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  1. Reporting back on this. In a 1500pt game of Tectonic Interference vs Dominion SCE + an Arcanum on Dracoline, I was second. I was hit by Yndrasta, 3 Annihilators, and Arcanum on Dracoline with a mount trait for explosive deployment from reserve (much like the annihilators). Ynd and the Ann came in front and center. The Arcanum approached from a flank. Things went well initially, I mitigated the initial damage of the annihilators by shielding behind a hydra and a kharibdryss. The annihilators took some damage from Unleash Hell. So, i decided that i could probably take them out in my first turn using my gun-line. When it came to casting everything went off thanks to the reroll cast. 9 MW were successfully sent towards Yndrasta. Happy days! Unfortunately, Yndrasta rolled hot with her ward saves. Worse still the annihilators weathered the gunline thanks to the Arcanum's cycle of the storm. So, they started to knock lumps out of my bracketed behemoths too'. Finally the Arcanums flanking move took her out of range of my runelords curse... it took me too long to grind through the alpha strike and it was game over due poor decisions on my part. In future, I wouldn't use this against an opponent with a ward save. Its took risky. Also, I got greedy chasing Yndrasta for 9 MW when guaranteeing the removal of the annihilators should have been priority.
  2. Right, i tend to use crimelord but considered dropping it for the casting reroll. Acidic bones makes my hydra worthwhile
  3. Oh good catch, my bad. Combat phase only for Roar. Thats a spanner to my plan
  4. Wow! This got me thinking. Rerolls would be great. This is what i've been thinking about: Darkshards in front to unleash hell and sacrifice for casting buff A Battlemage from Shyish to cast Pall of Doom (Bravery -2) Sorceress on Dragon with Master of Magic (Reroll Cast), Arcane Tome (2nd Cast), Fell Gaze (Bravery -2), Vitrolic Spray and Bladewind. My maths isnt good enough to know the exact odds of it all going off as planned. Hopefully they would achieve at least 9 MWs, a Monsterous Rampage Roar, and finally hit the opponent with a -4 bravery debuff. Of course, there are ways to counter the bravery debuff If that were the case. Id have a potential arcane bolt for d3 mw and stomp for d3 mw. And of course, 10 darkshards should be good for allocating a further 5 wounds against a (-) save.
  5. Casting on an 8+ and then a 6+ means the odds of getting both off are only about 30%. So, it would be a stretch to achieve this normally. But with a darkling sacrifice for +2 to cast, things improve to about 66%. This could be a rather unreliable way for anvilgard to clearout pesky units of annihilators with 9 wounds
  6. If I cast these two spells in sequence, am I guaranteed 9 MW? Anvilgard / Har Kuron - Vitriolic Spray: 'Until the start of your next hero phase, that unit has a Save characteristic of "-" ' Sorceress on Dragon - Bladewind: 'roll 9 dice. for each roll that is lower than the unit's save characteristic, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.' I imagine there is probably a rule against this, but im not sure where?
  7. Wow. Thanks for the exhaustive breakdown. You’ve certainly presented several options that hadnt occurred to me In a previous game vs FEC, i tried to combine warding brand on a block of 20 Corsairs with Curse from a Runelord. A further 20 Corsairs behind to unleash hell. The plan was that up to 100 attacks would allow me to fish for 17 mw + another 10 from the corsairs who would benefit from Rally and lifeswarm. In that case, however, i was confronted by multiple msu of Flayers. The dice gods abandoned me to fail both warding brand and curse. FEC then easily dispeled lifeswarm and slaughtered everyone in a double turn. Perhaps, i can revisit this in future. I feel that curse could be worthwhile with enough 3 attack corsairs. Id like an Lord Relictor to improve prayers, but ive no more space for coalition. This *could have been* very effective as graveguard rely on several CA. However, on closer inspection i discovered the relevant CAs are in fact auras. So graveguard neither issue nor recieve those CA I ran 6 long strike raptors on Saturday they were effective at taking out bloodknights, but i left it too late to target the graveguard. This one is definitely on me. Got to prioritize the graveguard. Bloodknights look more intimidating at first, but once buffs are applied the guard really out shine them. Rend -2 from Raptors is great. But i might try lists with judicator bows too. 12 4+ wounds for 480pts is kinda squishy. Turtle an Gotrex are great ideas too. However, im not sure whether those points would be better spent on improving battleline to Phoenix Guard. They should be more resilient and will hopefully last long enough to give me the numbers required to hold objectives. Again thanks for the indepth explaination. Much appreciated
  8. Its never going to be a tournament winning city, but units of 10 Drakespawn Knights would be very effective in misthavn. Just drop them where they need to go. Now a question, Which units offers offer most MW output specifically in Hallowheart? My lists are being brutalised by ultra buffed Graveguard. Under ideal conditions they put out 10 attacks per model (2+/3+/r-1/D2). Also their save isn't too shabby (4+ with AOD, 6++ rr1) So far, Im thinking a Sorceress on Dragon casting Bladewind and Elemental Cyclone. Any other units or abilities come to mind?
