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  1. I'vw got another one that not a lot of people seem to share or even be talking about: I like the 2nd Edition boxes and books in mainly white with a little black trim a lot more than 3rd Edition's dark red. The white had a clean look that helped to accentuate the colorful and imaginative models or artwork that were framed within. And it helped to clearly separate AOS from other systems and games in the shelves, which are also largely framed in darker colors.
  2. @Enoby I agree and am fine with all the different Chaos factions. They are all cool in their own way. I do however like to bring Chaos up as well whenever people cry about the assumed over -supportedness of Aelves. Just one minor complaint: The Khorne guy you posted could just as well be Slaves to Darkness were his armour black instead of red. 😅
  3. I have another one concerning lore, and specifically those who are clamoring for Morathi (-Khaine) to 'get her comeuppance'. Yes, she seemimgly does a lot for her own gaines, but she truly and deeply hates Chaos. She was instrumental in binding Slaanesh and happily sends her troops to fight Chaos whenever and wherever. Sigmar can certainly not count on Malerion in that regard, because the boy is too busy with stalking the Lumineth and sl@tshaming his mother. Yes, Morathi sacrificed an army of Stormcast Eternals in the Eight Points, but her plan of throwing a wrench into Archaon's Varanite production was sucessful. Yes, she usurpt Anvilguard but was also crucial in rescuing Excelsis from Kragnos. The way I see it Morathi is still proving too important as an ally, and it seems that Grungni agrees with me. And she's also just plain fantastic.
  4. I would tend to respectfully disagree, but need to look into German linguistics to find evidence. I for my own part remember asking my parents why it said -fish when it wasn't a fish. But that is, of course, just anecdotal. People being lazy just comes across as a rather lazy explanation.
  5. Interesting, I didn't catch that. In Germany a whale would have sometimes been called a 'Walfisch' ('whale-fish') instead of a 'Wal', but that seems to have died out almost completely since the fact that they are mammals has become common knowledge.
  6. Okay, I'm pretty sure that this is unpopular: I really dislike if people constantly change subfactions just to be ahead of the meta and get a slight edge in competitive play. I think if you choose a subfaction you don't just choose a set of nice little rules but also a narrative and a history for why your army has these special traits. I do get that choosing a subfaction can be hard and of course it's fine to test in the beginning of your army building process. But you should settle for one eventually.
  7. Oh, I just remembered something about how weird it is, that Polish people seemingly don't differentiate between insects and spiders... Do people in English-speaking countries know that jellyfish are, in fact, not fish?
  8. I think that basically every faction in Age of Sigmar is racist. Even in the Cities of Sigmar there are such tendencies as recent events in BR: Morathi and BR: Kragnos have shown. But if you think that low-key 'benevolent' racism á la Lumineth is worse than outright genocide I'll have to disagree, though it is certainly a bad look for Lumineth.
  9. I didn't watch the trailer... Did it mention the Broodmaster being a creepy stalker that likes to sl@tshame women? If so, that'd be a clear Malerion connection..
  10. Aw, what are you doing? I was just about to claim all the credit and have the gigantic Chaos Dwarf fandom built statues in my honour for eliciting that confirmation...
  11. But would someone be so kind as to point out to me what exactly appears to be Aelven about the spider guy, because I just don't see it at all. Is it just the jagged blades? Because if that's it that appears to be rather weak evidence.
  12. There are no mentions whatsoever of Malerion's aelves having any connection to spiders. This guy on the other hand has no visual clues on him that would tie him to the things we know are Malerion-like: shadows, reptilian wings, milltary aelves.
  13. Dear Mods, there seems to be something wrong with the ranking system. I was just quoted by @Whitefang. Shouldn't that immediately raise me up to Lord-Commander/High Oracle/Archmage level?! PS: That hint ought to make a lot of people happy!
  14. Oh, look, the spider thing has nothing to do with Chaos Dwarves! Who would have thought?!
  15. Looking at the Warhammer Community feat is really depressing these days. Just an endless barren wasteland inhabited by nothing but rumour engines and 'Neverchosen' comic strips..
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