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  1. Pics are up at @chumphammer Game 1: Savage Gains Player Name: Patrick Allegiance: lronjawz • Warclan: lronsunz • Mortal Realm: Ghur - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs: Indomitable LEADERS Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (4S0r •Gene,a/ •Command Trait Battle-lust • So.ssChoppaand Rip-tooth (J.St • Artefact: Amufet of Destiny • MountTrait Fa.st'Un Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (480)" •Bo.ssChoppaand Rip-tooth fi.st • Artefact: Destroyer Orruk Warchanter (115}u •Wa,teat:FM' Seat Orruk Warchanter (115}u •Wa,teat:FM' Seat UNITS 10 x Orruk Ardboys (170}11 • 1 x Goti'amo,lca Sanner Bearers • 1 x Goti'amorkaGfyph Bearers 10 x Orruk Ardboys (170}11 • 1 x Goti'amo,lca Sanner Bearers • 1 x Goti'amorkaGfyph Bearers 5 x Om1k Brutes (160}11 • PW of &vteChoppas • 1 x Gore Chappa$ 5 x Om1k Brutes (160}11 • PW of &vteChoppas • 1 x Gore Chappa$ 3 x Om1k Gore-gn.intas (150}11 • Jagged Gore-hackas CORE BATTALIONS •Battle Regiment "-Command Entourage• Magnificent ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS Artefact TOTAL: 2000/2000 WOUNDS: 133 LEADERS: 416 BATTLELINES: 4 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/1 ENDLESS SPELLS & INVOCATIONS: 0/3 ALLIES: 0/400 REINFORCED UNITS: 2/4 He made me go 1st, so I buffed up and braced for the mawcrusher charge that never happened. Snipped a warchanter turn 1 and 2 with bowsnakes to stop buffs. Avatar and 10 WE went into left flank while 1 did the same on the right, with non general holding center with bowsnakes and 10 WE screen. Turn 3 got Curse off on 1 Mawcrusher and then Withering on the 2nd, then rolled the 6 for heart of fury. 24 WE attacks finished off the one with curse and Avatar/general took down the other after stalkers softend him up. He had 5 brutes and 10 Ardboyz left and i had lost 15 We Game 2: Feral Foray Player Name: Tanner M. List Name: Vampires and Friend Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Grand C-Ourt: C-Ourt of Delusion - The Feast Day - Mortal Realm: Ghur - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs: Inspired LEADERS Abhorrant Archregent (245)' Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (445)* - Artefad: Amulet of Destiny - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite - Lore of Madness: Blood Feast Crypt Infernal Courtier (130)* - General - Command Trait: Dark Acolyte - Deranged Transformation Big Drogg Fort-Kicka (525) -Allies UNITS 10 x Crypt Ghouls (95)* 10 x Crypt Ghouls (95)* 10 x Crypt Ghouls (95)* 6 x Crypt Flayers (360)* CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment He made me go 1st and failed to get heart up. Tried to kill the archregent to prevent summon but failed (got him to 1 wound) His turn he got all spells off on his AGKORT (like +4A and stuff) and pushed into my face. Managed to kill it in return but it did damage. He got the double and did the same with the flayers but manage to hold. Then basically used my units to flank him, killing his smaller units while tanking the big stuff. Game ended turn 4 with Avatar x 2 and general charging into a withered Big Drogg (who was a bit of a failure all game really) and everything else was dead on his side Game 3: Tectonic Interference Player Name: Erik Armstrong List Na.me: Seraphon Thunder Lizards Allegiance: Seraphon - Constellation: Thunder Lizard - Grand Strategy: Dominating Presence - Triumphs: Inspired LEADERS Stegadon with Skink Chief (305)" • General • Command Trait: Prime Wa,t,,e,a.st • Artefact: C.loak of Feathers • Weapon: Skystreak Bow Engine of the Gods (265) • Artefact: Fusil ofConflaguration • UniversalPrayer ScripbJre: Curse Lord Kroak (430)• • Spell: Stellar Tempest Skink Priest (80)• • UniversalPrayer SclipbJre: Heal Skink Priest (80)• • UniversalPrayer SclipbJre: Heal UNITS 5 x Saurus Guard {115)• 10 x Skinks (75)...,. • Bo/tspftfers CelestifeOitgge.rs & Star Bucklers 10 x Skinks (75)...,. • Bo/tspftfers CelestifeOitgge.rs & star Bucklers 10 x Skinks (75)...,. • Bo/tspftfers CelestifeOitgge.rs & star Bucklers BEHEMOTHS Bastiladon with Solar Engine (235)" Bastiladon with Solar Engine (235)" CORE BATTALIONS •Warlord "Linebreaker ..