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  1. Tzaangor Management

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    I put down 4th, although had a long break between then and picking up with AOS 1.0. Had that High Elves and Goblins box that came with cardboard Griffin and Wyvern, as well as some cardboard terrain, but remember the Bretonnia box coming out. I also remember my parents asking me whether I wanted to keep the models when I moved out to go to Uni and saying no. Regret that now with eBay prices for Dragon Princes, Silver Helms, Tyrion, Teclis, etc....
  2. I would love both hero and warband progression. I never played the tabletop version of Mordheim, but sunk hundreds of hours into the recent PC game and always enjoyed the Chaos faction the most due to the unpredictable mutation upgrades. Permadeath and injury are also big pluses for me, as I love the effect that this has on the narrative of a warband. My one-armed Skaven leader was one of my favourite characters, as he had increased dodge due to losing an arm (less of him to hit I guess), which made him a weirdly tanky character with his high agility. I hope these are available options (both present in Hinterlands if memory serves), even if just as an additional ruleset. Fingers crossed for more reveals at the next major event.
  3. I agree that Warcry looks like it'll be Chaos only. On the face of it that seems a fairly crazy decision, given the partisan nature of their customer's faction choices, but it would allow them to really get a better grip on balance without having to weed through the hundreds of warscrolls. GW appear to be making a tentative step towards balanced, competitive games with Shadespire and the latest release for Kill Team and I wonder if this isn't an attempt to do this for AOS. Far easier to do this with a limited number of warscrolls, where they can be edited on an individual basis, than to risk oversights by applying some kind of formula similar to what we've seen with Skirmish. I'm excited to see how this release develops and doubly so given the involvement of Sam Pearson.
  4. Tzaangor Management

    HELP! How to store lots of paints.

    Looks good @Wmossuk, glad it helped ☺️
  5. Tzaangor Management

    The Rumour Thread

    I predict we'll see a Battletome: Freecities to clean up the Order micro-factions and turn them into something more playable. GW have already laid the groundwork with Firestorm and with the current direction of the lore, which seems geared towards creating fleshed out locations, rather than attempting to map an entire realm. Duardin and Aelves are in a different position to the factions that have received large catch-all books (LON, BOC and GSG) in that part of their factions have already been built out with the introduction of Idoneth, DOK, Fyreslayers and KO (BOC not withstanding the inclusion of Tzaangor) . I would also imagine that we'll see something big for Humans, as the relatable window into the Mortal Realms, that has a less generic (German) feel. Possibly realm themed forces, with different Allegiance abilities and visual signifiers depending on the realm they hail from. GW is clearly trying to move away from the more generic fantasy tropes and the visual-style of the new releases is an indication of this. We will likely continue to see small factions used as inspiration for larger releases (part of the old High Aelf faction used to create the much rumoured Light Aelves for example), but it would seem an odd change of direction to organise along racial lines, not to mention an unnecessary labour when the groundwork has already been laid. Just my perception. I've certainly been surprised by GW before and there does appear to be an appetite for an Aelf or Duardin book from reading this forum, it just feels as though it would run counter to the work and effort GW has already made. Slightly more on topic (although in my defence it's hard to tell what's off topic in this thread these days 😉): I'm sure I've heard mention of a second set of generic Endless Spells available to all factions, which would fit the 'something for everyone' line. Would be a little lack luster given previous LVO, etc. reveals, but was where my mind went. I'll try and remember exactly where I got that from...
  6. Tzaangor Management

    Warriors of Azhya

    Beautiful paint scheme, very crisp and the natural earthy colour scheme works great. Looking forward to more!
  7. Tzaangor Management

    How to Keep the Point on a Brush While Painting?

    I use a variety of brushes, but mostly use Windsor and Newton - Cotman, because they are readily available in my local art shop and are in the £3-£5 range, which is roughly a third to half the price of a Kolinsky Sable equivalent. They're a synthetic brush, but hold a decent point and although not as nice as the couple of W&N Series 7 brushes I have, I use them for the bulk of my line highlighting. I use my Series 7 for the very top highlights or really fine work, but this is as much to do with the size of the brushes, as the quality (At the moment I'm using: Cotman -3, Cotman -2, Cotman - 1, Series 7 - 00). The Series 7 is undoubtedly the superior brush, however using other brushes has not greatly effected my ability to line highlight. You've clearly done your research, so I'm sure you've seen that for most surfaces using the side of the brush is very effective and leaves less wear on the brush point. Where this is not possible, it does need a soft touch, but your paint should transfer from brush to model fairly easily with just a slight flex to the brush tip as it's dragged across the model. With that in mind, I would suggest trying a few things (assuming that you've not already and with apologies if you are): 1). Make sure your paint is thin enough. Possibly do two of the same highlight to increase the strength of the colour, rather than trying to get it done in one pass. If the paint is not coming off the brush, then it could be stuck to the bristles, as it should apply to the surface with the most friction (i.e. the plastic model, rather than bristles of the brush). 2). Try a wet pallet to keep the paint at the right consistency for longer. I struggled with this for a long time, with paint drying out faster than I was using it and detail work becoming more and more difficult as time went on. You can buy these, but they're very easy to make to see whether you like them and I'm still using a home-made one and have no inclination to change just yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96mjmqWTPfM 3). The Masters Brush Cleaner is excellent for ensuring that your brushes are kept in the best condition and hold their point for longer. Use after every painting session to ensure that all of the particles of paint have been washed out of your brush. Once clean, roll the brush in the soap to return to the pointed shape and leave the soap on, as it acts as a conditioner. Rinse thoroughly at the start of your next painting session https://www.amazon.co.uk/Masters-Brush-Cleaner-Preserver-1oz/dp/B0076WU8HA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1549187099&sr=8-5&keywords=the+master+brush+cleaner Good luck and keep posting your progress, I suspect many are in the same boat and I know I definitely was!
  8. Tzaangor Management

