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  1. Sinistrous hand is the only really good option, the other three are not nearly as valuable. Shield is probably second best. It's a bit of a shame cos I think the knife and the whip both look the coolest!
  2. Ignoring rend on a unit of elite, melee infantry (presumably with only 1 wound each, maybe 2) does not seem particularly unreasonable, I'd imagine they're not going to have many or any abilities that return slain models like, say, OBR. And if you're having to take a tactical trade-off of, say, using mountain stance to buff defence over some other stance which makes them above average on offense, or whatever, that doesn't seem out of line. Not to say that there's no possible way the balancing could ever be off with a new faction (or old faction, for that matter!) but this example seems fine to me.
  3. Bringing back the dark pegasi would be a good shout, make them the more elite version of Khinerai and you're good to go basically. If they wanted to go the monster route potentially something along the lines of a larger Avatar/War Machine would be the route to go? As it stands the Cauldrons and Avatars are referenced as these weird things made mobile by prayer, partly cos they're just reusing old models, but they could lean into that angle more heavily if they wanted another big kit in the range.
  4. Yeah, Daughters of Khaine parts (and most elf parts in general) are a good fit for Slaanesh conversions without to much modification, my Hellstriders are just made from the Sisters of the Thorn kit with some DoK components:
  5. This is a bit of an unfortunate side-product of the DoK book being a bit on the old side, army construction that is naturally constrained by the number of available units becomes even more tightly restricted by the way the book is set up, a new book would probably fix up some of that even if no new units were added.
  6. A lot of the elven cavalry would probably work so long as their fancy pants fit in the seeker saddles. Personally I've been using some converted centaur style hellstriders using the sisters of the thorn kit which fit the bill if you're looking for a more sleek/less spiky aesthetic.
  7. If DoK and Slaanesh are both to receive new models in the coming year that seems like a prime candidate for a dual-army box to me, could be just a new hero for each, or something more like Feast of Bones where we get new Slaanesh mortals for one half, or whatever.
  8. And a Sister of Slaughter. Other than being a pot of gore none of the other design elements really match up with any of the current DoK range, as much as I would love for some new models in that regard! The support brackets being so similar to Syll'Eske's back vanes swing it towards Slaanesh for me, but I wonder if it might be a 40k thing? Fulgrim is presumably a pretty likely candidate for a model release, perhaps alongside some other themed emperor's children kits, I could see a gory incense burner like that as some sort of basing detail on a large model.
  9. From the card art (which is not always accurate, granted) we have seen a Blood Stalker, Blood Sister, Sister of Slaughter, and two Witch Aelves on one card, another card shows a Witch Aelf with a goblet of blood, so I'd guess the hero will be a Hag Queen rather than a medusa.
  10. They've said they're showing something for Underworlds at Adepticon, which basically has to be the DoK warband at this point, unless it's a curveball of some kind.
  11. It's been a while, painted warbands thread, I wasn't sure if I was going to jump into Beastgrave or not, as I haven't had that much time to play in the other two seasons, but then someone got me the core box for my birthday last year so the decision was made for me! Here's some warbands:
  12. I would note that a slaughter master conversion doesn't necessarily have to have a cauldron, anything suitably gory and magical would do the trick, I've seen people use elements of the corpse cart kit, for instance.
  13. I haven't played against them yet, but I agree with your napkin assessment, we're probably also one of the few armies that can reliably grind through Horror tarpits with hero phase activation and combat buffs. The main concern would be just how much ranged offense they can kick out with Flamers, even though Hagg Nar defense I don't think it would be that tricky for them to just remove any units which don't have Blessing of Khaine up.
  14. If I remember correctly the Knights didn't get a codex of their own until the other kits were released though, right? They were just available to imperial factions as a stand-alone piece before that?
  15. Whilst I don't have specific rules in mind it would be neat if the Daughters of Khaine versions could be cast as either prayers or spells, with the spell effects being basically empowered versions of the prayers (that can be dispelled/unbound as normal) to fit the army theme of a religious cult controlled through shadowy magic.
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