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  1. Have had a really busy month so far, so not as much time for painting as I was hoping for. I have finished the second part of my pledge with the Soulrender, but will need a huge slice of luck to get my Allopex finished... particularly as he fell off the cork he was pinned to three times today, so need to rethink how I'm going to hold him I think...
  2. Finished the first part of my pledge, which was the half-done stretch goal from March.
  3. I would never recommend that anyone buy into a Legacy army, as I think it's a recipe for frustration with releases that can harm your enjoyment. As a starting point and with them fully painted, I think it's a great way to find out whether you like the game, at which point you can decide whether you're happy where you are, or want to move on to a new faction. All the armies are playable, but those with a new battletome do tend to have an advantage. As others have said that's mostly a problem at the competitive end of the spectrum, so it really depends on where you're finding your enjoyment and the shape of your local meta.
  4. It would be a massive curve ball to have no Stormcast, so I can't really see it, unless they're about to get a special Warcry Squad with all new models in the second round of releases... Champions of the Gladiatorum or something...
  5. Genuinely love the idea of the Khorne Altar rising from the ground where the first Khorne hero dies! The point I was making about armies bringing their terrain, or it magically appearing on the battlefield, was that it was harder to find reasons for armies not to bring these items, if you are already accepting a number of other things about the game world. The points of view had drifted into a line of reasoning about Roman cobblers, which seemed to require creating a false equivalency between our world and the Mortal Realms and bringing mental baggage with us from one to the other. I do agree though that the rules for each terrain piece could have been slightly more interesting, rather than a lot of the army brings X and drops it in their deployment zone to get buffs. I can also appreciate the argument that it feels like a cash grab to some and I actually get the impression that this is what many actually have a problem with. Ultimately we all have things that cause us to no longer suspend out disbelief in whatever form of art, game, culture, etc. that we are partaking in and these are all very personal to us. Having already bought into so much with Age of Sigmar, the terrain doesn't feel like it should break immersion to me and a lot of the arguments in this thread felt like they were dancing around the actual problem, but that is of course biased by my own imagination and internal logic.
  6. Didn't manage to finish my stretch goal last month, but got a lot of building done, so: 5 x Namarti Thralls 1 x Soulrender 1 x Alloplex Stretch 5 x Namarti Reavers
  7. For me it comes down to whether you can accept the reason for it being there or not and, at present, I believe that most of the explanations are good enough based on the things that I am already accepting. I don't think we've been told how the Fyreslayers bring their forge to battle, but even if it's just that they carry it with them and drop it on the front lines due to the benefits it provides them, then that is good enough for me. Your typical Fyreslayer army has over 100 troops, so I have no problem accepting that they would carry this giant hunk of metal, the fuel and whatever else it requires in order to empower their runes (or whatever it does). In fact it makes perfect sense to me that they would bring this item with them, if it provided them an edge in battle and they have the means to do so. If the Roman cobbler provided an aura buff to the Roman troops wearing sandals, then you had better believe that they would be on the front line. Conversely if the Fyreslayer forge provided no benefits to it's army, then it wouldn't be on the front line. Although we are yet to see the rules, I think it's fair to say that this is not just a simple forge where some Fyreslayer blacksmith carries out his daily business. He is not fulfilling his daily orders for drinking goblets, nails or repairing axles on the battlefield, he is providing a strategic benefit to his army, so he is in exactly the right place. The same is true for all of the terrain pieces in my opinion. Why wouldn't a Beast of Chaos army enlist it's Ghorgons or hosts of Gors to carry a huge magical rock with them given the benefits that it provides and that they have the manpower to do so? Why wouldn't an FEC army get 20 undead ghouls (that don't get tired) to carry a throne with them? and why wouldn't a magical sea that makes sharks swim through the air also call a ghostly shipwreck to the battlefield? For me it's harder to imagine why these terrain pieces wouldn't be there than why they would.
  8. Eidolon of Mathalan and the Lord Aquilor. The Eidolon is the only model I've bought just to own the model, although I have since bought an IDK army and the Aquilor was the first Stormcast I really liked (along with the Palladors) and got me into that army. All three represent the best of GW model making for me and the huge leap forward from what came before.
