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  1. Hey All, I'm selling my sizeable Ironjawz army which is completely painted to a reasonable standard and ready for the table top. In the army is; Leaders Gordrakk, Fist of Gork Megaboss on foot Megaboss on foot (weapon swaps) 2 x Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman Units 10 x Brutes, Jagged Gore Hackas (2h weapons), Gore Choppas 5 x Brutes, Choppas (1h weapons) 5 x Brutes, Choppas (1h weapons) 3 x Gore Gruntas, Pig Iron Choppas 3 x Gore Gruntas, Pig Iron Choppas 10 x Ard Boys, Banner, Musician, Various Weapons 10 x Ard Boys, Banner, Musician, Various Weapons 10 x Ard Boys, Banner, Musician, Various Weapons 10 x Ard Boys, Banner, Musician, Various Weapons BONUS 2 x Spear Chukkas & Crew Extras Ironjawz Battletome Ironjawz Warscroll Cards and Tokens Price This stuff retails at over £550, I am asking for £450, including UK postage, for it. I can ship wordwide, but buyer would need to pay shipping for it. I am open to reasonable offers. Pictures I'll get some pictures up at some point this week. Feel free to ask any questions, cheers!
  2. Hey, I currently have a Mierce Miniatures Wyvern model with Warboss that I'm selling. As you can see from the pictures he's painted up and ready to go! I did a head and weapon swap to bring him more into line with the GW Orruk aesthetic, as the Mierce sculpt is quite different. Asking for £60, including shipping to UK (overseas shipping will be paid for by you), for him. Reasonable offers considered.
  3. No matter how you choose to interpret it, its a terrible rule which is the reason I no longer run him in my lists, too unreliable and just randomly hurts me for very minimal gain. On topic though, i have always played it that he does D3 wounds to himself, as he will always be the closest Ironjawz unit to himself.
  4. Absolutely correct, but unfortunately as the core of the army is made up of single wound elves with not that great saves, the top tier armies are just flat out better.
  5. I'm not convinced Darkling Covens do too well against any of the top meta lists at the moment. I think realistically you are looking at a mid table finish in most events, possibly higher if you get lucky with who you are drawn against.
  6. Just done a quick test on my phone by chucking it into airplane mode then trying to run Azyr, and can confirm that I had the same issue. My assumption is that online authentication is done when the app is launched to see if its user has an active subscription to Azyr or not, if it can't authenticate due to no connectivity it looks like it doesn't let you in. Whilst it doesn't seem like a very elegant solution, it depends on how the application is written, and could require some significant changes to fix. A work around would be to start that app before you head down to the underground, allowing it to authenticate and give you access to that section of the application.
  7. I was very excited by the concept of running some spear chukkas alongside my Ironjawz when I first heard about allies! They are no longer a feature in my list, and heres why. I was running a mixed destruction army for a little while with a Wyvern, 20 Brutes, 2 spear chukkas, 60 grot, some fanatics and a few characters. The theory was that the spear chukkas snipe out key parts of the enemy army while my boyz get across the table and smash em up in a fight. The reality was very very different. Spear Chukkas are hopelessly unreliable. 3s to hit when shooting at heroes is just not solid enough to rely on it, granted you get the re-roll, but then its only 3s to wound. Its just too dicey, especially with the D3 damage (give me 2 damage any day), and in games people were literally ignoring them with no real risk to themselves, and those that did feel like they needed to go down had no trouble at all shutting them down. On paper they look really solid, but when you actually get them on table they are just underwhelming, and thats 240 points of pure disappointment that I think is better spent elsewhere. I think the moonclan shaman is a really solid choice, and I'm actually considering adding a second in my list. A nice cheap caster for mystic shield/arcane bolt without having to deal with the double casting nonsense from the weirdnob just seems like a no brainer. I don't think I'll be adding much else in the way of allies to the Ironjawz if I'm honest, to me some of the other options seem to be adding stuff just because you can!
  8. I completely understand, but I implore you try it! There are a few of us down here in Dorset that now swear by the stuff (including a couple of award winning painters). There are a few YouTube vids out there that show it in action, and I was really surprised by the results!
  9. It took everything down to bare plastic when I used it, and I've used it a few times now. The thicker the paint, the longer it will take the come off, and it could leave some primer in the deepest recesses of the model, but you can always soak again if you want something 100% clean. A toothpick helps get to the places the toothbrush may struggle to. It rinses off with water as well, so its super easy to tidy up.
  10. I love me some second hand models! Gentlemen, get yourselves some BioStrip20, leave your plastic in there for an hour, scrub with a toothbrush and enjoy your nicely stripped, odour free (dettol...) miniatures! When the IJ book dropped, I managed to get 30 Black Orcs stripped in 2 hours, it was glorious!
  11. It's because I wasn't there #Top10AtTomorrowBurns
  12. Yes of course, however they are not able to burn/deny you with a single model (assuming you have models on the objective). I agree that not being able to screen your objectives in the deployment of your army is frustrating. My vote in the above poll was for both the stopping of the T1 charge, and the moving back of objectives
  13. So would a change to "no turn 1 burning" have changed the outcome or affected the result of your game? From your (admittedly very brief) rundown, it doesn't sound like it would have done as he was only contesting with single models. The specific issue with this battleplan is certain armies abilities to push 20/40/60+ models in your face turn 1, outnumber/kill a tonne of stuff off, and burn 2 or 3 of your objectives, even if you have all 3 objectives covered.
  14. I'm really enjoying the discussion on this one, it's certainly an interesting topic with some (from my perspective) interesting viewpoints from certain people. I think the problem can essentially be broken down to a root cause, and a symptom of the cause. I personally think the root cause is the design of the battleplan itself, we can see this is true because it is the only scenario that allows certain armies to win turn 1. A symptom of the issue with the battleplan would be armies such as (and I only bring this up as its been mentioned here already) the Murder Host, that can exploit the battleplan to take a victory at turn one. From my perspective, if you don't treat the cause, you could end up with more symptoms. Another formation/army could pop up that has some really cool movement mechanics that can exploit a scenario that has a weak point in its writing. As an Ironjawz player I don't see any way for me to change my list to deal with a turn one loss, and I'm sure that there are many many other armies out there that are in the same boat, so that doesn't really feel like a viable solution either. You could make changes to the armies that can exploit the turn 1 victory, but that punishes them unnecessarily in other scenarios where their design doesn't result in a non-game occurring. Balance is a difficult thing to get right, and I agree with some of the comments that have been made that making snap decisions is probably a bad idea, but as @Paul Buckler has pointed out, they did a similar thing with escalation in the previous iteration of the book because it was open to abuse. I think a change to stop turn 1 burning is the best way to resolve what was most likely an oversight in the scenarios design.
  15. Hi Terry, I've sent you a couple of PMs, as I've just realised I didn't place the order for my ticket. Cheers
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