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  1. KnaveOfScribes

    The Lore of Yss

    You already know I love all of this, you beautiful hobby person you, but have some more kudos because ****** you deserve it. Especially for those Ironjawz. My word.
  2. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Afternoon folks, and as always thanks for your continued interest in this project.@Orsino - Thanks very much man, great to hear you're enjoying the background as much as everything else. @Kirjava13 - Cheers buddy, much appreciated @DeathCat147 - Hahaha, de ja vu But thanks as always mate, means a lot coming from yourself. So, we are getting pretty close to the end of the Darkwood Court project - or at least the end for now. With the revamp of the FEC battletome, I have no doubts that something similar will happen with the Sylvaneth at some point, which will be a nice time to go back and look at adding some things. In the mean time though, I do still have to come up with a Durthu counts-as, potentially another Branchwych, and get the King-In-Horns done. Speaking of which, I have completed his throne, and here is how it looks at the moment: I'm very very glad that I was convinced to go for Kurdoss over the Yncarne as the base for the King. Only a couple of little tweaks left to do on the King himself and then it'll be ready for proper pics and painting. That will all be coming very soon.Also, ****** hell yes I will be picking up that Nightvault Sylvaneth warband because sweet Jesus they are gorgeous. And will fit the narrative of the Court very nicely. Also also, if you fancy a look at something a little different, please take a gander at mine and others Instagrams for the #grimdarkcards challenge - it's an awesome little collaborative Blanchitsu project with some fantastic entries so far. My own 10 of Chaos was a madness-inducing feathery, leafy nightmare for a short while but is looking rather decent before painting. I also think I'm fairly set on Maggotkin next, because 40k leaves me feeling meh for the most part. Nurgle with a twist though. More to come soon, Knave
  3. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “It is said he hung from the tree for nine days and nine nights, and in that time he learnt the greatest truth of all – knowledge comes from suffering.” Fragment of common folk tale from the Hrafn Weald of Ghyran. ~ “Are you, are you, coming to the tree” “Where the dead man called out for his love to flee.” “Strange things did happen here, but no stranger would it be” “If we met at midnight” “By the hanging tree.” ~
  4. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “We know what happens when we die. We know which afterlife, which corner of Shyish we are intended for. We know that one of several Gods will claim our souls and we know that death is not the end, that we can be reborn, reforged, stolen, reused. Where then, is the sting of death? Why fear it, when it is clearly not the end.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “She claims sole dominion over her Realm, but She forgets that She was not the only mother to a Kingdom.” Mother Aldwynter ~ The Crone-touched drifted between the dark trunks of the dead trees of the Darkwood, eerily silent and serene in spite of their twisted and cracked bodies. Hunched and gnarled, trailing ragged curtains of spirit-form, they moved through the sprawling expanse of the forest in silent echo of the fully living treekin that they had once been. Try as he might, Moralanith could see nothing in them of the kin that they used to be – no ghosts of memories, no faint whisperings of song. The Crone may claim that all she did was heal those who could be saved, but Hers was a bitter medicine indeed and Moralanith would not have wished it upon any of his kin. And yet more and more, the Crone’s nursing was called upon by the King-In-Horns, and more of the true-kin bore her touch. The new wych, who called herself the Harvest Maiden, bore the mark of the Crone proudly, gloried in it. Worrying that one who was tasked with the tending of the grove and its true-kin would willingly embrace such a thing. Even the insane Spites of the Kings inner circle were not immune, as many of their number disappearing into the crooked cottage as did those of Moralanith’s fellow Guardians. They would not admit it, but the mad had just as much to lose from the attentions of Mother Aldwynter as did the sane. Even crippled and wounded as she was, as old and weak as she appeared to be, the Crone was still a danger, a cancerous worm at the heart of the Darkwood. Aye, she may claim to be something more, to once be something greater than she currently was, but this was nothing but the arrogance of the fleshborn and their insistence in their own self-importance. She was nothing but a bitter old and twisted witch, and dangerous enough at that. The more her touch spread throughout the Darkwood, the harder it would be to cut her rot out from the heartwood. The time would come soon to move against her, to remove the blight. He trusted in the Reeve, even if the grove’s Elders and his own king were blinded by their age and madness. Mother Aldwynter’s time would come, and the Darkwood was nothing if not patient. It would endure, as it always had. ~ “Bring me your wounded, your broken and twisted.” “Give me your tired, your weary, your dying, yearning to be free.” “Ragged they will come, and ragged they will fall,” “And I will tend them and keep them, and raise them into something more.” ~
  5. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Crone-touched Hunters ~

