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  1. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ The Kingsguard

  2. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “Silence is always broken.” Attributed to unknown Aelvish philosopher. ~ “How long had they watched our King, their ward, and despaired?” “How long before despair turned to doubt, and doubt to detestation?” “We could never see beyond those carven smiles, those silent masks.” “How wrong we were about them.” “How glad we were to be wrong.” ~
  3. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “Hunter or Hunted, it matters not which side of the spear you stand. The Wild Hunt has only one command.” “Run.”
  4. I came for the intriguing title, I stayed for the great fluff with plenty of great nods to old WFB stories and biblical stuff. I didn't expect the shout out, which was awesome and entirely unexpected - thank you sir Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  5. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “The great and the good are often guilty of a simple sin: forgetting those of a simpler standing around them. You may not see or hear your servants, but someone will. And those unseen and unheard servants will have seen and heard a great deal themselves…” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “Loyalty is earned, not assumed.” Attributed to Kwan-Xi, warrior philosopher of the Jade City of Shyish. ~ “This is madness. You know this is. They will never turn. It’s not in their heartwood to turn.” Moralanith felt his hand searching for the hilt of his falchion, a nervous grasping that closed around empty air. It wasn’t wise to go armed before them after all. He stared at the broad pale back of Blessed Loclaranam as the Reeve strode between the twisted trunks and snowbound frozen ground of the Darkwood with the easy grace of a beast of the forest. Moralanith and his seed-kin had rejoiced at the return of their beloved Reeve, had felt the first faint stirring of the seed of hope in their ******. Hope that the creeping influence of the All-Hag could finally be countered, that their Kings madness could be talked back to sanity. But hope was a cruel and fragile seed. Blessed Loclaranam had changed in the long seasons he had spent beyond the borders of the Darkwood, beyond the boundaries of the Grey Marches itself, some whispered. True, he had returned stronger than ever; puissance smoked from him with every deep huffing breath and knowledge glittered in his golden eyes. But that same knowledge seemed to weigh heavy upon him, wore him down purely in the knowing of it. A price had been paid, and perhaps was still being paid. “You go to your death. Yours and mine most likely. You do remember their purpose don’t you? His executioners, not just His guardians.” “Have faith little brother” the Reeve rumbled in reply, his voice the deep bass of a bull stag. Glyphs glowed in spirals on his white pelt. “My faith, like all my seed-kin, grows on fallow ground,” replied Moralanith. “We would follow you to the Anathema’s very door, but this is still madness.” He fell silent as they entered a clearing, a perfect circle of unbroken snow ringed by blackened trees that creaked and groaned like the dead as frozen winds whispered between skeletal branches. Blessed Loclaranam stood in the centre of the clearing, planted the butt of his immense scythe in the snow before him and threw his antlered head back to bellow at the sky. Moralanith felt the bellow as much as he heard it, like the tolling of a great bell or the beat of a huge drum. A call of challenge, of dominance. “This is not wise….” He hissed, and then fell silent as they appeared. They stepped from the shadows of the trees in pairs and trios, their numbers growing swiftly to a dozen, then a score. All were of a size to match the Reeve himself, all wrapped in thick sheaths of twisted dark hardwoods and layers of barbed thorns. Some carried huge cruel scythes, others long blades and every single one of them bore a rictus grin carved into the wood of their armoured faces. The Kingsguard. His most feared servants, tasked with his protection and the punishment of those He deemed guilty. Silent in everything they did, twisted by cruelty and hate, a far cry from the noble envoys of Kurnoth they had once been. They stared at the Reeve with lambent eyes, cold unmoving smiles on every face, heavy with threat. Blessed Loclaranam held their stare with his golden amber eyes, his bulk swollen with primal power. His steaming breath gusted into the cold air. “Think on their name, little brother. The Kingsguard. The King’s…Guard.” He lowered his great antlered head in a single slow nod to the silent ranks of Kurnoth. “Are you thinking of it in the right way?” Moralanith’s confusion crashed into understanding and then into stunned awe in the long minute that passed before every one of the feared Kurnoth inclined their own barbed and gnarled heads in reply to Blessed Loclaranam and silently and slowly bowed before him. ~ “The cold and silent hand of our King, His will made manifest.” “The blade at the neck of those He judged guilty.” “We all stood in fear of them, we all avoided their fell regard.” “Implacable. Unceasing. Ever Loyal.” ~
  6. KnaveOfScribes

