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  1. Daughters: 2 Spells and 2 Prayers Prayers: Sword of Khaine - Pure Damage, Slaughter Queen prays this with +1 Massive sword of murder falls down (or Raises from ground). Deals minor AoE damage and then removes some heads. 18-26" Range, d3 MW in 6" and makes attack against unit in 3" - 2x 3+/3+/-2/d6, stays on board on 5+, moves only 6" Does not deal damage to models with FF (eg, can damage allies tho) - Here for Cool factor. Blood of Khaine - Utility Prayer, Hag Queen prays this with +1 Hagbrew on steroids. Chalice or Heart with bloody spray going out. Buffs units. Placed within 8" of Priest, ALLIED Units up to 3" away can drink in Hero Phase. After 3 units drink it vanishes, stays on board on 3+, gets +1 use if it stayed up, can't move. Gives Battleshock Immunity, Re-roll to wound and FF untill next HERO phase (gives 6+ FNP to allies for a turn, Blessing of Khaine also now works on allies, protects allies from other DoK spells/prayers) - Allies is not something DoK generally use. Even tho they are all around, Shadowhammer Compact could benefit here. Stormboys with brew, HA! Spells: Gaze of Medusai - Utility Spell, Medusa cast's this spell with +2 12" Cast Range, 6" Move, Ignores units with FF. Attacks all Models within 10", Roll for each model, MW on 5+ Units/Models that suffered damage also get their bravery and movement reudced by 2. Deep Shadow of Ulgu - Protection Spell, Units see out - nothing sees IN. Morathi cast's this spell with +2. 6" Cast range, No Move (could be multi-part-model like circle for woods*) Gives Allied units wholly within 9" total cover (no line of sight, even for flying) unless enemy is 1" away from unit. In that case entire unit is visible. Enemies within 9" of the cloud are supprised/disoriented and act last in combat (even if something would cause to go first). Allied models wholly within 9" have -1 rend on melee attacks. Allied models wholly within 9" have +1 damage on ranged attacks. Allied models wholly within 9" can retreat without penalties. (gives typically super aggressive DoK a defensive option / option to use Shooty snakes).
  2. As DoK player there's not really a choice. There's one or two competitive HagNarr builds. And I think this is bad. I tried playing Khailebron Shadowhammer Compact, Draichi Ganeth Slaughter Troupe, Khailebron Magic Overload... (never ever even considered The Kraith) but games were 'fun' just in extremely casual setting. In tiny bit competitive those lists just got stomped and matches were not fun... you know it's bad when you're tabled at end of turn2. I would love the choice even if it locks CT/Artifact if GW would balance it faster. So Mixed.
  3. Scourgerunner Chariot, Dark Riders, Doomfire Warlocks (yes I'm playing Anvilgard/Pirates/DoK...)
  4. 2+ Endless only if you also have 2+ wizards. Incantor + Battlemage, Vortex+Swords/Pendulum/Geminids Incantor on Vortex is one of best you can pick since if sorceress is out. 24" Spirit Storm can absolutely mess with opponent reliant on run+charge. Threat range is like 27-28" when Incantor is not on vortex yet (place vortex in front of incantor 1", put him on, measure 24" from vortex edges...) This reaches things on Turn1. If Vortex is not unbound or failed ofc. Having 140 point wizard cast 2 spells is nice, specially when extra option is Sap Strenght. Incantor will not be shot down with 2+ save so that 40 you pay for Vortex will not get lost easily. Especially if he has Drakescale cloak up also. Doesn't need to hang back... nor you want to. There's niche move sometimes available. Casting vortex while in combat to get out of it (requires that opponent is ~1.5+" away from Incantor), dispel vortex and move Incantor 6".... then move/charge. Since Incantor is bit harder target late(r) game runs on objectives are not uncommon. Summoning and dispelling vortex can move you ~8-9" in hero phase (setup 1" away, get on, dispell, get 6" away). Incantor has ok attacks and flasks so... it works ) Other options: Spells: Swords - Cheap and great mw Pendulum - Safe option, can hit twice Geminids - Great Shackles - Ok if you can shoot things (not in Anvilgard) Bravery Bomb (Jaws / Gravetide + Fell Gaze(Khabarydis) -> for -4 bravery. Wizards: Battlemage (Azyr) gets 24" D3 Chain Lighting on vortex that bounces D3! MW in 6" from UNIT targeted. This can deal some serious damage, especially when someone brings large tarpit/net unit stretched in line. One of best damage options that can kill support heroes in two casts, but old man is frail and can be shot when on Vortex, Look Out helps tho. Pha's protection is nice on large units (40 pirates), but doesn't need vortex. Wildform is nice for things that run+charge (mostly Sorceress combos, eg Executioners). --- Battlemage + Incantor + Vortex + Swords = 300 points. 1x 280 for 40 Pirates 3x1 Chariots is 180 240 left to 1000. You need 1 more Battleline or Fleetmaster general here. Fleetmaster leaves you with 180 points and that's a Hydra/Khabarydiss with Acidic Blood / Fell Gaze. Could work and would look quite cool on table.