  6. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court ~ Crone-touched Hunters ~

  7. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “Artists and craftsmen will tell you that the act of creation is as close to that of childbirth as it is possible to come. These people, by and large, are fools. Rare is the painting or chair that is created amidst blood, screaming and curses.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “Her touch spreads ever more throughout the Darkwood. We see her children everywhere now, serpentine and fell. She is a canker, a rot. An ancient worm at the breast of our heartwood.” Moralinith of the Darkwood Court ~ Mother Aldwynter sat and brooded. Hunched beneath her crooked staff, wrapped in shadows and rotting cloth, she sat and gnawed the gristle of her thoughts. The Court still resisted. This realm still resisted. Raest and his Crows had hunted well, had dealt with almost every little broken or forgotten godling that had found a place to hide, but still some still lived. And Mother Aldwynter would not share this fragmented realm with any other. Old she may be, and weak she may be, and a pale echo of what she once was, but she was still herself. Iron-toothed and iron-boned, as ancient and cold as winter itself. And she would be whole once more. But first she must deal with the Court. Their shattered King was easy enough, his madness and spite towards the Everqueen was child's play to manipulate, even if he himself was no longer sure why he hated her or what had led to his exile. And her touch was spreading further and further throughout the treekin themselves, as insidious as the King’s own madness. No, the resistance did not lay there. She knew where to find it, knew where her axe must fall. A champion, a herald and a grove of Elders. All must fall so that the sisters could be together and become one again. Mother Aldwynter sat and brooded, her thoughts as tangled and twisting as an insane spider’s web. A web that stretched across these Grey Marches and trapped all within it, whether they knew it or not. Her children gathered around her, serpentine bodies gliding through snow and around trunks of dead wood. Her priest stood behind her and whispered to her of gates and portals, of gatherings of the living and the dead, and of the passages they took between the Realms. She sat, and brooded, and planned, and listened, and felt the life trickle oh-so-slowly from her bloody and empty socket. And then she smiled a crooked iron-toothed smile, and told her children where they must go and what they must do, and even her dead priest began to feel a little fear. ~ "If to create is godly, and birth is creation – am I not a god?” "If to be worshipped is godly, and my children love me – am I not a god?” “If to smite is godly, and my children protect me – am I not a god?” “If to rule is godly, and I will rule this realm – will I not be a god?” "All mothers are gods to their children, and I have many children.” ~
  8. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Afternoon folks, apologies for the delayed update and replies, but thanks very much for your comments @elfhead - thanks man, much appreciated. Took a lot of inspiration from the background you did for your Slaaneshi Elf project, so thanks for that as well. @Arnied3 - ha thanks man, side projects are a bit of a problem for me haha. Stupid magpie brain. Update time on the project then, as we head into the last few things for the Court. First up, paint-in-progress and work-in-progress on the last two units. Both Crone-touched, another unit of Hunters and another unit of Spites. The Hunters are very close to complete, with only details and the bases left to finish. The Spites are at the first assembly stage and still need a lot of detail added, a lot of gap filling and a lot of texture added. They should be reasonably quick to finish off though. I apologise in advance for the pics, Imgur is having issues at the moment with advanced editing, so they are rather basic. Still pleased with how the Crone-touched stuff has turned out overall, think it really adds something to the look of the project and saved me from going mad doing the same few units over and over again. Come on GW, how hard would it be to add a few units to the Sylvaneth book for variety? And then I also started work on this, because why concentrate on one thing at a time? I've mentioned before that I will be having a Drycha counts-as in the Court, to run as my mad King. I was initially thinking about using the Yncarne as the base for him, as its a gorgeous model, but the more I looked at it the more I realised that it was quite Eldary, and not as easy to tweak into a Sylvaneth thing as I first thought without huge amounts of work that would take away from the overall look of the model. My next port of call was another very different model, but one that is just as ace in different ways, and one that fit the established look of the Court already. Bonus points, he was already a mad King of sorts. C'est la; Obviously this is super rough mock-up at the moment, just to make sure the idea works. Which it does. Hurrah. Once the branches are repositioned and the throne in place, there'll be a lot of work to do to blend the throne into the tree and add all kinds of woody details and roots and so on. Hail to the King. That's all for now folks, more to come once the Hunters are done and more progress has been made on the King. I also need to start gearing up for the madness that will be my Durthu, as well as wait eagerly for the Underworlds Sylvaneth warband, and potentially start planning something altogether more armoured and lightning-like. Cheers, Knave
  9. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “I tell you, in all my travels, in all my long journeys into unknown territories that I have undertaken – I have never turned back. Not once.” Excerpt from Travels Through The Realms; Unfinished by Dieter van Ganza of Anvilguard. ~ “Day 12; Erik says he saw the beast again last night, watching us. His description of it is overly fanciful – some hybrid of wolf and tree? Some antlered giant hound? I might cut the men’s rum rations, just to be sure more of this wayward whimsy does not happen...” “Day 16; Gods’ teeth, I saw it myself last night. Or rather, I saw something. It did indeed have the shape of a huge wolf or hound, but... I cannot explain the spear-long antlers. Nor the graven wooden visage. What is this beast that stalks us so?” “Day 19; The howling keeps us awake at night. Envoy recommends that we plug our ears with rags or wax, but even so the knowledge that it is stalking and watching us keeps us from sleep. And even muted, the howls are terrible still. I fear for the sanity of the men, especially Erik, who grows more obsessed with the beast each day...” “Day 22; We wake this morning to find Erik gone. His gear remains, as more worryingly so do his clothes. Why would he leave in the night? And why is he naked? Envoy tells us he found tracks, a barefoot man, journeying out into the snowfields. He tells us they ended in front of another set of prints, those of huge paws, as though Erik was in audience with the hound. What happened there? Did Erik speak to the beast? Why was it waiting for him?” “Day 23; I do not know how to speak of this. Last night, we all saw it. The giant spectral Hound, in the distance, running through the cold night air and the snow. The awful howling of it and others like it. And there we saw Erik. Naked, sweat-slathered and naked despite the snow. Chasing...no, following the Hound, running in its wake. Baying and screaming himself like a man bereft of all his sense. His eyes, wild and glittering... There was no reason there, none at all. Only the thrill of the Hunt.” ~
  10. All the love for these chaps. I already hearted the hell out of them on Instagram but ****** they look good man.
  11. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    “We create in our own image. That being said, how many of us can say that we truly see ourselves for what we are? It follows then, that creation may often be the birth of a falsehood.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “Life is neither good nor bad; it simply is. It is what you choose to make of life that turns it good or bad.” Attributed to Kwan-Xi, warrior philosopher of the Jade City of Shyish. ~ “It is no small thing, to carve a poppet and give it life.” “To birth a child and raise it.” “To make of it a vessel for all your future hopes.” “They are my spite, my hate, my bitterness given form. My cruellest poppets.” ~
  12. KnaveOfScribes

