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  1. Prime has large 18" +1 bravery bubble for the girls (stacks with avatar/cauldron) and -2 for enemies on drop. This makes Mindrazor stick fully against heroes/death most of time. Use it, abuse it, love it. Blocks of SoS love it, small units of WE's love it also. Secondary function is artillery against slow moving stuff, not even starting in air. He's conditionally better than Morathi (and cheaper) for this. Spells can be failed and unbound, his comet does not. He migh be better in DoK army than in SCE... Warlocks... I love models but they always failed for me for some reason (playing vs Khorne/Death mostly I guess). I prefer 1-2x Khinerai to support Prime, drop with him and step next to his side to block some counter pileins/charges, their bases are large enough. So he doesn't vaporize immediately...
  2. Alternate Battleline option with more elite stats. -1 rend would be welcome. Teleport/Cloaking ability, unit counting as wizard if leader or that warlock is alive with own spell. Mortal wounds on natural 6 hit rolls (poison). Probably split profile to 2-3 weapons (dual melee, range and leader).
  3. If WE's have ward save due their faith (under their Allegiance) and SCE don't... does that mean that SCE boys don't believe enough in Sigmar? 🤔 And yes, I'm sure that cape is at-least -1 to be hit with shooting if not ward save. 😛
  4. 4 attacks -> 2 blades +hero in 8" range (100 point support) 4 save (in combat only, not ranged) on WE = 1 blade + buckler with blood shield (18") from 290 or 330 model. (cant be both, let's say it's second one*) 5+ ward is from general CA in Hagg Nar, 7" range ward reroll is from prayer from a 100 point, 5w, 5s model. Prayer hits on 3 (66%). So, minimum of 390 support on 120 line. (510) --- Liberator Prime 3 attacks, 4+/3+/-1/2. 4+ Lets support him with 120 point hero in small range and staunch defender. 3+ (to pay for HaggNarr and extra attack*) Lets support him with a lantern (0, same hero*). 2+ and heals (reroll prayers) because we still have points for that 290 pt of Blood Shield... Lets drop 270 more points of support on this... in form of 150 lord arcanum, now 1 wound can be negated 120... meh add 100pt relictor for prayer, lets say divine light and we have.... 2+ that heals on 6ses, negates 1 wound* per round, rerolls saves of 1, opponent rerolls 6s against it and this support still has 1 spell and 1 prayer left. Let's say 2x -1 to hit (Lightning Storm and Thunderclap or whatnot) . Against WE "prime" 3x 2+/4+/-/1. 4+. 5++ that has 1 prayer left from support (Classic explosive 6's seem weak now that you must reroll them). Default WE without support is 2 or 3 attacks at 3+/4+/-/1, 6+ save, 6+ ward. No rerolls. How does this look against rend -1 shooting? Extremely well. Hint. While I agree liberators are weak and outdated, we can't go compare them to probably the most glass cannon unit in AoS, the WE's. Any shootcast player will tell you that DoK is balanced game, even easy with nice shooting castle. Now Liberators vs Chaos Warriors, that's better comparison. CW get 5+ ward and I don't know what their marks do. But hey have one nice solution that SCE liberators need... Halberds with 2" range. To "patch" liberators at their points. I would just add weapon option to them (Spear, 2"/4/4/-/1) and give them 6+ ward on their shield's. Sell weapon upgrade pack... I mean, just look at him! (also has a cape, because he's cooler that way) 😛
  5. I always find my 1-2 x 5 HR's very useful. Slaughter Troupe (retreat doesn't prevent shooting/charging) that I play most has 2x HR as requirement anyway. I generally hold them in air (on sectioned off / reserves part of table, so opponents sees them and doesn't forget about them) till turn 3. And they already do their damage just by being there. Then whatever they do is just a bonus (finishing off 1-2w heroes, moving into objectives, etc...). After shooting and successful dice roll... I only drive them into melee If I'm 100% sure they will survive if they need to lock something down or finish off whatever is there. Otherwise I pull them back. I know I won games with them. ---- playing some variation of this usually. Ulgu gives interesting CA for Khinerai now Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Mortal Realm: Ulgu - Temple: Hagg Nar Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480)- Lore of Shadows : The Withering Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330)- General- Command Trait : Devoted Disciples - Artefact : Thousand and One Dark Blessings - Prayer : Blessing of Khaine Bloodwrack Shrine (210)- Artefact : Shadow Stone - Lore of Shadows : Mindrazor Hag Queen (100)- Prayer : Martyr's Sacrifice 30 x Sisters of Slaughter (300)- Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers 10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120)- Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (120)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90) Slaughter Troupe (130) Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (30) 2000/2000, 5 drop