    Nighthaunt Project: Kingdom of Ruins

    I've already liked these as much as I can on Insta and FB, but have some more my good man. Every project you work on is ace and I cant wait to see your tweaked take on Nighthaunt. The Hexwraith conversions are already looking great, so much better than the official ones.
  7. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Super quick update today folks, So its been a pretty decent hobby week really - I've found some cheap Tree Revenant legs on a bits site, so can start to use up my spare pieces to make the next 5 Spites; the regular Kurnoth are ready for painting (and I think will be reasonably quick to do as its back to wood and spirit forms) but need their intro-fluff doing, which is this weeks job; and I've got all three of the first unit of Crone-touched Hunters assembled to a base level and just needing greenstuff. Here's a pic of them as they stand - one has a slightly different bow to the rest as I ran out of the specific dryad arm to match the others and wanted to try a slightly different take on it. Still works I think, and breaks up the unit a bit. I apologise for the state of that picture, I think my phone cam is really starting to struggle with taking decent pics, which is troubling. You get the general idea though. Load of greenstuff work to do still, and the bases of course. I really like them though, even if they are half the size of the regular Kurnoth. That's all for today - Ill try and get some pics of all the Nine Crows together with Raest, or everything in the Court all together at some point soon. If anyone is on Instagram, you can find me as knave_of_scribes and see the latest Inq28 related distraction that the hobby magpie gifted me with. Once I've sorted out the story for that properly, I'll kick off a proper thread. I've also got to stop thinking about a Scion or Primaris Kill-team, a Scion 40k army and a Nighthaunt or Maggotkin AoS project.... Sigh.
  8. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “Come join the murder, come fly with black…” Traditional mourning dirge of the Bitterfruit Vale ~ “Call the Crows, count them in your hand.” “Three eyes, three talons, three wings.” “Wings hunt swiftly, unseen on the wind.” “Ever behind you, the quickest cruelty.” ~
  9. KnaveOfScribes

    Nighthaunt mini madness

    Lovely work here man, really liking that almost scratchy looking finish to your Nighthaunt - it works really well with the darker colours used and is a refreshing change to the normal smooth ghosty look you see.
  10. Well that's some brilliant, brilliant work on Aventis there Chris. Bloody well done sir. The effort in the conversion work has paid off as that winged Gryph-charger looks amazing and the joins are pretty seamless. Painting wise, its pretty glorious too - the patterning on the forelimbs is really subtle but gorgeous, and I love the blue on Aventis' cloak. I think I mentioned before how good the Sacrosanct stuff would look in your capable hands and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with them.
  11. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Hello again everyone. @TheR00zle - Use the idea by all means mate, just give me a credit nod when you do Be great to see what you come up with. @pseudonyme - Thanks man, that's much appreciated. So yes, that Crone-touched Hunter conversion. I've got the first test one to the stage where she's ready for greenstuff and I have to admit that I'm pretty damn happy with how the basic conversion has worked and that my idea has translated into something pretty good looking. Here she is: Still needs some greenstuff work around the waist to blend the snake and wood parts, as well as the back branch/crest and bow arm, but I really like her. In game terms these will be my bow armed Kurnoth Hunters (yeah I know they are smaller than the regular Hunters but meh, its my army and story/look > gaming) and in background terms they are more of the dryad puppets created by Mother Aldwynter - this time as a sinister kind of praetorian guard for herself. I think the fact that they are so slim and small compared to the regular Hunters actually works well as they will be avoiding physical combat a lot, unlike the larger combat orientated Hunters that will accompany Blessed Loclaranam. I've got enough bits to finish off the first unit of three, but will need to get hold of some more dryad bits and another Melusai body to sort out the second unit. Plenty of time to get that done though and I still need to do some more battleline Spites. Once I knew that this conversion was going to work, I turned my attention back to the last of the Crows. For some reason it feels like I've been painting these Palladors for months already and that there's still loads to do. There isn't really - just the tack and some small detailing - but dear god they are getting close to becoming a pain. I still love the models but I'm kind of glad I only did three and not the 9 plus Lord Aquilor I originally thought about. Here's how they look at the moment, freshly photographed this very morning: It's actually been pretty fun painting Stormcast for the last couple of months, a nice break from the wood and spirit forms etc, but I'm itching to get on with the rest of the Court now as the 2500pt target is in sight. After that, its probably some Inq28 and a small 40k army of Scions while I decide on either expanding the Court even more or starting a brand new AoS army. I might end up doing a smaller 1k or so AoS project for small scale games or skirmish stuff. Not sure yet. C&C welcome as ever folks, love hearing from you all. Knave.