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  1. Are you sure that's not how that works? That's how I've read everyone else on the internet claim how that works. The benefits of Zealot's Rage (step 3 of Blood Rites) are that Avatars of Khaine are automatically animated, and there's absolutely no limitation to that part of effect. Was there an FAQ on this I missed?
  2. Note also that Morgwaeths cost is also super easy to reverse engineer. She pays I believe a 10 point premium for being a unique character (this 10 points is probably what needs cut - its not worth it for 2" reach), plus 12 points a wound for the blade coven (EXACTLY the same as Witch Elves). Whether the blade coven is worth as much as witch aelves (they have a bow in addition to 3 attacks each) is debatable, but Morgwaeths cost is actually EXTREMELY rational. She's probably only paying 10 points too much currently, presuming we accept witches are costed correctly (they feel high t
  3. They were, until yesterday, considered by every player I'd met since starting the game to be the second most overpowered shooting unit in the game behind Lumineth Sentinels. And Morathi-Khaine doubles your investment by letting them shoot twice. That combo is still fully intact, but its much more expensive now and leaves you very short on resources.
  4. Same. I haven't legitimately lost a game yet with Daughters in my playgroup, it will be nice to have to actually push in order to win. I do wish that some units like Witches hadn't been hit so hard, for no apparent reason... but still, it will be good for my opponents to not feel like they're slogging uphill all game.
  5. Well, now they're 5 points cheaper. Beyond that, theyre crazy damage output on the charge and have some pretty good non-deep strike shenanigans when combined with mindrazors. Heartrenders don't really do a lot of damage, regardless. I've found them best for having good potential to steal objectives- their ability to move after shooting can let them be in surprising places way more quickly than most opponents may assume. Different roles, really.
  6. First 3.0 build, feels stretched thin - Hagg Nar Warlord Detachment - The Shadow Queen - 660 Morathi-Khaine (Mindrazors, assuming intended to be Legal) Hag Queen on Cauldron (Arcane Tome + Steed of Shadows) - 255 Khinerai Lifetakers x5 - 90 Khinerai Lifetakers x5 - 90 Vanguard Detachment Melusai IronScale (General, Devoted Disciple, The Ulfuri) - 115 Blood Sisters x5 - 140 Monster Hunters Detachment Blood Sisters x5 - 140 Blood Stalkers x15 - 510 Typical Morathi + stalkers, with a fast distraction Vanguard that should be capable of moving shockingly f
  7. Was unique added to them via FAQ after it wasn't in the tome, or something like that? What are the chances that book and this one were printed at around the same time, and it's the same omission...
  8. I mean, I agree that Sentinels should have gone up just like Stalkers did - but did you see what happened to Slaanesh? Eep. DoK got off amazing by comparison there.
  9. "Resistance" to All Out Attack isn't nothing. +1 to hit on someone's biggest, killiest unit is now essentially trivial - Khailebron may get more mileage out of those stacking penalties than you think even if it's less in the absolute sense than previous.
  10. It also seems like the sort of change that should have come up in a preview by now if it were an intended thing.
  11. I'm missing that trusting the Google result for "Witch Aelves Warscroll" from the Games Workshop Website resources section was a mistake apparently. Current version definitely is +1 to save, sad day.
  12. Saves are limited to a +1 modifier - they aren't limited negatively, like hit and wound rolls are.
  13. I do not, of course, see where you acknowledge that anywhere. You mention several times that Morathi and Morgwaeth "lost" spells or prayers, which is debatable at best. You also mention several times that Cauldrons and Avatars can't fight until turn 3... which is also not factual. You just have to use the intended mechanics to enable them. Even if everything you said was true, as a DoK player I'm happy. The game as a whole is better, and maybe I won't win every single game against less powerful armies regardless of how many mistakes I make on the basis of the entire book being
  14. I feel like the conflicting wording was either written by different people or written at different times. The way the Spell Lore enhancement is written, the enhancement is for the army and benefits your Wizards. The problem is a completely seperate statement that blanket states Enhancements are by definition "given to models", which is silly because it makes no sense for the ones that are clearly "army wide", like prayers, Spell lores, and triumphs. It's seems like an editing mistake that was hard to spot because both sections work fine in isolation, but have implications if you
  15. You realize of course there's like, a 99.9% chance that unique characters are fully intended to gain access to the appropriate spell lores and prayer lists right? I've heard several people say they've heard from playtesters running these characters with these abilities. I'd not assume that any faction is going to do badly based on that particular rules item until the FAQs are out.
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