-.Hunters of the Heart.lands ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS Artefact TOTAL: 1970/2.000 WOUNDS: 108 LEADERS: 516 BATTLELINES: 4 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 4f4 ARTILLERY: 1/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/1 ENDLESS SPELLS & INVOCATIONS: 0/3 ALLJES: 0/400 Erik is a stong player and club mate. He came 3rd, after losing the last game vs the 5-0 general winner He took turn 1, getting a 6 for comet call and did some wounds across the board. He focused shooting on 1 avatar and got him to 2 wounds, and killed some WE with skink shots. My turn 1 pushed to a solid position in case He got priority, and took some wounds onto a bastallidon to drop its silly save. I then got the double and went for it. Shadow stalkers got into his priest in the back line, killing one and getting one to 2 wounds. Army buffed pushed into his dinosaurs with 2 avatars and non general cauldron, with Heart/General in buff range, and WE screening. Did a good number of wounds across them with not a huge amount of stuff back. He was worried as id totally blocked the obj and was into him...however... His turn he got all his spells off, doing another 6 units with comet (D3MW to each) then got Celestial deliverance 3 times (3 units take D3MW each time) AND then he rolled Lightning twice on engine of the gods....(every enermy within 12 takes D3MW on a 2+).... This pretty much killed my whole army bar the shadowstalker champion, the medusa and 6We. Medusa finished off a bastillidon and the stalker a priest, but that was it. 4-6D3MW across my whole army is brutal. Should have targetted the engine not bastillidon Game 4: First Blood List Name: Disciples of the Spider Queen Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar - Morn>/ Realm: U/gu - Grand Strategy: Hold the Une - Triumphs: Inspired LEADERS The Shadow Queen(330)• Morathi-Khaine (330)- Loreof Shadows: Mindrazor Bloodwrack Medusa (120)*" - Ger,e,a/ - Conmand Trait Devoted Disciples - Attefact: The UJfuri - Loreof Shadows: Mirror Dance Hag Queen(105)• -Attefact: Iron Cjrolef - Prayer: Blessing of Khaine 15 x Blood Stalkers (510)" 20 x Witch Aelves (240)"" of Sacrificial Knives 10 x Witch Aelves (120)"" Sacrificial Knivesand BladeBucklers 5 x Khinerai lifetakers (90)"" 5 x Doomfire Warlocks (140)"" "Command Entourage - Magnificent ""Battle Regiment ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS Artefact Was super pumped for this one as 1st DOK fight and wanted to beat Morathi and the snakes. I deployed out of 24 of the bowsnakes and he made me go 1st. I decided to go bold and teleported the medusas 9" from the middle of the 20WE screening the bowsnakes. My stalkers tried to snipe out his medusa but only for 3 in range and got 1w on her and used the other shots split between Morathi and the 20WE. This took the 3W off Morathi and left 4WE after shooting was done. His turn he flew shadowqueen down to capture a point an charge my Stalkers. I redeployed them but not enough, and he got them into and killed them (all out attack/Triumph) but he also was touching the WE and within pile in of non general cauldron. This meant I piled in the WE onto the obj and held it, while my shrine did 3 more wounds. his 2 turns shooting took an avatar. His warlocks tried to take the top obj but ended up with same models as I had so failed to take it also. And I held the middle, so he only got his tactic. He won the double, and got his stalkers kinda wiffed. Morathi took 3 wounds for 4 on my cauldron(heart/general in buff range) mini Morathi killed a medusa. My turn I pushed forwards, taking out all his witchaelves and moving to threaten the stalkers. Shadowstalkers went into his back to try and take the medusa but failed (down to 1w) and I killed off his warlocks. I got an arcane bolt stored into my remaining medusa. Cauldron did 1W on shadowqueen then I unleashed the bolt in my combat