  5. 3 chariots get bonus but 3x1 chariot gives you larger coverage, flexibility and from my POV better shooting here (as you can safely activate one by one). Chariots are also quite large and block large areas for charges. Gives your 40 pirates better chance to charge. I guess it's more down to 150 vs 180 points in your list. Not bringing at least 1 wizard seems waste in CoS. Empowered endless spells can wreck. Anvilgard with it's pirates and chariots... lack MW output if you don't use Spray. And Spray is only (imo) good with forward running sorceress (2 of them) and ton of non-rend followup (darkshards / maybe xbow corsairs). Since you can't use sorceress? I would drop a Battlemage with Lighting and Sap Strenght on Vortex (or better Incantor for +2 save wizard with 24" aoe threat). Gives you bit of MW output. In Anvilgard I played around Arcanum's CA and few endless spells to some ok effect (arcanum gives Endless Spell +1d6 move, can stack....) and Anvilgard can start with extra CA's. But you also need sorceress here so this is likely out for you. Large group of pirates should be better (swords) and you can support it better (wildform, pha's, Fleetmasters CA). Also they can cover entire board with BS immunity (Anvilgard). Also since you don't use unreliable Spray here, swords bit better again than xbows. Also Secretive Warlock... might be better to take Crimelord for extra Artifact + Something (d3 CA's). Ruby Ring is one bad artifact you can pick from Aqshy list. It does d3MW to nearest unit in 18" on 5+. Now compare that to warlock success rate... and fact spells can be unbound, resisted with effects/artifacts, used against you, etc... Drakescale cloak is nice, toss it on Incantor... +2 save wizard on vortex with cloak...
  6. This is my 5 drop DG, 2 "shrine" (shrine + cauldron) list. ------------------- Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine Mortal Realm: Ghur - Temple: Draichi Ganeth LEADERS Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Bloodwrack Shrine (220) Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm - Lore of Shadows : Steed of Shadows Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - General - Command Trait : Terrifying Beauty - Artefact : The Darksword - Prayer : Catechism of Murder (+battalion) Hag Queen (90) - Prayer : Crimson Rejuvenation Hag Queen (90) - Prayer : Sacrament of Blood UNITS (all battalion) 10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120) Bucklers 10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120) Bucklers 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) 10 x Witch Aelves (120) Paired 10 x Witch Aelves (120) Paired BATTALIONS Slaughter Troupe (130) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 92 LEADERS: 5/6 BATTLELINES: 4 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/2 ALLIES: 0/400 ---- * Could be better with 30 SoS + 1x 10 SoS +1x 10 WE's -1x HAG (but I don't have them that many). Becomes 4 drop, 30 points left (Swords/Prismatic...) * 1 Hag can be changed for +5 Khinerai to lower drops further (either to 4 or to 3, but I only have 10 so never tried and I like 2 hags atm) * SQ can take Mistress of Poisons making her explode almost everything she touches without Mindrazor (with exception of one Dwarf). Take it if you're confident you can make SQ charge and Morathi + Shrine will hold that long. There's option to take True Believer and get +2 