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  1. Whats the feeling on unit sizes for the new units in Dominion. Do we think Praetors and Annihilators with continue as a 3 man unit, or will they come later in a box of 5? I realise the GHB says 3. But what are the chances that the battletome will change this?
  2. Perspective is important. if you say, a handful of armies are OP, we can reframe this as the majority are in *roughly* the same position. Of course, some will be stronger than others, but thats GW for you. This is my first proper aos edition change. I think the last event to shake things up this much must have been the first ghb. 1st to 2nd edition was more about polishing the post ghb rules and introducing Endless spells. Correct me if im wrong. I imagine that those who worry about balance most see themselves as competitive players, i think that I understand some of their concerns. Their army tier may feel uncertain because 3.0 has some significant changes. Uncertainty, is unsettling. My perspective is that 3.0 is a fresh start. We all have an opportunity to work out how our armies can succeed against our enemies. New rules mean we cant fall back on our old go-to battalions or buff stacking tricks. Rather than “throwing the baby out with the bath water” im happy to experiment, let the dust settle, and then, once we as a community have some real life experience with the new game, we can start to reach a consensus on how the game stands. No doubt new deathstars, unbeatable list etc will be uncovered soon. Like always, some of us will rush to duplicate them, others will fear change. There will be winners and losers. Its the price we pay for a constant stream of new models and content. Personally, I feel excited about these changes, but its all about your perspective.
  3. With the new edition dropping I’ve been considering pivoting from Anvilgard to Hallowheart. I play against magic-orientated LRL regularly. So, I want plenty of casting, but also durability, and battleshock protection. As noted above Starting out with two durable wizards, a Knight Incantor and Anointed with the new generic enhancement Arcane Tome, came up with this first attempt. The Stormcast general restricts battleline options, but I tried to make things work. The Plan Is based on 3 mini castles. Magic Castle Knight Incantor and Anointed (Wizard) surrounded by two horseshoes of Phoenix Guard. One unit of Phoenix Guard is Generals Retinue. Anointed (Wizard) is Adjutant. Cast Cogs in the center for additional spell. Cast Shackles in front to discourage charge. Run and cast until seize objective. If all goes to plan they will have 6 casts per turn, 3 dispels, and the Incantor’s auto dispel scroll. Battleline Block: Yndrasta provides battleshock protection, and hopefully discourages stomping monsters. Handgunners and Darkshards protect charges and Unleash Hell. Knight-Azyros and Hurricanum buff to Hit. Mage on Hurricanum heals and uses mystic shield or shackles. Backfield Castle Anointed (Regular) with 1 horseshoe of Phoenix Guard. I feel this list is a little hero heavy and may depend too much on the three wizards. But, I’m finding changes to the new edition a lot process at the moment. So, any feedback would be appreciated in terms of army composition or new rules that I may be overlooking. TIA
  4. Oh Im super pumped to have the new rules in hand!!! 🥳 Question: Does flee = slain At first glance, there seems to be no clarification in section 14-15. Can the generic command ability Rally (7.2) be used to return models that flee due to battleshock, or only those that are slain?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. There are so many faqs to keep track of these days. Its hard to keep track.
  6. Im keen to experiment with Stormkeeps. While building some lists i came across a couple of questions. Can a Mortal Auxillaries hero become the General? Ghb 2020 says “the General must be a hero and not an ally” If the hero is a COS unit what happens to SCE artefacts etc? In my example it seems that the only downside is the general cant use the command ability. Any feedback about the army? Its intended to be very resilient to battleshock. It has four drops. I envisage two moving castles: Protectors Libs 1 Raptors Libs 2 One castle would also have the gyrocopters cogsmith and warden king. Am i better to drop the warden king for further buffs from a Lord Castellant? Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Stormhost: Anvils of the Heldenhammer (Stormkeep) Mortal Realm: Aqshy Leaders Warden King (100) - General - Pennant of the Stormbringer - Command Trait: Deathly Aura - Artefact: Soulthief Cogsmith (60) Knight-Vexillor (110) - Pennant of the Stormbringer - Treasured Standard (Artefact): Pennant of Sigmaron Battleline 5 x Liberators (90) - Warhammer & Shield 5 x Liberators (90) - Warhammer & Shield 5 x Liberators (90) - Warhammer & Shield 5 x Liberators (90) - Warhammer & Shield Units 3 x Gyrocopters (180) 5 x Protectors (170) 5 x Protectors (170) 6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (280) 6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (280) Battalions Stormtower Garrison (160) Total: 1980 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 126 Thanks *Sorry for the poor formatting of this post. Copy and pasted my notes from another app
  7. Sign me up for an impulse buy too. Maybe @Skreech Verminkingshould open a 2nd hand Doomwheel showroom for aspiring Warlords - “well maintain - one careful driver”
  8. Can you imagine the FOMO on a Indomitus style box for AOS 3.0? Feels like any limited edition launch will disappear within minutes.
