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  1. The old DoK blood cauldron (pre-battletome) had the same command ability as the KoS, and that was changed to making a unit attack in the hero phase instead, so they could go that route. Or, total spitballing, they could have a CA that lets one unit always strike first in the combat phase, that would be appropriately Slaaneshi. Then again FEC basically get the KoS command ability but better on all their heroes, so really who knows how it will shake out, too much up in the air with regards to potential changes to pin anything down properly yet.
  2. As a minor update I just wrapped up this mini-tourney and managed to snag 1st place, and best-painted to boot, though there were only 12 competitors so it's hardly representative of my actual tactical acumen, I was lucky not to get drawn against the 60 plague monks and Thanquol list which would've been an uphill struggle! I played versus the new Khorne twice and a gore-grunta Ironjawz list, pretty fun all round! When it comes to transporting models I actually tend to just lie them down flat on layers of bubble-wrap in a tool box and I've yet to have anything break, even the Khinerai, I'd be concerned using foam inserts with such spiky models in case they get caught and end up flexing the wrong way.
  3. Draichi Ganeth Slaughter Troupe can be quite good fun (Let's you bring 2 units of Witch Aelves in the battalion, and everything can retreat and charge to reapply the DG charging buff) but as a base battalion it's usable but sometimes feels inessential as Sisters of Slaughter and Heartrenders kinda don't need the retreat and charge ability, though it is handy, and I know some Slaughter Troupe lists have done well in tournaments. Cauldron Guard I actually think is quite good, +1 to run and charge on Witches is no bad thing, you can run max Witches and min Lifetakers and the cost it not too bad, Lifetakers can be a handy drop-down screen and objective snatchers (Though Heartrenders certainly do this job better). I've been running a cauldron guard list with 2x 10 Lifetakers and I don't dislike them, they're fairly cheap and you can run them as a first wave assault to clear out enemy screens, but that depends on the match-up, they'll tear through 20 Clanrats no problem, but can bounce spectacularly off tougher targets. On the plus side once they have done their attacks they have that 50/50 shot of hopping back to set up as a screen of their own. I like them in theory, but I need to try them more before I'm really sold.
  4. I would agree vis a vis the medusa, losing out on the Cauldrons command ability is also a significant factor. My concern with the first list would be that it is a tough match-up versus any Skaven which bring enough anti-horde to wipe a single witch aelf unit (which is not out of the question given the skaven tome!). Also I guess both lists will have a tough time versus a Gristlegore general, but I don't think there're many 1k lists that wouldn't!
  5. The GW warscroll cards actually have a little token sheet for the Blood Rites table, I think they're out of print now, but I've seen a few still lingering on the shelves in both GW and independent stores, if that suits you. I have seen some acrylic token sets for DoK available on the internet somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find them now, and I think they were mostly spells/prayer trackers rather than the Blood Rites? Sorry, not very helpful! I've got a little 1k tournament coming up, and I've not played at 1k in a long time, so I'm a little torn between two lists at present, any fun suggestions? Either: List 1 Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (Devoted Disciples, Blessing of Khaine, Iron Circlet) Hag Queen (Sacrament of Blood) Bloodwrack Medusa (Mindrazor) 30 Witch Aelves (Daggers) 10x Sisters of Slaughter 5x Heartrenders List 2 Bloodwrack Medusa (Devoted Disciples, Mindrazor) Hag Queen (Blessing of Khaine, Iron Circlet) Hag Queen (Catechism of Murder) 30x Witch Aelves (Daggers) 15x Blood Sisters Command Point Both Hagg Nar, list 1 obviously suffers if anyone has the tools to knock out the Witches (Though the Cauldron can do some work as a secondary damage source it is also a big target in and of itself, obviously.) Whereas list 2 has no screening elements at all, and misses out on the blood shield, but has more dispersed damage.
  6. I do not believe that the Hydra and Kharybdiss have any lore connection, they just share the same kit, but I'm no expert. If you have a cool flavour hook like that then I think including a Kharybdiss regardless of how 'optimal' it is. Alternatively if you're feeling creative you could perhaps kit-bash a Cauldron of Blood which is being carried by a Kharybdiss somehow?
  7. They could probably re-tool the Avatar on foot to work more like a terrain piece, perhaps, it has some similar design elements.
  8. The Kharybdiss is, unfortunately, saddled with a not particularly inspiring warscroll, so as monster choices go it is not the most optimal pick. However if you really like the model it is fairly cheap in terms of points, and there's nothing wrong with trying to make it work for you. It's most interesting feature to me is the 3" range on its primary melee attacks, which allow it to sneak into the edges of combat and deal some damage whilst being fairly safe from retaliation, but its damage output is not huge. The Abyssal Howl could combo well with the Mindrazor spell, but it's using the old wording of 'bravery' versus 'bravery characteristic' so I'm not sure if that actually works per the rules as written. It's a warscroll with quite a confused battlefield role I think! I might suggest that the Hydra could be more useful in a DoK list if you want an allied monster because it can work as a moderately tanky block in some circumstances thanks to its regeneration. But if your heart is set on trying out a Kharybdiss I would probably try and use it as a counter-charge element maybe?
  9. This thread may very well help when it comes to the relative merits of Sisters and Witches: Personally I think all the weapon options have merit, but are best suited for different tasks.
  10. I hope the inevitable DoK terrain piece is just a Cauldron of Blood without the wheels on it.
  11. I've used Wych weapons on Witches, but not whole bodies. Not to say you couldn't do it, but the aesthetic is quite different (and a little too sci-fi, perhaps), there's some pipes and cabling on them that you'd want to shave down for sure. Also I think most of the right arm pieces are holding pistols, not sure if there are enough arms in the box to arm them all with two melee weapons. Do note also that the proportions are quite different, with the Wyches being markedly more muscular than the Witch Aelves (also also four of the Wych torsos are technically 'male' ones though I doubt that would make much difference.
  12. I don't think that thing is related to the scenery portal, though it could interact with it I suppose. My guess based purely on the design would be that the scenery piece provides some rules to do with summoning, and probably some way to tempt or lure nearby enemy units? Whilst this thing looks more like the attendants are beguiling people to look into the mirror for whatever reason, they also share some elements with the new Masque model (mostly the collar ruff I guess, and the carnival masks), so they're leaning more towards the theatrical side of Slaanesh? I'm guessing some kind of de-buffing unit which, like, shows those who gaze into it their darkest desires, or paralyses them with vanity, or something. Whether it's a hero unit or some kind of weird war machine I have no clue! I am curious to see the back of it to see how those segmented tails/tentacles attach, it's not a design piece that shows up particularly in the other Slaanesh models (though obviously it is reminiscent of the whips and barbed tails and such).
  13. I mentioned a while back that I was planning on doing some more stable Khinerai using the Azyrite Ruins sets, here's what I've got so far. It was actually fairly all things considered, the ruin columns are mostly solid plastic all the way through so you just need a decent enough modelling saw to cut them to an appropriate height (I built five Khinerai as standard so that I could get the heights about right). And then the Khinerai themselves are mostly not too tricky to clip off of the little rocks they're normally attached to, though I did have to truncate a couple of tails to make it work. Then it's just a matter of positioning them on the pillars so the posing still works.
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