  6. AoS 3.0: * Going first vs Second (and double turns). Going second gives you 1 global (minor? defensive) tactical buff in opponents turn only. For cost of 1 CP or better, free once per game. Might be just enough. "Brace for Impact" "Shields Up" etc... (-1 to be hit with shooting, -1 to be hit in melee, +1-2 to unbind rolls,...) * Endless Spells are owned by caster, no stealing, moved to hero phase. Wizard that cast the spell needs to be 30" within (not wholly) to sustain it. If caster of spell is slain, spell vanishes or goes rogue(can be controlled by enemy wizard(s) also). This enables alternative "Unbind" option for armies without actual Unbind(s). All Endless Spells get Augment option (wizards uses 1 cast at to augment it on 2nd round of it's life, no roll or -2 of initial cast needed*). CoS wizard spells do not vanish if slain and are always augmented. Augment has 30" range and requires LoS. * Coop-Casting. Wizard can assist other Wizard with a single cast. They need to be 3 or 6" within each other. They cast 1 spell together (2 casts used), bonuses per faction / warscroll. EG. Death wizard spells combine cast roll (they have a lot "if 10+ cast"), Chaos higher range, Destruction extra damage and Order's can't be unbound this way. Or just make it uniform that it requires 2 unbinds or something. * Bonereapers are NOT immune to battleshock. It just limits design space (and all armies that want to bravery bomb, which is bad tactics even without this atm). * Offensive (maybe all) Prayers and Invocations can be blocked by enemy Priests (Prayer unbind). Some factions have better prayers than others have spells... without dangers and up to 2x better chance of it working + blocking magic themselves. * Small heroes (5w and less) get better at not dying if they have 3 or more of small friendlies nearby / between attacker and them. Look Out Sir v2... * Carmine Dragon is 400 points or less with warscroll to match and is legit in matched play (purely selfish reasons, because I need a dragon in my fantasy army, thanks). * Minimum sized (battleline only maybe) units gain "Cooperation / Strike As One". If in combat with same unit they (can) activate together to offset HUGE advantage larger units have over small due activation sequences. * Remove all Fights First bs with possible exception on a specific Hero or two...
  7. One hit at 2 damage + extra hits from that 1d6 at 1 damage (1d2 + 5d1 max) - this is default with just Vanguard Wing. + 1 hit from Bless Weapons at damage 1. So 1d2 + 5d1 +1d1 max. (7 hits max)
  8. That's perfectly clear. But looking for it in FAQs I found this and whew. It was FAQed. Q: Sometimes a dice roll will trigger an effect. For example, a weapon might have a rule that says a hit roll of 6 causes two hits on the target instead of 1. What happens if another effect applies to the same roll? For example, the weapon from the previous example might have a rule that says it inflicts D6 mortal wounds on a hit roll of 6 and the attack sequence ends – would I get to inflict two hits that each inflicted D6 mortal wounds? A: When a dice roll triggers more than one effect, each effect is triggered once. For this example, this means that the hit roll would cause two hits, but only one of the hits would inflict D6 mortal wounds (you would carry out the rest of the attack procedure for the other hit normally). So, my fair case(s) are legit. Judicator (with special bow) in Vanguard Wing + Prayer -> One hit roll of 6 -> 1d6 hits + 1 extra hit from prayer. One out of 1d6 hits has +1 damage from VanguardWing. Liberators, Paired Weapons, Vanguard + Prayer -> One hit roll of 6 -> 3 hits (2 from paired, 1 from prayer). One of hits is d2 due VanguardWing +1 on 6. WHEW. Edit (source): https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8f9bd00c.pdf
  9. Oooh! Sorry, I had old warscroll in my mind! They had reroll 1's, now they have exploding 6's on default! HA. "Each unmodified hit roll of 6 for model.... inflicts 2 hits" Ugh this by RAW creates same issue as with Judicators. GW should FAQ this as it's so common in SCE. Liberator with Vanguard Wing + Bless Weapons: 1 attack, roll 6 = 2hits (no roll for them) from paired + 1 hit from prayer. * 2d1 + 1d1 (all hits were created, not rolled - likely RAW and also sad way to look at it as it negates Vanguard's Wing +1 damage) * 1d2(initial hit) + 1d1(extra hit from paired) + 1d1 (prayer) (this is how I would rule it as it seems fair - full damage potential goes from 1 to 4... from 1x 6 roll versus 5 hit roll.) * if Paired two hits would be both considered as if "Roll 6" happened... then liberator with paired and prayer would generate 4 hits on 6. With 2d2 (first two) + 2d1 (prayer). But this also then extends to Judicators and Ballista. I don't think there's chance of this being ever ruled like this. --- I went back to double check core rules... This is all there is, no mention of how to handle those multi-hit's "Dice/Roll Wise": Sometimes a single successful hit roll will score 2 or more hits. If this is the case, make all of the wound rolls for those hits at the same time, and then all of the save rolls.