total on Blood Rites combined with Sacrament (which makes her "Level3" in Turn1... Activated Avatar, Reroll 1s to hit). I prefer -1 Hit tho as it makes games more even I feel and with some hope if you get Double Turned. * Shrine can take Shadow Stone or if you wish for some reason T1 28" combat range Shrine those Gyrhopian? Gauntlets that give 6" pilein range (16 steed+6 run cp+6 pilein...) which is I guess funny for 6" move model by default. I prefer Charm so Shrine stays alive more than not and get Aura off at-least once. * SQ's command gets used! --- T1 Morathi transform forward (block her in other directions) - fly and charge - 18" no problem. Don't do this if you know you're giving T1 priority away and know that opponent can reach her*. -2 shooting vs her tho (watchout + her oracle model ability). Shrine fly up to 17" (16+1 with charm) Stare nicely at 20-40 of something. And Charge a flank or just stand close behind Morathi. Morathi stare closest dude to extend pilein or some bravery banner in unit that Medusa stared. Rest of army run up, have cauldron sheltered (should be easy with 4x 10 girls). Use Khinerai only if they can absolutely help / block or score objective that girls couldn't and you're sure its worth it. Otherwise keep them in air. T2 Plans depend on situation. But generally. Drop SQ's command on Morathi and Shrine (and/or especially Cauldron if it got into combat somehow) Morathi does her Tarpit job. Medusa drops Agony and does rest of her staring/casting/charging. Remember to RETREAT with Battalion units if they were somehow engaged. Will give your Cauldron "another" D3MW on charge. SQ drops her hammer and Buckler SoS join to block things (abuse run/charge + 6" pilein to get to backlines, damage dealers, shooters, etc..). Drop Khinerai... or don't T3 If you're here Morathi is dead or maybe somehow on last 1-3 hp, Shrine is likely dead (I had it survive sometimes due d3 heal if Cauldron didn't need it), Cauldron could be alive (use CA, dooh), SoS dead or limping. If things and turns went more or less normally. Double turns can shift things dramatically due glass cannon nature of army (you could be basically dead or opponent is T2...) So what's left is to WitchBrew those WE's you held back and enjoy 2+/reroll 1 to hit + re-roll wounds. Drop 2x 40 blade cuts into (dwarf) things and drop Khinerai on objectives. Remember to Retreat towards objectives and Charge after... /shrug ---- Special consideration with DraichiGaneth is Medusa General and Snakes as 3rd(1st) battleline. It increases drop count by 1 and you loose SQ's CA which really works here, but snakes with +1 hit on charge do MW on 3+. I only have 5 snakes so never tried this.
  7. Not the best performing likely. But... CoS. 5x 300 Points of Dreadlords on Black Dragon (for coolnes, proxy Black Dragons with Carmine Dragon models) Fill rest with legit War Hydras / Khabarridis as Battlelines. Or. Steam Tanks army. Pew Pew. 5x Commander for 250 then steam tanks rollout. Legit Behemot only armies
  8. PSSST. Check Xbow corsairs. Surprisingly they do well damage wise and no one notices as they have ****** warscroll apparently. 20 pirates drop 40x 4/4/-/1 shooting at 9" for 160 points + ~15x 3/5/-/1 melee if they have to in same turn. Sure they drop 1 hit when on 14 models. But this means something is hitting them and that's what I want while my Longstrikes remove things from safety.