  9. Perhaps, another analogy is that: There is a road here. It was formally open to all traffic. (Free Warscrolls / Warscroll Builder) From now on only Man Utd motorcycles can use the road. (W+) There may be speed restrictions (App Quality) Public transport has also been with drawn. (Ebooks) However, you are welcome to walk (Paperbooks only, pen and paper lists). Tolls will now charged at each intersection regardless of your mode of transport . (Other army info will disappear as new codexes arrive) That said, i'm not against the concept of a paid app. If people want all the W+ extras it is a good deal. Personally, I'm only interested in the gaming aid. The argument I hear people making is that they feel the same. However, they feel the quality of the gaming aid is not yet sufficient. Regardless of price, some people may feel the new offering is not as yet as good as the previous offering regardless of price. A regular opponent of mine summed it up well for me "So much potential though ... the things they could do if the app got the love it deserved."
  10. Honesty, i wasnt looking forward to this new app, and probably wasnt viewing in the best light, but my impression is “meh app is … fine.” Its nice that all the rules are accessible …for now, but organising by publication can be counter intuitive. I tried, for example, to find the rules for Misthavn in Broken Realms Morathi, but all the different faction rules are mixed up together. I understand that we will be expected to buy each book, but once ive bought the books why not organise the rules i have access to by faction / subfaction. i would have like stormforge to offer a link to warscrolls as i build, much like warscroll builder. I guess other niggles like units are not marked as conditional battleline before selection; and non responsive formatting of text on units with long names will be resolved during beta. So it will be fine. Technically, the app seems to do its job, but the interface and underlying structure of the app isnt to my taste. Maybe it will grow on me. For now, id rather stick with azyr and warscroll builder
  11. AOS is one of my main interests outside of my family and work. However, i am self-employed with a very young family. So, im busy. My regular gaming partners, meanwhile, have beautifully several large, beautifully painted armies and play at least 4 times more often than I. They invest a lot of time and effort in their hobby and it shows. As some people have said already, i always try to improve my army between games, but these are not always significant changes. So, i sometimes feel sorry for my opponents. My army is still considerably unpainted. Likewise, im a little slower during games as i have to remind myself of rules. Thankfully, my opponents are good guys and have never actually mentioned any of this. But the concern does stick with me. There are an infinite number of factors that can influence hobby speed. We all hobby at different rates. Folks like me would love to invest more time, effort and cash, but its not always possible. So, when you encounter a half painted army or a slow player, please don’t be too dismissive. Sometimes armies cannot fully reflect their owners enthusiasm for the hobby.
  12. They can’t, but thats not my question. my question is about whether they are considered “starting army” can they complete the tactic in later turns?
  13. Battle tactics such as Ferocious Advance require units “from your starting army” to claim them. Logically, this disallows Summoned Units “a unit that is added to your army once the battle is underway” But what about Reserve Units? 3.1 suggests they are set up in a location other than the battlefield. Can i deploy units from reserve to claim Ferocious Advance? I understand that units have to be on the board before choosing the battle tactic. So, i know i would have to deploy from reserve in one turn and then claim the battle tactic in my next turn. thanks edit: feeling embarrassed … tldr: reread ghb not just cheatsheets Ghb 2021 p14: “Several grand strategies and battle tactics refer to a player’s ‘starting army’ A player’s starting army is made up of units that were set up before the first battleround, including any reserve units. Units that are added to a player’s army after the battle has begun are not included, and neither are units that have been destroyed and subsequently returned to play.”
  14. Looks like a hard fought game. Respect for pointing out your slip in the final turn. You may have lost the game, but you will have gained some respect from your opponent.
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