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  1. 1. I believe after the faq the Temple Nest ability happens after rerolls but before modifiers. 2. Morathi-Khaine still gets a normal armor save and her Fanatical Faith save. If you fail your Fanatical Faith save, then you cannot by any means prevent the wound to Morathi-Khaine from going to the Shadow Queen. The advantage of course is Morathi-Kahine is effectively unharmed and the wound goes to The Shadow Queen. Also, The 3 wounds that can be inflicted from the Iron Heart of Khaine is still in effect. Morathi-Kahine and the Shadow Queen combiined can only suffer 3 wounds per turn.
  2. I think it's more for the 12" range for generic command abilities instead of 6" that a hero would have.
  3. The new warscrolls for the Stalkers and Blood Sisters are in the Shadow and Pain box. Clearly the Pain part of the box was Blood Sisters getting nerfed.
  4. Alright, so I played two games yesterday to try and get a feel of the new rules. Long post ahead. First game was against *sigh* Nurgle. Opponent had Lord on Karkadrak, 5 knights, big blob of marauders and a Blightcyst Battalion (Basically a whole bunch of Blight Kings along with a Lord of Blights and it gives them -1 rend) along with a Nurgle sorceror and a Harbinger of Decay. My list was as follows: Zainthar Kai Temple Bloodwrack Medusa -General -Shadowstone -Mindrazor Ironscale -Bloodbane Venom Hag Queen -Iron Circlet -Catachism of Murder Hag Queen -Blessing of Khaine 10 Blood Sisters 10 Blood Sisters 10 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Stalkers 5 Blood Stalkers Scathborn Battalion +1 CP 1990pts Everything except the Hags and the Ironscale were in the battalion. We were playing Starstrike for the mission. I tied in drops with my opponent and decided to take the first turn. The game started fairly well, with one of my Blood Sister units getting buffed with Mindrazor, Catachism, and Wrath of the Scathborn, They went right up the center with my Ironscale and Medusa right behind them. My opponent had his Blightcyst Battalion across from them but I figured YOLO and might be able to tie them up and inflict some hurt before the objective came down next turn in the center of the board. Everything else moved up. Blood Stalkers are great and good at character hunting again! Put a ton of wounds on his Lord of Blights and Harbinger of Decay. Unfortunately despite needing only a 7 inch charge with my Blood Sisters I proceeded to whiff both my regular roll and my CP reroll. And thus began the entire day of my dice betraying me : /. The games results I feel will be skewed slightly due to my lower than average dice rolls. And Nurgle can be a tough match up for us sometimes. My opponent brought up most of his units with some in the back corners should the meteors fall back there, but he charged in a max unit of Blight Kings into my line of Blood Sisters and killed half the unit, suddenly reminding me of our fragility after not playing Daughters of Khaine for three months. I struck back and killed two Blight Kings. While the new Crystal Touch ability could certainly be worse, it is definitely felt when you have reduced numbers in the unit. Granted you actually have a good chance to inflict mortal wounds (I did 5 at once), but the fact that it is at the end of the combat phase really hurts. My opponent won priority and killed the rest of my snake unit, while also charging with his blob of marauders on my left flank. He finished off the rest of my first unit of Blood Sisters, leaving most of my characters exposed. On my turn I proceeded to flub any and all of my buffs or spells and sent another unit of Blood sisters along with my Bloodwrack and Ironscale to plug the hole in the middle. Bloodwrack stare did some work and slapped the unit with 4 mortal wounds before I charged everything else in. Took a risk with activating the Ironscale first in melee and the combo with the Bloodbane Venom is amazing. She inflicted two wounds and then slew a model from the venom, which then triggered her ability, giving my nearby Blood Sisters +1 attack. My opponent wisely attacked the Blood Sisters with his Blight Kings and luckily only killed two; his rolls were bad as well, especially on the exploding 6s. I popped the Zainthar Kai command ability with a CP onto the Blood Sisters and did 41 attacks with 8 models and killed 4 Blight Kings, leaving only 2 left in the unit. So there is definitely some tremendous killing power here in this Temple. I was still miffed that while the base Bravery of Blight Kings is 8, their banner makes it 9, so having Bravery 9 snakes still does nothing in the Mindrazor department : /. From what I remember the Marauders killed half of my Blood Sister unit on the flank and they proceeded to butcher something like 15 of them, which caused them to lose bigtime to battleshock. He eventually brought up his knights and charged them into that unit, wiping the snakes