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  1. The new models are stunning, though I can't help but be mildly disappointed that the chosen form of the Newborn is kinda similar to the look of the KoS, I was hoping for something a little more, I don't know, protean, maybe? I love the look of the peacock wings, and the head sculpts are great. Feels like the combat one could do with some more weapons in all those hands, but they still both look sweet.
  2. I could see it being Eldar too, but certainly 40k in any case.
  3. Lurid Haze is in addition to the normal Invaders stuff, just with a forced Command Trait and Artefact.
  4. A single plastic hero release screams 'new battletome' to me, probably accompanied with one of those dual army sets. Could be Nighthaunt vs Stormcast to cover both new heroes and bookend the Soul Wars i guess, but I feel like Gardus is more of a Black Library thing like the damonifuge figures last year? Either way I'd put good money on us seeing a new Nighthaunt tome sooner rather than later, I don't think that has to be tied to a Broken Realms boom at all.
  5. Yes, it's very strange, I hadn't really thought about it in the old book but it's the same there too. The Khainite prayers section has instructions on how to roll for prayers, as do the hag/slaughter queen warscrolls, but nothing for the avatar. You have the theoretical situation where you could take a hag queen and avatar as allies in a non-DoK list and following the rules as written would have you activate the avatar without a roll cos there's nothing to suggest otherwise.
  6. Hah, good point, I know I for sure queried both in my FAQ email. They also didn't touch on Shadow Patrol, which I thought was weird.
  7. Overwatch is one of those things that sort of makes logical sense 'why wouldn't they just shoot at whoever charges then?' but generally winds up being pretty terrible as a game mechanic (in massed army games anyway, I don't generally mind it so much on a skirmish level.) In 40k it basically boiled down to get a second shooting phase in your opponent's turn or roll a bunch of dice to no effect depending on what your army was. Its slowed the game down considerably and was generally just kind of annoying, which I assume is why they moved it to a more limited tactic in the new edition. I fe
  8. I was looking through the book to see if I could find anything further on the subject of prayers and found a couple of interesting points: In a Harr Kuron army you can pick one DoK Priest per hero phase to chant a special prayer as part of the city allegiance abilities. But the text of this ability is '...in addition to the 1 other prayer that priest can attempt on that phase.' Which kind of matches the FAQ response of priests only getting the 1 prayer, even though you could take an Avatar and priest in a Harry Kuron army, which would theoretically get her another prayer, the wording h
  9. I would agree with you in general, but the wording as it stands in the FAQ and battletome is '...friendly daughters of khaine priests that know any prayers can chant 1 prayer that they know.' And '...this model can chant 1 of the following prayers.' No distinction is made between warscroll and allegiance prayers, I don't see any wriggle room in the text as presented, regardless of precedent. Edit: Actually on consideration I can see you point, what qualifies as a 'known' prayer, any prayer the priest has access to, or just the ones they know from the lore? I still think the wordin
  10. Dropping to 1 prayer is a little annoying, but you're really only forgoing Rune of Khaine (situational) or awakening an Avatar (list dependent, and redundant after round 3), or Dance of Death I guess, but that's even less likely to show up in lists. It's not like Khorne where you really want to be hitting those Blood Boils along with your allegiance prayers. By that same notion it probably would have been fine to let them pray off the warscroll and the Khaine list, but whatever, I don't think it will be a huge deal most of the time. Morathi back to rend 2, Witchbrew on a single roll and
  11. The new DoK book is one of the rare instances where you really can just play with whatever units you like, all of the options are basically good, or at least workable. If you don't like Witches you can lean towards snakes and it's perfectly fine, for example. The Anvilguard stuff is a little more complicated, you can ally in whatever units you want from Cities of Sigmar, but the DoK book is so well-rounded you probably don't really need to, but there's nothing stopping you doing so by any means and it won't hurt fun lists too much.
  12. It's kind of an interesting one, to my eye the pointy but doesn't really fit to any faction at a glance, it's also a little odd that the blade part is quite neat and clean, whilst the collar bit is rough and chipped. If it's for AoS I'd guess Skaven, though I could also see a new warcry band perhaps? They tend to have unique weapon styles.
  13. I don't think anyone would even be able to tell you the colour schemes of all six temples without looking it up first, no one is going to cause a scene if you use your own name/backstory.
  14. Personally I love a SQ on Cauldron, even if it's just 3 extra attacks over the Hag Queen version she still becomes one of the top damage pieces in the book with a few buffs, which can really throw opponents off if they're viewing her more as a support piece. That said it's pretty easy to just magnetise the hero for the top of the cauldron so you can have the choice of both.
  15. Nice! I got my endless spells done last weekend too, naturally I'm a little biased but I think these might be the nicest faction spells GW has put out? I think all these models look pretty sweet, maybe the swords are a little uninspired but I like the swoopy blood trails for them.
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