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AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

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Hey, im new to AOS and am going to be getting an army in the next month or so and really like the look and feel of DOK. (not to mention how cool of a character morathi is) I poked around DOK's warscrolls and battalions and this is the list I came out with. Any and all advice or tips appreciated

Temple: Zainthar Kai

Spell lore: Mindrazor

The Shadow Queen

Melusai Ironscale
Art: Shadracar's Fang

Bloodwrack Shrine
Trait: Curse of the bloody-handed
Art: Crimson Talisman
Spell lore: The Withering

10 man units of blood sisters (x2)

5 man unit of blood stalkers (x2)

Vyperic Guard

Endless Spells/CP:
Bloodwrack Viper



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So I managed to win WarhammerFest Throne of Skulls Tournament with my Daughters of Khaine, I had all 4 major wins and most kill points plus enough points to from Sportsmanship and Painting.  http

Just finished my elf-form Morathi. What do you guys think?    Honestly I think she's my best work so far, ever.

Weclome to playng any other army.

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@Deadrixc I think a bit model light- you will struggle on objectives. I might cut one of the battalions. You'll still be pretty low drop. I'd also try to get at least one unit of 10-20 stalkers to use with Morathi's command ability. I might also go for a 15-5 split for the sisters to take better advantage of some of your command abilities.

Something like: Morathi x2, Bloodwrack Shrine, Melusi, 15x sisters, 5x sisters, 15 x stalkers, Vyperic guard, Bloodwrack viper. 

Not completely sure these fit for the points, and even with these changes, it still seems a little too glass cannon-y to me, even for DoK. I might try to fit in the khainite shadowstalkers for some screens or something. 

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