  10. Well, yes each hit of 6 with bless on will also explode and deal extra hit so d2 + d1. In normal scenario where Liberators do not have prayer on (there are better targets), Vanguard Wing doubles their damage on 6's. That's quite good, for Liberators Paired weapons on liberators give you reroll of 1 for that extra bit of consistency without use of CP. Can be ok if you can ensure/improve charge without actually targeting them (Gav Bomb, Hallowed Knights, Vexxilor,... ) since it's unlikely those Liberators will get any defensive bonuses. Also makes them bit immune to roll 1 hit triggers (DoK Medusai - Temple Nest - hitting them with 1s is 1 MW suffered). In Vanguard Wing, 5 libs should do ~4 damage to 4+ save target (1 more than their average) which is actually huge passive increase. But really, you want to shove them into 6+/- save target where they would draw some gazes with ~8 damage.
  11. You roll 6 (once) - Prayer and Battalion Ability trigger for this dice roll. You get +1 damage on this one roll This roll makes another hit (at 0/no dice rolled, it's not 6 its not 1... it's just extra hit) Normally this means that first hit (roll of 6) gets +1 damage and creates extra attack at normal damage (see longstirike sample below) --- But Judicators ability is written interestingly When roll with Shockbow hits at any roll from 2-6 it doesn't do damage... but creates 1d6 hits. Sockbolt bow is just laser tag for Sigmar to throw lightning down like it's written now. This could mean that on initial hit roll of 6 with shockbow: * that no Hits get +1 damage from battalion (6d1+1d1) since all hits are created and not rolled. * that players agree that 1 hit does 2 damage, rest do 1. (1d2+5d1+1d1) (this is fair imo, but likely not correct by rules BUT likely how designers imagined it) * that all bow hits get 1 damage from battalion (6d2), but this would also mean that those 6 hits are considered "roll of 6" which would also then create 6 extra hits from prayer and not just 1 extra hit (6d2 + 6d1) (definitely not correct) PS. Also Ballista suffers from same rule, if it's somehow possible to give it +1 damage on "Whenever 6 is rolled for hit". Single Balista with later understanding of this interaction would have 72 damage potential (4d6 hits of roll 6 (24d2), extra hits (24d1)) or 49 damage if you say +1 damage works, but extra hits do not from those 6xes. --- It's same/similar treatment with mortal wounds and other triggers on ROLL 6. If you get extra hit, those do not trigger as there's no roll. Extra hits (created) cannot trigger extra hits also, since they have no roll. This was in FAQ's also. With Longbow Raptors + exploding prayer, on roll of 6 you get = 2mw + hit (that needs to wound save & save check). Not auto 4 MW. Same for Retributor lightning hammers... etc. Hmm. If these two could get +1 damage on 6... what happens? Extra MW, nothing or you need to roll attack sequence that you were ordered to stop? (damage =! MW)
  12. That's what I thought also... Then AoS 2.0 and FAQ'******. Apparently battalion rules are a mess (especially in Death and Orruks) Old (DoK included) 1.0 battalions had Faction Name above it, new 2.0 battalions don't. They have "Warscroll Battalion" in small text above name. New battalions can be in any faction that's in the book where battalion is (this creates some Orruk funny situations I believe). And battalions do not grant keywords anymore. Sources: Core Rules: https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf Page 15: Notice no mention of any allies or units in battalion gaining Keyword from Battalion. Page 17: "A warscroll battalion can include allies. They do not count against the limit on the number of allied units you can include in the army" --- From core rules FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/8f9bd00c.pdf Q: The rules say that a warscroll battalion can include allies and that they don’t count against the number of allies in the army. Does this rule only apply to battalions that share the same allegiance as the army, but that have units from two different factions (a battalion in a Daughters of Khaine army that has Daughters of Khaine and Stormcast Eternals units, for example)? A: Yes. The faction a warscroll battalion belongs to is shown on its warscroll, above the title of the battalion. In addition, the battalion is assumed to belong to the Grand Alliance that its faction is a part of. Warscroll battalions that share the same allegiance as an army can always be taken as part of the army, and if they include any allied units, these units do not count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (or against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle). An army can include a warscroll battalion of a different allegiance to the rest of the army, but if it does so the units in it do count against the limits on the number of allies the army can have (and the points for the battalion and the units in it count against the points limit that can be spent on allies in a Pitched Battle) TLDR; Warscroll Battalon itself has allegiance , not units on it. --- In case of Shadowhammer Compact this boils down to question: Why would I play Shadowhammer Compact with half of an army unable to benefit from allegiance abilities, temples, buffs/spells and near zero synergies between DoK and SCE? See all DoK Prayers, Unit Abilities and Spells that are buffs... require DoK Keyword to work and Battalions do not grant that under current rules apparently. I hoped they change this Battalion to something like Idoneth have with Sylvaneth. Or change one of temples to include allies.
