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  1. Free Cities General "Our brave men died in blaze of glory, we fight on!" (uses CP to Inspire Presence) Dark Elf General "They died in a blaze all right" (stabs the guy who doesn't laugh, rest fall in line). Dragon /lol
  2. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-EU/Smaug Even Smaug?
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/drifteruk/art/Forge-World-Carmine-Dragon-300326716 What about Carmine Dragon (Forgeworld)
  4. IT's EACH. This must be best option for us (spells are also each*). Darn. Wow. I automatically had artifact treatment in my head. 1 and that's it. Nice.
  5. At 8 cast, shadowstone nerf(no rerolls) and max +1 cast .... AND mindrazor working just after charge. There's no fear from it. 3 nerfs on it from the powerhouse it was (7 cast, +1 cast and reroll1s, till next hero phase/not on charge). We're more into Praying now, having lots of unbinds (Morathi2 at +1, Medusa2, SQ1, ArcaneTome1, HeroicWilpower,...) cast movement & utility spells (mirror dance/steed/default lore mist spell) maybe Metamorphosis to get monster out of cauldron for abilities (if it works with Arcane Tome, for now it looks like it does). Our default MysticShield casters are now warlocks which became good investment (they have +1 cast at start) or Morathi and that's about it. Medusas with Shadowstone are there for MirrorDance if played for that. Mindrazor might return when we get at least +2 caster / reroll caster / no unbind caster but not before. Too difficult to cast in first case.
  6. Yes. But you can pick only one prayer right (on one Priest)? You have 3 extra (3 hags, 2x curse, 1x faction)
  7. Damn, yes true Well I would like Malarion to come out of the shadows and just join with his mother in dynamic duo. Add additional models, rename faction into Empire of Shadow or something and done. Invite few older Dark Elves in at least in coalition (1of4) sense and we get nice range of options and builds. Executioners should totally just go into DoK if they want in any case (and I have them painted ;)). Faction terrain is secondary for me. Additional invocation and models are more needed imho to throw bit more options. +2 caster could be Sorceress. Something we really need for mindrazor and other 8+ cast spells. We have ****** cast. Sadly. Drakespawn Knights could be good anvil (they already are as allies) and actual charge unit. Elite Executioners with their old 2 mortal wounds on 6hit as expensive/sturdy battle-line. Archer unit, 18" range... like shadow warriors. If not just shadow warriors for some serious skrimishers, Khinerai would need upgrade tho (bit weak atm at the points). Assassin. I mean... goddes of murder without assassins to really focus heroes down. Malerion, half-dragon that can go 1v1 against anything in his weight camp for 2-3 rounds (500-600 points max, not more) sturdy enough to slap his mother down at least in fair fight most of time. Some combat Dragon for 250-350 that can be compared to Bloodthirster/Duthru (weaker carmine...) Some mage Dragon for 200-300 with 2 casts and reroll or +1-2 cast. Which is another thing faction needs. Better mages. Dragonlings a small 50-60 point chaff spewing short range firebolts (flavor aetherwings) Reaper Bolt Thrower - classic artillery, so we have option NOT TO RUN AND CHARGE all the time. Likely someting Uglu flavored (Shades) as some super tarpit unit that deals virtually no damage. Summoned. Shadow Lore expanded (new spells) Dragons make sense. Kroak had eggs, Malerion is half-dragon now and likely at least stole some (or has some brotherly love with rest of them after they will get released by dinosaur boys) 😛 and we're somewhere. 2 years from now
  8. Temple of Morathi-Khaine. - faction terrain, hollowed out Shadow Queen embracing altar supporting up to 42mm round model. Adds prayer reroll 1 and spell cast +1 in 6-9" Enables garison for 1 hero giving it +3-6" on prayer or spell range Has Bloodshield (doesn't stack with cauldron) and only 6". Garisoned wizard 9", priest 12", morathi 18" range. Garrisoned hero (priest) can attack with Animated Spear (3" range) instead own weapons. Garrisoned wizard can attack with Animated Gaze (18") instead own weapons. Garrisoned Morathi can move (slither?) the building 3-4" (no run, no teleports, no redeployments, no buffs) and attack with both Spear and Gaze instead own profile (cough, becomes Gotrek) Can be turned to rubble with monsters (auch). Ahhh. Yea.
  9. 2 Prayers everywhere? How?
