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  1. Skragrott, Da Loonking No, your eyes do not deceive you – I did paint a goblin. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how this went, but over the last month or so I was working on this chap as my entry for the Everchosen competition. Why the Loonking? No idea really, other than it being a fantastic model with loads of different things to paint, and being something entirely different to anything I’d painted for a long old time. I think the last time I’d painted any greenskin was way back in the days of 2nd Ed 40k. This chap was loads of fun though, even if all the mushrooms did drive me slightly crazy. That burnt yellow is fast becoming my new favourite colour to paint, and it was interesting to see how this model would look with my muted, Blanchitsu style applied to it. In terms of the competition itself, I entered the Loonking in the main category, and the King-In-Horns into the Open. How did I do? Well…. Silver place for both, which I was and still am incredibly happy with. I’m very aware that my style isn’t to everyone's taste, and definitely isn’t a GW/Eavy Metal competition winning style, so these results were way more than I expected. And it’s given me a hankering to do some more greenskins for AoS at some point… And finally, Their Highnesses are still on display in-store at GW, which is always a lovely thing: A few personal-view issues with how the competition was promoted and is run by GW aside, I think it was a great idea overall, and fantastic for those of us who cant spare the time, money, or patience to get along to one of the Fests or Golden Daemon competitions. More of this kind of thing please, GW. Knave
  2. Afternoon folks, and apologies for not replying sooner - been a busy old few weeks since finishing up the Court. @Arnied3, thanks very much man - great to hear you're thinking of jumping on the narrative train. I might be biased, but I think it just makes everything better in terms of how you feel about an army and how enthused you are to paint and play it. @martinwolf- Haha thanks man So it's not all been resting on my laurels over the last month or so - there was an Everchosen entry to paint (more on him in a separate post) and plans to make for my next big army project. Anyone following me on insta will know that Eldar are next up for me, with a twist of course. But once those and possibly some Inq28 goodness is done, it'll be back to the Mortal Realms for potentially some Shyish flavoured IronJawz fun. Anyhoo, thank you all very much for all the support, encouragement and kind words you've given over the course of The Darkwood Court project, its been amazing. You guys have been ace, and its been ace to know you all enjoyed this so much. Thanks for coming along, and I hope you'll join me on the next project. All the best, Knave
  3. “Even at the death of things, there is hope. The essence of life is hope, and you are those seeds.” Blessed Loclaranam; the Man-Stag, King’s Reeve. (Arch-Revenant) The Child of the Godbeast (Spirit of Durthu) The Last Hope; Numenorin of Spring, Moralanith of Winter, Nilith of Autumn, Ilaranim of Summer (Ylthari’s Guardians) “The Darkwood Endures.” ~
  4. “This is a land of old and forgotten things, of trapped spirits and broken memories.” The Vasilis Sisters; A Hound of the Wild Hunt; Tangling Thorns (Geminids of Uhl-Gysh; Gladewyrm; Soulsnare Shackles) ~
  5. Cheers @Thundercake, much appreciated. The King is something I'm really proud of, both in terms of how the conversion turned out and how the painting went. And Stormcast without the crests look a lot more sinister I think, definitely something to try over a larger scale at some point.
  6. “Even in death we still serve. What a cursed existence. We would choose nothing else.” Raest the Undying, Huntsman of the Crone (Lord-Celestant) Tarat Vaun and the Talons Of The Crows (Steelheart’s Champions) Eyes Of The Crows (Castigators) Wings Of The Crows (Vanguard-Palladors) ~
  7. “For as long as the Darkwood endures, so shall we be its wrath and its shield.” Corwyn, the Knight Of Feathers (Arch-Revenant) Ingharnanasharal, elder of the Grove. The Warmasked (Treelord) Guardians of the Grove (Tree-revenants) ~
  8. “I bear more names than you have bones in your body. I am iron-toothed, gore-eyed, and winter-boned. I am forgotten and I am now returned.” Mother Aldwynter, the All-Crone ~ The Harvest Maiden, Sister of the Cold Nights (Branchwraith ~ Branchwych) Crone-Touched Daughters (Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows) Crone-Touched Children (Spite-revenants) Hag-poppets (Dryads) ~
  9. @Lavieth - Thank you very much mate, that's really nice of you to say. It's definitely got an atmosphere and feel to it that I'm proud of. @MrZakalwe - Cheers buddy Next set of faction pics to come soon.
  10. “One man’s madness is another man’s truth.” The King-In-Horns (Drycha Hamadreth) The Kingsguard (Kurnoth Hunters with scythes) Scions of the Court (Spite-revenants) ~
  11. Afternoon chaps, just a quick little hello today while I sort the next set of pics for tomorrow. @DeathCat147, ha, thanks again mate. @Kokoshi Thanks very much mate, that's very kind of you to say. Not quite the final picture though As I mentioned earlier, there are more faction shots to come - these will show off the different sub-groups within the Court overall, with a handy reminder of names and titles. In total there will be: Nobles Of The Grove, Guardians Of The Marches, The Crone-Touched, The Hunter And His Crows, Seeds Of Hope, Magicks Of The Grey Marches. I've also got a game set for the 21st, running out the full 3k of the Court against Daughters Of Khaine again. Old battletome rules sadly as it's in a GW, so I'll doubtless lose horribly. I am looking forward to using wolf-Durthu though, and will get a bunch of pics to show off. As always, thanks for your continued interest and support - really means a lot. Knave
  12. “Bound in life and in death, in sorrow and in hate.” “The Darkwood endures.”
