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  1. Oh I agree. It sucks but it could have been worse.
  2. We're almost back to last GHB points. Blood Stalkers went up 30pts! Morathi at 660 is totally fine. All in all it's about what I expected for a price hike. Not too bad.
  3. So I'm liking the potential of putting the Master of Magic command trait on a wizard and giving them the Arcane Tome artifact. Boosting a level 1 wizard to a level 2 with rerolls is amazing. Good potential boosting with the many generic casters we have in this army.
  4. I'm feeling pretty optimistic at the moment. With the buffs to monsters and the fact that less armies will be taking giant hordes is going to be super helpful to monster lists. Also, considering that some of the generic artifacts are better than the awful Avengorii Dynasty artifacts there could be some super great combinations.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Heroes that are also monsters are going to be stellar in what they can do! And the good news is IIRC monster actions and heroic actions are different than command abilities and can still be used if the VL or Lauka Vai fail their undeniable impulse.
  6. Yep. The FEC Start Collecting has vargheists and the entire Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon/VLoZD kit.
  7. This is also what I would like to discuss, having only ever faced Terrorgheists on the battlefield I know how dangerous they can be. I'm leaning towards Terrorgheists but would certainly like to know the merits of Zombie Dragons.
  8. Interesting. Very interesting. Reference to Tyrion as well.
  9. This is literally all I want to play right now. This and possibly all Blood Knights. I just love the Lauka Vai model and want her to lead an army of nightmares.
  10. Previously you could chant 1 prayer from the warscroll and 1 from the book. But it looks like it's only 1 prayer from any the priest knows. That sucks, but that makes the relic that lets you chant two prayers more valuable now.
  11. We won't truly know until we get an answer in a FAQ, but I agree with this current interpretation. NEXT movement phase vs YOUR NEXT movement phase being the key words here. Still a strange stipulation when there are many other abilities in the game that do not have this requirement. We shall see!
  12. Yeah I saw both of them and ascetically I liked the one with the spear better. *shrug*
  13. Yeah, the Serpent was surprisingly large! Same size base as the Shadow Queen.
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