  9. Get: 1) Plastic Transport/Storage Boxes (check depth vs tallest models you pack) 2) Self-Adhesive magnetic sheets https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/magnets/element-essentials-magnetic-sheet Link to EE here for reference how it looks. You can get this in almost any "Office/Hobby/Book" store as they have more applications. 3) Optional - Movement trays (if you use movement trays) Next: 1) Stick magnetic sheets directly on box bottom. 2) Place models on sheet (remove foil, turn around and stick models (or just bases) on sheet. 3) Cut out models/bases from sheet. You will now have "flat" magnetic sheet in size of base under models fitting outer edge of base. Optional - un-stick sheets from bases and add some basing/quick glue to really glue it back. (I find it not necessary even for big models) Optional - Stick magnetic sheets into Movement Trays (before or after assembly) and under trays. Your trays now stick to box, and models stick to trays. Check rotation before sticking! TADA: Your models now stick to Box (very strong shaking can still make models loose). Due nature of magnets in sheets, rotation is important I suggest setting whole unit into "formation" when cutting sheets. If you magnetize movement trays, you'll have them facing where you want. Personal preference tho. Pros vs NeoMagnets: * FAST * CHEAP * NO GLUE (just knife) * (light) Models will not stick/jump on each other! I had some Pirates "jumping" at each other when moving/removing them on board with Neo ones. Cons: * Rotation makes difference (can also help with un-sticking model tho, just rotate a bit and it gets "loose" it will never stick so hard you'll break something getting it apart) * Weaker magnetic bond. Good for transport by Car / Train / Hand Carry etc.. with occasional small bump. Can take country road and it will be fine. But not for planes (thing's get tossed, I would use foam here). * Some terrain, you could have tiny bit more placement issues due now FLAT base not bit hollowed out. Eg. Steep Stairs / Rocks etc. I support notion that model needs to stand firmly on terrain and play as such even if it's not "optimal" so I'm not bothered. But if you have 120 goblins all over some hill... well Common issue: If you use metalic markers (badges) for buffs/objectives/etc... you'll be sad as those stick to your models when on table and you'll move objectives or get buff stuck under your model. It's less of issue with sheet than Neo(stronger).
  10. Your list can be easily adapted to this. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine Mortal Realm: Ulgu - Temple: Hagg Nar LEADERS Bloodwrack Shrine (220) - General - Command Trait : Devoted Disciples - Artefact : Shadow Stone - Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330) - Artefact : Doppelganger Cloak - Prayer : Catechism of Murder Hag Queen (90) - Prayer : Blessing of Khaine UNITS 30 x Sisters of Slaughter (300) - Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120) - Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) BATTALIONS Slaughter Troupe (130) TOTAL: 1850/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 121 LEADERS: 3/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/2 ALLIES: 0/400 ------------ You get 1 more artifact. Ignax, Thermalrider, Doppleganger, Iron Circlet,... whatever helps most in (your) meta. 1 more CP Battalion is nice, retreat and charge with SoS can be used very very creatively. Due 6" pilein you don't need to charge things... so you can "almost" fight first more than once. Also makes this list 4-5 drop. Also Cauldron can retreat and charge for extra d3 impact damage. SQ can unbind. 1 Less Witchbrew 2x 5 Khinerai are nice assassins, obective grabbers and seriously mess a lot of players thought process. No 50% meteor or Guaranteed unbind 1x Has 150 leftover points. Which allow for: 1x Medusa (The Withering) +1 to wound is always nice, unbind and another vs horde 'gaze'. 1x Hag (Martyr's Sacrifice and additional Brew with 60 points left for + 1 CP or Scourgerunner or Geminids) 3x Scourgerunner for large footprint shooting support 1x Incantor if you want 100% unbind for some key turn1 casts. 1x Gryph Hounds to be used as fast chaff (6x 42mm, 18 wounds, 9' move, nosave) their retreat rule can be nice help locking down some units as they can escape combat if not targeted fast enough. Also has option to modify core: Option2: Leave / Put hag on cauldon (+30) points. And take SQ on foot (-100 points) for battalion requirement. Leaves you with 80 points (10 pirates as chaff for instance). Option3: Make SQ on cauldron general. Take extra unit of WE's. Leaving you with 30 points, take Prismatic endless spell to counter some shooting or turn1 movement. Keeps you 4 drop and you gain access to quite nasty CA, 3 prayers, cauldron having devoted disciples. always.... I would do this I guess.
