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  1. These are sensational. Every one of these models is a cracker. Also, the witcher... Wow!!
  2. Hi, im a new player looking for feedback. This is my first attempt at a Tempest Eye list. Its a 1500pt core that leaves 500pts for fun stuff in bigger games
  3. So, are these broken realm box sets out combat patrol equivalent? Do you think SC will be phased out? Alternatively, are they instead of battleforces? Or am i all doom and gloom - should i put all three in my list for santa?
  4. Thanks for the comparison. I think they would be fine as long as im consistent. If 100% of the human infantry are from the same range it would work. Doesnt matter too much if the elves and dwarfs have different proportions.
  5. How well do the Landsknecht fit with CoS in terms of scale? Would they look out of place on GW bases? My CoS SE already make my COS elves look tiny!
  6. Disappointing moments... how about every time i finish a model and the result doesnt match the Eavy Metal standard in my head. I recently found some really good miniature paint stripper ( 99% isopropyl alcohol). But it’s been both a boon and a bane. When ive made a mistake, or felt unsatisfied with a finished product ive stripped and started again. Its easy to lose motivation when attempting the same model for the umpteenth time. Ive made an effort to increase my painting time in the last couple of months, but ive probably achieved less per hour than ever before. Not to get too Marie Kondo on you, but are you painting teams that ‘spark joy’ or is more about completionism - All the teams for bloodbowl, all the expansions for Blackstone etc ? With a new season boxset coming this year, i guess there’s going to be a lot more new teams in the near future..
  7. I think i understand the suggestions for a single roll to resolve to Hit and to Wnd quickly. However, i dont think the granularity of d10 results would be enough. My reason buffs. Like many players, the first aos warscroll i ever saw was for SE Liberator. I looked at the weapons profiles and thought they were unnecessary 3+, 4+ vs 4+, 3+. Surely they produce the same result! However, as i discovered the importance of buffs, i learned that stategic choices have to be made. Will i buff to hit or to Wnd ? It starts to make a difference both strategically and statistically. Sure, we could similarly buff / debuff both attacker strength and defender toughness, but that seems much less elegant to me. So, my suggestion (a drum roll, please...) 1) increase the number of (-) / natural 6s required for to Hit, to Wnd, and to Save Two natural 6s and a natural 1 would be requires for a goblin with (-) to Hit (-) to Wnd to wound our friend the dragon with an un-rendable (-) to Save. Thats a 1/216 chance of damage. 2) Meanwhile, improve save rolls in general, while simultaneously increasing the range of rend. 1+ Save would still fail on natural 1, but there would be more granular variance. TLDR: (-) values, a wider range of rend, and better save rolls would allow for more distinction between the potency of units and weapons. Importantly, all that is required is an overhaul of warscrolls, not core rules nor irregular dice. What am i missing?
  8. Thanks @Dolomedes for the thoughtful feedback. I've taken a few days to digest your advice, but I feel I'm hitting a brick wall. First, the positives Reframing Bray Shaman supported Bestigors as cavalry is a great idea. So, starting my list again from the top. I'll need 2 heroes and some sacrificial lambs goats. For the time being, I'll stick with Shaman for my anti-magic herd. Thats 260pts down. With 2 Bray Shaman and 2 Ghorgons, I'd start off with a potential 6 unbinds. It seems that, at 1000pts, I don't need the functionality of the Phantasmorgia of Fate battalion (all units can unbind if caster is <9"). However, more importantly, I lose my 1-drop, extra cmd pt on turn 1, and an extra cmd point on 4+ in my hero phase due to the secondary Knowing Eye artefact. So, I'm left with the following. I've never run or seen BoC on the table, but doesnt seem to be an effective army. There just aren't nearly enough boots on the ground. And, I'm not sure summoning could make up for this My dilemma is what to cut from the first 1000pts. Each element cost between 140-180pts. GBS and Ungors to sacrifice for summoning. A battalion for 1 drop, and several cmd points throughout the game. Cygor #2 Usually, this would seem an obvious choice - See you later Cygor! The threat they present to a small lumineth army seems significant, but are they two many eggs in one basket. Also, there aren't any significantly cheaper battalions. Finally, the previous post offer a strong argument for the herdstone summoning. As I said in the original post, this was meant to be an anti-magic / lumineth army that didnt break the bank. But for now, I'm stumped. 🤷‍♂️ EDIT: After the original 1000pts, what units should I prepare for summoning. ALL OF THEM! would be great, but what should I prioritize Any advice appreciated!