    Do you want to write for TGA?

    I'll throw my hat into the ring for this as well, even if the narrative/themed/story driven project side of things seems to have a fair few of us already volunteering as tribute.
  13. KnaveOfScribes

    The Darkwood Court

    Well, that was a lengthy old break wasn't it? Apologies for the lack of updates recently folks, but with the festive period and wanting a small break from painting dead trees constantly, I didn't do all that much on the Court over the last 3 weeks or so. Those of you kind enough to find me on Instagram may have seen the recent monochrome Blackstone Fortress characters I painted as a fun little break over the last couple of weeks - it was certainly a different challenge to paint like that, but I'm very happy with how they turned out. It's back to the Court now though, with the last few units in sight for the 3k total. On the list to build and paint we have: - 3 more Crone-touched Hunters - 5 more Crone-touched Treekin - The King-In-Horns himself - My Durthu stand-in. Units wise, that's everything left to do. I guess I should paint at least 3 more Wyldwood bases but as gaming isn't a big thing for me at the moment, I don't think that's particularly urgent or necessary. I'll also probably be adding the Underworld Sylvaneth band when it comes out, because why not. Other than that, my next AoS plans are a little vague at the moment - I kind of want to do something visually different for the next army project, maybe some hulking and armoured like Ironjawz or Maggotkin, but I'm not sure. I'm also currently very very tempted by a cavalry heavy Idoneth Deepkin project, because holy smokes those guys are ace and have a fantastic background too. 40k is still a possibility, but I struggle a little to get super excited by either the game, or the armies I think of. Which is a shame because the setting is ace. Might just concentrate on skirmish level stuff for that like Inq28. Who knows. Anyway, you didn't come here for words, you came for pictures of pretty models. Here's a quick look at everything on the go at the moment for January: And here's a closer look at the first model for 2019, the Hound Of The Wild Hunt, after his greenstuff work: Looking forward to painting him, even if I currently have no idea how to do him, or even what he represents in-game More updates soon, al the best to everyone. Knave