out. But not before I finished off the Marauders. The Lord on Karkadrak swung around and attacked my Ironscale and Medusa, finishing them off as the Blight Kings killed the rest of my Blood Sisters in the center. The 2nd objective came down in his back quarter and at the most I would have been able to run a unit of Blood Stalkers to go try to claim it. I did not win priority at all after the first turn, which was rough. So I conceded because I had so few units left. Takeaways: Zainthar Kai can definitely be good in tandem with the Ironscale ability and definitely Morathi's ability. However, the lack of durability is always a problem, and if you're like me and flub your armor saves we crumble pretty quickly, which is just what happens sometimes. Immunity to battleshock for basically all of my units (despite having two sources of witchbrew) was nice just to not have to worry about losing my few units to it. The game definitely could have gone my way had the dice been a little more in my favor, and had I been more aggressive at wiping out his marauders and knights and just sort of ignoring his Blight Kings possibly could have helped. But Nurgle is a tough match-up for us because we just can't kill them fast enough. Learned a lot from this game. Game 2 was against an assortment of Tzeentch with Scribes, Ogroid Thaumatuge, Magister on Disk, Bray Shaman, Tzaangor Shaman on Disk and 6 Enlightened, big blob of Tzaangors with mixed weapons, a unit of flamers and a great flamer, and 10 Pink Horrors. My list was a follows: Zainthar Kai Temple Morathi-Khane -The Withering Shadow Queen Bloodwrack Medusa -General -Shadowstone -Mindrazor Ironscale -Bloodbane Venom 10 Blood Sisters 10 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Sisters 5 Blood Stalkers 5 Blood Stalkers Vyperic Guard Battalion. Everything except the Blood Stalkers was in the Vyperic Guard battalion. Sadly had a third artefact that I couldn't use because I only had two non-named characters. The mission we were playing was Total Conquest. I had much less drops and chose to go first. With the way this mission is you have to be 9” from enemy territory, so I put The Shadow Queen front and center and massed behind it, with one unit of 10 Blood Sisters behind her and the Medusa. On the right flank I had the 10 other Blood Sisters with the Ironscale. Closer to my backline I had the five other Blood Sisters to babysit Morathi-Khaine and the Blood Stalkers were positioned as close as possible to shoot but also grab the left corner objective. First turn started off on the back foot with Morathi-Khaine flubing Black Horror of Ulgu which could have easily eaten an enemy character. Contemplated using Morathi's command ability but I only had 2 Cps so elected to save them. I did spend one on Wrath of the Scathborn to let my snakes on the right flank run (or slither!) that extra 2d6 to claim one of my opponent's back corner objectives. Got off Mindrazor on my 10 Blood Sister unit in the center and put Mystic Shield on them as well from Morathi-Khaine. Everything moved up, with The Shadow Queen threatening his front line. Blood Stalkers claimed left objective, Morathi-Khaine and friends sat on my objective and super speed snakes grabbed the far right objective. Shooting went fairly well, with The Shadow Queen staring the at the Tzaangor Shaman and bringing him down to 2 wounds. Blood Stalker shooting was meh due to my dice rolls but got the Ogriod Thaumaturge down to 1 wound. Forgot he had a Bray Shaman, which would become a huge issue later for not killing him instead. The only charge that was in range was The Shadow Queen, which I figured I would use her as the beatstick she is an charged into the unit of Pink Horrors, the Enlightened, and the Magister and tie them up. Unfortunately for my first time using Morathi and my first time fighting Pink Horrors having your tarpit fight a better tarpit is not so good. I killed all of his Pink Horrors in one turn which of course turned into blues and brimstones. But this unfortunately let him start to spread the horrors around and creep them toward the back objective my 10 Blood Sisters were holding. The horror's attacks were ineffective but with the Enlightened he was able to inflict Morathi's 3 wounds for the first turn. He went next and got off the Blue Scribe ability that lets him reroll failed casting. Despite having Morathi's two unbinds and my Bloodwracks one unbind I failed to unbind anything. He did six mortal wounds with the Thaumaturge's spell to my buffed unit of 10 Blood Sisters and they ate dirt from my inability to roll Fanatical Faith saves. This also healed the Thaumaturge. He also was able to bring all of his Pink Horrors back from another spell. Flamers toasted one of my units of Blood Stalkers and also the shooting from the Pink Horrors were able to kill 3-4 Blood Sisters holding the back objective, again due to my inability to make any of my armor saves. The