigvald and knock some of his magnificent teeth out. I know he’s the best representation of vainglory in the realm of all things slaaneshi but I just never really liked him and his novel didn’t really help 😛
  18. They will most likely be equivalent to enlightened just judging on the size. I can’t wait to see what happens when waaaagh! Gordrakk and the combined Sigvald and glutos horde descend on Excelsis in the next Broken Realms book. My gut feeling is the orruks will breach the walls and the slaaneshi host will show up afterwards to claim victory much like what happened when Morathi came out and lead the counter attack that crushed the besiegers in her book.
  19. I would like it if they brought treekin back in some way. The whole elven spirits that became one with athel Loren was cool. More like an animating spirit then a physical form like the dryads. They would assemble bodies before a fight from deadwood. I put mine on 40mm bases, should they have bigger bases?
  20. Daemons can be summoned into the game after you have casts a certain number of spells but it’s not necessary
  21. Great thing about tzeentch is you can include slaves to darkness units with the mark and still benefit from the allegiance abilities. I would recommend getting a set of pink horrors and two sets of blues and brimstone horrors. I’m glad to see another devotee of the lord of magic !
  22. In a way I view the people who voted as an audience for my blog which helps keep me motivated to keep up with the hobby. Otherwise I would do like I did before and only have a few models from a big range of factions.
  23. I’ve got a force of nighthaunt already from a while ago that I wouldn’t mind getting back to working on. So far I have one of all the units and lady olynder but I would love to do as you say and expand into all the endless spells from shyish from the malign sorcery and what not. Maybe get a few duplicates of some of the sets or some cheap stuff off eBay. I also have an idea to convert a few different guardians of souls that would be fun as well as getting the craven king. the lore I have come up with for my arcanites revolves around them being servants of a gaunt summoner who has a pe
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