  13. Yeah, sorry @flamingwalnut - it is indeed all over for the Court I always set an end target for my projects, for several reasons really - firstly because I tend to do everything narrative-based rather than gaming based, so having an end to the narrative hook or point I'm exploring forces an end to the modelling side. Secondly it stops things from getting stale or simply being me repeating the same few units over and over with nothing new to say about them. Thirdly, I don't want to pull a Walking Dead and keep limping on when things should have finished in their prime. And it lets me explore new things and keep my hobby fresh. Bittersweet is what I aim for though, so glad that came across. Happy endings are for saps. Also great to hear that you've been inspired that much by the Court - that's honestly one of the things I love hearing the most, that people take something from my stuff and use it as fuel for their own hobby. And more people doing more narrative stuff is always a good thing. Hopefully the next few bits from me will entertain you just as much - I'm working on a few small palette-cleansers of 40k bits at the moment (you can see all that stuff on my instagram, knave_of_scribes), but the next AoS project is going to be a small Stormcast Cawdor skirmish warband, maybe around 500pts worth at most I think. The next bigger project for me will be at least 1k of Primaris while I decide what the next AoS thing will be. Army and group pics to come very soon folks
  14. “A man once told me that nothing ever truly ends, that there is no finality to things and that endings are just new beginnings. He was a drunk Shyishian poet, so make of that what you will.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “Struggle all you want. Fight all you want. Flee, if that is your wish. It matters not. This bleak realm is mine and mine alone. Broken I may be, but I still bear many names of power and you will all dance to my tune. I am eternal and I am inevitable.” Mother Aldwynter. ~ They gathered in one of the deep places of the great Darkwood, a place thick with dead and dying tangles of great boles and twisted trunks, far from the gaze of their mad King or the foolish Elders. Fae-lights drifted in the cold air, casting a faint luminescence around them. This deep, this close to old death, the already-faint eversong of the Darkwood was the barest whisper in the blood-sap of the gathered treekin. They stood together and yet still apart, a trio and one alone who glittered with malice and laughter, born upon a writhing mass of sinuous vines that replaced her legs. This one’s power had grown quickly, even as her loyalty to an insane liege had waned. Still, the others did not and could not find it in themselves to trust her. Circumstance, and the last desperate hope of another had thrown them together but old wounds would never fully heal. Before them, His every aspect unveiled and his hulking form crowned with antlers and twisting boughs, puissance rolling from him in waves, the Reeve stood and told them His secret knowledge, told them of the deep knowing He had of their foe, and told them of their true enemy. Golden Antlered Harne told them of the All-Crone’s plans, of her search for the missing piece of herself, of the many names she had held over the countless ages of the Realms. He told them of the truth of their mad King, of his exile and the reasons for it, of the folly of those who would call themselves Elders of the Court. The Great Man-Stag spoke of the truth of the Darkwood, of the nature of stories and the need for a place for the nightmares and darkness to live. He told them of the roles that they were all cursed to play, and He watched as three of them wept and one of them howled with laughter. And finally, when the anger and misery and hurt had receded like the tide from the shore, Blessed Loclaranam told them that the Darkwood was eternal, but it was not unchanging. That the song sung by its children could be a lament or a dirge, and that the All-Crone would re-write the song to her own tune. He spoke of how she could be resisted, but not beaten, and that the faintest hope still remained. Then, when the talking was done and the skeletal branches and boughs behind him twisted and folded into an impossible portal of cracking and churning wood, He gathered the four treekin close. He marked them with power and burdened them with heavy purpose, and prepared them for the long journey they must make. ~ “You are blessed, and you are cursed, my brothers and sisters. You are the seasons of the Darkwood, the aspects of all who are still free of taint and remember how things could be. You are the truth in the eversong and the seed of hope.” “Numenorin, I name you Spring, the Guardian of growth. You will bear the life of your brother and sisters in your hands. Guard them well.” “Ilaranim, I name you Summer, the heat and warmth of the Lover. Passion is your burden to bear and your gift to share with the rest. Never allow yourself to stop feeling.” “Nilith, I name you Autumn, Wytch of the cycle of change. Balanced betwixt life and death, between sanity and madness. You are the truest envoy of the Darkwood.” “And you Moralanith, my oldest friend, you I name Winter with a heavy heart. The coldness of the Warrior, the harshness of the truth you bear and the will to survive. You have ever been the strongest and the closest to death of us all.” “This is the purpose I charge you with, though I cannot say how long it will take you, nor what will greet you at journey’s end. I cannot say if the Darkwood as you know it will remain for you to return to, or if you will be able to return at all. Find the Everqueen. Find the Everqueen and deliver to her a simple message. Tell her of the All-Crone. Tell her of the King-In-Horns and his madness.” “And more than anything, tell her we are sorry.” ~ Fin ~
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