Enlightened noped out of combat from The Shadow Queen and along with the Magister on Disk and went after the left objective held by my Blood Stalkers. The big blob of Tzaangors moved up to threaten Morathi-Khaine and my units in the center. The Shadowqueen splattered more Pink Horrors but they were able to inflict the 3 wounds for the turn, bringing her down to 6. And then my opponent won the double turn. And then proceeded to forget his destiny dice and flub all but one spell from his Bray Shaman, Devolve. To his credit it was one of the first times he ever played Tzeentch. He used Devolve to pull my remaining unit of Blood Stalkers into combat with his Enlightened by the left objective. More shooting killed most of the Blood Sisters I had left and also inflicted the 3 wounds for the turn on the Shadow Queen. He charged in his Tzaangors and surrounded Morathi-Khaine and my small unit of Blood Sisters. Unable to attack Morathi-Khaine or the Shadow Queen he wiped out my Blood Stalkers and the rest of the Blood Sisters, while Morathi-Khane killed four Tzaangors and The Shadow Queen killed all of six horrors due to bad rolling. At this point I conceded because even with my next turn I would not be able to catch up in points. Takeaways: New Morathi is good! I find her much easier to use now that you can plunk her different aspects on different parts of the board and have them do what they excel at, provided you can actually roll well. This game Zainthar Kai was utterly useless. Couldn't use the extra artifact, couldn't use the command ability (because my units were all dead), higher Bravery didn't help. And Vyperic Guard did nothing because aside from low drops, I had no chance to even use a command ability for free because of the double turn wiping most of my units. It is a shame that Blood Sisters still need to be in blocks of 20 to survive long enough to do anything worthwhile. Blood Stalkers are still great at what they do, but when running Morathi I would have rather had a mega unit of Blood Sisters and just had them run up with The Shadow Queen and wreck face. The lack of prayer buffs was felt as well, as I did not take any Hags. That was a mistake I feel as well. If I had survived long enough to use my command abilities it would have helped. Also hindsight I probably should have shot the Blood Stalkers in the hero phase just for the extra damage it would have done. Again, learned a lot from these battles. Given enough time we will figure out what works and what does not. Hope my insights were helpful!
  5. @Graywater I mirror most if not all of your thoughts. I personally feel like the missing ingredient to make things work as the designers intended with all these updates is to either make Blood Stalkers battleline or the Ironscale makes Melusai keyword battleline. Feels like a huge oversight for this to not have been mentioned anywhere.
  6. So amongst the many things on the new warscroll for Morathi, anyone else find it interesting that she counts as a general in addition to your army general?
  7. Ok. That interesting wording. I hate it because the wording is the difference between doing 1 mortal wound to a single model and 20 mortal wounds to a single model. If it's the same as an evocator then that's actually not terrible.
  8. The wording on the Turned to Crystal ability is awful. Depending on how you read it a Blood Sisters unit would either a) roll a 3+ for each model in their unit and inflict MWs or b) roll a 3+ for each model in the enemy unit and inflict MWs. My guess is the intent is each model in the enemy unit, which in that case is a HUGE nerf. So much for taking down a Mega-Gargant in one round of combat.
  9. So...why not then? Seems like such a missed opportunity. Still requiring you to take a Medusa instead of the the Ironscale seems counter-intuitive to all of these new battalions.
  10. Maybe on the points/organization page it will list them as battleline. Because usually that's where those entries have been and not on warscrolls. Or it will have the "battleline if" clause for the Medusa AND the Ironscale. Or Melusai and Khinerai are all considered battleline in a Zainthar Kai temple.
  11. Honestly if they nerf the crystal touch attack they should go down in points. IMHO they should stay as they are, because otherwise there goes our most reliable source of MWs. While one attack on a 3+ is statistically better than one attack on a 4+, not being considered a melee weapon eliminates any chance of +1 attack shenanigans. So that I understand. They did remove the +1 to hit for the leader for the Blood Stalkers so maybe that will happen for the Blood Sisters as well. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.
  12. Wow! Running and charging snakes with a 2d6 run is AMAZING. I can wish she made them battleline. But still, this opens up so much tactically. Snakes are absolutely terrifying now!
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