  10. Short BattleReport Played first AoS3 game, decided on keeping it smaller-shorter and maybe have more than one. DoK vs SlavestoDarkness - 1k - 3rd battleplan in new minibook (attacker/defender/vantage point). DoK List HagNarr, Pillars of Belief Hag on Cauldron (arcane tome, steed & sacrament) * does arcane tome enable taking lore/universal spell? usually abilities like that limited it to Arcane+Mystic. We both had it so we said fuckit and wait for FAQ. Hag - Crimson Rejuvenation Slaughter Queen (Ulfiri) - Heal Avatar 2x 10 Witch Elves 1x 5 Warlocks My plan was.... slam Cauldron+Avatar in as fast as possible, pray and heal them while rest deals with objectives.... --- StD Chaos Lord on Karkadrak Chaos Sorcerer Lord 1x 10 Chaos Warriors 2x 5 Chaos Knights 1x Mindstealer Sphiranx Flaming Skull --- Turn 1. StD Player gave me priority. I picked "Take 2 objectives" strategy. I deployed in weird way, had Avatar out of Cauldrons range for +1 prayer. But terrain didn't really allow it and I wanted strong(er) presence on my right side. Failed Sacrament prayer (rolled 1), laughed about it as I replaced Iron Circled with Tome just before battle. Failed Steed of Shadows (unbound). Mystic shielded the cauldron with warlocks. Animated Avatar on foot manually. Got witchbrew up on 1 unit of WE's. Healed cauldron with Hag... And just went forward. 10 WE's on right objective along with avatar and SQ. 10 WE's in middle right next to cauldron and Hag bit behind. Cauldron in middle was blocking nice chunk of area towards mid objective with help of terrain. Took left objective with long congo line of warlocks (first one on objective, last one almost near middle just behind cauldron). And.... prepared myself to get charged. I kinda saw 1 unit of knights and chaos lord on cauldron, but it didn't happen. 5 easy points Opponent did his things. Got unbound. He moved Sphiranx and Warriors toward rights (avatar, sq, 10 witches). Moved chaos lord and unit of knights near mid-right. Sorcerer behind that. Ran second unit of knights on my weak objective(1 warlock) and took it over. Called reinforcements of table which managed 9" charge in my right (witchbrewed) WE's on objective. Killed 1... and got sliced back with 6/9 of them dealing 8 damage, reducing his unit to 2. Inspired them to lock my WE's there at least. 3 points (1 for objective, 2 for completing strategy - take over specific objective) ----- Turn 2. I win the roll. And this was really bad for StD player as I had everything in move-charge ranges. I fail sacrament (roll 1), loads of lols around this. But my avatars are animated anyway. SQ dance of deaths, Hag heals that 1 damage, 2 witchbrews fail, cauldron rolls 3 on casting metamorphosis (arcane tome*), warlocks get their doombolt unbound. 2 avatars shoot at Warriors. Doing nothing vs total defense. Avatar on foot+SQ charge Sphiranx but don't pull warriors. Cauldron slams into chaos lord (2mw) and manages to tag one knight into combat (which we didn't see immediately, redeploy would be likely excellent here) Middle WE's run and charge left knights. Warlocks go help and move-easy charge into same knights to pincer them. I go first with warlocks (not waniting to loose 1m to keep bonus, and rest of things look like they can take it) which with all out attack kills 2 knights in total defense. Chaos lord flails about and gets nearly all attacks trough. I had no idea he has so many. But.... total defense cauldron and my above average rolls save nearly everything resulting in 3 damage on cauldron. WE's akwardly pile on knights and kill 2 (3 dmg*) Sphiranx ticlkes SQ with 1 wound I attack with Cauldron (I didn't notice I tagged one knight) and delete chaos lord just barely. Avatars sword and reroll 1 hit doing work. SQ deletes Sphiranx basically on her own (7w) with avatar swinging in. And for two reinforcements go somewhere between surrounded by WEs 3 objective points, 2 strategy (take over objective), 1 kill monster (11 total) StD player is looking at 5 knights locked with cauldron. 1 Knight in middle of warlocks and WE group 10 Warriors a spitting distance to avatar/SQ He runs warriors around towards Middle / Right (has nice way into middle objective with just Hag there, or bit harder on Right with 9 WEs still standing). Retreats knights in position for T3 charge Retreats single knight to prevent WE's pile around to objective and calls for 2nd reinforcements (golems) that make 9' charge onto left objective with warlocks. Golems wound a warlock, warlocks flail about and remove ~2 models. 