  9. New paint pots that don't have that terrible flip lid design is my hope! Amazing releases and I don't remember there being so many reveals for AOS and AOS related items in any preview seminar before. I'm particularly excited for Warcry, as I was all in even if it was just Chaos, but the chance to use models from other factions should make the game much more appealing to a wider market and allays my fears that this was a Necromunda release with a Kill Team-style release still to come. Never had any interest in Slaanesh before, but that Keeper is amazing and on a par with the Lord of Change, which is in my top three models GW have ever made. If they have a solid mortal line, then I think I've got my next army, before I've finished painting my first unit of IDK... The Fyreslayers release is as expected for me. I won't be buying them, despite really enjoying painting the Shadespire warband, but if you've already bought into the aesthetic, then a new book, Endless spells and terrain can't be anything but a good thing. An easy fix for these guys would be to make them two wounds each and increase their points commensurately. Less bodies on the board all looking the same, keep a portion of their staying power, which has been their hallmark and reduce the cost of fielding an army. Perfect preview for me: One thing I'm definitely getting; one thing I'm tempted by; and a number of things that will improve AOS overall.
  10. I would much rather see a 'Free Cities' tome that includes the former High Elves than an Aelf soup tome and I think it's the much more likely outcome. Aelves don't really have anything unifying them other than the Aelf keyword, which is in use by the Daughters of Kaine and the Idoneth Deepkin, and our collective memories of the Old World. If you look at the armies that have received soup tomes they have either: built out from one faction that has given them their theme like Moonclan or Beastmen; had a common keyword that unites them like Skaven; or had a unifying theme like the Legions of Nagash (auto-correct to Legions of Natasha 🤣). The disparate Aelf factions don't really have any of these. The most obvious option here would be the Swifthawk Agents, but that model range is OOP. In the lore most of these factions (with some notable exceptions and these tend to be restricted by keyword) are part of the armies of Azyr or attached to the Free Cities in someway. There is little to no justifications for combined Aelf only armies at present. However, GW could get around this by including a the facility to create your own Free City, similar to the way that Kharadron Overlords can create Sky Ports, which would allow you to pick a number of traits, etc. and compose your army of the models that you like. Not only would this solve the Aelf problem, but it would also neatly solve the Ironweld problem at the same time. GW have already done a lot of the work here with lore writing and the Firestorm Campaign supplement, they would solve three problems at once tidying up Order in almost one fell swoop and they could move onto the things they are clearly interested in: designing brand new factions, with interesting and unique IP's. This is obviously my preference as well as what I think is the most likely outcome, but I don't really mind how they solve the Aelf, Dispossessed and Free People's problem, I just hope they do it soon. The other option is that they hang around until they can get folded into new factions and that could take a while...
  11. Great work and, like all the best ideas, it seems so obvious now you've done it!
  12. Yeah, I know the feeling. I recently painted some Namarti Thralls and didn't want to use metals, for a slightly different reason, so painted the weapons black and then edge highlighted them with progressively lighter purples. The effect works fairly well and gives a sort of obsidian look. Also, if you check out Mitzy, from the Mitzy and Jimbo show, on Twitter (@EATBATSmitzy), he has a similar scheme to yours with the blue and yellow and has gone for dirty metal on the weapons and armour plates, which might give you some context.
  13. NMM is a tough technique and will be slightly more difficult due to all of the bumps and ridges you have on the Iron Jawz weapons. I'm certainly no expert, but tried it on a Blood Warrior axe that had grooves in it and wished I hadn't 😬. That said it can look amazing if you have the time to do it across the whole army and would check out @Lysandestolpe's thread, which has some excellent tutorials on the technique doing just that. For the bone you have lots of options. I usually do a simple Ushabti base (over white), shade Agrax, restablish the definition with Ushabti and then highlight with an off white (usually off white, or Elffic Flesh from Vallejo as I have those in my box). You can take it a lot further from there and I will often blend browns (Mournfang into Rhinox) at one end of large pieces, like that on the Mega Boss' shoulder, to add some additional visual interest. Looking great so far though and loving the blue and yellow scheme you've got going on!
  14. Settled on a scheme and have finished the first five Namarti Thralls from the Realm of Fire. Found a Battleforce box at the FLGS, so there's a lot of building in my future...
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