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  1. I don't know about 'common' necessarily, but it's certainly something you can do if you like, potentially combo with Chronomantic Cogs to make the charge more likely whilst boosting the speed of everything else on the table to boot. There is also some value in teleporting small Morathi around to a safe spot as a flanking element for next turn, or to use her long range spell power to try and snipe out an otherwise hidden hero. Also do note that due to the way Morathi's transformation is worded it is possible to deploy her in such a way that she is surrounded by your own models and the closest location she can be placed is in front of the deployment line, after which she can still move as normal (and potentially receive combat buffs to boost her swing-y damage before going in) which can be more reliable than the Mistress of Illusion teleport depending on where you need her most.
  2. Don't underestimate that automatic unbind, the Incantor is almost worth the points on that alone, you only need to stop Warp Lightning Vortex once for it to be worthwhile...
  3. Looks good to me, I would only be tempted to swap the artifact to either Iron Circlet for more reliable Blessing or Shadow Stone for more reliable Mindrazor, but I do rate the Gryph-Feather Charm quite highly as well, to be fair.
  4. Versus Slaanesh I like Morathi on the board and Sisters of Slaughter as key pieces. Morathi can pin Keepers and other heroes in place and will only give up 3 depravity points in the process, and Sisters of Slaughter can dodge the Locus of Diversion if you're careful with placement. I think Slaanesh versus DoK is actually quite an interesting, generally close, match-up, but it takes some practice to come out on top! Versus FEC you're mostly going to want to be very careful with your screening to try and bait out their big monster/flayer/horror charges, Sisters of Slaughter can again be quite useful here, really. Try and unbind the spell that boosts their movement/adds run and charge if you can, that can really leave them in the lurch.
  5. Looks like a fallen 40k Aquila to me, my money's on some basing element for one of the new Sisters of Battle sculpts, or perhaps another primaris-ed space marine hero.
  6. Sisters and Witches are both viable unit choices, so you can't really go wrong with either for the most part. If you're running a large SoS block as your main unit then I would say you would be better off giving them knives instead of shields, 60 attacks for 300 points will only get you so far!
  7. Yeah, in my eye whilst her magic is potentially valuable it is a lot of points to spend for a trickling of long-ranged mortal wounds. The real value for me is that she is one of the truly resilient pieces in the DoK book (and one of the most resilient pieces in the game, to be fair.) You can throw her into a buffed up unit of Death Frenzy Plague Monks and she won't care, or stall a hammer unit for a couple of turns while you get in position.
  8. In relation to the Blood Sisters versus Executioners discussion: Hagg Nar Blood Sisters re-rolling hits with Catechism of Murder can pull out a surprising volume of mortal wounds, even from a 5 model unit, but of course it is swingier than the Executioners output. But for me the real value of Blood Sisters is pairing with Mindrazor for that sometimes crucial -2 rend versus high armour, high wound profile targets that you cannot crack with Witch Aelves or a dribbling of mortal wounds.
  9. Also even if the SoS do get locused it doesn't matter, cos the Slaanesh hero can only pile in 3" (excepting the Masque) and ideally your unit is more than 3" away, obviously this requires a little bit of canny model positioning due to the Slaanesh command ability to pile in twice, but if you're careful you can keep your Sisters safe until they can swing in at the end of the combat phase and so some damage.
  10. My issue with Daemonettes is coming from playing mainly with DoK, where Witch Aelves are the primary damage dealer and capable of chewing through most things in the game, but that's a Witch Aelf problem more than a Daemonette one! I still feel like a block of 30 Daemonettes is a good investment if you're not running depraved drove, you need something for board coverage and threatening objectives if nothing else, and as fantastic as a KoS is they're not gonna do it on their own.
  11. I don't know about wildly overrated necessarily, it's a battalion with no real tax units, and in my mind the SoS 6" pile in and retreat and charge are some of the best movement mix-up rules in the game, being able to bounce in and out of combats and pile around onto key objectives and such is a very useful tool in the box. It's not a game-changing battalion that's going to massively shake the field in every single game, but it has its value, I think.
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