1 objective, 0 strategies (4 points total) Turn3 We both roll 6, but StD has priority. I remove middle objective. He charges 5 knights into left WE's and deletes them (I rolled 2 on redeploy, partially blocking his following charge so he could not get fully on objective) he scores his strategy (kill Battleline) Warriors go for WE's and manage 10" charge and fail to kill any thing with 3 attackers. Get 2 warriros killed back failing to take objective. Warlocks try allout offense and really deal some decend damage, but one to few and objective stays on StD side. (1 objective, 2 strategy - 7 total) - I slam full health Cauldron (heroic recovery) into 5 knight unit, but with pile in it reaches objectve. (I succeded sacrament, failed casting steed...) Avatar+SQ into warriors Remaining warlocks just pile in nicer. Hag runs and gets in range of left objective also. Not sure what gets to be most effective. 3 damage avatar slams on knights, SQ spinning for 9! damage on warriors (1 out of 2 combats she has with dance) but I easily wipe everything except lone Chaos Sorcerer still in the back. 2 objectives, 2 strategy(kill BL) (15 total) --- We end the game. Takeaways: General: Strategies are major victory condition now and greatly influence what you do. Really liking it. Command Point usage made game bit reactive and not slow. We even had cases where we burned 1-2 CP as there was nothing to use it on. In 2K game I'm sure it would be otherwise around, I would really like 1 extra there. Going second having +1 CP is nice balancing act (not enough to offset getting charged with any kind of charge bonuses, but nice). T3 Objective removal will be major where available. Coherency is small issue for WE's, but not massive. I was always able to fit 6-7/10 WE's into combat even from awkward charge-pilein. Opponent had major issues with those 10 warriors on 32 bases. Fit like 5-6 max on second pilein... DoK: Didn't get single doombolt off Didn't get single spell with Arcane Tome off - again question. Does arcane tome give you also ability to pick Lore / cast Metamorphosis (a Monster Cauldron... khm).? I didn't need Crimson Rejuvenation or Heal. Heroic recovery would handle it. In 1k at least. SQ and Hag were looking for things to do... Iron Circlet stays in in HagNarr Hag Narr feels better than ever before. Having those reroll 1s earlier is massive. WE's with allout offense get to be 3x 2+/3+/-/1, reroll 1 hit on Turn2! It's insane. No to mention avatar or even surprisingly warlocks with 2/3/3/-1/1. Curse could work with WE's in a massively good way against armies with better saves. The amount of hit 6's I had... Getting into faces of units that have charge bonuses is massive. Opponent could move better here, but I guess it's hard vs DoK with the speed we have. Just slam whatever you have vs -2 rend chargers if possible. Cauldron, while at 0 wounds in end.... I think it should crumble with some effort even in 1K. For 2K games I'm thinking Blessing of Khaine will really be needed, that bloodshield is must and even on smaller board I was out of range few times. DoK is still paper thin faction. But I didn't miss bucklers much (usually play SoS/wbucklers) as total defense+bloodshield cover rend1 same as Bucklers+Shield did previously. Still, will likely fall back to bucklers for unit that doesn't go with cauldron. I'm also just convinced even more that units with massive attack numbers and no rend are actually better now when +1 save is max no matter on source. When you drop 10-12 dice into opponents hand and say... no rend, damage1 and source is 6-7 witch elfs worth 60 points and watch things get removed. This happened 3 times in this game. Draichi Ganeth might actually be good. Mindrazor... maybe if we get +2 caster someday.
  11. Have Carmine Dragon (forgeworld) and using it as Dreadlord / Sorceress on Dragon. GW's "Dragons" are anorexic snakes There's hope for them with Malerion. He's half dragon now. And his army could be dragon-like themed (just steal Dragonborn/Dragons from D&D). Wrap it into a bit shadowy style. And go.
