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  1. The living city has all those things but does have stormcast but that is because the free cities sprung up where the stormcasts made footholds. Shouldn’t be too hard to read the portion about Ghyran (aka green) in the main Rulebook to come up with some suitable place or name.
  2. If someone threatened to bust up my experience Nagash model I would threaten them right back by saying I would bust their whole army and laugh. he is probably just playing with you in a brusque way, my friend I got into the hobby was always like that and I got used to it very quickly. He also had a tendency to cheat with dice rolls and won every game we ever played to the point that if I killed just a few dwarf warriors he would get mad and want to quit the game. It’s really a matter of if your relationship with that person is more important than sweating the small stuff like that and trying to be friendly with them despite all the negative.
  3. Are they using a gryphcharger as a beast of burden in that picture? I get the breaking the ground because of chaos corruption in the background of the picture that just fuddles me a little that a creature that is more intelligent than a horse and can run faster than the speed of sound would be used to haul tools and the such. also does anyone remember other mounts and things from the novels? I remember the man and woman who were riding lizard creatures through a swamp and some thing that was described in the Hamilcar short story were he fought the shaven mech thing as being described as being huge like a stonehorn. Never thought of the gryphchargers as anything like that but I suppose anything is possible in the mortal realms.
  4. This has been a fun read with all its ups and downs. Speaking from my personal experience with my transgender wife she isn’t very keen on the hobby but she tends to like the female models I have better than the male or daemonic. When I first showed her Slaanesh and expected her to be offended by the way they focus so much on the hermaphrodite aspects of the daemons. She didn’t like them at all but it was mostly to do with how the Daemonettes look. After the released the hedonites battletome and the new keeper of secrets she picked it up at the GW and said she liked how it looked so go figure. What I guess I am getting at and what a lot of others have said is that we are an invested community to be posting about this stuff online in the first place and what initially will draw someone to a certain model or army isn’t really a gauge of them as people are constantly changing their perception of the hobby when they are not as invested as the folks who are 10+ years into the hobby or fantasy in general.
  5. The Tzaangors are ready to march! I got these guys done over the last few weeks. The newer set I made as many of the mutants and great weapons I was missing as I could and the paint job is a little lighter on the skin but it’s not all that noticeable. I feel pretty good about how the two batches blend together. I have got a few sets of enlightened and a shaman are on the way so I’m looking forward to assembling them and putting the paint to the plastic to finish churning this Tzeentch horde out.
  6. Like how the special weapons in warmachine work? Do they still operate like that anymore? It’s been quite a while since I’ve looked at the core rules for those games.
  7. You’re right when you look at it like that. People still have the idea of the command group from Warhammer fantasy in their minds when they thing about it. one person even said they couldn’t think of any historical precedent for it even though it could have been done in the past despite we in the modern day not knowing about it. Given desperate times or to draw attention to a banner for commands to be given I’d say the horn in question didn’t have much of a range as a musical instrument. at the end of the day folks with be as they are and it is safer to just make them all separate models instead incase your opponent acts like a few have suggested and walk away because of a model being two things at once. I will make a separate musician and standard bearer because I found a solution I like and to be honest I am one of those people who like the old command group look that kind of anchors the whole blob of models together.
  8. I didn’t mean to offend anyone asking how it’s unsportsmanlike. I Thought it was such a minor thing that it wouldn’t really give much of an advantage at all. If it was the last guy I doubt the +1 to bravery or run and charge rolls would be that big a deal as he would probably run from battleshock anyway. I didn’t know it would be a thing that would make people not want to play the game with me. i have resolved to either convert it or use the horn from the bloodcrushers set anyway so I guess I won’t be a bad opponent to play against.
  9. Oh I figured you had from what you said. I like the new ones but the older plastics have that nice 10 man unit for what I feel they will charge for five in the future. The skullcrushers come with a left handed horn that looks better to be frank. If I have one in my cavernous bits box then I can just file the Khorne rules off of if need be. I posted this to the rules board but it hasn’t had nearly as many useful replies as this thread.
  10. My intent wasn’t necessarily to take advantage of any benefits it would give to have them as the same model but to have 9 guys with lances out of 10 as opposed to to the 8 if they were separate models. i think it would be an easy fix for them to clarify that each needs to be a separate model instead of saying they need to be citadel models.
  11. If you don’t mind me asking, how is it bad sportsmanship?
  12. I was thinking of converting him so that he is holding the horn in his left hand instead. Having built them do you think this would be difficult?