  9. Could someone let me know the dimensions of the Balewind Vortex, please? I’d like to know the diameter of the base and the platform. Also, the height of the platform from the tabletop. Would the Stormcast Dias Arcanum work as proxy if i were to increase the height? Thanks
  10. Hey, I’ve been thinking about picking up a small anti magic list that will mainly play against Lumineth. I’d like to start at 1000pts. As you may know LRL are all about magic. Also, their Scinari Callathar has a nasty trick whereby she can throw LRL loses back at you during the battleshock phase. Things I learned today: Cygors eat Lumineth for Breakfast. Cygors can attempt to unbind two spells, and the caster receives 1mw if the unbind is successful. Meanwhile, the leader of the LRL battleunits are wizards with 1 wound if their unit has 5+ models. So, a successful unbind will in fact kill the unit leader, remove a special ability or attack, and reduce the units MW output by half. Sounds good so far. Phantasmagoria is a needlessly difficult word to spell. All units from this battalion can attempt one unbind if <9” from the caster. Units gain the Tzeentch keyword and can be used in either army. ORGANISATION A Phantasmagoria of Fate consists of the following units: • 1-4 BEASTS OF CHAOS HEROES in any combination • 3-9 units chosen in any combination from the following list: Bestigors, Gors, Tzaangors, Ungors, Ungor Raiders • 0-9 following list: Bullgors, Centigors, Dragon Ogors, Tzaangor Enlightened, Tzaangor Skyfires, Tuskgor Chariots • 0-2 Cygors or Ghorgons in any combination Brayherd can alpha strike. And Warherd and Thunderscorn too!!! Breyherd Ambush battle trait allows 1 in 2 Breyherd units to deploy <= 6” of an edge, and >9” from the enemy at the end of the first movement phase. Bestial Cunning command trait allows 50% of units in reserve to wait until their second movement phase. Darkwalkers have got the moves. Shadow Beasts ability from the Darkwalkers sub faction offers same functionality as Bestial Cunning, AND Warherd and Thunderscorn gain Ambush ability. Savage Encirclement cmd ability allows player to remove a unit that is <9” from enemy at the end of a movement turn. They may redeploy anywhere that is >9” from the enemy. What I’d like to build: Two start collecting boxes and a herdstone gives me a one drop army. What I’d like to do: Maintain minimal size units to maximize ambush and minimize effects of battleshock Take the first turn due to 1 drop. Discourage Lumineth battleline wizards with a deep strike cygor, and a deep strike ghorgan’s Swallow Them Whole ability (remove a model that is <1” after combat phase if roll equal or higher than their wnds - that’s a 1+ for wardens and sentinels, 2+ for dawnriders). Flatten the LRL Scinari Callathar in one go with a lucky shot from a cygor boulder. Cause otherwise she will seize upon low bravery. Deploy one unit of bestigors near the herdstone to avoid battleshock if things don’t goto plan in turn 1. use 2nd unit of bestigors to deep strike any LRL Sentinels that are away from the main deployment area. Then, if any survive teleport them back with Savage Encirclement. It all seems too easy! Well... probably not. What am I missing here? Is this possible? How could I build upon this first 1000pts
  11. Don’t get me wrong. I want to see balanced armies on the board too. However, the restriction bothers me. I’d rather incentivise than tax players. Off the top of my head, you could argue that regular troops need more instructions than elites. So, Battleline could generate cmd points, for example. I think some players would double down on battleline in order to guarantee a stream of cmd points, others may forsake them for a small band of elite heroes. I feel similarly about the relationship about battalions, artefacts, and turn priority. i believe they could be successfully unpacked. Artefacts could have a points cost. Players could bid cmd pts for turn 1, rather than counting drops. Battalions would then be left to provide flavor and their own abilities.
  12. I dont know how competitive they would be, but a CoS: Tempest Eye has 9 different cavalry/ chariot units, 9 mounted heroes, not to mention gyrocopters, steam tanks and access to stormcast cavalry and the Kharadron boats. The question is what kind of cavalry do you want to play? Are you looking for glorious massed lines charging with their lances held high, or do you want to have the speed and agility harry your opponent while remaining just out of their reach?
  13. This sounds like an awesome project. 45 hours in means you’ve built something fun. Thats not always easy with hybrid rulesets Im in Korea. So, just about as far away from Texas as possible Would you consider sharing your rules? I’d love to have a look through.
  14. Looking at the new warcry catacombs, i suddenly realised how much id like a new AOS dungeon crawler. Blackstone doesnt tick my boxes unfortunately. Have there been any rumors of a AOS Warhammer Quest? i know it may be a while yet, but any theories when we may see one?
  15. I appreciate the simplicity of the GA system, but also the depth of matricies. Matricies are a less elegant solution, however, and perhaps less accessible for new players. Also, trading one set of restrictions may feel good in the short term, but once the dust settles we‘ll crave more freedom again. So why not discard both? Atm, there’s no reason not to pick from across different GA in open or narrative games. This problem only applies to matched play. If we must have form of restrictions, GA or matrix, GHB: Matched Play is the right place for them. Personally, if i wanted to shake up list building, i’d start by getting rid of battleline requirements. I mean, how do battleline requirements benefit players’ enjoyment? If we really do need battleline, GW could add a battleline keyword to warscrolls and incentivise their inclusion with something like command points. An even easier solution would be to simply cut their point/monetary cost. If they were cheaper players would be more likely, but not compelled to use them. I dont think this would be game-breaking.
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