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  1. Oh, its certainly not a weakness. It would just throw a spanner in the works for coherency. in many cases you’d be able to charge back in no bother. At only 17% chance of occurring this is a rule that the Lumineth player should remember but not plan for. However, opponents would be wise to shore up any wholes in their back lines just in case
  2. This could work but: A turn, or two perhaps, to get in to position and then you charge the unit shielding your main target. Unfortunately, you roll a one at the end of combat and have to teleport the twins out. All your careful manoeuvring has been in vain. It would take at least another turn to get back in the twins back in the thick of it and the twins have abandoned their guardians. Also, the twins only have 1" range, so they cant do any damage if they choose to wait outside combat while chaff is cleared. This, 8 wounds, and 3+ save with the ability to cast for 5++ save, leads me to think bladelord bodyguards may be better suited to Callathar, Loreseeker, Calligrave protection. The Loreseeker and Calligrave both have better range that could cause damage while hiding behind their guardians.
  3. I'm out of thanks for the day, but appreciate all the ideas. Please keep them coming ^^
  4. This is a nice example. Thanks for sharing. While perhaps not the most effective subfaction for this battalion, i see that Hammers of Sigmar can use both their subfaction ability and their command ability without proximity to a hero. This is the only SE subfaction to do so. Youve hit the nail on the head here. If i cant protect my characters my cos can fall apart quickly. I dont have any experience with OBR, but this self sufficiency is what im after. I’ll look into this more. Thanks
  5. This is the root of my problem. I play COS. During my last game vs LRL i fielded 3 sorceresses - 2 on foot, 1 on dragon. I didn’t need the dragon, but i knew 14 wounds would keep her alive for a turn or two. The other two were redundancy. COS are a high drop army. So without the possibility of first turn, my 5 wound sorceresses were sniped away without achieving anything in the game. This isnt the first time. Let me rephrase this... “i want an army that doesnt require expensive (points) centerpiece models in order to maintain basic functionality. My 5 wound heroes just survive long enough.” Shield and hide just doesnt cut it against some armies with high quality magic or missile character sniping. During my game, i happened to recall rules for Free Guild, a precursor to my COS, in GHB 2017. They only had access to two heroes: General on Griffon and General on Foot, both of whom are still available. I never played with them, but their usp seems to be their battle traits that encourage interaction between units not heroes. In particular, Freeguild Great Companies. See below. Sniping characters doesnt remove tactical nuance. Longbeards are actually a good example of what i mean. They have an ability to buff fellow Dispossessed. Likewise Sisters of Thorns can cast magic to buff fellow Wanderers. My initial question was whether there are factions that can prosper through this kind of inter unit interaction. I dont know other factions as well as my cities.
  6. Are there any army builds that could be considered effective without character buffs? Im much more interested in fielding an vast army than a collection of superheroes, but it seems that without numerous supporting characters and center pieces most armies are a little lackluster. Can you think of a effective list led by the one obligatory non-buffing character - e.g. SE Knight-Questor? I dont want to strip the game of depth. So units buffing units would be fine - see, SE evocators. As are allegiances, factions and battalions. Any ideas? Am i missing the obvious - a 400 clanrat build?
  7. As mentioned above by @LuminethMage the two benefits of the bladelords are: reliable damage output; and their bodyguard abilities. An unmodifiable 5 out of 6 wounds being shrugged is huge. As a COS player, I'd much rather take my chances with charging them than the wardens, because again I can accurately predict cost/benefit. I'd love to see <GUARDIAN> become a keyword in 3.0. Perhaps, unit size restrictions would have to apply similar to the COS Honoured Retinue
  8. Yeah, i think you are correct here. One thought ive been pondering is whether to use Gryphhounds as a screen. i know this would eat in to my SE stormhost allowance, but at 3 wnds they avoid the worst of Deathly Furrows. If my calculations are correct charging dawn riders will on average only cause 5 or 6 wounds to the gryphounds, despite their lack of save. Thats only 1/3 of a unit. meanwhile, they can easily wipeout 10+ corsairs/darkshards/handgunners. Even i lose two models to battleshock on bravery 6, i guess i could tar pit them for two turns. Retrearing just outside 3” after my melee attacks is an option. While this would leave the hounds vulnerable to another charge, it could save a lot of damage if the LRL get a double turn. Do you think this would be viable or would i be better sticking with handgunners?
  9. I mainly have D.Elves and have been using multiple msu darkshards that can absorb a wave of attacks each. I guess overwatch handgunners are the sweet spot between weak corsairs and more expensive sisters. Its not necessarily an alphastrike issue. Although it could be. Nor is he overwhelmingly me with too many units of the dawnriders. Its just i dont feel i can manoeuvre fast enough to react. I favor Anvilgard or Tempest Eye. I have most of the current D.Elve range, except for the drakespawn knights. Are the knights tanky enough to hold a line? The pts cost per model seems expensive ill need more than msu just to shield There’s a lot of good ideas here, 🙏🏻 As above, I guess i will have to double down on overwatch screens in the short term. shining companies, in conjunction with protection of Hysh / Teclis, make it all the harder to thin the ranks before they charge. i know there are strong opinions over the points cost of LRL, but i dont want them to be nerfed too hard. Perhaps, if speed of hysh broke shining company that would be enough.
  10. I'm starting out with cities, and my main opponent is running magic-heavy Lumineth. With so many wizards, I have to try and prioritise trying to dispell the more destructive or defensive LRL spells. The Vanari units meanwhile tend to have a free reign to cast whatever they like unchallenged. In particular, Im unsure about how to deal with the mounted Dawnriders who cast speed of Hysh on themselves, sprint 28", and shred my infantry lines with their Deathly Furrows ability. So far my solution has been to try and use chariots as chaff, but frankly the Dawnriders are too fast and just dance around them. And, when they do get in combat the chariots dont actually do enough damage to slow the Dawnriders down. I tried a dreadlord on black dragon but it struggles to keep up, too. Any other suggestions appreciated.
  11. Is you hurricanum mounted on the back of a KO frigate? Cool idea. Would you share a close up, please? Im curious about picking one up for Anvilgard, but the original model just doesnt do it for me
  12. These are sensational. Every one of these models is a cracker. Also, the witcher... Wow!!
  13. Hi, im a new player looking for feedback. This is my first attempt at a Tempest Eye list. Its a 1500pt core that leaves 500pts for fun stuff in bigger games
  14. So, are these broken realm box sets out combat patrol equivalent? Do you think SC will be phased out? Alternatively, are they instead of battleforces? Or am i all doom and gloom - should i put all three in my list for santa?
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