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  1. Not necessarily related to your list but I imagine that lots of WLCs and Jezzails protected behind 2 or more small screens of Clanrats positioned 4’’ in front of each other to prevent the double pile-in would get a FEC player sweating at the armpits. Anything in that 20’’-30’’ killzone is fully dead, even an AGKoT.
  2. Sweet write up, thanks G. Any thoughts on Endless Spells now that the price of almost all those in your list have gone up?
  3. I feel like Fyreslayers, like Slaanesh, are very good but not broken and my gut tells me that they are at GW’s intended new power level. They are powerful but it’s at a price and you leave yourself weak elsewhere. DoK, FEC and Skaven are the real problems here, being either so well rounded or so stupidly good at one thing that almost nothing else matters.
  4. Do they update the base sizes and stuff when a new GHB comes out? Can’t remember. Want to see them confirm Skryre Acolytes on 32s (or not).
  5. I guess the question is are Skaven and FEC new baseline though? Looking at Khorne and Fyreslayers (maybe Gitz if you like though it came out first) it looks more and more like those 2 books are undercosted / overpowered exceptions to me.
  6. I guess they feel it’s an immersion breaker. Not gonna argue with them over such a small thing and it so rarely comes into play I don’t mind house ruling it when I play them. One of the best things about Sigmar is that you can ignore the stuff you don’t want in your game.
  7. For the record, I agree with you (RAW and all that), but some of the people I play with are a bit irked that wounds can be landed because my pinkie toe can see the very tip of their wing, and I can kind of see their point tbh.
  8. True, I’d hope that most people would measure LoS from roughly the head of the attacker to the main bulk of the target though.
  9. Would really like to see the 2 Frigate Batallion working well to get the drops down. Think it’s still be a bit rubbish, but more boats all the way.
  10. On the topic of filling in gaps between pieces of the Hag (very noticeable joins!!) what did everyone use? Liquid Greenstuff? Cheers.
  11. @sal4m4nd3r Agreed, I love all the flying units and the beasts but this really isn’t really the shot in the arm Nurgle needs.
  12. @Grudgebearer @Kramer Thanks for the feedback, I think it does work out at 2k with the drops. The 5 Thunderers would just be a little objective holding unit or a screen with their retreat in combat thing? Would splitting the Endrinriggers into 2x6 work better? Also, I’m still getting my head around the army and don’t have the Battletome, do I still get to pick an artefact and trait even if I take a Skyport?
  13. I’ll have a go!! If anyone in the know has any thoughts on this I’d be very grateful. Will a Khemist, 14 Thunderers and the Endrinriggers be too big a deep strike in the Frigate to work properly? The Navigator is pure Rule of Cool by the way, think he’s a dude. Cheers!! Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsSkyport: Barak-ZilfinLeadersAetheric Navigator (80)- GeneralAether-Khemist (160)Aether-Khemist (160)Battleline30 x Arkanaut Company (360)10 x Arkanaut Company (120)10 x Arkanaut Company (120)Units12 x Endrinriggers (480)15 x Grundstok Thunderers(300)5 x Grundstok Thunderers(100)War MachinesArkanaut Frigate (240)Total: 2120 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 123
  14. Does anyone have any ideas / advice on speed painting / using contrast to paint up KO? Thinking about getting in to them. Cheers.
  15. https://imgur.com/gallery/r0XsUYc Super basic as it was my first bash. Also had to photo indoors as it was raining. Iyanden Yellow, Ultramarines Blue and Black Templar over Grey Seer.
  16. I know it’s 40k but just painted up a unit of 5 Aeldari Wraithguard in about 2 hours. It dries better than I looks when wet. I’m pretty happy with it for models that aren’t my main game.
  17. ‘Just as deadly as they always were’ The art of saying nothing while saying something 🤣🤣🤣
  18. I think the longer period between points avoids knee-****** which is important. Sometimes stuff appears OP initially but can be countered easily once the gimmick becomes clear. This encourages people to think about the meta and their build rather than just blasting everything except vanilla as soon as it rears its head. EDIT: the phrase that’s been censored isn’t sweary at all there, I’m sure people can figure out what I meant 🤣
  19. Yeah, and with the rate GW are going at the moment I reckon we’ll find 2-3 years being the right kind of timeframe for updates etc. It was more a response to people hoping we’ll be getting new plastics 6 months after a new Tome and Endless Spells. I’d rather any factions other than Skaven got updates in the next year or so tbh, it’s much better for the game. Share the love and all that.
  20. This. I don’t think Skaven have ever had it so good, we must be rock bottom of the queue for new stuff.
  21. So do we think they’ll do an article on points this week?
  22. Ah balls. I knew I was missing something!! Cheers ears.
  23. 40 Plague Monks and a Warpseer as a 500 point Spearhead would decimate.
  24. Definitely, but if that’s the new normal then other things should hopefully come down to meet it, or the undercosted stuff will come up. Hopefully.
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