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  1. In matched play battle plans both player should always play all five battle plans. You could dominate the battle fields turn 1-4 and score so many points your opponent can't catch you even if they table you. Sometimes one player might have to run/teleport to capture an objective. So it's important to roll the dice and see if it's possible. Also endless spells prayers can still be in play and potentially kill something changing the outcome.
  2. Just want to say thanks to @Arnie, Ash and Felix for putting on a brilliant event. Had a brilliant time and five great games thanks to Heath, Will, Simon, Harvey and James with his DMG 3 fists.
  3. Firstly I'd like to say congratulations to @ChippyRickwell deserved victory, I hope you got your massive hammer home safely! FEC are still very strong I've played Ricky's list a few times and it's brutal. I really think we need to see more shooting heavy lists, it doesn't matter how powerful something is in combat if you can shoot it.
  4. I've not been to any tournament that have specifically said no mercenaries, however neither have I seen an army with mercenaries at an event. Think most people can achieve what they want with allies, losing your first CP for mercs is probably considered not worth it?
  5. It all depends on the wording of the ability, if the ability/spell is a "set up" then no it doesn't count as a move for shooting or charges. If it's says make a "move" or "normal move" then it would count as moving. As @Isotopsaid it would be useful to know what you intend to use.
  6. With Wars rolls you always use the most up to date version and points, so in this case you'd use the one in Bonereapers. The WH AoS app really good for keeping up to date with which Wars rolls are current.
  7. Schweet, Warhammer World is great. It's well worth going for the exhibition alone especially the Massive Dioramas! Staff are really friendly to and you'll probably be able to see a few games played too. Good to start small so get painting those ghosts! Good luck with your hobby adventure
  8. This is so true, I used to play a lot of strategy games on PC some had diverse faction with unique ways of playing other however were just the same faction with different skins. The games that were more fun were the one that had unique factions as it leant to replay ability I've played a shoot faction now I'll play a combat one. Having bad choices or factions that can't do everything keeps the game interesting. I play Mawtribes (BCR), Khorne and Ironjaws all are "combat factions" but they play completely differently. My Gore fist is fast as anything packs a real punch and plays objectives well but has almost no Mortal wound output. My Khorne list is very slow and reactive but it has a bucket load of mortal wounds.
  9. That's the thing, it looks great on paper but transferring on to the table is difficult.
  10. Movement is such an important stat in AOS, it doesn't matter how good a unit is if it's not on a objective. The extra 3" move plus fly is great for getting the Morghasts to where you want them. The charge 3 D6 is great to just makes those key charges more reliable. Another thing to consider is Morghasts are in Grand Host of Nagash, so that will be taken in to account when they're given points.
  11. Welcome to you both, it's a great time to get in to Ogre Mawtribes with their new book. The new Hunter and Tyrant models look great😃
  12. See if you've got a club near by, it's a brilliant community and people are very welcoming and friendly.
  13. Heading down to your local Gaming store or GW and chatting to the people there's a good shout. Grab the Night haunt book and have a look at it, try and work out what you want to do. There's quiet a few good for them for example the soul wars.
  14. Some really great advice on here already, after you've got an idea of what you would like to do it worth trying a few demo games at your local store. There's lots of clubs about too and it's a brilliant welcoming community lots of people willing to show you how to play.
  15. So we now had a few White Dwarf exclusive for example the recent Night haunt one. There's a possibility other Battletomes could have additional rules in future without a full update. For example endless spells and terrain for IJs or even Beast Grave Warband can add new options. A few of the recent ones haven't been to bad.
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