  9. How much was the Indomitus 40k box set in £? I expect anything similar for aos will require a launch day purchase.
  10. Oh, its certainly not a weakness. It would just throw a spanner in the works for coherency. in many cases you’d be able to charge back in no bother. At only 17% chance of occurring this is a rule that the Lumineth player should remember but not plan for. However, opponents would be wise to shore up any wholes in their back lines just in case
  11. This could work but: A turn, or two perhaps, to get in to position and then you charge the unit shielding your main target. Unfortunately, you roll a one at the end of combat and have to teleport the twins out. All your careful manoeuvring has been in vain. It would take at least another turn to get back in the twins back in the thick of it and the twins have abandoned their guardians. Also, the twins only have 1" range, so they cant do any damage if they choose to wait outside combat while chaff is cleared. This, 8 wounds, and 3+ save with the ability to cast for 5++ save, leads me to think bladelord bodyguards may be better suited to Callathar, Loreseeker, Calligrave protection. The Loreseeker and Calligrave both have better range that could cause damage while hiding behind their guardians.
  12. I'm out of thanks for the day, but appreciate all the ideas. Please keep them coming ^^
  13. This is a nice example. Thanks for sharing. While perhaps not the most effective subfaction for this battalion, i see that Hammers of Sigmar can use both their subfaction ability and their command ability without proximity to a hero. This is the only SE subfaction to do so. Youve hit the nail on the head here. If i cant protect my characters my cos can fall apart quickly. I dont have any experience with OBR, but this self sufficiency is what im after. I’ll look into this more. Thanks
  14. This is the root of my problem. I play COS. During my last game vs LRL i fielded 3 sorceresses - 2 on foot, 1 on dragon. I didn’t need the dragon, but i knew 14 wounds would keep her alive for a turn or two. The other two were redundancy. COS are a high drop army. So without the possibility of first turn, my 5 wound sorceresses were sniped away without achieving anything in the game. This isnt the first time. Let me rephrase this... “i want an army that doesnt require expensive (points) centerpiece models in order to maintain basic functionality. My 5 wound heroes just survive long enough.” Shield and hide just doesnt cut it against some armies with high quality magic or missile character sniping. During my game, i happened to recall rules for Free Guild, a precursor to my COS, in GHB 2017. They only had access to two heroes: General on Griffon and General on Foot, both of whom are still available. I never played with them, but their usp seems to be their battle traits that encourage interaction between units not heroes. In particular, Freeguild Great Companies. See below. Sniping characters doesnt remove tactical nuance. Longbeards are actually a good example of what i mean. They have an ability to buff fellow Dispossessed. Likewise Sisters of Thorns can cast magic to buff fellow Wanderers. My initial question was whether there are factions that can prosper through this kind of inter unit interaction. I dont know other factions as well as my cities.
  15. Are there any army builds that could be considered effective without character buffs? Im much more interested in fielding an vast army than a collection of superheroes, but it seems that without numerous supporting characters and center pieces most armies are a little lackluster. Can you think of a effective list led by the one obligatory non-buffing character - e.g. SE Knight-Questor? I dont want to strip the game of depth. So units buffing units would be fine - see, SE evocators. As are allegiances, factions and battalions. Any ideas? Am i missing the obvious - a 400 clanrat build?
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