ohase start to finish her off. He won next round, did some wound son the avatar and medusa killed the shadowstalkers. Khinari had dropped onto the obj with cauldron to steal it, and that was really it. My turn I got into the bowsnakes after he redeployed not far enough and couldnt unleash hell, and the cauldron killed the khinari Game 5: Power Struggle Alex Khorne/reapers of vengeance/ east master/Inspired Bloodstoker Bloodthirster of unfettered fury/mage eater/general/amulet of Destiny Slaughterpriest- killing frenzy Archaon the everchosen Daemonprince (skullshard mantle) mark of khorne 2 x 10 Blood reavers 10 Blood Warriors BR/Warlord This game went how I thought it would since I am 3-0 vs Archaon before this Basically tied Archaon up with killing avaters while i killed his army. turn 3 he just had BT and Archaon left for the cost of both Avatars and 10WE non general hag/medusa killed the BT while my general ran from Achaon with a redeploy. 8 rounds of combat with Archaon during this game (he gets to fight twice a turn with Reapers) and he couldnt slayer of kings my general, who was heart buffed plus blessing. Turn 4 he conceeded as I had all obj for 2 turns now and he just had Archaon and was already behind on points. The nail in the coffin was getting curse off on him and still having both cauldrons/10 WE/8 Stalkers about to attack him So all in all I played pretty solid. Wish Id been more prepared vs Seraphon but only so much you can do. I literally rolled the same number to dispel his spells that he rolled to cast, so all his spells just went off. Really good weekend though, some great pained armies, cool looking tables and great group of people
  2. Won best overall at Kippers and went 4-1 with my non Morathi-Khaine list, losing to a seraphon kroak list that hit 90% of my army with 5D3 MW in 1 turn when he was losing to swing it back ..and I played vs Morathi-Khaine and the bow snakes game 4 and beat it Rough rundown Game 1: double mawcrusher IJ (won) Game 2: fec with giant (won) Game 3: kroak 2 bastillodons, steg and engine (loss) Game 4: Morathi & bow snakes (won) Game 5: Archaon BoK (won) So I have now succeeded from Morathi-Khaine and am following Hellebrone lol
  3. Got 2 tournaments in the next two weekends! Kippers Melee (30+) Red Harvest (100+) Using my 4 Avatar list. Gonna be fun!
  4. Its hard to tell really as 90% of tournament lists are morathi & 15 Bowsnakes Hagg Nar is still solid but misses the 5+ MW Khelibron is good if going a Low drop and maybe MSU to give them no solid target. Peter has a list around with 45 Stalkers (2 x 10 and 5 x 5) and went 4-1 with it. (not my kinda list as pure shooting but credit for something different) Id say they are still my top 2, with Draichi and Khelt nar both close behind Only stuff I dont see much on is Cobra Kai DOK are in a good spot. We are solid vs most things atm and though the Morathi list is the net list atm for DOK we have a ton of good options. I dont think we have a bad pick in the book tbh if you build your army around your choices
  5. 1st time on camera and played bad lol but here is the gitz vs Soulblight GL
  6. Countdown to Kippers is on! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1094&iso=20211016T00&year=2021&month=10&day=16&hour=0&min=0&sec=0&msg=Kippers Melee 2021 * Get your ticket while you still can as they are nearly gone * Sign up for the BCP app (link above) and register for the event. You can use the free version * If you have terrain/Game Mats can be be brought then please let the TO know * Lists are due on Oct 9th. Read the tournament pack
  7. I think they are pretty good. Sadly I could only get 1 as I would always take a Dobbie for +1 to hit in combat Bubble. For 150pts its a no brainer for Gitz I feel atm The Bolt thrower does look tastey. It can really help vs some big monsters and yeah gives us a little tool vs Sons. I might add one also