  11. No need to throw everything in. I totally agree it's to much. Just some positive with some negative so it balances out. (never played older WH editions, D&D player mostly, cough) I tend to drop bunch of ideas down, pick something
  12. General / SCE things I would like to see. 1) Altar/Shrine Terrain piece. Maybe reroll prayers, maybe extend prayers, maybe extend CA range for heroes/general while 6-12" in range. Something. 2) Sigmar's Invocations (prayer endless spells, 2-3) - debuff(-hit/charge for enemies), buff(+hit/wound or MW protection in range), heal&revive(Sigmar's Lifeswarm) 3) General: Priests can nullify (dispel) other priest's buffs or Invocations. But not "unbind". With Prayers more powerful than spells this seems logical to me. (I could be biased, playing vs Khorne a lot...) 4) Priest (better prayers, maybe some tiny bonus vs Death/Chaos), Mage (arcanum/soulwars thingy), Cavalry (Dracoths, Cats, Gryphs..), Infantry (bonus movement/buffs on small guys), Scout(better deepstrike, retreat) stormhosts and one General one (HoS). Anvils seem "priestly" to me for some reason /shrug. 5) Reworked battalions, like all of them. Not sure if there's more than 2 actually used. Make sure there's one or two versatile cheap ones overall (eg. Priest + 2x Liberators + 1x Judicators or Castigators) that are there more for "Buy extra CP/Artifact/MountTrait with this" than power. Units: Liberators, Give them "Lock Shields" ability, Start Movement Phase: Move at 1/2, can't run, can't charge, fights last, 2" pilein. But +1 save, re-roll all save rolls till next movement. Now you have really solid boys at price and ability can't be used if they are 'dropped' on objective or somewhere form sky. Hunters, +1 range (10") on guns, +1 move(7") and add Spotter ability "Any unit that suffered wounds from this unit is visible to other allies in X" range, allies shooting over terrain due this ability have -1 to hit" OR give their Tireless hunters "Can retreat/run/shoot and maybe charge" instead of just run&shoot. Palladors, give them Prosecutor "if 9" or farther away, Javelins deal 2 damage" and give Trident to Prime by default. GryphHounds, ugh. Remove or improve Warning cry (it only works vs reserve units...) and increase Loyal Companion range to 6-9" OR Rework LC to 'eat' wounds on 4+ for whatever character they are guarding. Might give them role against sniping those 5-6w boys. 6+ save would be nice also. Heroes: Named Heroes - give them each a battalion with their Keyword. Eg. Gavriel + 2x Any Paladins. Gavriels CA can now be used in any Stormhost, but just on the friends he brings along. They don't get current stormhost keyword (eg. anvils) but battalion has something nice for them. So they are not totally holed into one Stormhost. Name these battalions "Strike Force" or something and make rule they can be only used by non-home stormhost (to prevent stacking of battalion and stormhost rules). Veritant - let him dispel endless spells and invocations and resist those effects by default (eg 5+ ignore magic/prayer/invocation) and let him kill enemy priest's with same vengeance as mages. Vexillor - becomes a Priest, Has 2 prayers but can only use one on his banner. Wholly within 12" Battleshock immunity aura OR 12" 6+ save vs MortalWounds aura and heals 1 wound to each wounded model. Venator - Remove his Star Fated arrow. Give him Anvils CA ability ONCE per Phase in 6-9" for free (remove it from Anvils). He's flying so he's harder to hide and every Stormhost can use it now. But it's also riskier do use. IF taken alone for some reason, he could CA himself all the time and achieve some SUB raptors damage while moving making him worth at 140-160 eh? PS. I feel like currently anvils CA is only thing keeping SCE afloat among all those 30" charge, rend -2, fight first and twice and whatnot armies... . And that this kind of treatment would both make it somewhat worse but better for entire Faction. Aquilor - While teleport is interesting for Raptor transport. It does nearly nothing for Hunters/Palladors. Give astral compass units... +1 to charge and melee attacks or +1 charge and -1 to hit against(like scions of storm) on turn they astral so there's more incentive to teleport and charge. Adjust points to buffs ofc.
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