  13. No, SCE units in battalion do not benefit from Allegiance abilities. It's also in DoK Designers Commentary. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/age_of_sigmar_daughters_of_khaine_designers_commentary_en-1.pdf You get: 1) Liberators cont as Battleline so you have 4 (2x Liberators, 2x WE's) 2) All SCE listed in Battalion do not count into Allies points (but they are considered allies). So you have 400 points left, even Gotrek if you wished. 3) Battalion's CA works on Battalion SCE units (but not allied SCE units*). Sadly ShadowhammerCompact is crazily priced at 170 and has huge required list that really limits how to build it. Minimum is 1030 points even with massive SCE point reductions. Funny thing possible now is to have Morathi and Celestant-Prime(ally) in this list tho and you have 190 points left. Enough for Medusa/Hag to carry Temple ability (Khailebron / HaggNar) and maybe extra 90 of Prosecutors/Khinerai. Khailebron temple, teleport/shift Morathi and mindrazor and drop Prime then shove them into thing(s) preferably in a way that getting to Prime goes trough Morathi. Hope they kill and block enough so your small units get objectives and do enough shooting damage with SHC command. Unfortunately Prime is not eligible target for Command Ability as Ally. Khinerai can drop to objectives or help blocking Prime from counter attack (also look out sir works). PS. Prime in DoK army can be interesting due +1 bravery to everyone and -2 bravery to enemies when dropped in combination with Mindrazor. But he works better as mobile artillery support with Cauldron due stacking with Avatar bravery. And in non Shadowhammer list ) Also, Sword Liberators seem less ****** - The Withering adds +1 to Wound so they become 3+/3+ or 2+/3+ against bigger things. Where Hammers would be 4+/2+ or 3+/2+ (Swords are tiny bit better in this case) EDIT: fixed points, added info.
  14. Remove really nice wall of text. Add We have half naked babes in leather armor. And they are definitely in FUN (maybe Crazy) zone of Hot-Crazy scale.
  15. Daughters: 2 Spells and 2 Prayers Prayers: Sword of Khaine - Pure Damage, Slaughter Queen prays this with +1 Massive sword of murder falls down (or Raises from ground). Deals minor AoE damage and then removes some heads. 18-26" Range, d3 MW in 6" and makes attack against unit in 3" - 2x 3+/3+/-2/d6, stays on board on 5+, moves only 6" Does not deal damage to models with FF (eg, can damage allies tho) - Here for Cool factor. Blood of Khaine - Utility Prayer, Hag Queen prays this with +1 Hagbrew on steroids. Chalice or Heart with bloody spray going out. Buffs units. Placed within 8" of Priest, ALLIED Units up to 3" away can drink in Hero Phase. After 3 units drink it vanishes, stays on board on 3+, gets +1 use if it stayed up, can't move. Gives Battleshock Immunity, Re-roll to wound and FF untill next HERO phase (gives 6+ FNP to allies for a turn, Blessing of Khaine also now works on allies, protects allies from other DoK spells/prayers) - Allies is not something DoK generally use. Even tho they are all around, Shadowhammer Compact could benefit here. Stormboys with brew, HA! Spells: Gaze of Medusai - Utility Spell, Medusa cast's this spell with +2 12" Cast Range, 6" Move, Ignores units with FF. Attacks all Models within 10", Roll for each model, MW on 5+ Units/Models that suffered damage also get their bravery and movement reudced by 2. Deep Shadow of Ulgu - Protection Spell, Units see out - nothing sees IN. Morathi cast's this spell with +2. 6" Cast range, No Move (could be multi-part-model like circle for woods*) Gives Allied units wholly within 9" total cover (no line of sight, even for flying) unless enemy is 1" away from unit. In that case entire unit is visible. Enemies within 9" of the cloud are supprised/disoriented and act last in combat (even if something would cause to go first). Allied models wholly within 9" have -1 rend on melee attacks. Allied models wholly within 9" have +1 damage on ranged attacks. Allied models wholly within 9" can retreat without penalties. (gives typically super aggressive DoK a defensive option / option to use Shooty snakes).
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