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  1. Remember me? I'm the guy who said that Hobgrotz reminded him of racist stereotypes about Asian people ... Well, maybe I kinda perhaps pre-ordered Dominion... So... Let's hope there are lots of non-Hobgrotz coming, and that a list with Beastskewers and crossbow boyz is viable.. 😅
  2. Calling Celennar, the Spirit of Hysh done for now.
  3. So, what you guys are saying is that Ymetrica eventually secured the 'Hysh's Top Nation' coffee mug from Syar since they field tough-as-nails 2- wound infantery as battleline that gets even tougher with the abundance of command points, doesn't have to rely on Auralan Legion rule, profits from better monster and hero rules and doesn't care about Miscasts since the battleline isn't relying Wizards to do their thing? Awesome! Finally the Scions of the Mountains SHALL REIGN SUPREME! 😍
  4. So not 200 - 240 for Sentinels, as some people in the Rumour Thread were suggesting.
  5. Though... I might be mistaken, but Ymetrica Stoneguard as Battleline with a hero to give them All-Out Defence as well as the extended use for Avalenor and Mountain Spirits... Could that be good, even without the Alarith Temple Batallion?!
  6. So, that would mean that Auralan Champions in such a batallion from Zaitrec would know 5 spells: Bolt, Shield, Overwhelming Heat and 2 of their oen choosing from the Lore of Hysh. That sounds like insane versatility! Just a shame that the odd miscast will auto-kill the Chamions as well.
  7. @Imrick of Ymetrica Oh my Floating Aelven Mage God, those are beyond amazing!!!! Probably the best Lumineth I've seen anywhere! Please tell me you're also going to do Teclis and/or a Mountain Spirit! And a Cathallar! And lots more!!! 😍 PS: Calling the base finished for the time being.
  8. So started working on Teclis and noticed that just the base alone is a huge piece of work. But it's kind of fun. Here's my progress so far:
  9. Decided to add some crystals to (at least) some of my Lumineth bases amd tried it on the Light of Eltharion first. What do you think? Next up ... THE ARCHMAGE!
  10. Thank you for clarifying. I wasn't going to take it personally anyway, but it's still nice that you cared to explain :). I usually try not to be overly sensitive and actually strongly argued against the assumption that Daughters of Khaine were sexist in another thread around here. But those Hobgrotz really rub me the wrong way..
  11. And, for those who think I'm imagining things, I'd like to remind you of this guy, Ghazak Khan, who is a Hobgoblin from the olden days:
  12. I'm definitely guilty of being a filthy leftist, but it is, in all honesty, the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the models. And the fact that WHFB Hobgoblins had a 'Khan' certainly didn't help matters. If you decide to turn a blind eye to these things there might just be as much bias in your opinion as there is in mine.
  13. I really hope they flesh out the Kruleboyz a lot more and also give them their own Battletome. I'd like to be able to field them without the other Warclans and ideally without Hobgrotz. I'm not sure if I'm in the minority here, and I guess this might net me some confused emojis, but I think they are quite ugly and remind me of racist stereotypes (yellowish skin, slanted eyes).
  14. I did check back, and you can indeee pre-order on the 16th of June.
  15. This has nothing to do with list efficiency, but Vyrkos with Mannfred and without any named Vyrkos characters feels weird..
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