  13. I raised this question after thinking of buying a set of chaos knights and wanting to use one model for both roles as I don’t like the way it makes the unit look. the other members on the other thread brought up good points and I decided to post here as they suggested. so the only mention I can find in the rules are in the core rules and on the warscroll: So rules board what is your take on this command group conundrum?
  14. So one argument for it must be appropriate citadel miniatures which can be interpreted as must be assembled as per instructions as the second argument posits Or that they simply have to be citadel manufactured products which they would be. i understand why it would make sense to follow conventional thought I just always hated the Hornblower on the chaos knights even back when they were multipart metal sets. Why couldn’t it just be in his left instead of a shield. rules debates aside I might as well convert the thing to his left hand.
  15. The way it is worded it sounds like it can be the same model to me. I understand that it’s implied they should be different models but the wording is similar to the original warscroll for liberators that says one in five can take the special weapon options so the prime could be equipped with it. I know they updated it with later iterations of the warscroll. im not trying to pull a fast one on anyone and there isn’t any real benefit as the model can be removed and you loose the benefits of both options. I thought it would make the unit look cooler if there were more lances instead of the horn and standard taking up so much space in the front rank. i know it’s a carry over from wfb with the command groups being specified in the core rules and this has only carried over with the older kits.
  16. I am look at buying a box of chaos knights and it popped in my head. Can one model be both the standard bearer and musician at the same time? The chaos knight box comes with the parts to do this and I haven’t seen any rules that would state it to be otherwise. What are your ideas?
  17. I finally got the acolytes finished after 3 years. It was surprisingly quick I suppose all the painting between then and now has paid off. I plan on getting the eyes of the nine for the two extra acolytes to finish it at a cool 30. Plus I would love to convert that magister as the head on it is awful. I glued more bits to my objective marker aka flux cairn as well. The crystal is something my older brother gave me many years ago before we both moved to separate parts of the country so it has some sentimental value as we as looking cool. also my painting buddy busy at work
  18. I pulled these guys off in two days. I gotta say they were a lot easier than the flamers and gave me a satisfied feeling once they had a healthy clunk when the basing was finished. After these I think I’m going to finish the silver tower acolytes I’ve had lying around for a few years or start the rest of the horrors. I might do an army shot later to see how it looks altogether. here’s a few pictures of the army
  19. I think given time AoS will have a more fleshed out image for life in most of the innerlands of the various realms like we got with the Empire and Ulthuan. A lot of the little pieces the released with malign portents and most if not all the black library novels released in the last few years have really been trying to make an effort to create a tangible setting like they had with the olde world. Even chaos cultures and the deepkin have been really fleshed out and I’m certain as long as the newer generation of AoS authors who picked up where Reynolds left off continue on his tangent then we will certainly have a much mor concrete setting for the everyday man in the mortal realms. I feel like with the old army books it isn’t really the job of the battletomes to get into that much detail and more the job of the novels and rpgs.
  20. Does anyone remember if fantasy really had much of a detailed setting speaking of the day to day lives of the mortal inhabitants aside from the role playing games prior to 7th Ed? I was thinking and I can’t really remember much and most of it was presented as 3rd person summaries or as anecdotes written in world by imperial scholars.
  21. From what I get from the interviews from the guys who do the different ways to play there are less people involved with those rules typically just a few people making the scenarios so it’ll inherently be a little more unbalanced. I believe what matched play even remotely fair are the third party play testers. It’s hard to gauge how many people play each type of game as @Melbar said the tournament people are the most vocal on the internet thus the most seen. i have not played the game since before there were points and only twice before that so I can’t really speak from experience just from conclusions drawn from the podcasts and YouTube videos I have listened to. Though the hobby is more an escape for me only painting once in a while and most just reading the novels and battletomes before bed or when I’m in a hotel room.
  22. I used to play clan Mors in fantasy so I feel you haha
  23. Wasn’t Jactos Goldmane the first named stormcast who was slain but did not reforge? I know that Vandus is really seen as a Mary-sue because he was on the front of most of the stormcast stuff in the beginning but I really want to see them expand on his story. I do feel kind of peeved they haven’t made more mention of these original Lord Celestants like they do in 40k with Calgar or Dante.
  24. A little but I painted everything with the solid brown already. Is it a common thing to do? I only ask as I have seen it a few times.
  25. Does anyone ever feel bad for thosto bladestorm?
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