  8. Ok, So tried my list out last night VS Archaon and Blades of Khorne. He Ran: Reapers of Vengeance Vendetta Grand Strat Bloodthirsty Triumph Bloodsecrator, General, Mage Eater, Skullshard Mantle Slaughterpriest, Blood Sacrifice Slaughterpriest, Resanguination Archaon the Everchosen Daemonprince, Crimson Crown 3 x 10 Blood Reavers 5 Chaos Knights Warshrine (10 Drops) I was running: We played Feral Foray and he made me go 1st I set up pretty defensive in case he went 1st and went for a hard push, but not too much so Id ****** myself. Rounds Went: Round 1: Dok (Ferocious Adv), completed, 4pts Round 1: BoK Ferocious Adv), Failed, 2pts. (One of his slaughterpriests was part of the adv, I got him to 1W from shooting then he killed himself with a failed prayer trying to heal himself) Round 2: DoK (Conquer) picking his far right obj. Took it and burned it for 6pts. Round 2: Bok (Conquer) Picked his other side obj and reclaimed it from me as I had stole it also, 4pts Round 3: BoK (Broken Ranks) 6pts Round 3: DoK ( Aggressive Expansion) 6pts Round 4: BoK (Savage Spearhead) 6pts Round 4: DoK (Savage Spearhead) 6pts Round 5: BoK (Slay The Warlord) 5pts Round 5: DoK (Slay The Warlord) 5pts I got my grand Strat but with killing Archaon he failed his, game ended 21 vs 30 to DoK The game went alright, I concentrated on clearing his army and grabbing the objs when I could, raiding his when I could. I managed to buff an avatar which held Archaon up for a whole turn (I had heart of fury, Sacrament, Mystic shield, hagg buff, cauldron buff) on it and he got 2 wounds even with attacking twice. However he used blood tithe in his hero phase to attack again where none of my buffs were viable (bar shield) and it went down over that turn (took him attacking 3 times that turn just to kill him) This gave me time to kill everything off by turn 4 bar some summoned blood letters, which went down turn 5 with Archaon Archaon getting to pile in and attack again for 1cp is nuts lol. Wound markers are wounds taken
  9. I think they are fine as a support unit to help snipe heroes or unleash hell I run 10 without Morathi-Khaine and they do fine. I dont think Id run more than 10 without her though
  10. yeah I will be. Its actually based on the Goblin town in Labyrinth. There is a load of them, these are just the smaller ones that are painted. I have some floor tiles on the go also. I used them in a DOK game last night and look good. Only 1 in the pick. I am hoping to have another for SagaofDice recording on Tuesday
  11. Partner painted the first of the Hagglethorn Hollow goblin town and I love it. Glad she enjoyed doing it so she can do the rest lol
  12. Drop 10 hoppers for dobbie. Well worth it and the 18" range will cover the manglers
  13. Over half the tickets are now gone for kippers Melee If going to Kippers and have your ticket, make sure you register on the bcp app https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/vp9l9j3x?embed=false Event entry will require vaccine passports
  14. So this is the edited list with Khinari dropped for priest. Will try this one out 1st I also noted that I can take hunters twice, so made all but 1 troop unit (cause Warlord) Hunters
  15. Will do, got 4 Games over next two weeks. I am actually thinking of dropping the SOS to WE and then dropping the Khinari to get me another HQ for some more prayer support. means I can try Heart, Sacrament and Blessing turn one. Might give her Curse and Heal. I feel Curse is a bit of a trap as it needs to be close and its a 4+ to cast (3 with avatar) but can be really good
  16. I posted the 3 pages I saw to @chumphammer on twitter
  17. lol its alright. I did a twitter poll also and 4 avatars list won by a lot with avatar 2nd. Gonna try them both tbh as have 4 weeks till lists due in
  18. 150pts left is for Dobbie Loonboss x 2, Mangler and Boingrots run up a flank as an attack wing while everything else caps obj. If I can get hand off ill teleport dobby to cover the attack wing and the troggs
  19. Sloggoth is an auto include for me. 150pts for a 18" +1 to hit bubble is really helpful for Squigs
  20. Need help picking between these 3
  21. Another DOK Idea I wanna try:
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