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  1. How do the oldest 2.0 battletomes hold up compared to the latest? Are any elements now common place, but missing from the earliest books like Maggotkin of Nurgle book, for example? Are any 2.0 books in need of review? My theory is that, if 2020 sees 40k 9th. 2021 could see AOS 3rd, and then Old World in 2022. If this happens, id like to see another series similar to Psychic Awakening prior to AOS 3. But what can we expect in the meantime beyond pointy elves and giants?
  2. Can someone confirm whether the Wurmspat are on 40mm bases, please? I'd like to use for them for some conversions.
  3. I think youre probably right. Arrival in a couple of months. Hope GW dont try to draw this out for as long as they did Sisters of Battle. Looking back, they were dripfeeding previews for months. Heaven forbid they launch with a limited edition boxed army. It seems a lot of 40Kers were unhappy. I assumed the Biggest Reveal would be the rumored giant faction, Sons of Behemat. Hope you’re right. Come on GW! Is too much to hope for a plentiful supply of ‘SoB vs Lumineth’ battleboxes in the near future?
  4. Wow, i wasn't expecting to find any local players this easily! I’ve sent you a private message with contact details!
  5. Thanks for the support, @Ayuvelon It might be a bit of challenge persuading my wife - she much prefers simple card and board games. I think I’ll build a couple of starter collecting kits to offer trial games to friends, first. Hopefully, it will encourage them to start their own armies later ^^
  6. Hi, Im Kirby. As a kid, i used to play 40K with my older brother. It was a long time ago - 40K 2nd edition, i think. The box with 40 identical gretchin and cardboard cut outs of a dreadnaught. When my brother went to uni, I continued painting some Necron for a while, but eventually stopped for lack of a gaming partner. Anyway, im now considerably older, married and living in Korea. Recently, i discovered a local GW reseller and the memories of my formative years came flooding back. Models are so much cooler, and bigger these days. Im excited to get started with painting and a little narrative solo play (please, dont judge! ;D). Hoping to pull the trigger on a Stormcast Vanguard box set soon. Look forward to hearing how everyone else is playing.
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