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  1. 4+ save if you go into combat backwards
  2. Well you've got until June! We still haven't had a game yet, so that needs to happen.
  3. Great write up matey. Do you think your list might be better under Urbaz for the double buffing? If you aren't a fan of the Zilfin endrinwork, you might find it works better for you. Can't wait to see more, I'll need to give you a game with the Ironjawz!
  4. Sarcasm is fine, just be mindful you aren't being inflammatory when you post. Cheers
  5. This isn't really conducive to a healthy discussion, please keep hyperbole to a minimum and try and keep this topic on point as much as possible. Cheers
  6. The lets chat threads are awesome, and I'm a huge fan of them. There's definitely less clutter with the lets chat threads about. They do often lead to break out threads which is awesome, when subjects come up in the "lets chat" that people want to discuss in greater detail. I literally don't see a downside to them! I don't think they really need to be pinned though to be honest, while they are relevant they stay near the top of their respective sub forums, and there's a weird phenomenon that I've noticed during my long time on the internet, in that when threads are pinned, they often see interaction and activity drop off! This is probably mostly in part due to the users who just skip past all the pinned stuff and go straight into the normal discussion.
  7. Out of interest, what do you mean by this?
  8. Yea there are a few key users posting here who do a great job of promoting healthy discussion, keep up the awesome work boyz!
  9. Where you have such low wound low save characters with such a powerful buff, having redundancy is really really important, so 2 probably isn't a bad shout anyway, regardless of stacking. I think I'm going to run 2 as a minimum, theyre really really solid and nice and cheap!
  10. I ran a wyvern with an Ironfist at SCGT, the biggest problem you have is that in the turn you use your wyverns command ability you aren't getting IP off, so prepare to lose lots of those savage orruks to battleshock! If you want to put ironjawz into mixed destruction, thats cool, but if you're going down the mixed destruction route there are more competitive options than Ironjawz.
  11. Currently nothing in the GHB matched play rules that would stop you from stacking, it all depends if buff stacking is gone in GHB2 or not. The Barak-Urbaz rules stop you stacking the extra khemist buff onto the same unit with the wording, so nothing broken there. The main difference between the KO and other shooting heavy armies, is just how fragile they are. Lots of single wound models with poor saves, and the leadership isn't really anything to write home about either. It definitely has a really strong alpha strike with Barak-Zilflin, but the army definitely as a glass cannon feel to it. I think making effective use of the ships after you've dropped your initial damage is going to be key in doing well with the army.
  12. I unfortunately didn't have a good event at all. Not knowing the pack or my army just meant I performed awfully, and wasn't enjoying my games as much as I should have. I think my foray into mixed destruction is a no go for now, and I'm going to stick to Ironjawz going forward, I just love them so much I feel like a complete idiot for not taking them to SCGT. As a result, I'm taking a little hobby break to focus on RL stuff that I've been neglecting in the build up to SCGT, so I don't expect to be posting much over the next couple of months. Even though I lost 5 games, I was able to get 5 agendas which I'm pretty pleased with still, but I will need to give it some consideration as to whether I go next year or not. Grats to everyone who did really well, especially to @Ian Gilmore for his painting and beating me game 2!
  13. Last night of painting boys (and girls), whos still got stuff to finish? I managed to get all my painting finished last night, so I'm hobby free for a couple of days, which is awesome! This also means that I'm able to get a practice game in tonight with my brother (hooray!), unfortunately he doesn't want to play the only plan I haven't played yet (boo!). I'm hoping I can get a pickup game with someone at the venue on the Friday to do the realm gate mission, as its the only one I haven't played, and by all accounts its probably the only one you definitely want to have played before hand... eugh... Hope everyone's almost there! See you all at south coast. Make sure you check out @Chris Tomlins SCGT17 destruction bros thread and introduce yourself if you haven't already. x
  14. The pack has changed slightly today, so maybe that might help you decide what to take.
  15. Great idea! I'm hoping to get a decent finish, I think my army is strong and can compete well in all the scenarios. Still riding high on the success of Tommy Burns, I'm aiming for a top 50 finish, although I'm well aware I could fall well short of that! I just want to go, have 6 great games and stand there with a great big grin on my face because I LOVE playing warhammer.