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    After completing my pledge, I veered off slightly on my stretch goals and did some experimenting. Speed painted the Blood Reevers from Shadespire to test glazing over brown zenithal pre-shading (and realised I did some terrible / non-existent gap filling around a year ago...), five Chainghast to try reverse Zenithal (didn't get enough contrast, but great models...) and tried some NMM on a Blood Warriors axe.
  9. Tzaangor Management

    Painting knights/riders

    If I'm going to paint the rider separately, then I drill two little holes in the bottom of the model (similar to @Ollie Grimwood, where they won't be seen once the model is assembled) and then superglue straightened paperclips into the holes, before inserting those into corks. It's a bit more work, but I find the corks fit my hand better and mean my hands are less likely to cramp. Kind of depends on whether that's a problem for you really. I often don't bother to separate the two and just try to be careful... doesn't always work...
  10. Tzaangor Management

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    After getting distracted by Nighthaunt last month (pictures to follow in the January thread), I'll aim for: 5 x Chainrasp Horde 4 x Glaivewraith Stalkers 1 x Guardian of Souls Stretch 1 x Finish converting my Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 1-3 x Blood Warriors from Shadespire 5 x Chainrasp Horde
  11. Tzaangor Management

    HELP! How to store lots of paints.

    I'm in a similar situation and use this toolbox, although I'm pretty sure I paid around £25.00 for it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stanley-STST1-75507-Cantilever-Yellow-16-Inch/dp/B0108O8HLQ/ref=sr_1_57?ie=UTF8&qid=1548149624&sr=8-57&keywords=tool+box&refinements=p_89%3ASTANLEY The top compartment stores paints with space for 50-60 GW pots (shades or normal), but I can also lay Vallejo, Scale 75, etc. dropper bottles on top. Underneath I have all of my hobby tools, my wet pallet, glues, etc. I am at capacity for GW paints at the top, but have some overflow in the bottom for little used or duplicate paints and I'm mostly buying Scale 75 and Vallejo at the moment, as I much prefer dropper bottles. Plastic boxes would work just as well for storage, but this option is slightly better for access once you're working due to the cantilever design. Just pick it up, open it out and you have access to everything you need without spreading boxes everywhere. Probably more than I'd pay at £40.00, but I'm sure there'd be something similar out there at a lower price if you're interested.
  12. Tzaangor Management

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Finished the first part of my pledge with a Chaos Sorceror and six Chaos Warriors. Matching them to my original Tzeentch scheme, which is definitely not what I would've chosen were I starting afresh... grey skin... First outing for the airbrush as well after a number of false starts. Nice effect on the robe, less good elsewhere and lots of lessons learned!
  13. Yeah, I was struggling with this a bit, as I really want to use the Ogroid. You do have a few options at under 180, but they are all fairly pricey still: Chaos Sorceror Lord - 160 Curseling - 160 Daemon Prince - 160 Herald of Tzeentch 140 Magister -140 Blue Scribes - 140
  14. Tzaangor Management

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    The original rules had a scenery placing chart. It wasn't very nuanced, but you rolled 2D6 for each 2 foot x 2 foot section of table and applied the following: 2-3 No terrain 4-5 Two terrain features 6-8 One terrain feature 9-10 Two terrain features 11-12 Choose from 0-3 terrain features You could then add scatter terrain to fill up bare sections a little. It does seem a little like GW don't have a clear plan for scenery at the moment, as the interaction with faction specific scenery seems to be becoming more and more difficult. For example, on @DINOSTAR's table (which looks fantastic by the way) Sylvaneth would struggle to get any woods down, which would seriously hamper them in a game.
  15. Tzaangor Management

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    I'm not economically minded, so I am sure that there are a number of useful bits of information that can be teased out of this document by the right mind. However, what I did find interesting, was that the increased Nottingham factory capacity has not yet come online, something that I thought had been concluded a little while ago (I should probably read investor reports more carefully across the board...). I am not aware of Games Workshop routinely selling out of things, other than limited releases, so I wonder if this would have an impact on the types and variety of releases that we see in the future. Perhaps we will see more new armies, with a wider variety of kits released once this additional capacity arrives, or perhaps it will just allow for an increase in production, allowing them to increase their ability to sell to other retailers, etc. (Hopeful) Speculation on my part: I love the brand new armies and hope that the increased production ability, directly translates in this direction. Anyway, the report is here for those interested: https://s19485.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2018-19-half-year-report.pdf