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  1. Aaaawwww yiiiiisssss
  2. I've just picked up the bloodbound half of the starter set on eBay! I'm not sure which way I want to take this army. My "main" army is an Ironjawz army (can you see a theme on the armies I pick...), so I was looking for something with a few more options (the Ironjawz have like 7 warscrolls). My original idea was that I would keep it purely bloodbound (Mortal Khorne), but I quite like the idea of having a combination Khorne list with bloodbound and daemons in it. I'm aiming for 1000 points to start with so I can play some smaller games at club. Here is what I am thinking. LeadersMighty Lord Of KhorneBloodsecrator BloodstokerBattleline10 x Blood Warriors10 x Blood Warriors20 x BloodreaversUnits5 x Skullreapers I really like the Mighty Lord of Khorne model, and the bloodstoker and bloodsecrator just seem like auto-includes. Hoping the bloodreavers are able to put out quite a bit of hurt before they fall over when anyone even so much as looked at them funny! The Blood Warrior models are just amazing, and I love them, and I want to take as many of them as possible. They seem good on the table, trying to figure out which weapon option would be best, although I think the starter set comes with the gorefists? I think the goreaxes might put out more consistent damage though. Skull reapers are awesome, and I didnt have the points for wrathmongers (which I really really REALLY like). I definitely want skullreapers, wrathmongers and Blood Warriors in the 2k list. What sort of battalions have people managed to get some mileage out of? Dark Feast has been mentioned, which seems to be a sensible option if you want to take large numbers of Bloodreavers. The bloodbound warband looks pretty good on paper. How do people get on with the short ranges of some of the command abilities on units like the Aspiring Deathbringer?
  3. Well thats what you get for not paying attention
  4. I don't see why they can't be the general. They wont be able to use any command traits though, as they aren't on the board.
  5. We have a feedback section on the forums, if you guys feel like you would like a separate space for narrative talk, then make a post in the feedback section. Cheers
  6. I'm not locking this thread. Its the same names coming up every time something devolves into arguments. I am now categorically stating, if you cannot behave I will start handing out warnings, which will lead to temp-bans, which could lead to you being permanently removed from the site. I don't want to have to do that, as you are all adults who share a hobby. If you think what you want to say could lead to you getting a warning, THEN IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE SAID.
  7. Your post is spot on. The subject is one that could potentially lead arguments and nasty off topic comments
  8. FYI I'm going to be keeping a VERY close eye on this thread.
  9. What are you hoping to achieve by adding this to your post? This isn't constructive, on topic, or in any way helpful. Stop please, think before you post.
  10. Agreed Please learn from this, it's very frustrating to have to lock threads because it devolves into 2 or 3 members just having a go at each other
  11. Well isn't this thread just delightful... Play nicely please children, otherwise I'm going to take away your toys and lock this thread
  12. I expect the Dorset Doggers will take up some spots! I'm interested for sure!
  13. Kierans in for a rough game 1, I wouldn't want to play the rukk with my ironjawz!
  14. Adam Petford
  15. First game under generals handbook with my brother we rolled them, after that though I've always picked. Battlebrew is just too good to pass on