  12. Yes, yes. We got shafted a bit on Priest side. Just like Khorne did where they could bloodboil you for d6 mortals for days... But then... Our Avatar has quite unique +1 to rolls now (not sure if any other faction has easy access to it). So our prayers just got way more reliable. It has cost tho, 135. But then Avatar was never weak option anyway. And all prayers are down to 3+ answer (2+ for us, cough) which just ups the power of them. Pendant is still there for one priest to chant 2x if you want. And circlet is still there for reroll. AND you can actually afford extra artifacts. It was kinda hard in AoS2 (had to take battalion, and there were 2 that were ok) and then you picked ShadowStone for mindrazor I definitely had games with 3-4 priests in game and only thing running was Witchbrew... as chanting was failing. In HagNarr Avatar train you almost can't fail that sacrament (need to roll 2x 1) now. Even with loss of extra prayer... I actually believe we came up ahead. -- Heart of Furry can't get unbound. As it only lasts during combat phase, then it's removed. Check new warscroll. You roll a dice on summon, 1-5 reduces damage by 1. 6 also adds +1 attack in 12" range. The Bad: It doesn't last trough enemy turn in any case now and doesn't protect on counter attack. The Good: +1 attacks potential in area.
  13. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_Isharann_Soulscryer.pdf Isharann Soulscryer. Priest, 140 points. Instead of setting up this unit on the battlefeld, you can place it to one side and say that it is set up travelling the ethersea. Up to 2 (Idoneth Deepkin) units can join this model in this way.... Add up to 260 points with it and you have allies filled (at 2k). This could be 10 or 20 thralls that actually have good damage profile (3/3+/3+/-1/1 vs 1 wound models // 2/3+/3+/-1/2 vs 4 wound). Or 3x Mossar Guard that likely hits the hardest. But not sure if you want to teleport Mossar - they're fast enough on own. I'm more inclined into using Shadow Warriors, but you know. This does threaten objectives on charge and can force shooty armies into seriously sub-optimal target selection. Priest itself has more value in AoS3 now with extra prayers available to them all and other priest specific stuff - as he has/had super low combat value (those fish of his do eat things at 18" range heh). No idea, would need to hear it from some ID player that used this.
  14. I like this. Close to mine (with Morathi). It's reason I was asking about Alpha-Beast pack and Avatar rules (is avatar "animated" before round1 starts). This pushes both d6 forward if possible for start which gives you average 21" threat range (3+9+charge9) with them on t1. Mine also demands you have 3x10 WE's though (or Khinerai instead of Shadowstalkers so one of WE's can be SoS). Not sure on Blood Sigil - Blessing of Khaine. But I really want to keep cauldron alive as long as possible so that might be best. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Leaders Morathi-Khaine (330) in Warlord - Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor The Shadow Queen (330) in Warlord Bloodwrack Medusa (120) in Warlord - Artefact: The Ulfuri - Lore of Shadows: Mirror Dance Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood (255) in Warlord - General - Command Trait: Devoted Disciples - Artefact: Iron Circlet - Prayer: Sacrament of Blood Hag Queen (105) in Warlord - Prayer: Crimson Rejuvenation Hag Queen (105) in Warlord - Artefact: Blood Sigil - Blessing of Khaine - Universal Prayer Scripture: Heal Battleline 10 x Witch Aelves (120) in Warlord - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (120) in Warlord - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (120) in Warlord - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers Units: 9x Shadowstalkers 120 in warlord Behemots: 1x Avatar in Alpha-Beast Pack 1x Avatar in Alpha-Beast Pack 1995/2000 (Warscrol builder failed a bit*)
  15. Fred you must be the most DoK passionate negative person on this forum. This is a compliment We do have low range of models (for now) and lots of overlap. With Morathi being what she is... yes our builds are "dull" and thus predictable. Enemies will learn faster vs that and we'll suffer for it. We need more models, simple. Just include future Malerion's range into DoK and rename entire thing into "Empire of Khaine". Untill then, we teleport and make enemy make mistakes Everything is in bikini right now so we can really feel that -1 rend on shooting units this was true in aos2 and will continue to be so. We lack a natural 3+/4+ unit (just Avatar*) as faction was designed around blood-shield on cauldron and with saves stacking.... we need updates to warscrolls (builds with bucklers have +1 natural save) and cauldron should go to 4+ natural for start. There will always be something you can do with allies you can't with your faction. Unless you're SCE with 8x the range of models of other factions And even there I used Sorceress+Shards for +2 casting for a long time (or Scourgerunners for chaff/area denial, Warlocks for MW output(funilly, warlocks were few times better in SCE than in DoK for me). Drakespawn are now likely one of best price-performance, if not the best anvil/roadblock now you can get now in the game with new coherency rules, mystic and totaldeffense. And to think they were absolute garbage 2 years ago at 170 points. )
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