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  1. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    I would use Blood Sisters over Executioners purely for the (very important) fact that the Sisters look better as models, though I also think the extra movement and access to DoK buffs pulls them ahead even if the general damage output is lower on paper (Hagg Nar re-rolls coupled with Catechism, for example, can really boost their mortal wound output), they also have the 2" melee range over the Executioners which, granted, they're on bigger bases, but it does mean you can sometimes sneak attacks onto a mis-positioned support hero or similar. Plus having a unit with base rend -1 is handy in case you need to Mindrazor them to crack something your Witches won't be able to. Warlocks are a bit of a toolkit unit I find, I rarely want them to be actually charging into combat, frankly I rarely even want them in range to use their crossbows a lot of the time. They tend to be a low priority target, as well as being a very fast moving Wizard, which is good for those new wizards score missions, give them an easy spell like Shroud of Despair and they can run support when they're not in position to Doombolt something worthwhile. Teleporting 10 with Khailebron can be good I think, but only if you have a good shot at something they can kill in one Doombolt, with a big squad you can teleport them in a fairly long line to tag objectives/arcane terrain/keep in range of the general to teleport again next turn, etc. I only tend to commit them to combat in later turns to grab objectives or try and kill of depleted enemy units, and such.
  2. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    I tend to batch paint them in blocks of 5-10 at a time, depending on how pressed for time I am. I do all the skin first, you can use different skin tones to help break up the monotony! Then all the fabric bits, then metals, basically work from the largest areas to smallest. The real killer for me is the Witch Aelf hair, which is both a large surface area over 30 minis and quite fiddly to boot. You can speed it up with a wash+drybrush (in which case do the hair first) but I don't much like how that looks normally, I'm not very good at drybrushing! I would probably advise not trying to do all 70 at once, do them in 10s and break up each batch with painting something else for a bit.
  3. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    True enough, I also like them as a first-wave assault unit that can kill off screening units so that harder hitting stuff can strike more important targets. And their after-melee bounce move can be very handy to prevent them taking casualities in return, or just as a part of general movement shenanigans.
  4. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    You generally don't take Heartrenders for damage, though they can snipe a few wounds of key targets sometimes, and -2 rend is not too common in a DoK list depending on where your Mindrazor is at. They are more useful for swooping onto objectives, deploying onto the board as temporary screens or to deny enemy movement options, which the Heartrenders can do better due to their ability to potentially move after shooting. Of course if you're looking purely for damage then Lifetakers will serve better, except they have to get into melee range to do so, and Witch Aelves will deal more damage than either option in that case.
  5. Lucentia

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Here is the largest of the lads, and his backup crew, Mollog is a fun model to paint, though I might go back and try and bring up the skin contrast a little more at some point, I'm happy to call it finished for now though.
  6. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    I have 20 Lifetakers to put together, and I grabbed some Azyrite Ruins to chop up and add to the bases to try and make the more stable, I'm kinda dreading getting started on the project, tbh!
  7. Lucentia

    The BEST part of Valour

    I'm not a big fan of BPoV, though mostly this is my own problem cos I'm terrible at running the maths in my head for 'If I don't burn X objectives on this turn and my opponent does Y then I'll be out of the game,' or similar mental maths, the different scoring bands are just awkward enough that I can't get them straight in my head without really thinking about it! Probably I just need to play the battleplan more! I think there's the core of a good battleplan in there, and it's better than the random scoring ones, but for me it needs a little tweaking before I can put it down as a 100% enjoyable game experience I think.
  8. Lucentia

    The Rumour Thread

    The thing that makes it a possibility in my eyes is that, as far as I'm aware, all the models for Underworlds represent existing units in AoS, or units that will exist at least (Though this was more true for Shadespire than it is for Nightvault, where Mollog is a distinct type of Dankhold Troggoth, and the Briar Queen is a wholly unique character). But in any case it looks like the Sylvaneth warband are going to include some kind of revenant with a bow, which could certainly just be a standalone thing for Underworlds, but to me suggests the possibility of an expansion for the Sylvaneth range to match.
  9. Lucentia

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    It's not a warband, but I did finish cracking through the Underworlds terrain pack I got for Christmas, a little bit awkward to actually use in a game as it's supposed to actually sit on the lethal hexes in some instances, but it certainly makes the board look more exciting! I also have a certainTroggoth sat built and primed on my desk, so no doubt I'll be back in a few weeks with the results of that painting venture...
  10. I don't think you could play Silver Tower fully without the cards, the game uses an 'exploration deck' to generate the dungeons, and you would also be missing out on the treasure and skill cards used to upgrade your heroes, without the models or cards you pretty much just have the room tiles, rule booklets and some miscellaneous tokens! All the kits in Hammerhal are full sprues that you can assemble however you like, it's literally the full contents of the Bloodreaver, Kairic Acolytes and Blightking boxes you could buy straight off GWs shelves. (Well, half the contents for Kairic Acolytes I think, as it's only ten models, but it's full sprues with all options+bits present in any case.)
  11. Lucentia

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Kharybdiss kinda sucks unfortunately, the warscroll doesn't have much going for it. The Hydra can be used as a moderately tanky roadblock monster, though it's no stardrake or anything, but you could potentially use it as an anvil unit in some circumstances. I've never felt a particular need to use one with DoK once they got their own battletome, but if I was going to mess around with either option it would certainly be the hydra.
  12. Lucentia

    The Rumour Thread

    Basically the new-look White Dwarf is going to be including some new, official rules you can use in your games. Last month, for example, they has some rules you could use to play your Space Marines as Crimson Fists, as opposed to any of the supported chapters in the Space Marine codex for 40k. I assume the Tome Celestial is the same thing but for AoS, and next month will be looking at some rules you can use to play as a Stormhost that's not featured in the main SCE battletome, though exactly what that will entail no one knows for sure yet! Presumably new artefacts/traits/whatever else it is that Stormhosts get.
  13. Lucentia

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Thank you, I always liked the Fyreslayer artwork where they're actually on fire, not that I think I've done that good a job replicating that look here! In any case on to the next gang, these gits are popular right now, right? I'm not painting 60 of them though...
  14. Lucentia

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    I got The Chosen Axes as an xmas gift so I've slapped some paint on them. I'm not the world's biggest Fyreslayer fan but I did my best! I will probably need to go back and do some touch ups at some point, but these are hardly embarrassing to put on the board, and certainly better than bare plastic!
  15. Lucentia

    Variable Attack Characteristic

    Some of the earlier AoS 1.0 battletomes and books have a 'Hints and Tips' page with a segment on random values (Pg 107 of the Beastclaw Raiders book, for example.) which says you should 'Roll once and apply the result to all such weapons in the attack'. However these are older books and I don't think this appears in the rules anywhere for AoS 2.0? But it may help to explain why some people do it one way and some the other way!