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  1. Could you add Steve Phillips and James Eveleigh please
  2. Can you add Steve Phillips, James Eveleigh and Michael Wilson please Paddy. Going to be another great event!
  3. you just pile in as Pile in moves and attacks are separate. It still could be useful to pin your opponents units in place (by touching their base) or to get more models in then pile in later maximising the amount of models that can attack.
  4. Thing is we have 6 new Battle plans with new victory condition. Some old list may not have worked the people who do well at events for the next few months are the people who adapt their list fastest. I play Sythaneth and Bloodbound and have had do make major changes to both.
  5. It will usually say in the tournament pack. I've been to event where to have to stick to the one on your list and others where you decide after set up. If you can't see contact the TO and they will be able to help.
  6. An objective is just a point on the table that you can choose to mark with a counter. So it's a not a terrain feature and would be unaffected. Also GHB 2017 is a few days away that ability could well be rewritten.
  7. Azyr's great can make a list in minutes and save lots of different one. Really easy to swap out unit add artifacts and stuff. Defo worth 99p a month.
  8. This is a great opportunity to try out totally new builds or even new factions. Lots of factions that weren't viable or were very limited it unit selection get boost via allies and new abilities/artifact. We've also got new Battle plans. Now we on a more level playing field and everyone's got a chance to be first to find that one good combo or neat trick that will give them the edge.
  9. Sometimes a list or unit can appear really good because they're new and other list don't have the tools to deal with them. Then a few months later when people are used to playing against them and evolve their lists and tactics they suddenly do less well. Also as a few of you have said player skill comes in to it a lot I've seen super powerful lists lose to average list due to inexperience.
  10. Both sides finish set up. Then you use Pre Battle Abilities like the Murder hosts "Insatiable Bloodlust". If both player have a Pre Battle ability you roll off and the player with the highest roll goes first. Then the player who put down all their units first decides who will go first.
  11. GHB 2017 is out very soon and a lot of Death factions will be getting a boost, so this will go someway to fixing them. Summoning as a rule is bad at the moment ifs risk and reward. Rewards is assuming you have the models you have massive versatility. Places of power summon a survivable character. need to claim and objectives summon on to it. Facing a combat army summon a cheap screen unit in front of your army. Risk is your summoned can get killed before you use all your Summoning pool. I played pre GHB and in our club army's that could summon had massive advantage. I played mixed death once and inflicted enough wound to destroy the whole army but didn't kill a single original unit all I could do was kill the summoned stuff.
  12. This ability can be used in both your and your opponents combat phase. It can be a useful trick as a model that is in combat can run away to save its self or to claim an objective. (Duality of Death the new scenario specifically stop retreating unit claiming objectives so this may change in GHB 2017) Its a lot more effective in the controlling players combat phase as you can choose him first then retreat. In your opponents combat phase they get first choice and may try to kill him.
  13. Glorious Victory is not active in Pitched Battle it is replaced by the victory condition in the 6 matched play missions. This is good because it means you need to write a list that can play the mission and not just wipe your opponents army out. It also says that a game lasts 5 battle rounds, so if one player is wiped out usually (in my experience) people work out what would have happen if the player with models left played the remaining turns. Also you can choose not to attack so in theory you should be able to table an opponent unless you intend to. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Rules-Errata#AoS-errata
  14. No you will need points in your Summoning pool (points set aside for summoned units) to be able to use them. If there is a unit of blues in 6" they must join that unit. If there isn't a unit of blues in 6" then you set them up as a new unit. For example you have 1900 points on the table and 100 Summoning pool. 5 pink horrors die creating 10 Blues this will cost you 50 points. If there are no blues in 6" a new unit is set up. In the next phase 2 more Pinks are killed the previous unit is within 6" so the 4 new blues have to join it. This will cost another 50 points even thought it's not at full strength. So all the Summoning points are used up. You can increase the unit of blues up to 20 without paying more. But are not able to summon more units or increase the blue unit above 20.
  15. Usually Drummers Standard bearers are assumed to have the basic weapon of the unit. So they to attack as normal.
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